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Interviewee: 466311

30/CA/San Jose (permres)

Date: 11/23/21
Conductor: SamMN
Notes: JasonTX


Test: How long ago did you send in the app? several months ago yet got new creds to
join on the server
Transport: yes
Pol. Ideo.: traditional, conservative, racially aware. economically libertarian.
socially hard-rightwing
Drugs: no
Rel: protestant, no issues working with those of other religions.
Why join: has two kids, things are bad enough in the country, does not want his
kids growing up in a situation worse than this. survival of our culture and race.
leftwing propaganda bs is screwing us over. so much corruption in the system.
federal reserve, banking system, critical race theory, victimhood.
Skills: EMT-1 liscense, First Aid, Martial Arts (Jui Jitsu), hiking,
Manifesto: what resonated the most was how decadent the culture is today. morally
we accepted this baseline of "shit". doesn't want his kids to live in a "brownie,
socailist" state.

yes, he was a member of the california network around the election timeframe.

Gabriel CA, NW11

first time rejoining the org

first eval was similar to this

HenryCA, PaulCA, BradleyCA

was in the org 18 months, since mid 2019

Henry put him in charge of running the sparring sessions

Rocketchat and Mumble

for the nation against the state, QR code,

PaulCA, HenryCA, BradleyCA, CHarlesCA

offered a security contract at the same time when he couldn't get on the mumble
servers. it was dark for a week. had no choice but to leave 6 months for the
contract. recently returned, and put in the app.

participation was high, only real challenge were the logistics, lots of people
spread out

won't take another 6month contract overseas

left the miltary in 2014

wil maintain a constistent style of commitment

he needs to be here, the next 5-10 year period is crucial

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL NOTES FROM TYLER SD LOOK OVER BOTH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Notes from this last interview:

30/CA/San Jose
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Jason TX

Pending - Waiting for other members to vouch

Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?

A: Several monthes ago, missed email with login info, got in contact with PF guys
to re-send creds and got setup.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes.

Permanent Resident: Yes.

Political Ideology: Traditional, Conservative, but Racially Aware. Economically

liberitarian, otherwise very Right Wing.

Drug Abuse: No.

Religion: Prodestant, non-denomination. No issues working with activists of

differing beliefs.

Why Join: Has two kids, wants to help shape a better future for them.

Skills: has MT1 licences, expirience generally in first aid, used to compete in Ju-
Jitsu, now trains boxing on an amateur level; lots of expirience hiking from
military expirience (has been out of mil for a while).

Read Manifesto: Yes, what resonated most was description of decadence that our
culture is living in. Didn't think that all ideas were totally fleshed out because
"we're not there yet" because we "don't know what we don't know".

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Views current finacial system as especially hostile to us, CRT is next in line
as a major threat to our people. But not willing to push political views on other
people (so liberitarian socially as well).

Q2: Has interviewed in this process before, was part of CA network prior to
security contract overseas; lost contact due to tech issues. Formerly Gabriel CA.

Q3: First time rejoining org.

Q4: Remembers first time through the process as being similar to this, but did not
describe in-person part of the process. Henry CA was ND at the time, familiar with
other CA members. Was roughly member from mid-2019 to 2020 (around the time of the
election, said "about 18 months ago").

Q5: Describes meetups in org as follows: meeting up for boxing, physical training,
canvasing with flyers and sticker.

Q6: Says Rocketchat and mumble (but also says maybe jitsi as well) was used during
his time there.

Q7: Describes "America First", "Patriot Front", "QR Code" stickers.

Q8: Paul CA, Henry CA, Bradley CA, Charles CA, Scott CA are members he remembers
that could vouch for him.

Q9: Circumstances surrounding leaving was due to being unable to contact members
via Rocketchat, Mumble, even Telegram before leaving for security contract after
which he was unable to contact.

Q10: Had no issues with members previously, main issue was logistics as members in
CA were pretty spread out.

Q11: Does not plan on doing and more security contracts in the future. Again,
hasn't been in Military in 2014.

Q12: Agreed to maintain consistent contribution in the case he was re-accepted.

Would apply self even harder than before.


Remembered Scott CA after the interview.



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