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“We must become the

The Role of a Counselor

change we want to see in

the world.”
“Free the child’s potential, and you will
The professional school counselor is a posi-

tion that takes integrity , knowledge , high

~ Gandhi transform him into the world”
moral character, and the ability to make
~ Maria Montessori
sound decisions. The Profession school

counselor promotes academic success in all

students while providing emotional, and Counseling

academic support in order to promote inde- Center
pendent personalities in students to
Kimberley Gunz
become successful citizens. Lamar University

Professional School Counseling Kim Gunz

Professional School Counselor
Wylie Elementary
Counseling Advocacy Counseling Mission
School Counseling Mission is to provide a

At Wylie elementary, we promote the aca- program that promotes academic success
for all students. The counseling also pro- tes for Familie
demic success of all students. The counsel- Helpful W ebsi /)
ne : (www.par
vides social and emotional support for stu- The Parent Zo ng in the home
ing program is dedicated not only promote
r pa re nt st o promote learni
Activities fo
Academics but also develop social and emo- dents and their families while giving them
and parenting /channels/
the skills knowledge to become productive s fo r K id s: (
tional stability in each student. The coun- Website what
parents to know
ki ds ) Th is website helps
seling program is dedicated to ensure the citizens in life. ecoinf o/
fe for kids and
websites are sa
development in all students. m en t: (h ttp ://
Parent Engage hers par-
The counseling program is also a sup- Mission Statement parents/ininvo
lv em en t/) Th is website teac
in the schools.
come involved
port system for the families of each student ents how to be
ill s fo r ki ds : (www.copings
At Wylie Elementary we believe in aca- Coping Sk brain works whi
by providing resources and assistance to
an d ki ds ca n learn hoe the
promote strong families in the community. skills.
demic success for all students while learning coping /…/…/chs
el ing Si te s: (www.colstrip.k
The counseling program is dedicated to Couns ofes-
) This is fro pr
serve as advocate for each student . guiding each student tin becoming thec ou ns el or sa pa
ing websites.
sional Counsel
productive successful citizens.

American School Counseling Association (2005). The ASCA National Model: A Framework For School Counseling Pro-
gram. Second Edition. Alexandria, V.A: Author.