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Kenzie Thompson

Principal Competencies and Skills for Principals Campus-Supervised Activities

Use this document to list your 38 principal competencies and skill area activities. Add more
rows to this table as needed. Post your completed list on your eportfolio/wiki.

Activity SBEC Activity Summary Resource Projected

Competency Person Date of
Leadership Skill # Completion

Mission and Standard I I will subscribe to technology

Vision Vision and related RSS feeds and evaluate
Campus Culture the current research available. I
Skill 1 will note the research that I
find that correlates with our
school mission post on campus
Strategic Standard I I will attend technology related
Planning Vision and professional development at
Campus Culture the school level. I will gain
Skill 2 information of school
facilities, technology
resources, and purchases.
Data Collection Standard I Use teacher technology
and Analysis Vision and assessment data to determine
Campus Culture what technology skills teachers
Skill 3 posses and what they would
like to focus on improving data
to determine what the campus
is weakest in and develop a
plan to increase skills
Effective Standard I Inform teachers of the legal
Communication Vision and and ethical practices through
Campus Culture professional development.
Skill 4
Negotiating/ Standard I Focusing on campus blog
Consensus Vision and project, I will include the steps
Building Campus Culture used in gaining consensus
Skill 5 from campus staff.
Collaborative Standard I Use collaborative decision
Decision Vision and making to lead grade level
Making Campus Culture team through new curriculum
Skill 6 adaption.
Kenzie Thompson

Analyzing the Standard II Modify and align the new

Curriculum Instruction and social studies TEKS into
Learning curriculum for 2011-2012
Skill 7 school year
School/ Standard II Implement technology safety
Program Instruction and and ethics program for
Scheduling Learning teachers and students.
Skill 8
Supervision of Standard II Conduct two observations in
Instruction/ Instruction and classrooms using technology.
Instructional Learning Use the clinical supervision
Strategies Skill 9 model (i.e., preconference,
observation, analysis, and post
conference) for observation.
Learning/ Standard II During vertical teaming,
Motivation Instruction and discuss different effective
Theory Learning motivation techniques used
Skill 10
Learning Standard II Continue to attend technology
Technology Instruction and related training sessions in
Learning order to learn new and better
Skill 11 ways to incorporate technology
safely and effectively in the
Evaluation of Standard II Collaborative development for
Student Instruction and 4 and 9 week assessments,
Achievement/ Learning created prior to instruction
Testing and Skill 12

Supervision of Standard II With permission I will help

Cocurricular Instruction and coordinate UIL activities and
Education Learning critique the learning
Skill 13 experience for students.
Staff Standard II Develop and implement a
Development/ Instruction and professional development
Adult Learning Learning model that ensures continual
Skill 14 growth in knowledge, skills,
and understanding of concepts
related to technology.
Change Process Standard II Use teacher technology
Instruction and assessment data to determine
Learning what technology skills teachers
Skill 15 posses and what they would
like to focus on improving data
to determine what the campus
is weakest in and develop a
Kenzie Thompson

plan to increase skills

Student Standard II Observe in student discipline

Discipline Instruction and process between principal and
Learning student.
Skill 16
Student Standard II Participate in an educational
Services Instruction and skills session with a counselor
Learning and a student.
Skill 17
General Office Standard III Inventory current
Administration/ Management administrative technology in
Technology and Operations use; collaborate with campus
Skill 18 technology director to create
recommendations for new
programs or services.
School Standard III Review the procedures for the
Operations/ Management school opening and closing of
Policy and Operations the school year. Observe or
Skill 19 take an active part in these
Facility and Standard III Meet with the head custodian
Maintenance Management to review job responsibilities
Administration/ and Operations and schedules of staff. Shadow
Safety and Skill 20 one custodian for one hour.
Security Write a brief report from the
meeting and observation.
Student Standard III Review incident and discipline
Transportation Management referrals occurring on the
and Operations buses. Review procedures and
Skill 21 make recommendations for
safer and more efficient bus
Food Services Standard III Interview and observe a food
Management service worker in the
and Operations preparation and delivery of
Skill 22 either a breakfast or lunch
Personnel Standard III Participate in an interview for
Procedures Management a professional position. Write a
and Operations critique of the interviewing
Skill 23 process.
Supervision of Standard III Participate in a budget
the Budget Management planning process for the 2011-
and Operations 2012 school year.
Skill 24
Kenzie Thompson

Community/ Standard IV Assist in the preparation of a

Public Relations Community written communication to be
Skill 25 sent out to the public.
Parent Standard IV Observe a meeting of the site-
Involvement Community based council. Assess the role
Skill 26 of parents in the process, and
provide any recommendations
for increasing the effectiveness
of their role.
Climate for Standard IV Meet with one or more
Cultural Community students of differing racial
Diversity Skill 27 groups to assess their concerns
and recommendations for a
positive culturally diverse
climate on campus.
Community/ Standard IV Compile a list of social
Business Community agencies in the community that
Involvement Skill 28 provide assistance to students,
and parents, and staff.

Position Goals Standard V Examine the job description,

and Ethics responsibilities, and evaluation
Requirements Skill 29 of our campus technology
Philosophy/ Standard V Conduct an interview with a
History of Ethics retired superintendent, and
Education Skill 30 focus on the oral history of the
community and school system.
Ethics Standard V Create a Multimedia
Ethics presentation on internet
Skill 31 copyright laws and ethics to
post on campus blog
Interpersonal Standard V Develop these interpersonal
Relationships Interpersonal skills:
Relationships • Promptly responds to
32 questions and concerns
• Avoids criticizing and
values diverse
• Accept criticism
• Attempts to resolve
conflicts constructively
School Board Standard VI Review the board policy
Policy and Political, Social, manual. Interview the
Procedures/ Legal, superintendent or assistant
State and Economic, and superintendent to discuss the
Kenzie Thompson

Federal Law Cultural compilation and updating

Context process of the manual and the
Skill 33 role of the board in this
Federal Standard VI Interview a professional
Programs Political, Social, responsible for the ESL
Administration Legal, program (Pam Polk). Discuss
Economic, and major requirements, concerns,
Cultural and goals for the program.
Skill 34
Issue and Standard VI Choose a current technology
Conflict Political, Social, issue at school campus. Find at
Resolution Legal, least two teachers on either
Economic, and side of the issue. Meet with the
Cultural chosen persons in a group or
Context individually to ascertain the
Skill 35 goals of the other side.
Develop a list of concerns that
each side has about the
opposing side. Devise a
resolution that helps both sides
achieve their goals and
addresses all concerns.
Current Issues Standard VI Use research literature and
Affecting Political, Social, perspectives from
Teaching and Legal, administrators, teachers,
Learning Economic, and students, and parents in
Cultural compiling a list of issues
Context effecting teaching and
Skill 36 learning. Assess the degree of
importance and urgency for
each issue.
Professional Standard VI Create a brief professional
Affiliations and Political, Social, development plan, including
Resources Legal, the ongoing development with
Economic, and membership and service to
Cultural pertinent organizations cited
Context on the NAESP or NASSP
Skill 37 websites
Professional Standard VI Compile a list of books,
Affiliations and Professional publications, training manuals,
Resources Library Skill 38 and district or state
publications used or
recommended for