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Questions no. 1 - 4 according to the picture below.

8. Copy images for personal use with consent of the
owner. (a / b)
9. Install pirated game software at your laptop. (a / b)
10. Edit a friend blog with permission (a / b)
11. Send picture of your sister to her friend via email
(a / b)
12. Using mom͛s facebook login and password while
mom is sleeping. (a / b)
13. Duplicate Microsoft office 2007 CD software from a

neighbor. (a / b)
Which one is 14. Insulting person in your blog (a / b)
1. CPU 15. Randomly send out viruses via email (a / b)
2. Mouse
3. Monitor
16. Who is user?
4. Keyboard
a. a person who is own a cyber cafe

5. housands of integrated circuits were rebuilt onto a
b. a person who is repairing the computer
c. a person who is assembling the computer
single silicon chip. A silicon chip that contains a CPU.
d. a person who is using the computer
he statement above refers to
a. Super processor
17. How to turn off the computer
b. Mainframe
a. Startüshutdownürestartüok
c. Microprocessor
b. Startüshutdownüresetüok
d. Motherboard
c. Startüshutdownüturn offüok

6. ____________ replaced vacuum tubes and ushered
d. Startüshutdownüoküok
in the second generation computer.
18. Below is an example of microcomputer except
a. CPU
a. PDA
b. Motherboard
b. Laptop
c. Wireboard
c. Mainframe
d. ransistor
d. Desktop
7. Voice recognition is an example of the ___________
19. his is a picture of
generation computing devices that is based on artificial
a. Microcomputer
a. Second
b. Supercomputer
b. hird
c. Workstation
c. Fourth
d. Mini computer
d. Fifth

Questions no. 8 ʹ 15 are regarding to computer code of

conducts. Answer

a for ethical or
b for unethical
Questions no. 20 ʹ 30, answer 31. a. Cable supply
a for true or b. Hard disk supply
b for false c. Power supply
d. Fan supply
20. Reset button is to start on computer (a / b)

21. Motherboard is a main circuit board of the system 32. a. Serial port
b. p/s 2 port
unit, which has some electronic components. (a / b) c. USB port
22. System unit is a box-like case that contains d. RAM

computer͛s electronic components. (a / b)
33. a. Floppy drive
23. students can repair computer in the lab.(a / b) b. Empty drive bay
24. he computer lab should be kept clean and tidy at c. CD-Rom drive
d. DVD-Rom
all times. (a / b)
25 .In school, Internet facility is strictly for educational Question no 34 -37,

purposes only. (a / b) refer picture to label no 34-37. choose from option
26. eachers do not have to record the use of a. Floppy drive
computers in the computer log book. (a / b) b. Hard disk drive
c. Battery
27. Food and drinks are allowed in computer lab. (a / b)
d. Motherboard
28. Copyright gives the holder some exclusive rights to
control some reproduction of works of authorship, Question no 38 - 40, choose from option below:
such as books and music, for a certain period of a. CD-Rom
time. (a / b) b. Motherboard
c. Projector
29. Ethics means system of moral standard on values d. Keyboard
used as a guideline for computer users. (a / b)
30. We must respect ownership by not stealing other 38. Which one is an output device?
people͛s work either by duplicating or distributing
39. Which one is an input device?
it. (a / b)
40. Which one is a storage device?
Question no. 31 ʹ 40 regarding to the picture below:
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