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ORGANIZATION INTRODUCTION Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited is a multinational organization. Unilever PLC London is its parent company.

Unilever is a European based company with headquarters in London, and their shares are quoted at the stock exchange of several European countries. They deal in all kinds of products from animal foodstuff to foods and detergents plus other personal and consumer products. Unilever has its subsidiaries in over 80 countries of the world, to which it spreads its vast knowledge and resources. William Lever (its originator) commences business in England as a grocer. He established Lever Brothers in 1827 in England Sunlight was the first product of Lever Brothers, which makes the beginning of the marketing of branded products at the same time Margarine Uni was established in Nether Land by Simon Van Berg and Anton Jurgens. These two companies in term of: Buying raw material selling finished goods Consequently both the companies loosing out money in term of profit. These problems led to think of the mergers in 1930. These two companies merged together and renamed the business as Unilever PLC / the word UNI is taken from margarine Uni and Lever is taken from Lever Brothers. Its head quarter was established in England and Rotter Dam. Unilever has 500 operating companies in 80 countries. It has 0.3 million employees and turnover of sales in 23000 million pounds. The global business proportion is 60% in Europe 20% in North America and 20% in rest of the world. An identified board of directors control the activities of subsidiary companies throughout the world. Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited started its operations in 1948. A merger of Sadiq Vegetable Oils and Allied Industries existed in Rahim Yar Khan was taken place with Lever Brothers and HVM company based at Karachi. As a result of merger Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited was incorporated as an independent Unilever operating company in 1955. The company is quoted on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges. Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited has around 1900 employees in Pakistan.

Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited played a dynamic role in boosting consumer products market. It stand at a unique position due to its honesty and integrity. Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited¶s main divisions of business are: MERGER WITH BROOKE BOND Brooke Bond Pakistan Limited was incorporated in 1948. Company¶s 40% shares are held by Unilever, 21% by financial institutions, 24% by individuals, and 10% by insurance companies. The company is quoted on Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchange market. The company is manually engaged in the blending, packaging and marketing of tea. It also has a small business in the sale of packing apices. The company employs around 850 persons. And has three manufacturing locations situated in Karachi and Khanewal. It also have three regional sales offices. The head office of the company is located in Karachi. After the amalgamation of Lever and Brooke Bond, Unilever will have a majority shareholding in the combined company and it will provide a comparable level of technical, management and financial resources. The proposed merger will benefit the consumer in term of price and quality. ACQUISITION Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited acquires the shares of Pakistan Industrial Promoters Limited, Mehran International Limited and Ambrosia International Limited, which is known as Polka Group of Ice Cream Companies. VISION OF LEVER BROTHERS PAKISTAN LIMITED The vision of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited is driven by is the commitment to excel and we are here to sell aspiration not brand. So, the core vision is integrating and that is to excel in every field whatever Lever Brothers do to provide customer delight and value. The Lever Brothers have been able to follow the track set by their vision and to achieve the standards set by their customers.

MISSION STATEMENT OF LEVER BROTHERS PAKISTAN LIMITED Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited will be the foremost consumer company in Pakistan with the dominant position in laundry, personal wash, skin, ice creams and spreads: a leading position in tea, hair, dental and household care and a sustainably profitable position in cooking oil and fats. 1. We will aim at delivering a 15% UVG rate, hence doubling the size of our business over 5 years and thereby delivering superior value creation. 2. We will achieve this by adopting a broad view of our market by seeking the new opportunities in the core categories of Unilever and by staying closer to all consumers than competitors, understanding their evolving needs and focusing on constant delivery of superior value for our brands through innovation. 3. Competitive advantage will also be developed by driving down relentlessly on relative cost positions and outpacing competition in operational efficiency improvement. 4. We shall build on our strong network of distributors to maximize penetrations and visibility in existing channels and to develop all new channels relevant to our consumers. 5. We shall establish Unilever¶s core brands in Afghanistan, building brand loyalty and strong distribution in the market. 6. To achieve these standards of performance, Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited will develop a strategically focussed organization and will motivate its personnel to use its full potential of creativity and commitment. It will also leverage Unilever¶s best practices and maintain the highest standards of operational control. 7. Through its commitment to high levels of care and safety for its employees, its consumers and the environment, Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited will be exemplary and will participate in the dissemination of such practices in Pakistan.

. SUPPLIERS Suppliers are considered the partners of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited and Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited maintain mutually beneficial relationship with them. They do delight customers with their products and service. INTEGRITY Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited never compromise on integrity management adhere to high standards in all they do. Their brands always deliver the high quality as they premise.g. ENVIRONMENT RESPONSIBILITY Management adheres to all national and Unilever standards to ensure health.ANALYSIS OF MISSION STATEMENT MISSION CONTENTS ORGANIZATION PHILOSOPHY PEOPLE Peoples are key to strengths of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited. CUSTOMERS Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited is the customers focus organization. With a questionnaire for suggestion for further improvement on the top of which is written ³WE CARE ABOUT YOU´. e. So they provide extensive attention to developing human resources. The development of their potential is core to Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited business. Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited pays extra attention to the complaints of consumers. safety and protection of the environment in which they live and work. if the consumer complaints that detergent harmed any cloth or skin they send the sample for lab test a team analyzes that customer complaint is right or not and then they send the detailed response to customer along with gift of their products.

So far them critical success factor is consumer connectivity and commitment to excel and to provide superior value to customers and products of superior quality and value. PRODUCT MARKET DOMAIN This factor indicates where they are going to compete. Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited¶s field of operations is the consumer products and business and this is very clearly stated in their mission statement. go for innovation. suppliers. if we check the mission statement through this aspect then we can easily state that they have clearly stated what should be the organizational key values and how to reinforce them. its consumers and environment. They people of organization to be good at or how do they want them to behave and this very clearly stated in mission statement as always stay responsive to change. CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTOR The central issue of this factor is that what do they have to be good at to succeed in this market or industry. First be foremost consumers and then other stakeholders and describes it as: ³Through its commitment to high level of core and safety for its employees.PROFIT It is considered to be the ultimate measure of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited¶s performance and it is required to maintain and grow their business. by seeking the new opportunities in the core categories and by staying closer to all consumers than competitors and understanding their evolving needs and focusing on constant delivery of superior value for our brands through innovation´.e. employees. customers and community at large. ORGANIZATION KEY VALUE It defines that what they want. Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited¶s mission statement contains concerns about all stakeholders. CONCERN FOR DIFFERENT STAKEHOLDERS Mission statement describes that what are the obligations to different stakeholders i. stockholders. The mission statement outlines this as ³adopting a broad view of our market. Lever Brothers . employee commitment to organizational objectives and mission and creating value for customers. So.

They are going for unique combination of cost reduction and superior value to customers so they entirely provide the form and source of competitive advantage that what they wanted to achieve and how they will achieve it. . and concern for different stakeholders) so therefore.Pakistan Limited will be exemplary and will participate in the dissemination of such practices in Pakistan´. critical success factors) and internal dimensions (philosophy. SCOPE AND TYPES OF MISSION The mission of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited covers both the external dimension (product market domain. organization key values. form and sources of competitive advantage. we can say that the mission statement of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited is a global mission as according to the following exhibit. FORM AND SOURCES OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Mission statement of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited completely describes the form and sources of competitive advantage as: ³Competitive advantage will be developed by driving down relentlessly on relative cost positions and outpacing competitor¶s in operational efficiency improvements and through building strong network of distributors and by developing a strategically focused organization and by motivating its personnel to use its full potential of creativity and commitment and by maintaining the higher standards of operational control´.

distribution and packaging cost and finally reducing all the human cost to offer a competitive price to customer maintain the high standards of quality. 2. So in this way they wan to be very close to customer. 8.e. cost of transportation. . i. avoidance of hit and trial approach and hitting the right target with right strategy at right time in right and accurate manner.e. 4. they want to know what they eat.e. Their main objective is to have a double-digit growth and resultant cash flows will be utilized in improving the product quality and contents to enhance the value to customer and final users. to know their real insight and desires so they can develop new strategy for product design and can implement their strategy in better manner i. 5. be exciting to their customers with stream of innovative products.OBJECTIVES OF LEVER BROTHERS PAKISTAN LIMITED AND ATTAINMENT OF OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES OF LEVER BROTHERS PAKISTAN LIMITED 1. what are their preferences. Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited has an objective to have a responsive supply chain and technological based processes. how they spend their lives. They want to be cost efficient i. they want to reduce in their cost of production. Have entered and will be aggressively developing new markets. 3. To have a partnership with their suppliers to enable them to provide high quality low cost material. 7. drink. To be no in all their existing markets. They want to have consumer connectivity. 6.

He leads the seven member¶s management committee. A. The committee includes: Mr. The chairman is the executive officer of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited. N. Fateh Ali W. I. Perwaiz Hassan Khan Mr. A. J. Reporting to the management committee members are departmental heads who are responsible for advising the management committee for planning and implementation of policies for ensuring that targets are reached. J. Clive David Welland BOARD OF DIRECTORS The board of directors controls the whole operation of the organization it includes the following personalities: Mr. Mujib-ur-Rehman Mr. Clive David Welland (Chairman & Chief Executive) (Vice Chairman) (Technical & Logistics Director) (Director Personnel) (Director Sales) (Director Commercial) (Business Unit manager ODF) (Director Food Business) . The management is responsible for corporate strategy of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited and for initiating policies and overall planning as well as their general management duties. Bandaranayake Mr. Management committee members are each responsible for specific function. Vellani Mr. Syed Babar Ali Mr. Lee Mr. Lain Strachan Sangster Mr. Mashkoor Alam Mr.STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE AND MANAGEMENT OF LEVER BROTHERS PAKISTAN LIMITED Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited restructures the organization after the merger with Brooke Bond Pakistan Limited. Lain Strachan Sangster Mr. Perwaiz Hassan Khan Mr. A. Khockhar Mr. Lee Mr. D. which is the top of decision making. Mujib-ur-Rehman Mr.

M. The top management of the company is fully professional specially marketing department which is headed by Mr. who is also involved in many other organizations i.Mr. . It includes in its board meetings one member from each province i. Punjab. Bandaranayake Mr. Asadullah Sheikh Mr. Jeff Lee who has world wide experience in this field.e. Abdul GhaniBachani Mr. NWFP and Baluchistan. Azim Azmat Osman As we can notice that the management of the company is composed of a mix of international and Pakistanis business professionalists. Patel Mr. Sindh. The management of the company includes Syed Babar Ali as director. D. Packages and other industries. N.e. A. Dr. S.


spread and cooking category. So. etc. and the functional directors to take a strategic perspective on problems. then CEO. Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited has an ideal structure to oversee the whole organization and to control the operations of the organization which in turn create problems as of very slow decision making process and very centralized too. STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited has a functional structure i. finance. now let¶s turn our discussion to five basic forces. We cannot say that the structure of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited is an ideal or exact functional structure as in functional structure CEO is in direct supervision of each primary activity but Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited have also included layers of vice chairman and very important management committee as described earlier. which determines an organization¶s structure i. This structure maximizes the basic advantage of functional structure that the CEO is in charge and well informed about each primary activity and minimizes the basic disadvantage of functional structure that an organization become larger or more diverse. vice chairman. marketing. and then there is separate department for each function and these functions are carried out by directors and they are assisted by managers of that very particular function like marketing manager and those managers have divided each product category into home and fabric care category. senior management can be over burdened with everyday operational issues. Threat of new entrants . To continue with structure analysis discussion. Its head office is located in Karachi at Avari Towers.BRANCH STRUCTURE All over Pakistan 6 branches of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited are working. its based on the primary tasks that have to be carried out such as production. And these categories are headed by one product manager and assistant manager.e. accounting. etc. which is true in the case of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited and to offset this disadvantage they have created additional layer of management committee which is responsible of coordination between CEO and chairman. 1.e. The chairman and management committee as well as the most of the department heads have their offices there.

BUYER POWER To determine buyer power one condition is always necessary i. Threat of substitutes Buyer power Supplier power Competitive rivalry. spread.2. soaps. 4. 5. they are enjoying the highest market shares in most of their product categories like ghee. Competitive rivalry would be discussed more in detail in the section ³competitor analysis´. oil. So. so. THREAT OF SUBSTITUTES Same as in the case of new entrant no as such threat they are facing. But this condition is not present in case of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited.e. no body would like to loose a buyer like Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited so. 3. STRUCTURE TYPES IN MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES . fabric care. situation of healthy competition exist. they face no threat of any new entrant. etc. But an organization like Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited this threat is very minimum because you need a giant to compete with another giant like Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited and in a relatively small market like Pakistan. they have very diversified product categories and within each category they have brands targeted at almost each and every segment of the market so they don¶t face the buyers power as such but still ³customer is king´ and they do have to pay a lot of attention to buyers being a consumer product company. they don¶t face any significant supplier power. the buyers are few so they exert power over an organization. THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTS These potential threats always exist in every organization. COMPETITIVE RIVALRY Competition is intense but not cut throat competition and all of them avoid frontal assault or direct attack. SUPPLIER POWER Suppliers don¶t exert any power over Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited rather Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited provides buyer¶s power in this case.

Unilever has well coped with these challenges by adopting the transnational corporation structure. which originated in many European countries such as Unilever or Nestle needed to internationalize their activities at an early stage. The key is that they wanted to create an integrated network of interdependent resources and competencies. Each national unit operates independently. staying independent and responsive towards local or national market and yet not loosing touch or coordination with the worldwide network and parent company.The growth in the size and importance of multinational business warrants some special mention. The corporate center manages a global network by first establishing the role of each subsidiary. 3. in which: 1. but is a source of ideas and capabilities for the whole corporation. But in contrast US companies with a large domestic market tended to favor ³international divisions´ and now they face two challenges: 1. On the basis of these factors there are generally four types of multinational structures. . This took the firm of ³international subsidiaries´ but now their challenge is to reduce the local autonomy and increase global coordination. then sustaining the culture and system to make the network operates efficiently or in a way we can say that they have combined global and multi-domestic strategy. which attempts to combine the local responsiveness of the international subsidiary with the advantages available from coordination found in global product companies. Unilever has assumed the structure of transnational corporations in which they have developed structure. There are interesting differences between countries in the way that global strategy tend to develop. Barriers between their separate strategic views of the domestic and international business. In deciding the structure of multinational critical aspect or factor or issue is the extent to which local independence and responsiveness take precedence over global coordination. The issue of local autonomy. 2. owing to the small size of their home markets. 2. such as: In all the four structures. since the structural implications can be significant. Companies.

we are determined to become faster.´ Our approach We are developing the people and building the structures to help us advance towards our new vision. motivated and committed. reduce employee travel. and. reduce office waste. more focused and more competitive. A place to succeed We are building a performance culture that rewards people who deliver. WINNING WITH PEOPLE We believe in providing an environment where individuals can achieve their goals. People. speed up decision-making and improve . To ensure our long-term prosperity. reduce energy consumption in our offices. for example introducing a global performance and talent management system. integrity and values have always been central to Unilever and will continue to be so.HR POLICIES ON EMPLOYEE BENEFITS ³It is vital we have people with the right talent. We can do this most effectively if we harness people¶s own passion for making a difference to help the company achieve its sustainability goals. room to succeed and grow. improve employee health and nutrition. Delivering this requires a workforce that is aware of the wider impacts the business has on society and the environment. we want everyone to be healthy. In order to attract and retain the best people. both professionally and personally. See 'Developing and engaging our people' for more. Sustainability is now even more closely tied to our business strategy. Inspiring our people and motivating them to succeed will help us deliver our growth ambition. As part of our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (launched in November 2010). our One Unilever transformation process was nearing completion at the end of 2009. we recognise the need to offer those ways to take advantage of opportunities. Our aim was to simplify our business structure. Our transformation process Started in 2005. But within that context. In 2009 we updated some of our performance management tools. skills and creativity. Our approach is founded in our values as set out in our Code of Business Principles. we have set ourselves bold new targets for creating a better workplace: Reduce workplace injuries and accidents. This describes the way in which we seek to treat our people and also the high standards of behaviour and integrity we expect of them. increase sustainable sourcing of office materials. and more directions in which to pursue their careers.

purchase order processes.competitiveness. It has already been implemented in 30 countries. We will send zero waste to landfill by 2017. and in 2010 we have created a new global business unit integrating the services of IT. y Our Lamplighter employee program aims to improve the nutrition. Information Management and Workplace & Travel Services as a step towards creating an agile and cost-competitive organization for the future. Our longer-term goal is to extend the reach to all countries where we operate. and embedding a performance-driven culture. By 2015 we will reduce paper consumption by 30% per head in our top 21 countries. In 2011 we aim to extend the reach to a further eight countries. Finance. After creating One Unilever operating companies in each country around the world. Reduce employee travel. We have also been streamlining our business. Reduce energy consumption in our offices. By 2020 we will halve the energy (kWh) purchased per occupant for the offices in our top 21 countries versus 2010. Human Resources. We will eliminate paper in our invoicing. By 2011 this network will cover more than 30 countries. By 2020 we will reduce the total recordable accident frequency rate in our factories and offices by 50% versus 2008. financial y y y y y y . goods receipt. Improve employee health and nutrition. with a single management team leading a cluster of countries. we moved swiftly to establish multi-country organizations (MCOs) in all our geographies. developing employee skills and capabilities.Reduce office waste At least 90% of our office waste in our top 21 countries will be reused. We focused on three major areas: restructuring and simplifying our organization. recycled or recovered by 2015. fitness and mental resilience of employees.000 people. reaching 35. We now have a total of 24 MCOs. Our Targets y y y Reduce workplace injuries and accidents We aim for zero workplace injuries. The new unit will continue to use a combination of in-house and outsourced services to meet Unilever¶s evolving needs. We are investing in advanced video conferencing Facilities to make communication easier while reducing travel for our employees. Our operating companies are now much leaner and better equipped to focus on serving local consumers and customers at competitive costs.

By 2013 we will source all paper-based office materials from either certified sustainable forests or recycled sources.y reporting and employee expense processing by 2015. where legally allowable and technically possible. Increase sustainable sourcing of office material. Remuneration Policies ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Principles of Work Levels My Salary My Variable Pay Cash Award Values in Practice Share Options Variable Pay in Shares Workplace Benefit ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Diversity Dress Code Hygiene Cafeteria Entitlements ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ On Transfer On Joining Products on Discount Meal Allowance Shift Allowance Mobile Phones/Landlines Loans Group Insurance Leave House Lease Clubs .

‡ Health ‡ Long Service Medical Policy Travel and Transport ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Domestic Travel Travel by Road International Travel Travel & Insurance Transport Pick and Drop Safety and Security ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Emergency Evacuation Travel by Road Fire Drill Bomb Threat Off-site Events Leisure ‡ ‡ Beach Huts Sports Self Development ‡ Education Assistance Retirement ‡ On Separation or Retirement .


safety. Unilever has applied Decision Making under Uncertainty to hard-to-resolve questions in product development. But they hire highly skilled and trained people so these people perform accordingly. Helpdesks were setup in the four main metros and Bangalore to handle regional data and provide regional support.MANAGEMENT STYLE OBSERVED/INTERVIEWED AT UNILEVER  DECISION MAKING The fast-moving consumer goods giant is undergoing a cultural change in the way the company approaches strategic decision making. We managed to develop & deploy the system in 2.  PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS Performance appraisals are done and accordingly rewards are designed for motivation of workers such as cash awards value in practice. and also setup Indiawide multi-location helpdesks to handle the high quanta of data. share options and variable pay in shares. Recruitment is the process of gathering a pool of candidates for an organizational vacancy. The problem was that there were no records of the details of officers in a consolidated form. based on the Performance Management Model followed at HLL. Unilever has implemented the process called Decision Making under Uncertainty. ³HLL wanted a Performance Appraisal and Competency Enhancement system for its officers. Selection is the process of short listing only the qualified candidates who are .  RECRUTIMENT ³We believe that individuals should drive their own careers and that life at work should be a continuous learning journey. functionally as well as technically. And officers entered their data for 2003.This whole process was supported without any hitches and the whole exercise completed in under a month´. 2001 & 2002. 2000. About 4000-5000 officers' data was absorbed for the previous 3 yrs. We were also given a ridiculously short deadline of 3 months to develop the whole software and absorb data into it. regulation.5 months. inspiring and highly rewarding´ Unilever has this strategy of recruiting people at a rigorous path. and corporate acquisitions. People with this attitude and approach will find Unilever challenging. Seizing the opportunity to make a difference is more important than simply progressing up the ladder.

flexibility of the employee required etc. Unilever policy of recruitment is very simple. These include subsidized medical insurance. virtual instructor led programs and the traditional classroom style instructor led programs. if at any time there is a vacancy. . skills and abilities of the for the job. At Unilever following benefits are given: ‡ Medical Facility to employee and his/her parents ‡ Paid Vacations ‡ Accommodation Facility to energetic employees Executive Directors enjoy similar benefits to many other employees of the Unilever Group. They also receive an allowance to cover small out-of-pocket expenses not covered by the reimbursement of their business entertaining expenses. Before training ³Training Need Analysis´ (TNA) is conducted by the manager of the department. BOTH PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL.  BENEFITS FOR EMPLOYEES A very effective way to retain an employee is to give him compensation and benefits. resignation. This usually happens through classroom. The head office will place an advertisement in all major news paper with the all necessary information required to be furnished by the applicant  TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT EARNING IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF LIFE AT UNILEVER AND THERE ARE MANY WAYS IN WHICH YOU CAN DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS. Employees at Unilever are usually trained through Rameez Allahwalla (in Karachi). the use of company cars (or cash in lieu) and assistance with relocation costs when moving from one country to another. due to retirement. competencies. A lot of emphasis is placed on professional skills development which are technical skills required for your job. the management of the branch will inform the head office about the vacancy. A continuous training is conducted inside the organization to improve the performance of the employee. External training is carried out through trainers in training institutes. There are two types of trainings conducted at Unilever: ‡ In-house Training ‡ External Training In-house training is customized training which is only for Unilever employees. if employees opted for the golden hand shake or the death of an employee. operational visits to other countries and sites along with professional certification courses. Training & Development involves improving the knowledge. Possibilities and Intec (two well-known training institutes). General skills will also be developed with the aid of e-learning courses. In terms of recruitment and selection it is important to consider carrying out a thorough job analysis to determine the level of skills/technical abilities. And after the training feedback from the employee is taken. trainer led learning. And HR at Unilever follows these criteria.

MFG Pro. But at the branch level the structure is decentralized. as well as legacy systems. Unilever had a decentralized IT infrastructure with multiple environments. easy access to actionable information on both a regional and global basis. This makes the planning more accurate and efficient. it also saves time and money. benefits etc is saved in a database known as HRIS. employees at Unilever needed fast. BPCS. leaves. . At Unilever profiles of all the employees containing data relating their payroll. To get to this point. and Fourth Shift. To reach its Path to Growth goals. the IT department launched the Unilever Information Program (UIP) to develop an infrastructure to support the Path to Growth strategy. all the matters are to be reported to the head office and all the policies and targets are approved at the higher level. At Unilever the HR team plans everything so that the outcomes and results can be perceived before the plan is actually implemented. HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING Planning provides a guideline to accomplish an activity.  ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE In Unilever the hierarchy is very lean. Unilever uses a locally procured HRIS which is to be upgraded using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). One of the greatest priorities on the UIP agenda was to find a quick data integration solution to allow user access to any number of data sources for in-depth analysis. in general the whole setup is centralized. including enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications from companies such as SAP.

Question from Manager Q1) Is the HR strategy of Unilever aligned with its vision? Q2) Is the HR of Unilever just being ³nice to staff´ and considered as a ³back room function´ in Unilever? Q3) Are the HR processes in Unilever is effectively managed? It is Adding value in the performance employees? How the company is promoting it? Q4) Do you think employees in Unilever know ³what is expected out of them´? Q5) Are the HR management design the job descriptions in such away that it¶s focused on ³responsibilities´ rather than ³deliverables´ resulting in the following questions: y y y y y y Objectives not achieved? Duplication of responsibilities? Delays in execution? Blame games? Confrontation between different functions? Over staffing? Q6) Is your current appraisal system: y y y y y Needs have well accepted in the organization? Reducing the communication gaps? Measuring the performance of each employee against targets? Assessing the training & development your employees? Distinguishing ³high post´ from ³stock bowlers´? Q7 Have you ever conducted a climate / opinion survey in your organization? Q8 Is Unilever going through any change? Now or in future? Q9 Are you aware of Impact of the change on organizations? and people? Q10 Are you ready to manage people behaviors during transition? .

Questions from employees Q1 Do you able to answer the following of your questions? y y y y y y y y Where do you standing today in your organization? Where do you expect your self to be in the Unilever in future ? When will you thing you able reach there? What do you thing the HR policies of Unilever provide enough resources available to you to be there? What Do you thing are the barrier in your path? Who are your competitors? Do you thing if you stay in this organization you will be happy and healthy? What do you think about the organization? Q2 How they want to see the organization? Q3 What is your commitment level towards the organization? Q4 What do you thing HR policies and procedures exists in your organization? Q5 What is your opinion about the HR-policies y y y It followed in true spirit? Is it enhancing communication within the organization? Are these policies and procedures employee friendly? .

One of their key roles is to assure that government provisions are adequate and reflect best practice. identifying and exploiting opportunities created by Unilever's scale and scope. Regional presidents report to either the director of the Foods division or the director of the Home and Personal Care division. managing external relations at the corporate level and developing future leaders. the Finance director and the Personnel director. They attend the key quarterly meetings. So. As members of either the Unilever Best foods or Home and Personal Care divisions.COMPANY STRUCTURE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee is responsible for agreeing priorities and allocating resources. while the head of the corporate relations department keeps the external affairs and corporate relations committee informed. The advisory directors comprise a majority of the members of certain key committees of the Boards. for example. they play an important role in shaping divisional strategy and ensuring that regional strategies and plans are consistent with overall objectives. conferences of the directors and the Executive Committee. the parent companies. the chief auditor ensures that the audit committee has the necessary information. setting overall corporate targets. Leading the team are the chairmen of Unilever PLC and Unilever N.. agreeing and monitoring business group strategies and plans. Other members are the global division directors for Unilever Best foods and Home and Personal Care. REGIONAL PRESIDENT The regional presidents are responsible for delivering business results in their respective regions. ADVISORY DIRECTORS The advisory directors are the principal external presence in Unilever's government. as well as meetings with the Chairmen. the Corporate Development Director. .V. SENIOR CORPORATE OFFICERS Unilever's senior corporate officers are responsible for ensuring that board meetings and board committee meetings are supplied with the information they need. committee meetings.

It sees better such employee is available in the organization or not. All local laws are adhered to regarding different matters. at higher level I have seen various MBA. For this purpose it collects information about the desired employee¶s functions and then defines the job requirements and job profile. Unilever is an equal opportunity employer and there is no discrimination on the basis of sex. Unilever can pride itself in having one of the most congenial and professional working environments of any company operating in Pakistan. In case of no. The function of promotion of the workers is also performed by ERD after consulting with the top management and analyzing the past record of the workers Job Assessment At Unilever Pakistan Limited Performance Appraisal is prepared to check the performance of workers. It also makes arrangements for test. Usually the interviews are bland of different types of interviews. cash rewards are also granted. All hiring and promotion decisions are taken on merit. The basic Objectives of job assessment are . It is like ACR (annual confidential report) in the government sector. It also collects all the applications of the applicants. After that it arranges the interviews for the succeeded applicants. The head of the department. The Personnel Department uses different tests for different applicants. Extreme emphasis is placed on worker safety and health Selection & Career ladder Personnel Department makes arrangements for the recruitments of the employees.The Working Environment & Accountability at unilever With the world fast becoming a Global Village and the Internet Information Technology Revolution. These interviews include panel interview. they are promoted to higher managerial level. ICMA and also people who have spend years at Unilever. The Personnel Department makes all the arrangements for the report meant of new employee. structured questions etc. on job basis gives bonuses. it gives the advertisement in the newspapers. In order to provide incentives to employees at Unilever. the issues of HUMAN RIGHTS and Working Condition are becoming significant important with each passing day. CA. caste or creed. The background information about the succeeded applicants is also gathered by the Personnel Department Promotion Of Persons At UNILEVER On the basis of experience and performance.

. Top management is maintaining very cordial relationships with union leaders. if they are involved in activities which are not according to the goal of Unilever Pakistan Limited. Accountability Employees have to face inquiries or suspensions. they have to face the circumstances. Actually employees feel a part in the organization and its achievements. If the employees are not obedient to their superior or involved in unethical activities. Severe punishment like demotion. On the basis of performance appraisal awards and rewards or punishments are given. In Unilever.· Check the overall performance of employees · Whether the job assigned is fully done or not · Integrity. They are often terminated from their jobs. firing and suspensions are given to non-performing or low-performing employees. · Standards are established first · Measure the individual as well as collectively performance · Compare actual performance with planned · Taking corrective action · Reviews of job are made. if they are not performing well. promotion is granted on performance basis so they are also accountable if they are performing poorly. They can be demoted from their ranks. · Superior management assesses accuracy of work. honesty · Loyalty · Devotion and commitment of the part of employee to achieve organizational objectives Measures To Check Overall Performance Higher manager to check the performance of employees adopts following measures. Satisfaction Of Employee Employees have a high morale.

A list of some benefits and services is given below: Attendance Allowance Good attendance award Death Compensation Canteen allowance Tea Expenses . Some of these are annual. Furthermore.F.COMPENSATION AND ADMINITRATION The Unilever Pakistan Limited conducts the wages survey in the market and of the major competitors after every two years and compares the results with its own package and there is any difference then adjustment is made.F. The Personnel Department provides all possible instruments to all workers and it has the desire that every worker should use those instruments in order to avoid losses. HEALTH AND SAFETY Unilever R. the organization has a well equipped Medical Center where MBBS doctors are available in order to meet with emergency cases. some are semi-annual. The Unilever gives 30 different types of allowances to its employees. The desire of Unilever R. also provides certain benefits and services to all its employees. is that its employees must be satisfied in every aspect because it has the opinion that satisfied employees are more productive as compared to dissatisfied. Following are the Instruments which are provided to the workers: Long shoes Helmets Gloves Fire Instruments BENEFITS & SERVICE Unilever R. Proper equipments are available in all areas of the production where sensitive machinery is in operation. and some are monthly while some are once in the whole employment period. is much conscious about the health and safety.F.

Various courses organized in the past include the following. The company also celebrates Annual Sports Day on which different games are played and prizes are given to the succeeded players by the company. Personal Development And Training Junior-level courses are frequently held in-house for personal training. . 1. Indoor and outdoor facilities are also available. Executive Development Course This course was specially designed for middle management to enhance their principle-centered leadership qualities so that they could meet the emerging challenges of the global world.Conveyance Allowance Family medical allowance Family medical care House rent Allowance Utilities allowance Meal Allowance Rehabilitation Allowance Retirement Jersey Shoes Tonga Allowance Traveling Announce Hajj Marriage Assistance To minorities The organization has a club for the employees of the organization. Neurolinguistic programming was part of the course to help the employee in day-to-day activities to improve proficiency and effectiveness in their attitude and work style.

MOTIVATION The organization has the opinion that motivated workers are more productive than unmotivated workers. Wage rates. 4. And during this period they are paid as per the prevailing wage rules. The main purpose was to give acquaintances to the staff of their rights. Under these plans it has two types of recruitment: Badli Temporary For long term plans workers are recruited from the temporary workers who have become skilled one. For This purpose it makes long term and short term plans to make the labor available for production. For a smooth production there must be an effective Human Resource Planning. were the main topics covered. Basic English Language Course This course was for those staff that is not proficient in written and verbal English language. To motivate its employees the organization uses both intrinsic and extrinsic approaches for motivation its employees. In-Housing Training School Unilever has also established an in-house Training School for unskilled labor so that they may be trained. vacations. An external instructor whose services were especially hired for this purpose conducted the course. Basic Labor laws of Pakistan Professionals from Labor Department organized this course. Short term Plans are made for those places where workers have gone on holidays or absent. child & bonded labor etc. o Intrinsic Approach o Extrinsic Approach . working hours. 3.2. HUMAN RESOURCES PLANNING The most important function performed by the ERD is the Human Resource Planning. Unskilled manpower is hired from the market for training.

It also means caring about their employees To succeed requires the highest standards of behavior from all employees. To motivate the employees the organization has introduced a program name OFI (Opportunity for Improvement). The Code is published in full below. just as real as their people and brands. This reputation is an asset. Unilever has earned a reputation for conducting its business with integrity and with respect for the interests of those our activities can affect. . but will not include any standards less rigorous than those contained in this Code. COMPANY¶S POLICIES Unilever's update Code of Business Policies because we believe that their reputation for high corporate standards is a key asset which they needs to be fresh and living throughout in their business. More detailed guidance tailored to the needs of different countries and companies will build on these principles as appropriate.INTRINSIC APPROACH Job rotation XTRINSICE APPROACH Training Appreciation letters Bonuses Cash awards Gifts Shields Clocks Put the name of the workers on the notice board who perform an excellent performance. Their first priority is to be a successful business and that means investing for growth and balancing short-term and long-term interests. The general principles contained in this Code set out their standards in Hr policies.

Organizational Chart:The reporting structure and division of labor in an organization is called Organizational Chart. . The above chart provides a picture of reporting structure (who reports to whom) and the various activities that are carried out by different individuals.Organizational Chart Of Fundamentals of Organization We often begin to describe a firms Structure by looking at its Organization Chart.

Integration:As Unilever differentiate their structures. the finance department. as well as issues pertaining to delegation and decentralization . e. The solid lines are called functional lines and they report to works manager and the doted lines Are called operational lines and they report to their own head. 2 The titles in the boxes show the work perform by each unit. some degree of communication and cooperation must exist among them. buying department and marketing department link together to achieve overall mission. Because the Unilever is a larger organization and it has different units. Differentiation Differentiation is created through division of labor and job specialization. First we will discuss vertical differentiation within Unilever organizational structure. All the specialized in Unilever cannot be performed completely independently. area engineer personal wash. Integration and its related concept. 3 Reporting and authority relation ship are indicated by solid lines showing super subordinate connection 4.g. E.Note that organizational chart give various kinds of information that are conveyed in a very simple way: 1The boxes represent different work. Planning. projects.coordination. the board of directors. The Buying department of unilever has a specific task which purchasing inventory or raw material. Repair and maintenance department further divided into sub department which are engineering store.g. Specialization is a process in which different individuals and units perform different tasks. Various individuals and units through out the organization perform different tasks. refer to the procedure that link the various part of Unilever to achieve the Unilever overall mission. 5. Division of labor means that the work of the organization is subdivided into smaller task. the chief executive officer and hierarchical levels. engineering.g. This would be someone in an organization. There are two fundamental concepts around which organization is structured is differentiation and Integration. E. managers must simultaneously consider the issues of integration. All the persons or units That are of the same ranks and report to same person are on one level. area engineer personal product. This include issues pertaining to authority within an organization. They all have assigned different task under the repair and maintenance department. Levels of management are indicated by horizontal layers in the chart.

and matrix organization Horizontal Structure It is also called division of labor.Vertical Structure:Vertical structure is also called Reporting structure which tells about the hierarchy of an Organization an chain of command Top level Middle Level Lower Level Unilever Span of Control A span of control is the number of people who report to one manager in a hierarchy. they make things. Area Eng. In this the communication is difficult for employees. Unilever estate. Unilever has the Narrow span of control but now they are moving to wide span of control by reducing their layers. divisional. Secondly we will discuss the horizontal Structure including issues of decartelization that create functional. PW soap finishing. Centralize Decision Making Unilever is a centralized organization because most of its decision makes by top level executives but lower level can also gives their views. Area Eng. Quality assurance. Packaging & Raw material. Personal wash(Soap). the organization in inevitably must be sub divided that is. Factory medical center. organization provide customers service. In Unilever buying department. sell things. Line departments are those units that deal directly with the organization primary good organization services. Personal product (Shampoo. The more people under the control of one manager . As the task of Unilever become increasingly complex. PW finishing.the wider the span of control. Admin & security. PP finishing. Estate First aid center. and . Business service department. It is tall organization that has many reporting level. Less means a narrower span of control. departmentalized-into smaller unit¶s organization departments. Human resource department. Lotions). One of the first places this can be scene is in the distinction between line and staff departments.

and accountability that violate the traditional "one-boss" or "Unity of Command" (Fayol) principle of management. The vertical hierarchy is overlaid by some form of lateral authority. . Staff department means units that support line department. influence. Unilever is matrix organization and composed of dual reporting relationship in which some manager¶s report to two superiors-a functional manager and a divisional manager. A Matrix Organization is an organization structure that is matrix-shaped. or communication and there are dual lines of authority.g. rather than a pyramid-shape. The Matrix Organization A matrix organization is a hybrid form of organization in which functional and divisional form Overlap. e.service and Utilities department are the line department. Services engineer support the service & utilities department. responsibility. It has 2 axes.