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Excellence through Independence

For the quality improvement of your IT projects

The fully integrable solution for software Significant added value for all parties involved
development processes
The SQS-TEST®/Professional Suite supports the tasks of all parties involved
The SQS-TEST /Professional Suite is the solution for quality assurance
in the test: requirement manager (the specialist side), test manager,
in your software development projects – from test management to test test case creator (test designer), test executor and ultimately also the
design to test process automation. developers.

The suite is based on the test procedures of the SQS AG. They are refined As a valuable addition the SQS-TEST®/Professional Suite also provides
in an ongoing process for now more than 28 years with the experience numerous links to market-leading systems in the areas of requirement
from more than 5,000 customer projects. For a transparent and continuous management, defect management, but also process modeling and
software development process the SQS-TEST /Professional Suite offers
computer-aided software development.
you a fully integrable solution. The Suite supports your test processes and
minimizes your coordination effort.

Dashboard for monitoring across multiple tools

Test analysis/ Test execution/ Evaluating exit Release/

Requirements Test Planning
design logging criteria/reporting acceptance

Test Center for planning, control, specification and manual execution

Test Case Test Process

Integrations Specification Automation Integrations
for requirement
management tools
(TCS) (TPA) for defect
management tools
(e.g. DOORS) for systematic for automated (Jira, Mantis, Bugzilla)
test design test execution

The modules of the SQS-TEST®/Professional Suite in the test process

Test us – we accept any challenge!

We will be happy to provide you with a test version and show you how to optimize or set up your test process. A Professional Service Team of specialists
can quickly show you your improvement potential.

An overview of the advantages of the SQS-TEST®/Professional Suite

Test management n Compliance with specified standards Test automation

Intuitive useability through support
n High flexibility for the mapping of your n Simplification of the entire test
of a standardized approach and self-
processes environment management
explanatory templates.
Adaptation to your existing processes
n Test automation across distributed
n Optimal support of the testers
n Flexible control and efficient planning systems
Provision of an electronic script for test
Easy assignment and coordination of
execution in an unlimited number n Separation between functional
activities through freely designable
specification and technical automation
templates n Systematic test design with TCS
Identification of an optimized number n Applicable independently of a given test
n Consequent traceability of require-
of test cases for a high degree of test driver (capture replay)
ments up to test execution
n Interface independent
n Optimized test specification
n Evaluation of the data from different Existing systems can be integrated into
Separation of logical and concrete
systems the test environment, protecting your
test cases, re-use of test cases, data
Preparation in one Dashboard investments

n Quickly visible test coverage

Predefined filters for the determination
of test coverage


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