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 Rodney  Sampson,  MBA Serial  Entrepreneur  |  Thought  Leader  |  Innovator

 Successful  serial  entrepreneur  and  global influencer,  Dr.  Rodney  Sampson,  is  partnering with  key  companies,  universities,  churches, ministries,  and  organizations  throughout  the world  to  host  one  day  entrepreneurial intensives.  These  intensives  combine  vetted  intelligence, proven  experience  and  viable  solutions  for business  start  up  and  growth,  capital  raising, sales  and  business  development  and marketing/advertising.

9:00  am  -­‐  9:45  am              The  case  for  entrepreneurship  and  innovation
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10:00    am  –  10:45  am Starting  a  business  the  right  way  the  first  time 11:00  am  –  11:45  am Raising  capital  to  grow  your  business 12:00  pm  –  12:45  pm Lunch 1:00  pm  –  1:45  pm Sales  and  business  development 2:00  pm  –  2:45  pm Marketing  and  advertising 3:00  pm  –  5:00  pm Q&A

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 Suggested  discount  pricing  of  $250.00  per person  includes:
Access  to  all  sessions Lunch Free  membership  to Digital  copies  of  Sampson’  Your  Manifest  Destiny:    7.5 Words  To  Transform  Your  Future,  blacks  and  their trillions  and  Yes  We  Will:  Solutions  For  Realizing  Your Personal  Power  ($199.99  value)  Access  to  business  ventures  presented  by  Dr.  Rodney Sampson    and  team  members
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*Regular  price  per  person  is  $999.99.    $250.00  is  the  discounted pricing  for  members  associated  with  participating  organizations. Revenue  share  of  50/50%.

About  Rodney  Sampson

A globally established economic innovator, business developer and advisor, Rodney S. Sampson is also a highly successful serial entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded Multicast Media Networks ( in 2000 (Sold in 2010), Intellect in 2002, Mobile Currency in 2006, Legacy Opportunity Funds in 2007, and his most recent venture, EFactor, in 2008. These ventures have created more than +125 jobs within 15 years. EFactor is currently the fastest growing online social networking utility for entrepreneurs and investors, worldwide; and to date, nearly 1 million entrepreneurs from 180 nations have joined in its ranks. Over the course of the last fifteen years, his clients on three continents have generated more than one billion dollars in revenue, by deftly employing his advisory, alternative revenue development and integrated marketing services. He is, in addition, regularly called upon to advise and speak to nations, businesses and bishops (who lead millions of constituents around the world). Sampson holds a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University, a M.B.A. from Keller Graduate School of Management and completed studies in the M.D. Program at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. Sampson is the author of Your Manifest Destiny: 7.5 Words to Transform Your Future, Yes We Will: Solutions for Realizing Your Personal Power, and Blacks & their Trillions: Introducing Symbiotic Economics. His next release, entitled: Kingonomics: Insights From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To Transform Your Business & Life, is scheduled for a January 2012 release on Ben Bella Books. The recipient of an honorary D. Min. from the I.G.F. Theological Seminary in 1998 and his consecration to Bishop of Economic Innovation in The International Bishops Conference, Sampson serves as a Board Member for numerous private sector and not-for-gain organizations. For his contributions to humanity in America and abroad, Sampson was awarded The Phoenix Award, the City of Atlanta's highest honor, in 2004. He resides with his wife, Shanterria, and their five children in Atlanta, Georgia. LinkedIn CV | Spiritual Version

 Personal  Native  of  Atlanta  (Southwest  Atlanta)  Married,  father  of  five Education  Frederick  Douglass  High  School  |  Atlanta,  GA  Tulane  University  |  New  Orleans,  LA  Penn  State  University  College  of  Medicine  |  Hershey,  PA  Keller  Graduate  School  of  Management  |  Atlanta,  GA Outstanding  Achievements  Honorary  Doctorate  of  Ministry  Tenacity  Award,  Atlanta  Business  Chronicle  City  of  Atlanta  Phoenix  Award  Appointment  and  Elevation  to  General  Overseer  in  8th  Largest  African  American  denomination  Consecration  under  Mandate  of  Old  Holy  Catholic  Church  in  International  Bishops  Conference  (Collegium  Episcopi)  Published  Author,  Your  Manifest  Destiny,  blacks  and  their  trillions,  Yes  We  Will:  Solutions  for  Realizing  Your  Personal  Power Business  Vetted  technology,  new  media,  finance  entrepreneur  and  innovator  Co  founder,  Multicast  Media  Networks  (,  2000  Founder,  Intellect,  2002  ::  Member,  Passion  of  The  Christ,  Chronicles  of  Narnia  and  Injoy  Marketing  and  Business  Development Teams;  Trade  &  Investment  Advisor  to  Presidents  of  Gabon  and  Uganda.  Managing  partner,  Legacy  Opportunity  Funds,  2008  Owner  and  partner,  EFactor,  2008  Executive  member  of  the  board,  OHM  Business  Development,  2008  Legacy  Opportunity  Investment  Fund  |  EDEN  |  C.H.R.I.S.T,  2010  Total  job  creation  ::  125+ Community  EQUIP  (Dr.  John  Maxwell),,  Kingdom  Manifestation,  Omega  Psi  Phi 

Commitment  to  Africa
 Namibia
 Trained  32,000+  thousand  leaders  on  behalf  of  Dr.

John  Maxwell’s  EQUIP,  2004-­‐2006

 Gabon

 Advised  His  Excellency  Omar  Bongo  Ondimba

(deceased),  on  US  relations,  2005-­‐2007

 Uganda

 Partnered  with  His  Excellency  Yoweri  Museveni  in

sustainable  trade  and  investment  opportunity,  2010  -­‐ current

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