Method for inventive thinking optimisation

School of Mechanical Engineering University of Leeds, UK

Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadach

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving


TRIZ hypothesis
# there are universal principles of invention that are the basis for creative innovations that advance technology # if these principles are identified and codified, they can be taught to people to make the process of invention more predictable

TRIZ MESSAGE: Innovation Can Be Codified !

1st theory balance 1st publication TRIZ school development in USSR

imprisoned in gulag TRIZ in USA and Scandinavia Patents Office TRIZ formulation TRIZ around the world

1926 -1998
Genrich Altshuller

To support engineers/scientists by using the knowledge and experience of former inventors.

# 2m patents studied by Altshuller’s team # 3m patents studied up to date

Primary Findings
# problems and solutions were repeated across industries and sciences # patterns of technical evolution were repeated across industries and sciences # innovations used scientific effects outside the field where they were developed

TRIZ principle
TRIZ General Problem TRIZ General Solution

abstract TRIZ domain reality reformulation interpretation



TRIZ General Solutions
# The Ideal Final Result # Functional Analysis and Trimming # Locating the Zones of Conflict # The Separation Principles # Laws of Technical Evolution # The 40 Principles of Problem Solving

contradictions matrix # to find a solution for a technical problem contradiction must be identified

Contradictions Matrix

TRIZ principles, e.g.: 21 – skipping 39 – inert atmosphere 16 – partial or excessive actions 22 – ‘Turn Lemons into Lemonade’

TRIZ Works !
# TRIZ accelerates idea generation by factors from 70% to 300% # TRIZ applied on many levels to solve practical everyday problems and to develop strategies for the future of technology # Ford, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, 3M, Siemens, Phillips, LG, Boeing, NASA, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Samsung, Kodak, IBM, Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, HP, Visteon, Peugeot, Intel, and hundreds more.

drawbridge low energy consumption

Newcastle Millennium Bridge

# each opening £5 !

TRIZ & Biomimetics
Bath University Team of Prof. Julian Vincent



to make biological information available for engineers via a ‘biological patents’ database in TRIZ

TRIZ & Biomimetics
# billions of years of RESEARCH have gone into natural systems as life on the planet has evolved
# flight mechanisms based on insect flight # underwater glues based on mussel adhesive # tough ceramics based on mother-of-pearl # self-cleaning surfaces based on the surface of the lotus leaf # tough composited based on fibre orientations in wood

Q: What sort of situations will TRIZ help me with? TRIZ will help in most situations. It has been shown to add benefit in all sorts of fields of application from technical through business and politics to the arts.

Q: I'm an expert in my field. What use is TRIZ to me? TRIZ can help you see outside your field, to access good solutions that have been employed in other industries and adapt them to your own problems.

Q: I can't find any examples of TRIZ being used in the areas I'm interested in - there appear to be so few TRIZ success stories? Companies do not want to release case studies to the public for several reasons: - Many are still in the process of applying for patents, -They don’t want to draw attention to a method which could make their competitors as successful as they are, -They like to keep their image of being clever: they don’t want anyone else to think they could come up with the same ideas as them.

Q: I don't have any problems. Why do I need TRIZ? TRIZ isn’t just for solving problems. The skills you learn in problem definition are just as vital for seeing your situation clearly. TRIZ can help you work out what you want and how you can get there. Q: I‘m very busy and TRIZ sounds very time-consuming. Using TRIZ will slow me down. TRIZ will only slow you down at first. Like learning any new skill, at first you will go slower using TRIZ than using your usual problem solving methods, as it takes time to become comfortable with it.

Q: Can TRIZ Solve Any Problem? Almost !


is a tool for thinking but not instead of thinking
Genrich Altshuller