IELTS essay: The rubbish problem

Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish. Why do you think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced? In our highly industrialized era there is a growing awareness about the exessive amounts of trash people producing. We are about to be flooded by different types of garbage if certain measures will not be taken. This essay will explore some causes of this and propose ways to solve the problem. To begin with, different food producers decided that their products will be selling better if they will pack them in small-sized boxes and packets. These colorful and attractive packs go straight to the trashcan, the number of packs is growing along with the consuming groth. More consuming produces more waste. Government and businesses encourage consuming because it leads to high profits and development of state economy. They are not interested in the situation there a person is going to use something for a long time. Society is being bombarded with commersials, pleading to buy, for instance, a new mobile phone. Buying new things cause throwing away old but good things. The problem of garbage is very complicated. As we can see, government is not interested of reducing consuming. Thus, the responsibility has to be taken by individuals and non-governmental organizations. Certain laws, regulating the percentage of packaging material per ton of product should be established. Moreover, interesting programs, involving people to participate can be developed. For example, bonuses for not asking for a plastic bag in supermarkets or for buying extra large packs of food. In addition, everyone should become conserned about the future of human beings and our planet. If we do not wish to be buried in rubbish, we should think twice before buying things we do not need.

But even if we buy fresh food without packaging. we still produce rubbish from the plastic bags used everywhere to carry shopping home. Children can be educated about environmental issues at school. Most of this rubbish comes from the packaging from the things we buy. that governments need to raise this awareness in the general public. such as processed food. Governments can encourage such action by putting taxes on packaging. Write at least 250 words. Write about the following topic: Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish. The reason why we have so much packaging is that we consume so much more on a daily basis than families did in the past.You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. but adults need to take action. Convenience is also very important in modern life. Why do you think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. so we buy packaging or canned food that can be transported from long distances and stored untill we need it. such measures could really reduce the amount of rubbish we produce. We also forget that it is a source of pollution and difficult to dispose of. model answer: I think it is true that in almost every country today each household and family produces a large amount of waste every week. I think. therefore. However. I think the amount of waste produce is also a result of our tendency to use something once and throw it away. first in the supermarket. . With the political will. Certainly nobody wants to see our resources used up and our planet poisoned by waste. and then at home. We forget that even the cheapest plastic bag has used up valuable resources and energy to produce. by providing recycling services and by thing households and shops that do not attempt to recycle their waste. such as plastic bags.

it is necessary for every citizen to keep their surroundings neat and clean so that a healthy environment can be available to everyone. Dustbins should be placed on roads and in streets to dispose unwanted things. people should be introduced with new techniques to keep their environment clean for example. unawareness and carelessness among people toward their environment also plays major role. Unity is a strength. government should take serious and strict steps to overcome problem of garbage. . Besides this. There should be fine for people who do not keep clean nearest places of their house and their own residents also. Except this. In a nutshell. Besides this. so every individual should be together to solve this serious problem. Rapid increase in population is the biggest factor of increases in wastages. it is not a duty of only one person to maintain a healthy environment. there is solution of every problem.indusries are also responsible for increase in rubbish. Why do you think this is happening? What can government do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced? A healthy nation will always serve its country smartly and strongly as it is also a famous adage that ³A healthier minds stays in healthier body´ .Nowadays we are producing more and more keep their environment neat and clean. typhoid and many more. People feel shy to clean their environment even though it is moral duty of everyone . As. A subject related to keep environment neat and clean should be compulsory in schools and colleges. there are so many factors that are responsible for unhygienic environment that invites so many serious diseases for example cholera. However.illitracy is also a reason for this problem. So to resolve this trouble. biodegrading and recycling of waste things. they like to spend their time in decorating themselves but don¶t not want to waste a single seconds to clear rubbish around their houses and other surroundings.

Governments should find the person who break environment laws and fine huge amount of money. There are several reasons why people make wastes increasingly. the rubbish problem is getting serious. So. it is easy to put their trash bags near their hometown without any regulations. Hence. Some people perceive that a government should strengthen the law related with environment. In conclusion. . a government should broadcast several campaigns about saving Earth and environmental problems on TV and radio programs. On the other hand. For example. Secondly. This essay will describe why this problem is happening and what governments should do to decrease wastes. people and companies try to make more and more trashes. it is indeed reasonable to say that the role of governments is very important to reduce trashes. Even though. In addition. governments should hire more public service officers to find these illegal acts. I live in the flat which has two thousands people. That can be the good way to move people's mind effectively. Nobody will correct their guilty behaviors.These days. First of all. Furthermore. given the above explanations. the bag which should contain trashes is relatively expensive. They have the responsibility to hand over clean environment to out descendants. since they will dump down their trashes in the late evening. there are several guards and watchers who catch the person who put trashes without regulated bags. I believe that the role of a government is very important. it is not easy to find them. To solve these problems. there are those who assume that we should get rid of the fundamental problems for environment. people do not want to buy these plastic bags and they will put their garbage silently.

This essay will look at this problem and will propose several suggestions how the government can apply to limit the significantly large amount of rubbish. environmental clubs«work that help them obtain more knowledge about the negative of rubbish. It is. ±face many problems. with the population has being increased steadily throughout the century. Firstly. even though we forget that it can reused by recycling program. especially the enormous litter. try to find alternatives to what I have highlighted.They are either expression problems or grammatical issues. interesting to note that the reason we consume so much packaging in daily basic than before the past because of its convenience. we can bring food from the long distance and preserve them for a long time until we need to use.Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish. school need to organize more environmental activities such as visiting industrial waste recycling. In conclusion. and you will definitely loose your point. Moreover.You have lexical problem as many words are repeated plenty of times in you essay . the cheap price of plastic bag is also the main cause that make the increasing considerably amount of rubbish. in almost the government in every country is being face. there are some solutions for the government to reduce much larger rubbish. For example. with the grave amount of garbage may create a polluted environment disaster or epidemic diseases for humankind in the future. By this reason. I think it is true that with the population boom in the global. and nice word count .You need to concentrate more on grammar. .You have nice idea since you answer the question and support with example. there are much rubbish that come from the packaging from the things we buy produced in everyday. What more. almost our tendency use once and throw these plastic bag away. For instance. What do you think this is happening? What can government do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced? Give reasons for your own answer and include any relevant examples for your own knowledge or experience.[/quote] All of but not limited to the above bold texts have problem: . as it will cause confusions to the examiner. but bear in mind that you must have a good vocabulary + grammer mastered first. the government has an important responsibility to decrease the amount of waste because nobody wants to see all of resource in our planet poisoned by waste. however.You understand things but expressed them incorrectly. using the wrapping. . First of all. From the negative effect of rubbish. . the government should increase the awareness of everybody. as you may not get more than 5 with this essay. Besides this. I believe that you try to write it in a natural way. the government also provides more recycling services and establishes new laws to fine household or company that do not recycle their waste. In conclusion.

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