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Design Criteria Report


Architectural Design Criteria


This section shall include guidelines for the preliminary selection of building and
site finishing materials, doors and windows, building and moisture protection
and other related works.

1.1 Selection of Parameters

• The selection of materials will based on the following.
• Space Function Requirement.
• Aesthetic Requirements.
• Durability.
• Cost & Construction Method.
• Maintenance requirements.
• Environment control (Heat, light, Sound, Statistics, etc.) Fire and
Safety Requirements.
• Priority for Local Saudi Product.

The criteria of evaluating the above mentioned parameters shall vary from one
area to another.

1.2 Codes and Standards

The following codes and standards shall be acceptable in the selection of


• International Building Code 2000 IBC

• Life Safety Code 2003 Edition NFPA 101
• American National Standard Institute ANSI
• American Society for Testing Materials ASTM
• Underwriter's Laboratories UL
• Qatar Standards Organization QASO
• Other related codes mentioned in the Engineering Design Criteria.
• American Disable Association ADA

In addition to their respectable international standards and codes for material

and environmental control.

1.2 Internal Finishing

In addition to architectural and interior design requirements, the room

environment shall be kept at the acceptable levels, room temperature
illumination level and sound transmission class shall be studied carefully in
each rooms.
Design Criteria Report

In other areas, the material section shall be done after the checking of the material
against each of the section parameters.

In general, the following materials shall be recommended.

A Exterior Finish:

A.1 Wall

• Paint on Cement Plaster.

• Wall construction shall be Non insulated Red Clay Block work.

A.2 Doors and Windows

• 24mm Thk Double Reflective/Clear Glass Door on Anodized Aluminum

• 24mm Thk Double Reflective/Clear, Curtain wall on Anodized
Aluminum Frame.
• 6mm Thk Single Tempered Spandrel Glass on Anodized Aluminum
• Non-Insulated, Manual/power with remote control Aluminum Rolling

A.3 Roof Finishes

Fine gravel on reinforced concrete with waterproofing and rigid insulation.

B Interior Finish:

B.1 Flooring

• Parquet at VIP offices.

• Broadloom carpets & Carpets Tiles on screed for offices.
• Heavy duty Ceramic Floor Tiles at toilets, kitchen, and other wet areas.
• Marble to be Bottichino & Empraded finish.
• Hibiscus pink Granite finish.
• Concrete with Floor Hardener at Warehouse Area.
• Hibiscus pink Granite for Main stairs.
• Light color Tetrazze for Service stairs.
• Standard Carpet sheets at prayer room.

B.2 Walls

•Jordanian Stone Cladding.

•Empradod Marble Cladding.
•Painted Cement Plaster.

Design Criteria Report


• Decorative Paint Gypsum Plaster.

• Rurl wood cladding /wall paneling
• Light color Ceramic Wall Tiles at wet areas.
• Demountable Partitions at open offices.
• Glass Partition at some offices.
• Painted Gypsum board on metal studs.
• Handrails and Guardrails shall be Brushed stainless steel finish.
• Toughened Glass Panel Balustrades.

B.3 Skirting

• Painted Hardwood.
• Bottichino Marble Finish.
• Vinyl to match carpet.

B.4 Ceiling

• Suspended Acoustic Tiles at office areas.

• Painted Gypsum board on metal suspension system.
• Metal Strip at Kitchen.
• Painted plaster on exposed lighting fixtures shall be taken into
consideration in selecting the ceiling types.

14 Doors and Windows.

1.3 A. Doors

• Veneered Solid Core doors.

• Painted Hollow Core doors.
• Veneered Hollow Core doors.
Design Criteria Report

1.5 Building Thermal & Moisture Protection

• Cavity Walls which consist of 100mm thick block, 50mm rigid

insulation with vapor retardant and 150mm thick block shall be used in
the external walls.
• Underground structures shall be completely waterproofed.

1.6 Toilet Fixtures

• All toilet fixtures and toilet accessories shall be in accordance to

the selection parameters and to interior designs and color schemes.

1.7 Kitchen/ Tea Rooms Equipments

• The selection of kitchen equipment for the different types shall be

studied to OWNERS satisfaction.

1.8 Electro Mechanical

• Close coordination between architectural and electro-mechanical

works shall take place throughout the whole project.
• The Selection of lighting fixtures A/C grills and diffuses,
drinking fountains, etc, dimensions, types, colors, locations of such
items shall be coordinated together with architectural elements to
achieve the desire project.