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studing materials like news papers. In this project we used different search engines. Methodology. Techniques: .Background. In university this is our first project we gather the data and information from different areas to present the appropriate picture of fast food industry. magzine and meet people know the basic concept.

Highlights As we mention our project is base on fast food industry all over the world its advantages and disadvantages on human health and coming future of fast food industry. Courteous Ending. First of all we are thank full to Allah then our ma’am who giving us the opportunity to making the project and polishing our unseen skills. .Using graphical or numerical to show value.


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• Introduction • History • Concept about Fast Food • Types of Fast Food • Advantages & Disadvantages of Fast Food • Companies doing Fast Food Business • Market Share of Fast Food Industry • Fast Food industry position on all over the world • Fast Food Industry in Pakistan .Content of Report.

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• Introduction
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Fast Food Industry: Employment Relations In Fast Food Industry: FAST FOOD CHAINS IN AMERICA:

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Fast food industry in Pakistan:

• How fast food industry is growing in Pakistan:

Fast Food Industry
Introduction The fast-food industry has been developing rapidly and has successfully penetrated majority of the markets globally, at the same time bringing about several significant changes in practices, work and employment relations. Fast-food restaurants are distinguished and characterized by their inexpensive food products prepared in a standardized method that is dispensed to their customers quickly and efficiently for takeaway or dine-in and are usually packaged without the provision of utensils. However, the rapid expansion and proliferation of the industry was not a smooth transition, instead, it has brought about several controversies and criticisms. Such growth and success has brought disadvantages to workers’ rights, wages and the conditions of work (Royal & Towers, 2002) as well as providing a greater insight on how work and employment relations should be better managed. In addition, it also brought to light that not all protocols, standards and practices of the fast-food Fast Food Industry Introduction The fast-food industry has been developing rapidly and has successfully penetrated majority of the markets globally, at the same time bringing about several significant changes in practices, work and employment relations. Fast-food restaurants are distinguished and characterized by their inexpensive food products prepared in a standardized method that is dispensed to their customers quickly and efficiently for takeaway or dine-in and are usually packaged without the provision of utensils. However, the rapid expansion and proliferation of the industry was not a smooth transition, instead, it has brought about several controversies and criticisms. Such growth and success has brought disadvantages to workers’ rights, wages and the conditions of work (Royal & Towers, 2002) as well as providing a greater insight on how work and employment relations should be better managed. In addition, it also brought to light that not all protocols, standards and practices of the fast-food Fast Food Industry Introduction The fast-food industry has been developing rapidly and has successfully penetrated majority of the markets globally, at the same time bringing about several significant changes in practices, work and employment relations. Fast-food restaurants are distinguished and characterized by

their inexpensive food products prepared in a standardized method that is dispensed to their customers quickly and efficiently for takeaway or dine-in and are usually packaged without the provision of utensils. However, the rapid expansion and proliferation of the industry was not a smooth transition, instead, it has brought about several controversies and criticisms. Such growth and success has brought disadvantages to workers’ rights, wages and the conditions of work (Royal & Towers, 2002) as well as providing a greater insight on how work and employment relations should be better managed. In addition, it also brought to light that not all protocols, standards and practices of the fast-food

Employment Relations in Fast Food Industry
Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between work and employment relations in the fast food industry in Singapore with work and employment relations in the fast food industries in Germany and the United States. How would you explain those similarities and differences between Singapore and the other two countries? Introduction The fast food industry, and McDonald’s in particular, have come to be regarded as emblematic of a new global culture (Lieder, 2002, pg 8). McDonald’s operates in almost the same way wherever its stores are located. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, emphasized that a standardized approach to food production and customer service is the key to commercial success (Love, 1995 p114). Some argue that McDonald’s is the reason there is a fast food industry (Love, 1995 p25-27). In Singapore, although McDonald’s was not the first American-styled fast food restaurant to establish operations, their arrival has paved the way in developing the

Fast Food Chains in America
TITLE: FAST FOOD CHAINS IN AMERICA OUTLINE: Introduction Suffering caused by fast food in America Fast food chains in America Solutions for ending suffering by Buddha

Part I – Europe. And country wise. This is not a scientific research and we don’t pretend to list every food in every country. KFC and the like.Conclusion None of us can avoid being interested in food. The noble eight-fold path is the path of living in awareness. most likely. Americans should have a right understanding of the food they eat. However. suffering starts at birth and so why should we suffer because of the food we eat? The suffering caused by fast food should be stopped by the eight fold path teaching of Buddha. It is then hardly surprising that food has become the focus of a wide range of ethical concerns. . fast food chains are not the only sources of this food and it can be found. According to Buddha. Today we would like to start a series of posts about the fast food around the world. United States probably would be the first country you would think of if asked about fast food. Modern fast food is associated with global chains of fast food restaurants like Burger King. The countries and foods are arranged in no particular order. So if you have something interesting to add or if we have made some mistakes. please do not hesitate to comment and share your thoughts. As rising obesity rates in America become a growing health concern. Americans are getting fatter and fatter Fast Food of the World. Our very existence depends on the supply of safe nutritious food. February 12th. in every country in the world. 2009 · 22 Comments Fast food is the food that can be prepared and served very quickly. correlation between obesity rates and fast food industry’s proliferation of society can no longer be ignored. McDonald’s.

hot dogs and a wide variety of other fast food staples. røde pølser. pizza. including Denmark’s very famous red sausages. These hot dog-like sausages are long. the “original” fast food outlet in Denmark. is the pølsevogn (sausage wagon). Another common quick food alternative. where one can cheaply eat a variety of different sausages. rectangular paper plate along with a side order of bread. They are traditionally served on a small.Denmark The most common quick food restaurant is the “burger bar” or “grill bar” which typically features hamburgers. thin and bright red. and a serving of .

mustard. Another variety is the French hot dog (Franks hotdog) which is a sausage stuffed into a special long roll.e.ketchup. When the sausage is served in a traditional hot dog bun. The bread is eaten alternately. rusted) and thin sliced pickles on top. after the requested accompaniment has been squirted in (ketchup. It is commonly served with remolded. different kinds of dressing). Rested onions are similar in taste to Frenchfried onion rings. ketchup. Netherlands . The roll has a hole in the end. onion (eithreraw or toasted. mustard. Danish remolded sauce and mustard. dipped into the sauce and eaten. The sausage is hand held. also dipped into the sauce. it is called a “hot dog”. in which the hot dog is slipped into. i.

and oolong: mayonnaise and peanut sauce (sometimes also with ketchup and chopped onions). and the crocket (deep fried meat ragout covered in breadcrumbs). called fried or potato. The most common sauce to accompany French fries is mayonnaise. The meat product is usually a deep fried snack. Sometimes the fries are served with combinations of sauces. . A Dutch fast-food meal often consists of a portion of French fries. peanut sauce or piccalilli. with ketchup and chopped onions. most famously special: mayonnaise. this includes the frikandel (a deep fried sausage).The Dutch have their own types of fast food. with a sauce and a meat product. while others can be ketchup or spiced ketchup.

by lifting the herring high in the air by its tail. and eating it upwards. Other regular fish snacks are kibbling (deep-fried nugget-sized chunks of cod). is often served with mustard as a snack in bars. This includes raw herring.A smaller version of the crocket. or on a bun. which is sold in markets and eaten. and roll mops. and Brabant worstenbrood. a sausage baked in bread. Austria . smoked eel. Regional snacks include eierbal (a combination of egg and ragout) in the North and East. the bitter BAL. Another kind of fast food is fish.

Austrian snacks centre on the ubiquitous Würstelstand. but you could also try a Currywurst. canned beer and occasionally burgers. soft drinks. Numerous varieties of Worst are available: Frankfurter. Bratwurst (fried sausage) or Burenwurst (boiled sausage) are the most common. a Käsekrainer. which sells hot sausage (Worst) as well as a few other things – usually French fries. or sausage stand. a sausage .

and curry powder. béarnaise or curry sauce. Another popular fast food is the Belgian waffle. To accompany your sausage. Stands serve them in a paper cone accompanied by mayonnaise. Stands in outdoor markets bake them with crunchy bits of pearl sugar in the batter. it resembles a hot dog. Bossier is made with white bread and is usually grilled briefly before serving. . mustard. or a Baser. which can be either scarf (hot) or suns (sweet). you usually get a roll (Semmel) and some mustard (Senf). and a blend of tomato ketchup.filled with blobs of molten cheese. onions. Belgium Fast food in Belgium means frites or French fries. consisting mainly of a sausage.

Poland . According to a saying ‘A Finn is never too full not to eat a bit more sausage’.Finland Sausage is the basic Finnish fast food.

served with French fries or mashed potatoes together with mustard and/or ketchup.Zapiekanki – somewhat similar to a pizza but much less salty – is a popular Polish fast-food composed of a long baguette. Germany . meaty toppings and cheese and then heated to melt the cheese. you can go to a hot-dog stand (korvkiosk). mayonnaise and additionally other toppings. There you can choose between fried and boiled hot dogs. Sweden If you want to try some typical Swedish fast-food. poured on top with ketchup. sprinkled with chopped mushrooms.


Bratwurst – fried sausage usually served with a half a slice of white bread. It’s the classic hot dog sausage. Normally well seasoned with paprika and salt. usually served with a half slice of bread or a roll. Buckhurst – the famous Frankfurter is an example of a Buckhurst and a firm favorite among snacks. . usually made from a mixture of minced beef and pork. Hähnchen – roasted chicken can often be found at take-away stands as “Halbes Haunches”. Literally hundreds of types are available but all basically are pork and beef (turkey is also getting popular) boiled in brine. Frikadellen can also be found under the name Bulletin and is sometimes served with Nudelsalat (pasta salad) or Krautsalat (a kind of coleslaw without mayonnaise). garlic and other spices. red cabbage. Pommes – this is French fries. Bratwurst I’m Broche is the same as Bratwurst served in a crispy bread roll. lamb or chicken in crisp Pitta bread and topped with onions. Currywurst – is a Bratwurst which has been sliced up in a special machine with a dollop of curry ketchup ladled over it. It is similar to the shwarma.The typical German “Ibises” or “Schnellimbiss” is a fast-food shop. Germans eat this dish with a side of French fries. Frikadelle – a kind of home-made hamburger or rissole. stand or trailer. Traditionally. tomato slices and a sauce made from yoghurt. Donor Kebab – brought to Germany by the Turkish immigrants. Thin slices of grilled veal.

More money is spent on French fries than on higher education. Almost everywhere you look you’ll see a familiar sign symbolizing our fast food nation. It consists of deep-fried fish (traditionally cod or haddock) in batter or breadcrumbs with deep-fried chipped potatoes. personal computers. easy and satisfying. How fast food industry is growing in Pakistan. Fast food is mainly targeted to children. as customers are not only eating. your local shopping center. Fast food restaurants are now making “value” meals for children that are increased in portion sizes. eating out definitely is part of our fast paced lifestyle. airports. Today. off the side of interstates. You find them on the corners of streets. it is no wonder less time is spent. children are also fond of going to the fast food restaurants for celebrating their memorable occasions like birthdays. gas stations. Another popular fast food is fish and chips which was originated in the United Kingdom.United Kingdom A peculiarly British form of fast food is the sandwich. they are enjoying the environment not adults. schools. Today. which in turn make them believe that fast food is quick. not just a special treat as it was in years past. . and even in hospitals. malls. results and even get together parties. The high fat foods taste good to these youngsters. or new cars! Looking at how our society has become faster paced. fast food has become a fashion.


as they have done for generations. chargrilled meat sticks known locally as "brochettes" (not to be confused with the bread snack of the same name found in Europe). where the customers sit down and have their food orders brought to them.unique variations are historical in various cultures. Typical interior of an Automat. roadside stands in and around the larger cities continue to sell. . created a sensation. In the French-speaking nations of West Africa. and standardized foodstuffs are shipped to each restaurant from central locations. Many fast-food restaurants are part of restaurant chains or franchise operations. or reheated to order. Panipuri and Dahi Vada. East Asian cultures feature noodle shops. small individually-owned fast-food restaurants have become common throughout the world. but their "Automat" at Broadway and 13th Street. History Although fast-food restaurants are often viewed as a representation of a day by day family outing.Ancient Roman cities had bread-and-olive stands. are also considered fast food. The Automat was a cafeteria with its prepared foods behind small glass windows and coin-operated slots.The modern history of fast-food in America began on July 7. There are also simpler fast-food outlets.a range of ready-to-eat. which may or may not provide shelter or chairs for customers. the concept of "ready-cooked food to go" is as old as cities themselves. 1912 with the opening of a fast food restaurant called the Automat in New York.Fast food history Fast food is food cooked in bulk and in advance and kept warm. such as stands or kiosks. Bhelpuri. Flat bread and falafel are ubiquitous in the Middle East. Restaurants such as Culver's and Noodles. Papri Chaat. at the height of their popularity. This one was built in New York in 1930. Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart had already opened an Automat in Philadelphia. in New York City. Because the capital requirements to start a fast-food restaurant are relatively small. meanwhile. Popular Indian "fast" food delicacies include Vada pav. particularly in areas with non-existent or poorly enforced health codes.

eventually buying the McDonalds' operation outright in 1961 with the goal of making cheap. McDonald's. As a result. without waiting for customer orders. . Kroc thought he could expand their concept. Kroc was the mastermind behind the rise of McDonald's as a national chain. The McDonalds' stand was the milkshake machine company's biggest customer and a milkshake salesman named Ray Kroc travelled to California to discover the secret to their high-volume burger-and-shake operation. Mexican-style food like tacos and burritos. hamburgers cost 15 cents. Their streamlined production method. with their slogan "Less work for Mother". Illinois. ready-to-go hamburgers. The American company White Castle is generally credited with opening the second fast-food outlet in Wichita. "Where White Tower (one of the original fast food restaurants) had tied hamburgers to public tran. have also become staples of fast food culture. which they named the "Speedee Service System" was influenced by the production line innovations of Henry Ford. After discovering that most of their profits came from hamburgers.Numerous Automat restaurants were quickly built around the country to deal with the demand. Kroc envisioned making his restaurants appeal to families of suburbs. and CocaCola. selling hamburgers for five cents apiece.[1] Among its innovations. as well as pizza.. A clean atmosphere was only part of Kroc's grander plan which separated McDonald's from the rest of the competition and attributes to their great success. french fries. Kroc also added great swaths of glass which enabled the customer to view the food preparation. The company also popularized the notion of "take-out" food. french fries and milkshakes a nationwide business. about half the price at a typical diner. In recent decades. shakes. and could serve them immediately. coffee." was founded as a barbecue drive-in in 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald. they were able to produce hamburgers and fries constantly. outlet by hosing down the garbage cans and scrapping gum off the cement. The first part of his plan was to promote cleanliness in his restaurants. This was very important to the American public which became quite germ conscious. the largest fast-food chain in the world and the brand most associated with the term "fast food.. served in disposable paper wrapping. the brothers closed their restaurant for three months and reopened it in 1948 as a walk-up stand offering a simple menu of hamburgers. White Castle was successful from its inception and spawned numerous competitors. Kansas in 1921. Kroc often took part at his own Des Plaines. the company allowed customers to see the food being prepared. White Castle later added five holes to each beef patty to increase its surface area and speed cooking times. Automats remained extremely popular throughout the 1920's and 1930's.

Jesse G.17) Even the rest of the United States was catching on to this “drive-in fever”. For teenagers. to work at his uncle’s factory. the founder of an early drive-in restaurant chain named “Pig Stand” in Texas.late night food. people did not want to have to get out of their cars to eat and Carl’s business flourished. Because this was during the time that automobiles were so popular. Within five months after Carl bought the cart. California. He was a farm boy who grew up in Ohio. People could come to church on Sunday morning and watch the service on the big movie screen while being able to order and eat at the same time. Like most Americans. It was considered really cool to go to a drive-in restaurant for a burger or hot dog. Carl wanted to go into business for himself and purchased a hot dog cart and began his “curb service” of selling hot dogs on the street to customers as they drove up in their cars. California. he was able to buy a second one and continue the dream. he wanted “the American Dream” -. he was opening a drive-in restaurant called “Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque”. founded by Reverend Robert Schuller. work hard. Schuller’s slogan was “Worship as you are…in the family car. In 1939.Fast Food industrial History One of the great pioneers of the fast food industry was a man named Carl Karcher. girls and cool cars. Kirby. especially for guys -. Waitresses known as “carhops” usually dressed very attractively delivered the food to each car. this new way of eating in your car was becoming the biggest thing ever. stated “People with cars are so lazy they don’t want to get out of them to eat!” (Schlosser. Only it was a seasonal thing for many states due to the cold weather in the winter. At this same point in time. Before long. he moved to Anaheim. this was the place to be. This whole idea of eating in your car even extended to a Drive-In Church in Anaheim. but at the age of 24. be prosperous and have a great life.” .

hamburgers and pizzas French the But these two European dishes did or make the burgers food treatment until after not get the fast or get the drinks.’s. the man who began with one hot dog cart. Burger King. Kentucky Friend Chicken (KFC) and so on. opened his own fast food chain too.It was during this time that two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald left their home in New Hampshire seeking jobs in southern California. There was no longer a need for short-order cooks as each employee hired only had to learn Fast food means big business. Dunkin’ Donuts. fast . The term "fast food" was recognized in a dictionary by Merriam-Webster in 1951. typically the term refers System is sold in a Boys – The McDonald’s to food Selfrestaurant or store which is rapidlyService!” (Schlosser. known as Carl Jr. in 1948.20) prepared and served to the customer in a When and where was fast food started? packaged form for take out/take away. They advertised the benefits of Fast food is the term given to many items that can be prepared and served their system as “Imagine – No Carhops – quickly. so at the end of the 1940’s. withone specific task. California. brothers and it revolutionized the restaurant business. Food the world's first fast food restaurant Richard and Maurice McDonald opened was made with a “Speedee Service System” designed by the McDonald in San Bernadino. Then they went home and built imitation restaurants of The Hamburger: their own. They even decided that they were tired of replacing glassware. The number of new restaurants was countless.e. i. entrepreneurs from all over the country went to the new McDonald’s in California to see how the restaurant operated. etc. Wendy’s OldFashioned Hamburgers. The When and where was fast food started? McDonald brothers grew tired of having to When and where was fast food started? hire new carhops and short-order cooks all the time. one that did not require any dishes. p.System” that the McDonald Because of this “Speedee Service Brothers created. Because of the dreams that men like Carl Karcher and the McDonald Brothers had about being in business for themselves and starting their own restaurants. California. they fired everyone. silverware or glasses. for example. make theleadingfries way. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be No Waitresses – No Dishwashers – No Bus fast food. Even Carl Karcher. Everything switched over to paper and plastic. calling it “McDonald’s Famous Hamburgers”. First they tried opening a theater but it was not a success. in Pasadena. Then they caught on to the new craze of eating at drive-in restaurants and opened one in 1939. Taco Bell. dishes and silverware so they closed the restaurant and re-opened with a “new” McDonald’s. such as TV dinners.

they replaced all the crockery and glassware with disposable cups. Some chains. Then. most importantly (so far as the concept of fast food is concerned). they dispensed with waitresses. like Carl's Jr. hot dogs were popularized at the same fair. and America's first pizzeria opened in New York the following year. leaving customers to come to the counter to order and collect their food. Restaurateurs wanted to take advantage of the rising popularity of cars. plates and bags.Kroc is now the owner of McDonald’s and he made the restaurant known not only within the United States but also all over the World's Fair in 1 904. bus boys and carhops. they decided to try something new: they simplified the menu so that there was nothing that required a knife. so they designed restaurants that let people order and eat without leaving their vehicles. KFC and Jack in the Box. but it was to be nearly half a century before the McDonald brothers introduced their Speedee Service System. and. marking the beginning of the fast food phenomenon that has since spread from North America across the world. and several fast-food chains that exist today opened soon after. . existed before the Speedee Service System. and Wendy's opened in 1969. The fast food phenomenon evolved from drive-in restaurants built in southern California in the early 1940s. The stage was being set for the advent of fast food. in 1948.. spoon or fork. they divided the food preparation tasks into a production line. Burger King and Taco Bell got their start in the 1950s. but modified their cooking techniques after its debut. The McDonald brothers opened their redesigned restaurant in 1948.

. fries. and Dave Thomas founded Wendy's Old-Fashioned Hamburger Restaurant in Columbus. By 1953. Kansas. and the result was so successful that a host of other fast food restaurants soon followed: Keith G. They called it the Speedee Service System. the two brothers who created the first McDonald's restaurant in 1948 in San Bernardino. However. cofounder of Burger Queen. fast-food really didn't become common in America until after World War II. and people liked the cheap hamburgers. said later that: 'Our food was exactly the same as McDonald's. which started it all.McDonald's. so they designed a simple menu in a small building without any tables. If I had looked at McDonald's and saw someone flipping hamburgers while he was hanging by his feet. ate at McDonald's. Kramer flew to California. I would have copied it. Matthew Burns. They wanted their restaurant to be more efficient and Fast Food History in America Most people think the McDonald brothers of California started the fast-food craze in America. Ohio. and two franchises opened in Downey. and colas he offered. Arizona. but in reality. California and Phoenix.' image source : metroactive. so people took their food and ate in their cars. The McDonald Brothers The real heroes of fast food history in America are Richard and Maurice McDonald. in 1969. California. then flew home to Florida where he founded Burger King (as Insta-Burger-King) in 1953 with his father-in-law. George Clark. the brothers had decided to franchise their idea. and had leisure time and more money to spend on eating out. J. it was the White Castle hamburger chain that actually started fast food history in America. is now the world's largest fast-food chain. when Americans first began to fall in love with their cars. Walter Anderson opened the first White Castle in 1916 in Wichita.

and more people decided they liked dining in their cars. and that history has made millionaires out of many of the people who first stated the fast food concept. and just about any type of food imaginable are now available for take-out at fast-food chains across the globe. Keith Cramer started an operation in Florida that would turn into Burger King. Domino's and Dairy Queen. a blender salesman. and eventually he bought out the brothers and became the owner of the corporation. Ohio. More Newcomers As fast food caught on.. All of these operations based their business at least loosely on the McDonald's operation and then modified it to work with their specialty foods. and have spread American culture right along with them. California. pizza. where the first restaurant opened in 1962. and by 1960 it had spread out of California into other areas.Copycats As the McDonald's became more successful. Troy Smith opened the first SONIC Drive-In in 1954 in Shawnee. Massachusetts in 1950. like Carl's Jr. There are many more popular chains. was so impressed with McDonald's that he asked the brothers if he could sell their franchises. In fact. more fast food shops sprang up around the country. Kroc was the driving force behind the food chain's fantastic growth throughout America in the late 50s and early 60s. Illinois in 1954. Wendy's was created by Dave Thomas in Columbus. and Ray Kroc. Dunkin' Donuts first opened in Quincy. Oklahoma. and the first Taco Bell opened in 1962 in Downey. indicating that fast food isn't always about hamburgers. Arby's. Jack-in-the-Box began in San Diego. Fast food history in America is really the foundation of fast food as we know it today. Chinese food. Today's History Today. . others began to take notice and copy their example to make their own fast food history in America. He opened his own McDonald's in Des Plaines. fast food chains have spread all around the world. California in 1951.

Some of these fast food restaurants are: • KFC .Chapter no 3: Types of fast food: • BURGERS • SOFT DRINKS • FRENCH-FRIES FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS Millions of different fast food restaurants open daily through out the world. These restaurants offer their costumers different meals with a low price and a short period of time.

Each brand of burger have its own cooking instructions microwave in the package. pan fry in a little oil. microwave out of the package. All burgers are easily prepared and they are made with soy protein and these burgers look more like hamburgers. burgers and hot dogs. eggs. tomato. and a grilled flavor. They often have a chewy texture. Most burgers are made-up of a piece of bread with a slice of meat. . and/or pop in the toaster. a brown color.• McDonalds • Hardees • Pizza Hut TYPES OF FAST FOOD: BURGERS: i. cheese.

sweetened beverages also known as soda or soda pop. seven-up. an addictive drug that may harm the people health . soft drinks contain caffeine. Coca-Cola are just a few example of soft drinks . Pepsi.SOFT DRINKS: Any drink that is not hard liquor can be referred to as a 'soft drink.Almost all soft drinks contain a lot of sugar and few of minerals. 'soft drink' refers to carbonated. Also.

FROZEN FRENCH FRIES: French Fries is a known product for almost all people. For example. Although Fleming Companies sold the fries to supermarkets. most are eaten in fast food restaurants. Their are many kinds of French fries. The coating on the fries makes it crunchy and adds flavor. batter-coated French fries are a fresh vegetable . .


[5][6] newer and remodeled restaurants will have the new logo and name while older stores will continue to use the 1980s signage. termed a concept [2] of Yum! Brands since 1997 when that company was spun off from PepsiCo as Tricon Global Restaurants Inc.000 (2007)[1] Parent Yum! Brands Website KFC. poutine[3]. KFC also offers a line of grilled and roasted chicken products. and "Colonel Sanders" or "The Colonel" is a metonym for the company itself. The company adopted KFC. packaging and advertisements in the U.S. VP for Marketing Products Fried chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken. side dishes and desserts. Kentucky) Founded 1952 (franchise) (South Salt Lake. grilled chicken. he remains an important part of the company's branding and advertisements. . for its signage.[citation needed] The company was founded as Kentucky Fried Chicken by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952. the company began using its original name. though the idea of KFC's fried chicken actually goes back to 1930. wraps. salads and sandwiches. Kentucky. U. is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville. Outside the USA. KFC offers beef based products such as hamburgers or kebabs. in 1991. Roger Eaton. Yum! continues to use the abbreviated name freely in its advertising. Although Sanders died in 1980. Additionally. COO James O'Reilly. KFC primarily sells chicken pieces. Kentucky. KFC has been a brand and operating segment. pork based products such as ribs and other regional fare. President Key people Harvey R.S. Utah) Founder(s) Harland Sanders Headquarters Louisville. related Southern foods Revenue $520. an abbreviated form of its name. founded and also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. in the United States. as part of a new corporate rebranding KFC Corporation (KFC).3 million USD (2007)[1] Employees 24. While its primary focus is fried chicken.Type Industry Genre Wholly owned subsidiary Fast food Southern fried chicken 1930 (original) (North Corbin. Brownlea.[4] Starting in April 2007.

The sign. Utah. known locally as the Big Chicken. equal to $14. Chuck and Shake. It is often used as a travel reference point in the Atlanta area by locals and pilots. KFC hired a consultant to develop a breakfast menu. Also. This store is notable for a 56-foot (17 m) tall sign that looks like a chicken. resulting in a greatly reduced cooking time comparable to that of deep frying.[13] Additionally. Sanders' chicken concept.[11] By the early 1960s. Colonel Sanders' nephew. as opposed to the KFC chain. The following year Sanders expanded his restaurant to 142 seats. In 1939. which in turn was spun off in 1997. they opened the first "Kentucky Fried Chicken" outlet in 1952.[14] .464 today. to sell his chicken to restaurant owners.[9] In 1940 Sanders devised what came to be known as his Original Recipe. One of the longest-lived franchisees of the older Col. the chain has been sold three more times: to Heublein in 1971. The dining area was named Sanders Court & Café and was so successful that in 1935 Kentucky Governor Ruby Laffoon granted Sanders the title of honorary Kentucky Colonel in recognition of his contribution to the state's cuisine.161. Sanders sold the entire KFC franchising operation in 1964 for $2 million USD. The first to take him up on the offer was Pete Harman in South Salt Lake. took his own Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises (and a chicken recipe of his own) and converted them to his own "spinoff" restaurant chain. and added a motel he bought across the street. the last of which closed in 2004. was the Kenny Kings chain. Kentucky. Reynolds in 1982 and most recently to PepsiCo in 1986. and has now been renamed to Yum! Brands. Today.S. together. some of the older KFC restaurants have become famous in their own right. which took about 30 minutes to do. so when the route planned in the 1950s for what would become Interstate 75 bypassed Corbin. was built for an earlier fast-food restaurant on the site called Johnny Reb's Chick. KFC started test in Austin. which made it part of its Tricon Global Restaurants division. Lee Cummings.[8] When Sanders prepared his chicken in his original restaurant in North Corbin. Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken. he prepared the chicken in an iron skillet. One such restaurant is located in Marietta. Sanders altered the cooking process for his fried chicken to use a pressure fryer. Indiana.[12] Since that time. Georgia.Born and raised in Henryville. often those headed to Florida. he sold his properties and traveled the U. The company owned many Northern Ohio diner-style restaurants. Texas restaurants of "Wing Works" chicken wing line sold with one of a few flavored sauces.J. In 2001. too long for a restaurant operation. Kentucky Fried Chicken was sold in over 600 franchised outlets in both the United States and Canada. Sanders passed through several professions in his lifetime.[10] The Sanders Court & Café generally served travelers.[7] Sanders first served his fried chicken in 1930 in the midst of the Great Depression at a gas station he owned in North Corbin. to R.

[17] On September 9. the paper has yellowed and the handwriting is now faint.[20] One of the two executives said that no one had come close to guessing the contents of the secret recipe. black pepper and monosodium glutamate (MSG). 2009. the one complete copy was temporarily moved to an undisclosed location under extremely tight security while KFC revamped the security at its headquarters.The secret recipe The Colonel's secret flavor recipe of 11 herbs and spices that creates the famous "finger lickin' good" chicken remains a trade secret. outfit . in the years since Sanders sold the chain. I had the greatest gravy in the world and those sons of bitches-. Several of Poundstone's contacts also provided samples of the seasoning mix. writer William Poundstone examined the recipe in his book Big Secrets. Reportedly.[19] In 1983. handwritten copy of the recipe is kept in a vault in corporate headquarters. He concluded that it was entirely possible that. computerized vault[21] guarded by motion detectors and security cameras..they dragged it out and extended it and watered it down that I'm so goddamn mad![24][25] Ron Douglas. and starting the cooking at a higher temperature (about 400 °F (200 °C)) for the first minute or so and then lowering it to 250 °F (120 °C) for the remainder of the cooking time.[23][24][25] Following his buyout in 1964. Only two unnamed executives had access to the recipe at any one time.. is written in pencil on a single sheet of notebook paper and signed by Sanders. and advertised in college newspapers for present or former employees willing to share their knowledge.[19] It was locked in a filing cabinet with two separate combination locks. saying: That friggin' . Before the move... also claims to have figured out KFC's secret recipe. 2008. and the only complete. author of the book America's Most Wanted Recipes. and a food lab found that it consisted solely of sugar. They prostituted every goddamn thing I had. the secret recipe returned to KFC's Louisville headquarters in a more secure. flour. KFC disclosed[18] that the recipe. He reviewed Sanders' patent application.[26] Products Packaging . Colonel Sanders himself expressed anger at such changes. On February 9.[22] From the former he deduced that Sanders had diverged from other common fried-chicken recipes by varying the amount of oil used with the amount of chicken being cooked. The cabinet also included vials of each of the 11 herbs and spices used.[15][16] Portions of the secret spice mix are made at different locations in the United States. which includes exact amounts of each component. salt. later owners had begun skimping on the recipe to save costs. and added that the actual recipe would include some surprises..

including several types of barbecue sauces and buffalo sauce. nuggets and popcorn chicken. It features marinated breasts. Several pies have been made available from KFC. wings. sandwiches are referred to as "burgers". The Pot Pie is a savory pie made with chicken. His reasoning behind using the paper packaging was that it helped keep the chicken crispy by wicking away excess moisture. The other chicken offering. extra crispy. Thomas was also responsible for the creation of the famous rotating bucket sign that came to be used at most KFC locations in the US. which include a slice of cheese and a hash brown. Australia and New Zealand. Thomas was originally a franchisee of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken and operated several outlets in the Columbus. Ohio area. These products can be ordered plain or with various sauces. o KFC considers its Double Down product a sandwich in spite of containing no bread. The regular sandwiches are served on either a sesame seed or corn dusted roll and are made from either whole breast fillets (fried or roasted). KFC has two lines of sandwiches: its "regular" chicken sandwiches and its Snackers line. calories. KFC's primary product is pressure-fried pieces of chicken made with the original recipe. Kentucky Grilled Chicken – This marinated grilled chicken is targeted towards health-conscious customers. In the UK. and sodium than the Original Recipe fried chicken.The famous paper bucket that KFC uses for its larger sized orders of chicken and has come to signify the company was originally created by Wendy's restaurants founder Dave Thomas. and wings that are coated with seasonings before being grilled. gravy and vegetables. The Snackers line are value priced items that consist of chicken strips and various toppings.[28] Introduced in April 2009. In . drumsticks. They also offer potato wedges. It has less fat. Both of these are available as "tower" variants. is made using a garlic marinade and double dipping the chicken in flour before deep frying in a standard industrial kitchen type machine. there is the chicken fillet burger (a chicken breast fillet coated in an original-recipe coating with salad garnish and mayonnaise) and a Zinger Burger (as with the former but with a spicier coating and salsa). A variety of smaller finger food products are available at KFC including chicken strips. chopped chicken in a sauce or fried chicken strips.[27] Menu items Chicken • • • • • KFC's specialty is fried chicken served in various forms. thighs.

and is the fifth KFC menu item in the Snacker category.balls of mashed potato cooked in original recipe batter [38] . In Europe. tomato. KFC began offering the Fish Snacker sandwich during Lent in 2006. corn. consisting of chicken strips with salsa. In the U. The KFC Twister is a wrap that consists of either chicken strips or roasted chicken. pepper mayonnaise and other ingredients. it is layered with mashed potatoes or rice. UK: adds only salsa to pepper mayonnaise).. and cheese. the Twister is sold in two varieties: 1) the Grilled Twister (chicken strips). The Fish Snacker consists of a rectangular patty of Alaskan Pollock on a small bun. KFC may sell hamburgers. Kentucky Barbecued Chicken – barbecued chicken dipped in the original recipe Wrapstar is a variant of the KFC Twister.• • • • • the second quarter of 2006. salad. and is served with a biscuit. gravy.[32][33][34] KFC Fillers are a 9 in (23 cm) sub. Served in a plastic bowl.[35][36] Other products Coleslaw • • In some international locations. Shish kebab – in several markets KFC sells kebabs. lettuce and (pepper) mayonnaise wrapped in a tortilla. The bowl had been available at KFC's special test market store in Louisville since the third quarter of 2005.[37] Some international locations also may sell KFC 'Mashies' .S. popcorn chicken. cheese.[29][30][31] and 2) the Grilled Mexican twister/Spicy Toasted Twister (UK) (chicken breast supplemented by tortilla chips and salsa. available in four varieties over the summer period in Australia. pork ribs or fish. contained in a compressed tortilla. KFC introduced its variation on Shepherd's pie called the Famous Bowl.

tomato. Krushers. Sides • Other than fried chicken. many KFC restaurants serve side dishes like coleslaw. Instead of whole and half birds. baked beans. available in Australia. 2 former KFC/A&W Restaurants locations in Berlin and Cologne. french fries and mashed potatoes with gravy). These are drinks containing "real bits". macaroni and cheese. The only remnant from the former A&W menu are the Chili Cheese Fries which were added to the systemwide KFC Germany menu. and a healthier mindset of the general public avoiding fried food. various potato-based items (including potato wedges [formerly known as Kentucky Fries]. Parfait desserts – "Little Bucket Parfaits" in varieties such as Fudge Brownie. it was sold as a whole roaster or a half bird. Germany had reverted to KFConly locations and the third location in Garbsen (by Hannover) was closed in 2005. bacon and pineapple can be added upon request. Chili Cheese Fries[39] – By 2007. Lemon Crème and Strawberry Shortcake are available at most locations in the US. Discontinued products • • The Colonel's Rotisserie Gold – This product was introduced in the 1990s as a response to the Boston Market chain's roasted chicken products. They include "classic krushers". biscuits. Barbecue sauce can also replace/join the mayonnaise. Sanders recipe. Purportedly made from a "lost" Col. steamed vegetables and corn on the cob. The Boneless Banquet Zinger Burger – A regular sized burger which regularly consists of a boneless fillet of hot and spicy chicken. rice. Cheese.• • • • • • • Three types of salads (which can be topped with roasted or fried chicken) are available at KFC: Caesar. . house. and BLT salads (in the US). macaroni salad. "smoothie krushers" and "fruit krushers". South Africa. lettuce and mayonnaise in a burger bun.[40] Sara Lee Desserts – Available in either Cookies and Cream Cheesecake or Choc Caramel Mousse.[41] Tender Roast Chicken – This product was an offshoot of "The Colonel's Rotisserie Gold". Selected outlets are now equipped with "Krushbars" to serve these drinks. India and New Zealand. Chocolate Crème (once called the Colonel's Little Fudge Bucket).

can get the artificial trans fat out of its frying oil." CSPI executive director Michael Jacobson said in a statement. The chicken was dipped in chipotle sauce then doubled breaded and fried. No reason has been given for their discontinuation.[43] Extra Tasty Crispy (ETC) – Chicken much like the Extra Crispy served today. similar to White Castle's mini chicken sandwich. with the aim of making it use other types of oils or make sure customers know about trans fat content immediately before they buy food.[44] Advertising .S. CSPI announced that it would immediately drop its lawsuit against KFC and was hopeful that this would create a ripple effect on other restaurants or fast food chains that prepare food rich in trans fat. KFC announced that it would begin frying its chicken in trans fat-free oil. It is still sold in Australia. anyone can. and mashed potatoes would still contain trans fat. This oil contains relatively high levels of trans fat. For a time. KFC started marketing the chicken just as "Extra Crispy" without the marinade. customers could request chicken "original". Kentucky Nuggets were a chicken nugget product available at KFC from December 1984 until 1996. "If KFC. Nutritional value KFC formerly used partially hydrogenated oil in its fried foods. which increases the risk of heart disease. however. 2007. the known ingredients were garlic and chicken stock. This would also apply to their potato wedges and other fried foods. It has been discontinued since August 2008. by April 30. In October 2006.S. It was a small chicken patty with mayonnaise on a small roll.• • • • customers were given quarter roasted chicken pieces. Smokey Chipotle – Introduced in April 2008. which deep-fries almost everything. during the late 1980s and early 1990s.[citation needed] and KFC confesses to no longer use trans-fats in their chicken. macaroni and cheese. In the summer of 2007. Trans fat-free soybean oil was introduced in all KFC restaurants in the U. There is some speculation that the marinade may have been made with trans-fats. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) filed a court case against KFC. or "Tender Roast". Chicken Little sandwich – a value oriented sandwich that sold for US$0. the biscuits. except ETC was prepared using chicken that had been soaking for 15 minutes in a special marinade machine. "Extra Tasty Crispy".39[42] in the U.

KFC was an associate sponsor for Junior Johnson's NASCAR Winston Cup Series cars. and Terry Labonte. KFC called on Will Vinton Studios to produce a series of humorous. The bucket as product placement can be seen in the hands of both Annette Funicello and Dwayne Hickman in 1965's How to Stuff a Wild Bikini. as well as an appearance in 1968 on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. KFC itself was featured in 1980's Superman II. In 1997. Early television advertisements for KFC regularly featured Sanders licking his fingers and talking to the viewer about his secret recipe.KFC's logo used from 1997 until November 2006 Despite his death in 1980.[46] TV ads also featured Foghorn Leghorn advising Henery Hawk to visit the restaurant for better chicken. Neil Bonnett. with such drivers as Darrell Waltrip. These most often featured a cartoon-like chicken illustrating the poor food quality of competing food chains. A 1982 episode of Little House on the Prairie titled "Wave of the Future" featured a character presumed to be Col. claymation ads." Throughout the mid 1980s.[45] which was later included on Barry Manilow Live as part of "A Very Strange Medley. The Party. mentioning prolonged freezing and other negative aspects. Before he became a platinum-selling pop star in the 1970s. KFC briefly re-entered the NASCAR Winston Cup Series as sponsor of the #26 Darrell Waltrip Motorsports Chevrolet with driver Rich Bickle at the Brickyard 400. but his character was credited as "Bearded Man" for legal reasons. Barry Manilow sang the commercial jingle "Get a Bucket of Chicken". In the 1980s. Sanders remains a key symbol of the company in its advertising and branding. . Sanders offering Harriet Oleson a fried chicken franchise (perhaps a subliminal advertisement for KFC). The Colonel made appearances as himself in Jerry Lewis's The Big Mouth (1967). and by the 1960s both the Colonel and the chain's striped bucket had become well-known. Herschell Gordon Lewis' Blast-Off Girls (1967) and Al Adamson's Hell's Bloody Devils (1970). This sub plot was an anacrhonism as Sanders had not yet been born at the time the episode was set (the late 19th century). and was also featured prominently in the 1968 Peter Sellers vehicle.

" The logo was built from 65.[47][48] KFC says "It marked the official debut of a massive global re-image campaign that will contemporize 14. and knocking on the TV screen as he spoke to the viewer about the product. In 2006. Nevada at 37°38′46″N 115°45′03″W37.7507°W. A KFC Take-Away Trailer located in Sargodha. KFC ads began featuring an animated version of "the Colonel" voiced by Randy Quaid with a lively and enthusiastic attitude. It also features a modified version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" as the theme song for practically all its commercials. and it took six days on site to construct in early November. KFC claimed to have made the first logo visible from outer space. Long John Silver's. Many KFC locations are co-located with one or more of Yum! Brands restaurants. or A&W Restaurants. the stylized likeness of Colonel Sanders as the KFC logo had been modified.000-plus KFC restaurants in over 80 countries over the next few years. Pizza Hut. Nevada. The logo was placed in the Mojave Desert near Rachel. Taco Bell. singing. Still using a humorous slant. though Readymix has had one since 1965. a few miles from the eastern border of Area 51. the current KFC campaign revolves mostly around customers enjoying the food. offering a single menu with food items from both restaurants. though the restaurant actually hails from Kentucky. He would often start out saying "The Colonel here!" and moved across the screen with a cane in hand.[50] The resurrected Kentucky Fried Chicken logo .6460°N 115.[49] It is located in the northern section of Rachel. Pakistan The animated Colonel is uncommon today.A co-branded Long John Silver's and KFC By the late 1990s. Many of these locations behave like a single restaurant.000 one-foot-square tiles. The Colonel was often shown dancing.

in the Yorkshire Dales. Heublein Inc. Yum! signed a naming rights deal with the Louisville Arena Authority for Louisville's new downtown arena. KFC (Great Britain) requested that Tan Hill Inn. and said that their supply of soy is grown in parts of Brazil.One of KFC's latest advertisements is a commercial advertising its "wicked crunch box meal". because the supply of soy used for chicken food that KFC receives from Cargill has been traced back to the European KFC. Inc. suggesting that all black people eat fried chicken. The parent company denied the illegal operation. UK refrain from using the term 'Family Feast' to describe its Christmas menu. [52][53] Also in 2010. North Yorkshire. to avoid contributing to the destruction of the Amazon. the lead singer then swallows fire. Though KFC stated that it was "misinterpreted by a segment of people in the US". The ad sparked a debate over racism in the ad.[58] . In 2010. but West Indies cricket supporters (the West Indies cricket team was playing a Test cricket series against the Australian cricket team at the time of the ad). as well as some restaurant signage.[51] the ad was later pulled from TV. over the alleged misuse of his image in promoting products he had not helped develop.[56] In May 2007.[57] although this problem was quickly resolved with the pub being allowed to continue use of the term. several Australian commentators have expressed the opinion that the ad is not racist. Fried chicken was eaten by black slaves[citation needed] because it was cheap and easy to make. an advertisement was shown in Australia showing an Australian cricket fan giving West Indies fans KFC chicken to keep them quiet. non-acronymic Kentucky Fried Chicken name was resurrected and began to reappear on company marketing literature and food packaging.[54] Greenpeace has called on KFC to stop purchasing soy from Cargill. Cargill has reportedly been exporting soy illegally for several years.. which opened on October 10 of that year as the KFC Yum! Cent Environmental concerns KFC in the US has been accused by Greenpeace of a large destruction of the Amazon Rainforest. However. In 1975. Sanders sued Heublein Inc.[54] The Greenpeace organization researched the issue and brought it to the attention of the parent company YUM! Brands. In 2007. The commercial features a fictional black metal band called "Hellvetica" performing live. unsuccessfully sued Sanders for libel after he publicly referred to their gravy as "sludge" with a "wallpaper taste".[54][55] Trademark disputes In 1971. because this is not a racial stereotype in Australia and the cricket fans in the ad are not African American. the original. KFC's parent company at the time. The commercial then shows the lead singer at a KFC eating the "wicked crunch box meal" and saying "Oh man that is hot".

13 an hour. offered no wage increase in contract negotiations.Wages and working condition.[59] In March 2006. Balmoral KFC workers and allies picketing the store In New Zealand. Restaurant Brands agreed to phase out youth rates in New Zealand.[citation needed] Animal rights . the franchise holder. KFC youth workers earn NZ$10. and as a result many non-franchise stores in western Canada pay higher than minimum wage. Staff at the Balmoral. 2005 after Restaurant Brands. although no date was set. Many stores in western Canada are unionized with the Canadian Auto Workers. Auckland store went on strike for two hours on December 3.

[64] PETA has criticised some of the practices of chicken breeders. and thrown against walls contradict KFC’s claims. only one third of the beak should be trimmed "measured from the tip towards the entrance of the nostrils". ripped apart.[65] PETA states that they have held more than 12. including favoring suppliers who use controlled-atmosphere killing (CAK) of chickens. were fined record amounts in 2009 for having unhygienic food preparation areas. PETA has called off its campaign against KFC Canada. and Pilgrim's Pride. and then they touted to the press that they had this animal-welfare advisory committee. but KFC says its suppliers meets UK legal requirements. and say that in circumstances where beak trimming needs to be carried out to prevent the birds injuring each other. that KFC "never had any meetings. Food and Rural Affairs recommends a maximum stocking density of 34 kg—around 30 chickens— per square metre.[67] Hygiene •In February 2007.[63] Several PETA undercover investigations and videos of these and other KFC suppliers purporting to show chickens being beaten. They were charged with 11 breaches of food hygiene laws. led by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). claiming a mouse was seen running across the floor and flies buzzed around their heads at the premises.[70] . and that these suppliers are routinely monitored for animal welfare violations. and other welfare standards as well as introducing a vegan sandwich at 65% of its outlets. but continues to demonstrate against KFC elsewhere in the world. as well as disseminated on the internet via sites such as YouTube.[66] In June 2008. a KFC outlet in Leicester Square. I felt like I was being used.000 demonstrations at KFC outlets since 2003 because of this alleged mistreatment of chickens by KFC suppliers. have been protesting KFC’s treatment of the animals used for its products. The Department for Environment. KFC Canada agreed to PETA's demands for better welfare standards. said in an SEC filing reported on by the Chicago Times. They never asked any advice. London was charged with 13 food hygiene charges by officials from Westminster Council.[69] •In 2009. Tyson Foods. The KFC stores had been repeat offenders. animal rights and welfare organizations. These groups claim that the recommendations of the KFC Animal Welfare Advisory Council have been ignored. and had ignored previous warnings to keep their restaurants clean. Australia."[61][62] KFC responded by saying the chickens used in its products are bought from suppliers like Perdue Farms. a KFC/Taco Bell outlet in New York City was found to be rat infested.[68] •Two KFC outlets in Sydney. A video showing the rats running wild inside the restaurant was shown on television news bulletins around the world. as well as evidence of vermin.[60] Adele Douglass. Michigan Since 2003. Inspectors found layers of grease and dirt. a former member of the council.Protesters demonstrating outside a KFC restaurant in Royal Oak. such as beak trimming and overcrowding.

S. McDonald's Corporation founder. Illinois. and serving cooked chicken pieces to customers. Illinois Richard and Maurice McDonald McDonald's restaurant concept. U.•A court case in August 2010 revealed poor hygiene at a KFC outlet in the suburb of Villawood in Sydney. KFC denied the girl's illness was caused by its food. April 15. 1940 in San Bernardino. 1955 in Des Plaines.000+ worldwide[1] Worldwide . Ray Kroc. and indulge in food fights using french fries and chicken pieces. California. McDonald's Corporation. which she says left her with brain damage and quadriplegia. Oak Brook. claiming she caught salmonellosis after eating a Twister at the store. Australia. KFC staff admitted to the court that they would drop cooked chicken pieces on the floor.[7 • MCDONALDS McDonald's Type Traded as Industry Founded Founder(s) Headquarters Number of locations Area served Public NYSE: MCD Dow Jones Industrial Average Component Restaurants May 15. An 11-year-old girl launched legal action against the KFC outlet. 32. The court was told that staff did not wash their hands between handling raw chicken blood.

000 (January 2010)[2] McDonalds. the company has modified its menu to include alternatives considered healthier such as salads. wraps and fruit. and desserts. was a major investor in the Chipotle Mexican Grill until This box: view · talk · edit McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD) is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.8 billion. chicken products.075 billion (2010)[2] 400. McDonald’s Corporation held a minority interest in Pret A Manger until 2008.Key people Products Revenue Employees Website James A.[5] A McDonald's restaurant is operated by either a franchisee. french fries. . McDonald's revenues grew 27% over the three years ending in 2007 to $22. and 9% growth in operating income to $3. Skinner (Chairman & CEO) Fast food (hamburgers • chicken • french fries • soft drinks • coffee • milkshakes • salads • desserts • breakfast) US$ 24. cheeseburgers. shakes. In response to obesity trends in Western nations and in the face of criticism over the healthiness of its products. serving more than 58 million customers daily. History McDonald's Logo used from 1968 to 2003. or the corporation itself. soft drinks. royalties and fees paid by the franchisees. breakfast items. as well as sales in company-operated restaurants.9 billion.[6] McDonald's primarily sells hamburgers. an affiliate. The corporation's revenues come from the rent.[3] In addition to its signature restaurant chain. It still exists at some restaurants.[4] and owned the restaurant chain Boston Market until 2007.

McDonald's first filed for a U. Australia. Japan. The overlapping double arched "M" symbol logo was temporarily disfavored by September 6.S." Speedee was eventually replaced with Ronald McDonald by 1967 when the company first filed a U. when a trademark was filed for a single arch. California. Costa Rica. Germany. trademark on the name McDonald's on May 4. Their introduction of the "Speedee Service System" in 1948 established the principles of the modern fast-food restaurant. in order of openings. the company filed a logo trademark on an overlapping. The famous double arched "M" symbol in use today did not appear until November 18. Main article: History of McDonald's The business began in 1940. double arched "M" symbol. 1961. the former mascot of McDonald's before his replacement by Ronald McDonald. . Panama. The original mascot of McDonald's was a man with a chef's hat on top of a hamburger shaped head whose name was "Speedee. The first McDonald's restaurants opened in the United States.S. trademark on a clown shaped man having puffed out costume legs. In the same year. Concept version of Ronald McDonald. when the company filed a U. trademark. shaped over many of the early McDonald's restaurants in the early years. 1961."Speedee". 1968. on September 13. with the description "Drive-In Restaurant Services. France. Canada.S. the Netherlands. El Salvador and Sweden." which continues to be renewed through the end of December 2009. with a restaurant opened by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino. 1962.

The McDonald brothers and Kroc feuded over control of the business.[8] Kroc was also noted for aggressive business practices.5 million people. Corporate overview Facts and figures McDonald's boasts its service to "99 billion customers". The company owned a majority stake in Chipotle Mexican Grill until October . in Des Plaines. The site of the McDonald brothers' original restaurant is now a monument. corporate ethics and consumer responsibility. Kroc later purchased the McDonald brothers' equity in the company and led its worldwide expansion. Its prominence has also made it a frequent topic of public debates about obesity.[3] McDonald's operates over 31. Focusing on its core brand. compelling the McDonald brothers to leave the fast food industry.[10] The company also operates other restaurant brands. employing more than 1. on April 15. and the company became listed on the public stock markets in 1965.[7] the ninth McDonald's restaurant overall. the company has become a symbol of globalization and the spread of the American way of life.The present corporation dates its founding to the opening of a franchised restaurant by Ray Kroc.[9] With the expansion of McDonald's into many international markets.000 restaurants worldwide. McDonald's began divesting itself of other chains it had acquired during the 1990s. Illinois. McDonald's restaurants are found in 119 countries[10] and territories around the world and serve 58 million customers each day. as documented in both Kroc's autobiography and in the McDonald brothers' autobiography. 1955. such as Piles Café.

There are also a few locations.[14] In some countries. To accommodate the current trend for high quality coffee and the popularity of coffee shops in general.[11][12] Until December 2003. though the latter two steps are frequently combined. In Tasmania. starting with Melbourne in 1993. it was first introduced in Arizona in 1975. Some locations are connected to gas stations/convenience stores. After upgrading to the new McCafé look and feel. As of the end of 2003 there were over 600 McCafés worldwide. Pay and Drive.[15] In Victoria. The first such restaurant in Britain opened at Fallowfield.[16] while others called McExpress have limited seating and/or menu or may be located in a shopping mall. British Columbia. and picking up orders. McDonald's introduced McCafé. Manchester in 1986. located mostly in downtown districts." a 1950s rock-androll–themed restaurant. 2007. following the lead of other fast-food chains. such as the "Solid Gold McDonald's. Auto-Mac. it also owned Donatos Pizza. often has separate stations for placing. Other McDonald's are located in Wal-Mart stores.2006. or "McDrive" as it is known in many countries. Specially themed restaurants also exist.[17] Playgrounds . a café-style accompaniment to McDonald's restaurants in the style of Starbucks. locations in high-density city neighborhoods often omit drive-through service. "McDrive" locations near highways offer no counter service or seating. that offer Walk-Thru service in place of Drive-Thru. some Australian stores have noticed up to a 60% increase in sales. McCafé is a concept created by McDonald's Australia. Drive-Thru. McDonald's sold Boston Market to Sun Capital Partners. there is also a McDonald's with a 24carat (100%) gold chandelier and similar light fixtures. there are McCafés in every store. On August 27. with the rest of the states quickly following suit. Today. with indoor and sometimes outdoor seating. most McDonald's in Australia have McCafés located within the existing McDonald's restaurant.[13] Types of restaurants Most standalone McDonald's restaurants offer both counter service and drive-through service. McStop is a location targeted at truckers and travelers which may have services found at truck stops. In contrast. paying for. when McDonald's fully divested from Chipotle through a stock exchange.

The first PlayPlace with the familiar crawl-tube design with ball pits and slides was introduced in 1987 in the USA.McDonald's in Panorama City.near Birmingham. UK. gold and grey livery. Redesign The Mc Donnald's restaurant in Dudley Town. Some PlayPlace playgrounds have been renovated into "R Gym" areas. California designed for family-friendly image Some McDonald's in suburban areas and certain cities feature large indoor or outdoor playgrounds. McDonald's in Darlington. the first major redesign since the 1970s. It is in the old red. during 2002.[18][19] . This is an example of the new look of McDonald's in Europe. McDonald's introduced its "Forever Young" brand by redesigning all of their restaurants. with many more being constructed soon after. In 2006.

McDonald's may also collect rent. Approximately 15% of McDonald's restaurants are owned and operated by McDonald's Corporation directly. which may also be calculated on the basis of sales. The McDonald's Corporation's business model is slightly different from that of most other fast-food chains. with the majority under the ownership of the company. the restaurants have less plastic and more brick and wood. instead organizing the supply of food and materials to restaurants through approved third party logistics operators. a franchiser of restaurants.S. To warm up their look. and location. and olive and sage green were also added. the franchisee does not own the location of its restaurants. (According to a news piece on Fox News this . country. The design includes the traditional McDonald's yellow and red colors. Contemporary art or framed photographs hang on the walls. McDonald's trains its franchisees and others at Hamburger University in Oak Brook. age. which vary by contract. Business model McDonald's Corporation earns revenue as an investor in properties. McDonald's restaurants are operated by joint ventures of McDonald's Corporation and other. It is still in white paint outside and blue/grey/brown inside as it was since 2002. Illinois. As a condition of many franchise agreements. the Corporation may own or lease the properties on which McDonald's franchises are located. nearly one in eight workers in the U. if not all cases. In most. and an operator of restaurants. with modern hanging lights to produce a softer glow. The remainder are operated by others through a variety of franchise agreements and joint ventures. have at some time been employed by McDonald's. but the red is muted to terra cotta. According to Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser (2001). The UK business model is different. which are calculated as a percentage of sales. McDonald's does not make direct sales of food or materials to franchisees.The McDonald's restaurant in Banbury's Bridge Street in 2010. In addition to ordinary franchise fees and marketing fees. As a matter of policy. the yellow was turned golden for a more "sunny" look. In other countries. local entities or governments. in that fewer than 30% of restaurants are franchised.

Eric Schlosser's book Fast Food Nation included criticism of the business practices of McDonald's. The book also brought into question McDonald's advertisement techniques in which it targets children. McDonald's is often the target of criticism for its menu.S. McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys. its expansion. potatoes. and. The selection of meats McDonald's uses varies with the culture of the host country.[27] It has been alleged that the use of popular toys encourages children to eat more McDonald's food.'" Merriam-Webster responded that "we stand by the accuracy and appropriateness of our definition."[25] In 1999.[23] The term was defined as "a low-paying job that requires little skill and provides little opportunity for advancement"..figure is one in ten. including a rise in obesity. and labor record.[29] . Shareholder dividends McDonald's has increased shareholder dividends for 25 consecutive years.[21][22] Controversies As a prominent example of the rapid globalization of the American fast food industry. French anti-globalisation activist José Bové vandalized a half-built McDonald's to protest against the introduction of fast food in the region. is an example of this criticism. when they contained beef broth. which it includes with kids meals. activists from a small group known as London Greenpeace (no connection to the international group Greenpeace) distributed leaflets entitled What's wrong with McDonald's?.[28] In 2002. largely Hindu and Buddhist. and stated that "a more appropriate definition of a 'McJob' might be 'teaches responsibility. also known as McDonald's Restaurants v Morris & Steel. and its business practices. Despite the objections of McDonald's. While the book did mention other fast-food chains. it focused primarily on McDonald's. pork. when two of the activists refused to back down. vegetarian groups. denounced the definition as a "slap in the face" to all restaurant employees.[20] making it one of the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats. thereby contributing to many children's health problems. the term "McJob" was added to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary in 2003. Jim Cantalupo. The corporation wrote to the group demanding they desist and apologize.[24] In an open letter to Merriam-Webster. In 1990. sued them for libel in one of the longest cases in British civil law. A documentary film of the McLibel Trial has been shown in several countries.[26] In 2001. and apples. Among the critiques were allegations that McDonald's (along with other companies within the fast food industry) uses its political influence to increase its profits at the expense of people's health and the social conditions of its workers. successfully sued McDonald's for misrepresenting their French fries as vegetarian. health. former CEO of McDonald's. as well as the single largest purchaser of beef.) The book also states that McDonald's is the largest private operator of playgrounds in the U. criticizing its environmental. The McLibel Trial.

is complicit in these activities. and that the company was failing to provide nutritional information about its food for its customers. Six weeks after the film premiered. unskilled work with few prospects or benefits and little security.[32] Both CAK and "controlled atmosphere stunning" (CAS) are commonly used in Europe. first attested in the mid-1980s[36] and later popularized by Canadian novelist Douglas Coupland in his book Generation X. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). but soya farmers are guilty of further crimes including slavery and the invasion of indigenous peoples’ lands. McDonald's announced that it was eliminating the super size option. Greenpeace alleges that not only is soya destroying the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. continues to pressure McDonald's to change its animal welfare standards.[35] (The word McJob.A midget PETA activist dressed as a chicken argues with a manager of the Times Square McDonald's over the company's animal welfare standards.[31] PETA argues that using gas to kill the birds (a method called "controlled atmosphere killing: or CAK) is less cruel. in particular the method their suppliers use of slaughtering chickens. The soya that is fed to McDonald’s chickens is supplied by agricultural giant Cargill and comes directly from Brazil. .[34] Arguments in defense In response to public pressure.[30] Most processors in the United States shackle fully conscious birds upside down and run them through an electrically charged water tub before slitting their throats. as a client of Cargill's. The allegation is that McDonald's.) McDonald's disputes the idea. and was creating the adult happy meal. McDonald's has sought to include more healthy choices in its menu and has introduced a new slogan to its recruitment posters: "Not bad for a McJob". [33] Morgan Spurlock's 2004 documentary film Super Size Me said that McDonald's food was contributing to the epidemic of obesity in society. has become a buzz word for low-paid. In 2007.

[37] McDonald's announced on May 22. In a bid to tap into growing consumer interest in the provenance of food. it would switch to using cooking oil for its french fries that contains no trans fats. waste from the restaurants were collected by Veolia Environmental Services and used to produce energy at a power plant."[40] Environmental record In April 2008.S. UK chief executive Steve Easterbrook said: "British consumers are increasingly interested in the quality. milk supplies used for its hot drinks and milkshakes have been switched to organic sources which could account for 5% of the UK's organic milk output. in Europe. McDonald's coffee is now brewed from beans taken from stocks that have been certified by the Rainforest Alliance. McDonald's has been recycling vegetable grease by converting it to fuel for their diesel trucks. causing other recycled plastics to become unsaleable. Building on past efforts. 2008 that.[44] McDonald's reports that they are committed towards environmental leadership by effectively managing electric energy. will prevent this plan from becoming a national standard anytime soon.[38][39] With regard to acquiring chickens from suppliers who use CAK or CAS methods of slaughter.S. McDonald's plans to expand this project. a conservation group. McDonald's has been using a corn-based bioplastic to produce containers for some of their products. the plastics can contaminate waste streams. sourcing and ethics of the food and drink they buy".S. McDonald's opened a prototype restaurant in Chicago in 2009 with the intention of using the model in its other restaurants throughout the world.[43] The U. although the lack of biomass power plants in the U.[45] In an effort to reduce energy usage by 25% in its restaurants. Also. the fast-food chain recently[when?] switched its supplier of both coffee beans and milk. and by addressing water management issues within the restaurant. The results show that this type of plastic does not break down in landfills as efficiently as other conventional plastics. by conserving natural resources through recycling and reusing materials. McDonald's says they need to see more research "to help determine whether any CAS system in current use is optimal from an animal welfare perspective. a Guardian study shows otherwise. In this trial. [41] In addition. Although industries who use this product claim a carbon savings of 30% to 80%. pies and cookies. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized McDonald's continuous effort to reduce solid waste by designing more efficient packaging and by promoting the use of recycledcontent materials. McDonald's announced that 11 of its Sheffield restaurants have been using a biomass trial that had cut its waste and carbon footprint by half in the area.[42] Furthermore. Similarly. The extra energy it takes to recycle this plastic results in a higher output of greenhouse gases. in the U.the company launched an advertising campaign with the slogan "Would you like a career with that?" on Irish television. specifically a restaurant it opened in Sweden in . and Canada. outlining that their jobs have many prospects. and canola-based oil with corn and soy oils by year's end for its baked items.

however. McDonald's lost in an appeal to Malaysia's highest court. In a McDonald's American Idol figurine promotion. 2009. The company. today. which was featured on the . McDonald’s eliminated the need for intermediate containers for cola by having a delivery system that pumps syrup directly from the delivery truck into storage containers. allowing a 46% reduction.[50] Legal cases Main article: McDonald's legal cases McDonald's has been involved in a number of lawsuits and other legal cases. labor and health records. as well as the increased usage of bulk packaging ultimately decreased packaging by 24 million pounds annually. The company has threatened many food businesses with legal action unless they drop the Mc or Mac from their trading name. had asserted that all claims in the pamphlet were untrue. saving two million pounds of packaging annually. most of which involved trademark disputes.[53] Possibly the most infamous legal case involving McDonald's was the 1994 decision in The McDonald's Coffee Case where Stella Liebeck suffered third-degree burns after spilling a fresh cup of McDonald's coffee on herself. an “average meal” in the 1970s—a Big Mac.000. Embarrassingly for the company. For example. weight reductions in packaging and products. the judge found that some claims in the pamphlet were untrue and therefore libellous. the figurine that represents "New Wave Nigel" wears something that closely resembles Devo’s Energy Dome. This is thought to be one of the largest fines imposed on a company for breaking laws relating to child working conditions (R v 2002 EWCA Crim 1094). In one noteworthy case. In 2001 the company was fined £12.[48] In addition.2000 that was the first to intentionally incorporate green ideas. using skylights for more natural lighting and installing some partitions and tabletops made from recycled goods. McDonald's sued a Scottish café owner called McDonald. the Federal Court.[49] Overall. it began to make substantial progress towards source reductions efforts. several of the specific allegations were upheld.[52] McDonald's has defended itself in several cases involving workers' rights. fries. McDonald's Malaysian operations lost a lawsuit to prevent another restaurant calling itself McCurry. it requires only 25 grams. essentially obliging the judge to publicly rule on each one. and a drink—required 46 grams of packaging.[46] When McDonald’s received criticism for its environmental policies in the 1970s. After the longest trial in UK legal history. McDonald's sued two activists for distributing pamphlets attacking its environmental. McDonald's pleaded guilty to five charges relating to the employment of children under 15 in one of its outlets and was fined AU$8.[51] It has also filed numerous defamation suits. On September 8.[47] For instance.400 by British magistrates for illegally employing and over-working child labor in one of its London restaurants. in the McLibel case. Western Australia. November 21. even though the business in question dated back over a century (Sheriff Court Glasgow and Strathkelvin. McDonald's designed the Chicago site to save energy by incorporating old and new ideas such as managing storm water. In April 2007 in Perth. 1952).

French's album cover.[54] Products A McDonald's Big Mac combo meal served with French fries and Coca-Cola." Devo copyrighted and trademarked the Energy Dome and is taking legal action against McDonald's. This local deviation from the standard menu is a characteristic for which the chain is particularly known. various types of chicken sandwiches and products. Freedom of Choice. and one which is employed either to abide by regional food taboos (such as the religious prohibition of beef consumption in India) or to make available foods with which the regional market is more familiar (such as the sale of McRice in Indonesia). it also plays a tune that appears to be an altered version of Devo's song "Doctor Detroit. Headquarters McDonald's Plaza. Main article: McDonald's products See also: McDonald's products (international) McDonald's predominantly sells hamburgers. In most markets. breakfast items. soft drinks. wraps and other localized fare. and desserts. Portugal is the only country with McDonald's restaurants serving soup. McDonald's offers salads and vegetarian items. In addition to the figurine's image. the headquarters of McDonald's .

Illinois. Nonetheless. radio. sponsors sporting events ranging from Little League to the Olympic Games. . At times. and newspaper).The McDonald's headquarters complex. it has run into trouble with its campaigns.[56] Advertising Main article: McDonald's advertising McDonald's has for decades maintained an extensive advertising campaign. television has always played a central role in the company's advertising strategy. is located in Oak Brook. as well as a few other slogans for select countries and regions. the company makes significant use of billboards and signage. and makes coolers of orange drink with their logo available for local events of all kinds. McDonald's has used 23 different slogans in United States advertising[citation needed]. To date. In addition to the usual media (television. McDonald's Plaza. It sits on the site of the former headquarters and stabling area of Paul Butler. the founder of Oak Brook.[55] McDonald's moved into the Oak Brook facility from an office within the Chicago Loop in 1971.

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