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A Sample Programme
Preparing the Earth for Rest
Science (Environmental) What is the difference between Agriculture and Horticulture?
The farming cycle – the weather – organic/in-organic farming Season: Autumn
Health and Nutrition Fruit harvest – apples - pears Equinox
Wild fruits (blackberries, hips/haws, sloes, nuts)
Jam/preserves – etc Michaelmas
Art (29 Sep)
Leaf collection and ‘rubbings’– apple ‘star’ stamps -
Rosh Hashonnah
Science (Insectology) Preparing the bee hive for winter – honey harvest – the role of the bee
Health/Nutrition Medicinal value of honey – honey as a food
World Animal Day
Craft Candle making – rolled an/or dipped (4 Oct)
Science (Environmental) What to compost – what is ‘humus’ – manure/dung Apple Day
Collecting organic matter - mulching – compost heaps (21 Oct)
Composting at school: The ‘worm farm’ concept
Health and Nutrition The grains (wheat, barley, oats and rye) (31 Oct)
Seasonal baking: harvest loaf - honey cake
National Tree Week
Science (Physics) Building a shelter (Succah) (21 Nov)
Whilst the Earth Sleeps

Science (Soil) What is Soil? – Rock/slate/clay/silt/sand/loam Festivals

Which soil is the ‘best’ for the farmer – which holds water the longest
Planting seeds in sand, clay and loam. (for classroom experiment) Season: Winter
Ploughing and tilling the soil
Winter Solstice
Science (Botany) Trees/hedges - Pruning – hedge cutting/laying
Art Creating a ‘staff’ – whittling
Science/Nutrition Animal husbandry – caring for cattle in cold weather - lambing
Dairy cows - milk production – Christmas

Health/Nutrition Milk ‘separator’ – cream - Cornish cream - butter making - Yule

butter milk – cottage cheese and of course: ice-cream!
New Year
Science (Physics) The milking machine – farm machinery – maintenance – bio-fuels
Chinese New Year
Citizenship (Culture) Threshing Time – farming history
Plough Monday
Science (Physics) Grinding wheat – mortar/pestle – hand-mill – Huby mill
Pancake Day
Health and Nutrition Health/Nutrition – grains (wheat/oast/barley/rye) seasonal baking
The Earth Awakes!

Science (Plant Biology) Spring sowing – identifying grains (oats and barley) – winter wheat

Citizenship (Culture) Festivals:

The blackthorn clock: ‘When the blackthorn blossoms white, sow
the barley day and night’ and other Country Wisdom!! Season: Spring
Science (Plant biology) Growth Forces – new grass – how it can be bad for cattle - St. Patrick’s Day
Preparing for – silage – haylage – hay crops
Science (Zoology) Chickens and Ducks – collecting eggs – hatching chicks
Pancake Day
Craft Painting/coloring/decorating eggs – make a scarecrow -
Science (soil) Preparing the soil for crops – applying compost and manure
St George’s Day
Science (plant biology) Preparing seed trays for ‘bringing on’ young plants
The cloche and green/hot-house - crops to plant out in the garden Passover
The herb garden and wild blossoms for delicious drinks (linden/elder)
A school permaculture garden Baisakhi

Science/Math Constructing ‘pole pyramids’ for runner beans May Day

Wire netting for peas

Health and Nutrition Seasonal baking

The Earth Lives!

Science (Environment) Sheep shearing – protection against ‘flies’ – trimming hooves Festivals:
Care of cattle during the summer
Season: Summer
Craft Wool: Carding – spinning – weaving - dyeing
Summer Solstice
Science (Plant Biology) Caring for the plants – weeding
Identifying wild flowers St. John’s Festival
Plant rotation

Health/Nutrition Safe edible food in the wild!

Herbs and their uses
Seasonal baking

Citizenship (Culture) Haymaking and harvesting – history of machinery within living

memory – The Agricultural/Horticultural Show

Health and Nutrition Using the Fruits of the Earth – recipes – baking

Science (Enviroment) Food chains – habitats –

Sustainable future for our Earth
Carbon emissions - Bio-fuels –
Bio-energy from the elements earth/air/fire/water