“The Love Manual”

I dedicate this book to all my dear female friends, most of whom came on the scene during 2003 and subsequent years. To all of you who came by and visited me, you have no idea how your presence and conversation helped me because in talking (even if counseling or just giving friendly advice), you were helping me to be who I am and to do what I love doing and incarnated to do. Thank you to all who graced me with warm and beautiful female presence, whether in person or by telephone! Again, thank you! I would like to give thanks to the following women whom I have been graced, privileged, and blessed to meet, know, and to befriend, including but not limited to: Danyelle Harris, Ana Gonzalez (Kira Akasha), Kiana Beam, Gennifer Anderson, Barbara (Jaz) Harris, Brandy Norwood, Romaine Reese, Tekisha Lorick, Mariam George, Etirsa Coon, Akua Auset, Paris Chatman, Katerina Hajkova, Denika Laurie, RAIN (Keke Mene), Aundria Rogers, Tanjareen Martin, Cathy Simpson, Nadia Haddad, Gail White, Ruthie Grant (Parthenia Onasis), Melia Ford, Esther Futrell, Rena Joy, Melinda Loo, Patricia Bankins, Paula Miranda, Dorothy Lockhart, Tonya Johnson, Mother Zatari, Khalida Outlaw, Kiki Haynes, Carla Lewis, Buashie, Gabriel Valenzuela, Brenda McFarlane, Rae Stevens, Maryam Kazemi, Ca-Trece Massey, Aida Rodriguez, Jamie Owa, Cynthia Sessions, Latoya Donaldson, Barbara Ashley, Kelly Dillon, Amy Peterson, Raina Lee, Karimah Amari, Allison Ball, Ana Sage, Stephanie Spruil, Janine Jackson, Belinda Chambers, Monique Taylor, Coki Tai, Gina Thomas, Shawntell Muhammad, Kim Hill, Hethir Rodriguez, Tanya Dorsey, Ifeayni C, Gwen Meno, Irene Regalado, Halima Chancellor, Loreal Muhammad, Judy Stewart, Lisa Nevins, Nicole Parker-Kodjo, Kimani Siraj, Vanessa L. Williams, Katerina, Lacenya Terrell, Keya Merah, Lisa Marcos, Rhona Bennett, Melanie Bean, Miriam Benzicron, Pany Taylor, Riann Lawrence, Sharone Blades, Tonya Bowers, Shaunte Lockhart, T.T. Torrez, Coki Tai, Sister Yuki, Cathy Hughes, Michelle Woods, Dr. Virginia Eve Allen, Frankie Jordan, et al. Special thanks to Tracy Freeman, Angela Womack, LaDauna Sanders, Meisha Atkinson-Sherman, and Jeannine Grant, all my minor but helpful soul mates whom I’m eternally grateful for the lessons you all helped me to

learn and experience from and to prepare for my ultimate and major soul mate. Extra special thanks and much love and respect to my wife, life partner, and ultimate soul mate Andrea, my (biological) daughter Layla Iman, my beloved mother Bonnie Cooper (RIP), and my beloved paternal grandmother, Bertha Cooper (RIP). It was my baby girl (Layla) who taught me so much about love. She was the first soul whom I witnessed unconditional love from. Her birth changed my life forever. Our love for one another was so pure and unconditional. There’s a special connection to Layla because coming up I was the outsider, especially astrologically-speaking because my mother and older brother were both Aries and my father and my fraternal twin siblings, Michelle and Michael, were all Libras and I was the lone Taurus. But when Layla incarnated on May 16, 1999 at 8:16 p.m., I was no longer alone, astrological-wise. I now had a daughter who was the same sign as her father. Because we are both Taurus, I really understand her ways and nature. She’s so much like me but in a female vessel. It’s really cool to have a child the same sign as you. My other daughter, Azarea, is not my biological child but she too is teaching me so much about love, tenderness, and compassion. Azarea is a beautiful and sweet little girl with her own unique personality. She resonates pure love! I dedicate this book to you all!

Table of Contents Preface Freeing Yourself From Sexual Guilt Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places Personality is the Only thing that Attracts Love You Can Have the Love You Desire If You Feel Worthy of Receiving It Accept Your Body, Accept Yourself The Greatest Love of All To Receive Love You Must Give Love Love and the Law of Attraction Understanding and Overcoming Abandonment To Make Room For Mr. or Mrs. Right You First Have To Let Go of Mr. or Mrs. Wrong Learn to Process Pain of the Heart Without Closing the Heart How To Open and Close Your Heart Chakra At Will The Power of the Fourth Chakra Attracting Your Soul Mate Astrological Matchmaking and Romance Using Crystals and Gemstones For Purposes of Love, Healing the Heart, and Attracting Your Soul Mate Aromatherapy for Healing the Heart

Preparing Love Water Feng Shui For Love Cutting Cords Exercises to Open You Up For Love and Romance and To Attract Your Soul Mate/Lover How Do I Make Love More Spiritual? When Your Sexual Advances Are Not Reciprocated or Accepted There Is No Healing Absent Love

Preface The Love Manual is simply my personal expression, views, opinions, thoughts, observations, and experiences with this thing called love, from erotic, familial, and agape love. I shall not even attempt to objectively define love because I feel it cannot be defined. Love is something that people have to define for themselves, just like life. Love cannot be generalized into an objective definition and then be applicable to every person. It doesn’t work like that! Not with love! True love is not “quid quo pro” (something for something) in nature. Love is self-defined from person to person and every definition is applicable – to that particular person. No individual definition of love is right or wrong, not in a subjective sense. Everyone has the right, responsibility, and duty to define and express love as they please. If one’s expression of love violates or harms another person then clearly it is not love which is absent of harm and is pure in essence. I’m not an expert on love, but I do have my 2 cents to add to the subject in hopes of helping people to write their own blue print of what love is and what love means to them and how they choose to express love. It is my high hopes and intention that my words contained within this manual serve as building blocks to your own wall of understanding pertaining to love.

With Love, Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

you should take heed to the Kemetic maxim "Know thyself!" When you know thyself. “Freeing Yourself From Sexual Guilt” A feeling of guilt from past sexual acts and experiences result from one thing: IGNORANCE! Ignorance that there is no right or wrong or good and bad but only experiences. to get a benefit. Most people's sexual belief systems are influenced by their religious belief systems. God doesn't care what you do sexually. Christians. However. A mistake many people make is bringing a negative view of God into the sex act. then you'll know what to do or what you should do.1. and experiences that allow us to make better choices in our future. including in the sex act. Our choices should always cause us to progress in life. Never has! You were given free will to do as you please as long as you don't harm another or violate another person's rights. and Muslims. to learn more lessons for advancement on our soul-journ. If you enjoyed the sex and feel good about it . Many people will not engage in certain sex acts because of their religious beliefs and what they think God approves of and disapproves of. The only thing you must be aware of is the Law of Consequences or Cause and Effect (karma). sex is an experience. Sex merely gives an experience and an experience can be good or bad predicated upon your perception or how you look at things which may be influenced by your belief systems. But again. especially your religious belief system in particular. You will especially find this amongst Jews.

negative karma has been created as well as paid off too. spiritual. especially on the energy body level. and I mean everything! Nothing was given to chance.afterwards. molested. then you label it as a bad experience or bad sexual experience. situations. confusion. but if you didn't enjoy the sex for whatever reason(s). without the absence of consent you don't get the particular experience you need and scripted or charted out. etc. Spiritually speaking. Many have been taught that everything is exclusively in God's hand and you have no say in your own life and/or destiny and this is a damnable belief and causes much trouble in the form of grief. mental. Rapist or assaulter may have created the karma and the victim (participant) may have paid off. and I know this is a hard pill to swallow for many people. you label this as a good experience or good sexual experience. anger. violation has occurred (though karmic debts are being paid and life scripts acted out simultaneously). Again. But what about the consent (between two people) given in this lifetime. Experiences can cause harm but they can also heal. The chakras become open and aligned or balanced. and other negative emotion. harm is done. experiences can cause harm but they can also heal. It may be a violation on the 3D earth plane level. you wrote your life script or chart and chose everything about your self and your life. and circumstances occurred in your life or even why certain people came into and out of your life. When a person is sexually raped. When a person consents to sex and the act leads to powerful orgasm and reaches other levels of your existence: emotional. Listen. Nothing happens to us without our permission or approval to happen. but in your world (of man) a lot of torment and anguish comes from not understanding why certain events. Everything. . something higher is taking place that serves the Sunnum Bunnum (Greater Good) as well as your self (pertaining to the Life Script and Chart you created for yourself). or assaulted. even if said approval was agreed upon and originated in a past-life. guilt. In these situations above. Either way you had sex. Djehuty? Well. Absent consent. healing has taken place. but that's it.

having sex while numbed (drugs. quid pro quo (something for something). when you have sex based upon the lower chakras and their negative or imbalanced attributes. feeling forced. etc. But guess what? You can only feel guilty after you convict yourself. compassion. Sexual guilt arises from ignorance but this ignorance is predicated upon ignorance of the chakras. You see. care and concern.Knowledge is power and so is sexual knowledge. All knowledge must be applied if you are going to derive power or be empowered from it. So if we feel guilty. Period! Now after guilt comes punishment which comes in a host of ways. unwanted pregnancy. genuineness. Lower chakra sex is done for survival purposes. 15 to 20 years ago. integrity. such as sexually transmitted disease. We do this! And to ourselves! No one else! This is why we must come up spiritually and start acting from our higher chakras and doing things out of unconditional love. such as guilt. 10. it's because you gave your power away to that person. Many women right now are only having sex with a guy because he financially takes care of her (or just simply pays her bills). we know guilt only comes as a consequence of a verdict of guilt. your energy vortexes. negative emotion will arise. reproductive disorders and pathologies. Sex is no exemption here. abortion. In law. who convicted us? Can you say: OUR SELVES! No one can make you feel guilty about anything except yourself and don't you ever forget this! All power lies with YOU! If you ever feel someone is more powerful than you. While I won't cover it here. addiction. and series of unhealthy relationships that we unconsciously attract and stay in as some form of punishment (or continued punishment) and perhaps from something experienced 5. whereas others are having sex out of a wanting and . healing. Sexual knowledge and the application of sexual knowledge is power. Guilt comes from having sex out of fear. dependence. alcohol). having sex with someone against your better judgment. I will mention that in addition to sexual knowledge there is also sexual wisdom and sexual understanding. and emotionally imbalanced.

They had to prove their worthiness to get into a woman's good graces. you can't get love out of sex if the Fourth Chakra is not open and activated. dominant male father figure on the scene as a little girl and now seeks to compensate this loss by seeking love from an older man. in my opinion. But nowadays. This is where so much disrespect of females by males comes from. So they will have sex pursuant to sexual agreement or contract (called "bed partners" or "fuck buddies"). her mind. They got the door for a woman. The worst thing females did in recent decades. don't want any responsibility to the other person whatsoever.desire to feel loved perhaps from not having a father or strong. good wild freaky sex too! This. pulled her chair out for her to sit down at the table. but most significantly. prove their worth and good intentions. may not really find one another attractive. a man really doesn't have to do anything for the woman and he still gets rewarded with sex. especially amongst African-Americans. in my opinion. Men used to have to work for the woman (or the vagina. and/or responsibilities. not to commoditize women but to make a point. You see. bought her flowers and candy. so stay with me). demands. etc. was to give up the vagina without any attachments. I feel it's one of the main reasons why Black women are generally not viewed as viable marriage . Males will do the same thing to compensate when they lack that warmth and love from a mother. Many males and females are having sex simply because they cannot control their sexual urges. These males will look for a female to take care of them just as a mother would. the proverbial "sugar daddy. has really cost the Black community collectively today. The urge has more power than they do due to diminished willpower." However. and ultimately her behind (figure of speech meaning 'between her legs'). they are not compatible in life outside of bed (they could be but really don't spend the quality time or want to spend the quality time to find out). stipulations. took off her coat. They had to bring something to the table (relationship). These types of males will also seldom reach true manhood! Manhood is not derived from womanhood! Only men can make men.

personal attitudes about themselves. a piece of ass. You see. After all. and ethics. mannerisms. etc. there could be no stereotype created. In my opinion. but people. power is truly with the people to change things. Stereotypes are created by focusing on the actions and behaviors as well as language of a minority or fringe aspect of a particular group of people and then projecting them onto the majority or collective of that particular group in the general public's eyes. the stereotype eventually dissipates due to people in general in the society not coming into contact with or witnessing the real life stereotyped behavior or actions shown in the media. To change or end a stereotype. and their behavior and actions (how they carry themselves. And yes.partners or potential wives and why 60% of Black women are single (not married) and why 40% have never been married. doesn't have to respect. etiquette. Good enough to fuck. it's never the media's fault for creating stereotypes. there's nothing bad or negative shown about a particular group. Why should a man do anything for a woman that he doesn't have to prove his worth to.. You couldn't have a Black gang member stereotype absent the existence of a Black gang member. not corporations or governments. because this is what it boils . simply change the subject group of the stereotype and the stereotype goes a way. The media simply focuses upon what's there to focus upon. the media can manufacture a stereotype without real life individuals. but can still have or get sex any time he feels like it? Women have to fault and blame themselves here and take responsibility for the unwise choice of lowering their standards. who buys the damn cow when you can get all the milk you want for free? I also feel that the above is why many males of different races and ethnicities for the most part only view Black women as sexual play things. Absent a group to focus on. doesn't have to do anything for. but without real life individuals to display a stereotyped trait in society. Either way. or walking sperm banks. but not to marry! Only Black women themselves can change this negative image of themselves and simply so by simply changing their thought patterns and process. You could force the media to only show good or positive or show nothing at all. especially in public) which laps over into morals.

A studio is a place where you go to act or stage a production. women have to fault and blame themselves here and take responsibility for the unwise choice of lowering their standards. mostly of the younger hip hop generation. you can't fault anyone but yourself! One thing about this life here on planet Earth. then he will. . People will fall in love with a manufactured image created in a studio. there's no more acting. a place where your acting is filmed. or old school dating.LOWERING ONE'S STANDARDS. So again. If you lower the bar you can't expect people to jump (aim) high. Period! And nowadays. they say the prostitutes/call girls are on Sunset and the 'hoes' are on Figueroa. This just means that you find most of your white female prostitutes on Sunset Boulevard and find most of your Black and Hispanic prostitutes on Figueroa. Back in 1995-1996 while I was on Figueroa in South Los Angeles one day. Once you leave the studio. actually. You go back to being regular Joe Blow and you let television do the rest. But I put two and two together because after all. because this is what it boils down to . If you let a man be no good to you. This is why there are so many studio gangsters today in rap music. There's no more courting or really even dating. I looked at her like "What?" But she kept asking me was I dating. Women. many people are simply giving people what they want or desire. Well. we always have choice! Always! But of course folks don't always make the most informed and wise choices. these days. Many Black females today. I dislike the word "dating' because it's a term prostitutes use on the streets nowadays. Actually. prefer and desire a thug dude or no-good dude for sexual relation purposes so many otherwise good Black males are stepping up to the plate and playing or acting out the desired role and giving these particular females what they want so as to get what they want: cheap or free sex with no real commitment or commitment at all. we were on Figueroa and if you're from Los Angeles or know anything about Los Angeles you know that the prostitutes or whores hang out on Figueroa and Sunset Boulevard.down to .LOWERING ONE'S STANDARDS. How can they when they lack information and wisdom? You can't make an informed choice absent information and you can't make a wise choice absent wisdom. this young Black female came up to me and asked me was I dating.

and not so short-termed as we are today. money will be spent (usually by the male or the person who really wants sex the most). or five months. that things were strictly platonic. They used to go out and later fuck. That was the deal! Courting was different because when you think of the word court. Blacks used to be more long term in nature with their relationships. Men know men. Okay. simply thinking about what we can get or experience only today without ever thinking about the future (building a future with a person). courting allowed you to put forth evidence to the other person as to why you are qualified to be their mate (husband or wife) or future father or mother of his/her children. "did you fuck him?" Because many dudes. you get just that: a court. most coat-tailed pulled dudes know that most dudes ain't going to be going out with a particular female for that amount of time and not get his bed on. Before the mid-1970's. and while in court. But it means the same thing as dating. you had to prove your case. and you always proved your case by presenting evidence on your behalf that moved all reasonable doubt. for the most part! Men know what other men want because they know what they themselves want.So the word 'dating' nowadays means 'fucking. But if a woman has been dating a dude like for three. Basically. and when it comes to women it's pussy! But many women will say they 'dated' a guy as a euphemism or code word that they used to merely go out with a guy and have sex with him though not committed in a relationship. just an understanding (that they'll go out. and sex will be exchanged as a consequence). the naïve or oblivious ones." You actually hear this word ('dating') a lot amongst the females mainly. as in a court of law. will interpret dating as going out like friends.' And men will be like. men tend to commonly say they "went out with" or "used to go out with" a particular female.' It's a mild way of saying you are having sex and money is being spent to ensure this sex. Men will use the word ('dating') too! However. There's no commitment. four. Women will be like: 'I used to date him. point made and now continuing: You're meeting people and fucking on the first 'date' or night and you don't know hill Billy jack grits about this person and then you wonder why you wake up a few days later burning with .

or blisters on your penis. such as consciously raising your sexual energy (Kundalini) up to the higher chakras so as to express that pent up sexual energy in the form of higher creativity. dominating her (if the female enjoys the activity). That sexual energy is trapped in the lower chakras and that's why you hear about so much lower frequency sex today. or even with a penis in their rectum. Dr. So today. etc. Asian. especially with today's youth in general. Laila O'Afrika. They'll ejaculate in her mouth and on her body just to be doing something. Doctah B. save the grassroots metaphysical teachers and healers. The Matrix uses lower chakra sex to keep U. you have dudes. to dominate her. Queen Afua. All you see is lower chakra sex because of what it does to you. it serves a major purpose. Many will film such activity and sell it to one of the numerous porn-based websites that are so rampant today.a discharge and stench coming from your vagina or a bunch of painful pimples. So you'll find various photographs of young females (of all races. Djehuty Ma'at-Ra. This is the level many are on these days. You are shown . Dr. Eve Allen. Hispanic. and a few others. Black youth as well as Caucasian youth. But again. Bobby Hemmit.. who simply just want to fuck a woman in the ass just to be doing something. but the Inter-net changed all of this. We've always had porn in this society but never was it so easily accessible. but American youth and adults in general. subjects on a very low vibrational level so as to easier control them. Jewel Pookrum. Their level is real low vibrationally. just to leave a mark on her body which is really an energy mark unconsciously left on her. or.e. is teaching the sexual occult sciences. swollen and painful testicles. Caucasian.S. to abuse her. and when urinating it feels like you're pissing out razor blades. Black. all done to incite sexual lust and fish in a new customer to the porn site. Out of control sexual urges are ruining lives and hardly nobody. It's no accident that porn is so rampant today along with degenerate faux food (fast food). Denika Laurie.) smiling with sperm all over their faces or looking up while performing fellatio with a penis in their mouth. hip hop youth in particular. a la Phil Valentine. especially these wanna-be thug types and white bred college boys with no moral or ethic restraints. bumps. i. They derive a sick pleasure from her pain or a sense of abusing her.

entities that feed off of lust and the energy that comes from lower chakra sex. It emits or discharges! It can also receive and harbor as well. being rectally penetrated. through sex." There is more danger in a woman being penetrated than in a man penetrating simply because the vagina has a receptive energy due to being yin in nature.e. and most significantly. Energy healer Denika Laurie states the following: "By giving ANY man access to her yoni (vagina). It receives or takes in and harbors (though it can recycle as well as expel)! The penis on the other hand has an active energy. intuition.all through the centripetal life force energy the vibrates ever so freely throughout her womb-portal. clairvoyance.this on purpose. accessing the Akasha or Akashic records. lowering your auric field and allowing certain entities to attach to your aura and enter into your aura which is a portal into your energetic core body. reciprocity. when you are swallowing and ingesting sperm from numerous males. but doing major harm on all levels of existence because you are not knowing or understanding the damage done. clairaudience. Males are subject to taking in negative energy from the vagina because every opening on the body of both male and . executes a binding. etc. the psycho-intuitive and emotional levels. astral projection. clairsentience. energetic contract that affects the outcome of her life's journey. they purposely allow you to be inundated with porn so your mind can become embroiled with what you are seeing so as to carry out what's in your mind (knowing you are a sheep). Christ consciousness. vaginally penetrated by multiple partners. Women forget that they have the power to choose what comes into them. especially on the energy level. You see you aren't inundated and bombarded with scenes of Tantric and Taoist sex and/or Tantric and Taoist sex websites. compassion. unconditional love. i. so you see. or even the Kemetic and occult sexual sciences. higher creativity. honest expression and communication. linking with your Higher Self. what stays. called all sorts of names that carry certain low vibration (but which also invoke). telepathy. and what is sustained by them . The Rulers know you'd get free of their grip (control) if you were exposed to Tantric and Taoist sex principles. Oh hell no! Why? Because then you'd be learning about raising that Kundalini energy up into your higher chakras and activating those specific centers and experiencing their attributes.

advance. First recognize the fact that 'your' past is just that. 5. Recognize that God gave you free will to make choices as you please and does not look down upon or frown upon any sexual activity you may have engaged in. Now. 3. or will be engaged. hurt. and feel. situation. smell. violated. out of bondage. Recognize that there is really no right or wrong or good and bad. Energy records all! Everything! Just like the subconscious minds takes in or records everything you see. rectum. Extract the lesson(s) and move on in the present. Steps to Freeing Yourself of Guilt 1. nor do your spirit guides. True forgiveness begins the healing process. circumstance. and even the mouth. 6. including information about all the people who have penetrated or entered these body parts. nor do the angels. injured. mature. only experiences which leads to different choices being made in the future. 2. off of punishment. information recorded and stored at these sites are picked up. and used you in the past. and progress on all levels in your life. let yourself out of prison. Forgive all who have harmed. grow. You are free again. and thrive in the Matrix. preferably choices that benefit you. the vagina. The boogey man God that's going to get you for not obeying rules and laws written by men in books was invented in the mind of man. Forgive yourself of your negative past actions and all harmful things you did to yourself or allowed to happen to yourself while in an unconscious state and under ignorance. taste. There is only the creation of personal karma and the Law of Consequences (Cause and Effect). Recognize the role you played in every happening. . abused. are presently engaged in. Be conscious and go and create your experiences. hear. 4. your reality. prosper. allows you to develop. Release your punishment and transmute it into freedom using your mind (visualization).female contains a portal (chakra) and every opening contains recorded information or data and when you are dealing with the openings of the penis (at the tip). 'your' past! What's done cannot be undone. no divine chastisement as some religious groups and cults preach and teach. disappointed. and your destiny. or drama in your life. You must become conscious to successfully live. learn. God does not judge you.

CONFUSION. It’s mostly a physical and linear act with unconscious people who are numb emotionally. The American preoccupation with sex is a clear sign of a deeper spiritual void. they want to escape the pain and misery they feel on the emotional. “Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places” We tend to look for love in all the wrong places for many reasons. and feel that we ourselves are worthless. Eye appeal will do just fine nowadays. parents. Some people look for love in a relationship with a wealthy person because . 2. Anybody or any two people can have sex. etc. love is not a criterion for sex these days. IMBALANCED STATE. insignificant. believe. whole. The love most of us are looking for is found in our own backyards (our own selves). only engage in those acts that make you feel good. mental.e. and UNCONSCIOUSNESS! Many are ignorant and unconscious that the true love they seek is the love found deep within Self. Others look for love in the sex act because they confuse sex with love and sex is not love. but like all illusions. perhaps because we have been made to feel this way and it has been reiterated over the scope of our life and perhaps by people close to us and who are supposed to love us. mainly IGNORANCE. i. From NOW on. You just can’t! You can delude yourself into believing this for a while. and spiritual levels via a physical mechanical act but you can’t fill a spiritual void with a material act. Also. and spiritually. and mediocre. Some may look for love in an abusive partner because they confuse love with abuse (there can be no abuse when love is truly present). and that you are proud of and can live with and which cause you to have a good night's sleep.7. relatives. they eventually wear off and you’re left having to deal with reality. persons yielding undue influence over us. You don’t have to love a person or be in love with a person in order to have sex with them. mentally. but we won’t and don’t look there because we think. People are hurting and they want pleasure.

You will not be loved for your material possession or even your physical sexual embellishments: a big ass or butt. which by the way is so far from the truth. I became so full of joy that my life became a daily joyous one. we must start looking in all the right places and no place is more right that WITHIN self! Go within self today and discover and experience what you have been looking for in all the wrong places up until now. You may be liked for them. and philanthropy. . big tits or breasts. AFFIRMATION: I now know that true love resides and emanates from within me! 3. It’s pretty simple and basic! To find or discover love. I was so full of joy and joy too is a magnet for attraction. curvaceous hips and thighs. This center deals with issues of love. you are bound to not find it.they confuse love with being taken care of financially and materially. Should we be shocked when we don’t find love from looking in all the wrong places? Of course not! If you look for love where love is not broadcasted. compassion. well. reciprocity. giving and receiving. or muscles/ biceps. simply being because mostly everybody wants joy in their life and a joyous person is always desired. There’s a difference! I began to consciously attract love from many people beginning in 2005. The Fourth Chakra is the bridge between the three lower chakras and the three higher chakras. at least by people who desire to have and experience joy in their lives. but not loved for them. benevolence. kindness. “Personality Is the Only Thing That Attracts Love” Renowned mental scientist and alchemist Enoch Tan is the author of this saying that is the heading for this chapter and I quoted him because he is correct! Personality is the only thing that attracts love. The Fourth Chakra is the energy center or vortex located at the chest/breast area (in between the breasts). My joy came about as result of looking at the world via my Fourth Chakra.

deals with (or records) issues of pleasure (including sexual pleasure). clairvoyance. It also deals with astral projection. also known as the Crown Chakra. survival. perhaps in passing. ambition. The Second Chakra. the ability to express one’s views and truths truthfully and freely. My vibrations felt good and other people wanted to be in my presence so as to experience and share my good vibrations. .The three lower chakras include: the First Chakra. deals with issues of higher communication or expression. located above the throat. personal power. The Third Chakra.com website. ESP. located above the abdomen and situated between the navel and breasts or chest. will. and deals with issues of the ego. is located above the head and deals with issues relating to connection with God and is the link to the Higher Self in addition to being the doorway to the Akashic Records. a sense of calm and tranquility emitted from me (my aura). our extra sensory abilities such as psychic ability. located above the genital region (penis and vagina) and which deals with (or records) issues of sex. Many great books now exist on the subject and can be found at most commercial and metaphysical bookstores. emotions. and the ability to clearly ask for what one needs or desires. located above the belly (beneath the belly button or navel). The Fifth Chakra. will to be alive. Harmony became my norm. It deals with things of a paranormal nature. which most of the time rubbed off on other people or amped up their energy. or may have seen on the Dherbs. relationships. The Sixth Chakra. clairaudience. The foregoing gives you a little knowledge about these things called chakras that you may have heard about. clairsentience. determination. drive. I will go more into the chakras in future chapters herein. The Seventh Chakra. dominance. and how one sees the world. and addictions. and intuition. and basic human needs. is the seat of Christ Consciousness. so just keep reading! Living from my Fourth Chakra. also known as the 3rd Eye.

the more people want to spend time with you. so when you spend more time in harmony. you seem to bring out this quality in others. not only is somebody going to love you but in time to come everyone will love you. loving. when disharmony occurs within the first three chakras. harmony is the norm. events follow energy. Love is the energy of life. The only thing that wins or causes love is personality. positive. and more attached to the experience of joy itself. you will be loved whether you have physical beauty or not. I was celibate for nearly 4 years. inspirational. but if you are an advancing soul. . not the rarity that it was previously. Your personality may have flaws and not be entirely beautiful from an artistic point of view. and more people are attracted to you.” My personality had so many expressions – I was joyful. Since you emanate a calm and joyful presence. If you have distinctive personality. I paid the cost to be the boss. But in the process I developed my newfound personality which attracted so much love into my life. relaxed. I became so magnetic in such short time and all I did was focus on myself – my personal self-growth and self-development. The more you continue to draw from the universal source. tranquil. You become less attached to issues that seemingly bring you out of balance. as they say. and grounded. because you are aligned with your path! You know that a centered life is much greater joy than an uncentered life. clam. Love motivates you to become a better person for those you love. pleasant. optimistic. and the more you have to give as you pull the universal energy through you and send it to others. From this vantage point. Joy is the natural consequence of looking at life through the Fourth Chakra lens. As always.Metaphysician David Pond explains this phenomenon I began to experience in 2005 with the following words: “A tremendous sense of calm and tranquility accompanies looking at the world through the heart. it is easy to make the adjustments to bring your life back into equilibrium. and knowing this motivates you to bring your issues back into balance. elated. motivational. – Enoch Tan 4. Now. and one who has more life in them attracts more love from others. you attract harmonious situations to you as well.

but the mind. or qualities). they have worth. women have serious value and because they have value. even when you transcend (or die). and their spirit. . of course! So there’s a difference here! Women should place their value in their minds and their innate gifts (talents. their personality. and live this. degenerates.“You Can Have the Love You Desire If You Feel Worthy of Receiving It” You really can have the love you desire but there’s a major stipulation to this: you must feel worthy of receiving love. traits. Because as a beautiful creation of God and a very unique one at that. and when they know this. Let your love shine! Let it flow! When we deal with the word “worth” we are dealing with value. True beauty is found in a person’s essence. Consciousness comes through our mind. and eventually expire one day. skills. feel this. And please don’t confuse the mind with the brain. the love within you and that emanates from your essence. or expires. degenerate. How much value do you place on yourself? When women place their value into their sexual embellishments or physical beauty. it never atrophies. The brain is physical and the mind is not. The best way to feel worthy of love is to allow your love. they devalue themselves (especially if this becomes their main priority in life). to emit and beam out. Anything physical will atrophy. Never! You will always have your mind. they become worthy – worthy of all they desire including and especially love and to be genuinely loved. The value of a cultivated mind never decreases just as the value of spirituality never decreases.

lose one's balance and collapse. is this some type of false worship? Are we worshipping the person (or some part of their body) as a false god or idol? The use of the phrase “falling in love” is biblical in nature. throw oneself down. To move downward. So when we “fall” in love. are we making the statement that we are out of control? Out of control. from a higher to a lower level. typically in order to worship or implore someone. 2. are we making the statement that we are moving downward in some respect (perhaps lust or the lower nature)? Many people do confuse lust with love. we have to begin to rephrase common words and terms that have only proven detrimental and selfsabotaging with their use. are we off balance? Is our foundation collapsing? What is our foundation anyway? Reason? Logic? Common sense? Whatever our foundation. It originates from the story of Adam and Eve. I changed “fall in love” to “ascend in love” and that’s exactly what soon happened to me – I ascended in love with my wife! Just analyze and scrutinize the word “fall. 3. The Fall of Man is attributed to this mythical character called Adam who “fell” in love with Eve (though the Bible mentions nothing about the pair falling in love) and thus ended up having . I purposely said: “ascend” in love. you know! If we are “falling” in love. 1.The same principle applies to and with males. typically rapidly and freely without control. not “fall” in love. is it collapsing when we’re “falling” in love? Maybe we’re “falling” in lust! When we are “falling” in love. perhaps with our emotions? When we are “falling” in love. As I mentioned in my “Mental Science Manual”.’ The word connotes something negative: Fall. Men possess a beauty in their essence and personality and it is these that a woman will eventually “ascend” in love with. And yes.

.sex with Eve which led to the Fall of Man. and spiritual hang-ups for both males and females.” So Adam and Eve had sex (carnal knowledge) and this is what led to the Fall in Biblical lore. you will end up feeling bad or sinful and emotions speaks louder than words and how you feel will emanate a vibration out into the Universe which the Universe and subconscious mind will pick up and react to and give you more of how you’re feeling. the vagina and penis are made for each other! It’s a no brainer! You cannot have or remain in good health by engaging in a natural and pleasurable act and come out of that act feeling guilty or bad. a host of female reproductive pathologies. hormones. Of course you do know it’s just a story and shouldn’t be taken literally. Tree in symbolical language means “human” and “midst of tree” represent the “middle part of the body – sex glands. but this “midst of the tree” represents the genitalia located in the middle section of the human body. clitoris. etc. like you have just violated or disrespected God. multiply and replenish the earth”)? This false belief has led to the development of negative emotion which has led to many mental. or sinful. If you think you did something bad. and for females in particular. for you not to use and explore them? God made your penis and your male hormones so why would God make your penis and testicles for you not to use and explore? What did God make your male body’s penis to have an erection? After all. But why would the sex act be considered a sin when God created man and woman to have sex (“be fruitful. what’s the purpose of an erection? What’s the purpose of a wet or lubricated vagina? Clearly. emotional. wrong. God made your vagina and your hormones so why would God create your vagina. ovaries. A great harm done to humanity is the false belief that everyone is conceived in iniquity (sin) due to being conceived in the sex act. Adam and Eve are said to have eaten from the midst of the forbidden tree which caused the Fall.

you are creating it based upon your thoughts and your belief system. especially your sex life. Most of us are so confused about a natural act we enjoy. etc. The Devil has not made you do anything you did not want to do and truthfully. imam. There are so many sexual problems with the Church today because of the sexual hang-ups. The Devil was a character created to keep the Church in business. you have been convicted. We cheat (have affairs) because we want to. or Judaism without the existence of the Devil who allegedly steals souls giving the reverend. Our society breeds it and then locks up the perpetrator as the solution. It’s a major scheme that keeps religion in business. congregants having affair and a whole bunch of other stuff and then foolishly blaming the Devil (who ain’t got nothing to do with any of this) as the culprit. priests molesting little boys. You couldn’t have Christianity. which is to save souls. Whatever the situation. and you see. already had your mind made up to do. Heck. literally! . the Devil doesn’t even exist. and what follows a conviction? ANSWER: Punishment! Your punishment may be contracting an STD. Islam. The Devil ain’t got nothing to do with it. attracting a situation whereby you are sexually assaulted. this is why there are so many sexual hang-ups and so many people who create sexual crimes and violations. and rabbi a job to do. your sexual belief system to be exact! Misunderstanding of Scripture has you all confused and this confusion is sabotaging the quality of your life. Reverends screwing members of the choir or congregation. But you’ll have more and more sex that makes you feel bad or guilty and when you are guilty of something. For most of us in the Western world.So what happens? You end up having more sex and feeling more bad and bad after each sexual encounter that you enjoy and which ultimately becomes a habit because it feels so good. we go off into sex with a very bad mindset and come out of the act with a worse mindset.

your race and skin color. Even though the Matrix allows us to change our bodies (usually for vain and superficial reasons via surgery. In fact. plastic surgery). Accept Your Self!” The body you were born with for this present life incarnation. you should accept it. “…. So now. the changing of our bodies does not change the soul lessons we chose to experience before incarnating. after the sex change they .e. You chose to incarnate as a female in this lifetime for a reason. In the light of the fact that we do choose our sex. the lessons one initially chose before incarnating remain the same. You chose it pursuant to your particular life purpose. and your sex or gender to name a few things. your weight. Even if a person changes the physical sex of the body. You choose everything about your body and appearance – how you will look. “Accept Your Body. you chose it in advance and therefore. texture of your hair. it seems rather useless to go through all the expense and discomfort of sex change operations. i. We choose our bodies based upon what we will experience here in the flesh and what we will be doing while here in the flesh.So in closing. you can have the love you desire if you feel worthy to receive it! AFFIRMATION: “I am worthy of love because I am love and emit love in its purest form!” 5. your height. why would we change our nose or our lips via surgery when we chose them? Why would you get a boob job for bigger or larger boobs (breasts) when you chose your normal size boobs? Why get a sex change when you chose your sex? You chose to incarnate as a male in this lifetime for a reason.

because in the soul’s initial wisdom it knew what it was doing to select one sex over the other. after all. I see tattoos (done with harmful and permanent ink) and excessive piercing and piercing in certain parts of the body as selfmutilation. So if your normal body weight is 185 pounds but you have gained 50 pounds and now weigh 235 pounds. were you just following a social fad and just trying to be hip? Why did you do what you did? Do you know why you did it (outside of having the free will to do it)? Why do certain females get tattoos right above their ass in the lower back region? What are they marketing or advertising? What are they saying or broadcasting? What’s the message here? The tattoos are always visible. Were those tattoos that are all over your body tattooed on you for beauty enhancement purposes or for some unconscious attempt to change your appearance? Before the tattoos.” – Betty Bethards And by no means am I telling you or suggesting to you that if you are obese to accept your obesity. was your body not beautiful? Personally. something went wrong and you should not accept the obesity which is clearly a pathology. If at one point you weren’t obese but now you are. what is the meaning behind piercing your nipple or your clitoris or even your tongue? What’s the significance behind the piercing of these areas or parts? What’s the science behind them? Or. you should seek to get back down to 185 pounds. . Now don’t get me wrong – I respect free will! I’m just voicing my personal opinion on tattooing. We should never accept pathology or disease simply because they are not our divine birthrights (though they may help us pay off karmic debts and learn valuable soul lessons). It’s like graffiti spray painted on the walls of a beautiful temple dedicated to the worship of God and meditation. I see tattoos on the body as vandalism of the sacred temple. This particular weight would allow you to navigate through life on your life path far more easily than if you weighed 235 pounds which would be unnatural and unhealthy for you.may seem even more difficult. I mean.

The flesh body is like an outfit that you will take off at the end of the day. Yes. muscular dude. You are petit for a reason. They desecrate the divine human temple. Not the ones folks use in the city. Dying (transitioning) and reincarnating is like taking off an old outfit and putting on a new outfit.). I only engage in subtle exercises that do not tax or strain my body. anorexia. Henna (and other plant-based ink) tattoos are acceptable and safe. Tattoos are permanent marks on the body. However. weight gain. I don’t need to be a big. Tattoo ink. How? Well. You are big-boned for a reason. How could it not? When you get a tattoo on your body you have made the statement that you have improved upon what you are only renting. my Earth vehicle (body) is very sensitive so being conscious of this. You are stocky for a reason. anything on the skin enters the bloodstream. leeches into your bloodstream. I’m predominantly mental! I predominantly use my mind. You are tall for a reason. stocky. you are only renting this body you now have. due to astrological implications. . you are the way you are for a reason. I simply don’t do manual things or activities or duties requiring serious exertion of physical strength. we have a duty to take care of it. contrary to what you may have been told. because it does not belong to us. Accept your body! Accept yourself! Absent disease (obesity. You are short for a reason. The body is only a garment worn for a single day (lifetime). Also. You are slender or skinny for a reason.A tattoo on or above your tit? What are you saying here? Do you want attention to your breasts? Tattoos are not natural. etc. You chose your body like a person chooses a car and you chose the vehicle that best suits your needs here on this planet for this particular and present life incarnation. It shows respect to the owner of the house. though rarely used in the United States compared to commercial grade ink.

They simply move. Being skinny (or raw boned) has not stopped me in anything in life. inspirational. We work jobs that require us to sit for 6-8 hours a day which is very harmful to circulation and overall health. fiery. It hasn’t stopped me from running my own business. I’m not big on exercise. You see. Nowhere else on the planet will you find people sitting for 6-8 hours like you do here in the United States. in city life. It hasn’t stopped me from getting my nice share of sex from beautiful women (over my life span). I chose my vehicle (body. especially strenuous exercise. we exercise (usually at the gym) because we work sedentary lives. It hasn’t stopped me from becoming personally sovereign. Daily movement (i. Being skinny hasn’t stopped me or harmed me in any way.e. I need to be on Earth in this lifetime for a very long time to fully enjoy living life. walking. I don’t have to put forth an effort to do what’s natural. It hasn’t stopped me from getting free of the Matrix. or the horse – creatures that don’t exercise. fashion. So what’s my secret? ENERGY and the use of my mind! I control my destiny with my mind. lively. stay active or mobile. temple) for purposes of light work and a long life longevity.My exercises are for chi movement purposes and spiritual enhancement purposes only. I use my mind to send out certain kinds of energy and to create a certain aura or auric field that is very magnetic due to being healing. the monkey. stretching) is my exercise. It hasn’t stopped me from becoming wealthy. It hasn’t stopped me from attracting beautiful women into my life. My mind is the key to my successful living. positive. I’m just like the gorilla. It hasn’t stopped me from attracting a wife and/or having children. learning my lessons from all my experiences. Why? Because one day that physically . People who build their lives around their bodies exclusively set themselves up for failure (guaranteed if they are not well-rounded and in tune with their spirituality and higher life purpose). fascinating. and energetic. not my body which is only a vehicle. It hasn’t stopped me from being loved by so many people. and helping other people. or form. optimistic. It hasn’t stopped me from being spiritual. shape. the zebra. loving.

Its unique characteristics and your physical appearance are unmatched anywhere in the Universe. This determines whether people feel comfortable with you or back away. When we begin to realize what magnificent vehicles our bodies are to help us learn in this realm. Our bodies are made in the image of God. It is a very rare person who knows how to age gracefully. fit. Age will creep in and most people don’t know how to age gracefully. the feelings and desires pertaining to that person usually changes as well. are for so much more than just being objects of physical desire and attraction. Will you be loved and desired by others (men) in spite of those sagging breasts? Will you still be considered attractive by others with those sagging breasts? Those muscles and biceps will turn to flab one day. It’s what’s inside that is important. What’s going to draw people and keep people in your life is what you’re radiating from within yourself. But our bodies. when natural changes occur to the flesh body of a person of attraction (which will happen). despite being vessels. Because most only become attracted to the flesh body. It doesn’t matter what your build is. learn to love yourself! When you learn to love yourself. persists! Because people resist aging. we begin to appreciate them much more. Most people resist aging and what you resist. a façade. and attractive body will fall prey to the forces of gravity. because the vibrations you’re sending out are going to turn people on. Will you still get the attention and admiration of others (women) from the flab? Most people in the Matrix are very vain and frivolous. skinny or in between.sound. you will learn to accept yourself – guaranteed! .” – Betty Bethards Reader. Those nice boobs (breasts) will sag one day. But the body is a mask. The body is not something to feel ashamed of or reject in anyway. Consider the following: “The physical body is your special earth suit that you have chosen to help you learn how to play a particular role better and to work on developing certain strengths. not whether you’re fat. and they are beautiful. they age rapidly and ungracefully.

Learn thyself! Know thyself! Understand thyself! Love thyself! Respect thyself! Embrace thyself! ACCEPT THYSELF! The more in vibrational sync you are with who you really are. and the less . Everyday people are giving you back what you send out via vibration. You want other people to accept you? Then learn to accept yourself. This is the key to understanding the dynamic of magnetism. Soon you’ll become a magnet and attract without consciously desiring. others will embrace you. become it and transmit or emit that energy and you will receive what you desire. If you acknowledge your strengths and talents. then the more you are allowing only those things that you're wanting. If you embrace yourself. You’ll attract based upon the particular energy sent out via your aura. which was “The Greatest Love of All.George Benson was so on the money with the title of his hit song that just happened to have been my elementary school graduation theme song. If you respect yourself. so will others. others will respect you. how can you have love for and/or love of another? You can’t give what you don’t have. If you accept yourself. If you don’t have love for and/or love of self. If you love yourself. What do you desire in life? Whatever it may be. Period! Because people give you back what you beam out or emit. others will accept you.” I concur with Benson that the greatest love of all is learning to love your Self. others will love you.

for that is the only principle and moral which is real. Just as charity begins at home. Guaranteed! Tina Turner asked the question in a pop song that went on to become a #1 hit: “What’s love got to do with it?” My answer is: Everything! The love energy dominates existence. Love has always stayed with us even when we knew not! If there are any morals or principles they all arise from love. “The Greatest Love of All” Without a doubt. then you must first love yourself. When you love and accept yourself.resistance there is. There are many doctrines and . is love. sweet love!” And Stevie Wonder is still correct when he said in a song: “Love is in need of love today!” We as people need to show love some love today because it’s been good to us. Period! If you desire to be loved by others. the greatest love of all is self-love – loving YOURSELF! You cannot love another and will not be able to love another until you first genuinely and authentically love yourself. so does love! If you don’t love yourself. then the less delay between the idea of the thought and the receiving of it. how can you love another? You can’t possibly give what you don’t have to give. And the less resistance there is. It’s the most powerful force! It moves mountains! It lifts cars (ever hear about those women who lift heavy cars that have their babies trapped underneath it?)! It is so easy to love another when you love yourself and know the source of your self-love. Singer Dionne Warwick was so correct when she said in a song: “What the world needs now. others will automatically do the same and they too will love and accept you. – Esther Hicks Affirmation: I accept myself totally and wholistically in unconditional fashion! 6.

the heart speaks. especially when they are balanced. especially when they are imbalanced. . desires. shiny. Just imagine a beautiful. love should never be equated with sex. didn’t you violate these women’s free will?” Not at all! These women simply offered up prayers via thoughts. love has its own law and it adheres to the law of no one. Lust comes from the lower nature – the lower chakras. ray of pink light beaming from the center of your chest. cries. wishes.principles mad by man. On the other hand. “To Receive Love You Must Give Love” That’s right! What goes out comes back around. I worked this magic on so many females who came to visit me. You must learn to visualize sending love out to people and/or throughout the Universe from this center. love comes from the higher chakras. If you can sense or feel that someone whom you would like to send love to has their heart (4th chakra) closed. The Sufi Message Affirmation: I now realize that the greatest love of all is loving myself and unconditionally so! 7. Your 4th Chakra. pleas. A lot of young females need to know this for many of them confuse love with lust. Now this may not actually open their heart but it may simply alter their thought process and so much so that they slowly but surely begin to make the decision to open up their heart (4th chakra). and for their own reasons and purposes. simply imagine that your constant inundation of pink light energy is slowly but surely opening their heart chakra. – Hazrat Inayat Khan. and thoughts to simply be open to love. Many times we cast our desires from our hearts. Love and lust are the not one in the same. “But Djehuty. but these are simply laws. so if you want love to come back around to you – send some out! You have plenty of love to give and share! So give love! And by all means. called the Heart Chakra is where you beam or emit your love energy or vibration. Always remember.

Always remember this: to receive love you must give love! Now please reflect on the words of David Pond: “The more you love. Blocks will be moved when the mind and the heart are in sync with desire. Again. With their minds they say “I’m sick of love (though they really mean to say “I’m sick of my relationships failing and being hurt”) and then with their hearts they say: “I want. ‘You get what you pay for” is an attitude that robs us of some of life’s simple and free truths. It doesn’t cost anything or require any sacrifice. and need love!” The mind and heart do not harmonize so blocks are created. One of the biggest reasons I was used in the love surgery aspect is because I myself had worked on my heart and learned so much about the heart center. consciously or unconsciously. desire. The awakened heart is one of life’s grandest simple truths. consciously or unconsciously. that she wanted to be open. that she wanted love in her life – TRUE LOVE! I was merely on the other end being used by higher forces or powers to assist in the process of opening the heart or enhancing the opening of the heart of these particular females so as for them to receive and give love or to enhance receiving and giving love. It’s that simple. that she wanted love in her life – TRUE LOVE! NOTE: A lot of women (and men too) create their own grief. Perhaps too simple for us moderns – we are suspicious of anything too simple or free. sadness. .So every woman who came to visit me for platonic reasons or professional reasons (consultation) had already communicated to the Universe. and misery by using conflicting speech. my Venus influence is greatly enhanced and I have so much Venus in my chart that serves to help myself personally and to help others (especially females) in matters of the heart – matters of love. the more you attract experiences into your life to love. As a Taurus sun sign with Venus in three signs in my natal chart. that she wanted to be open. every woman who came to visit me for platonic reasons or professional reasons (consultation) had already communicated to the Universe. What’s in your mind must harmonize with what’s in your heart.

but it does take a leap of faith to experience it. You must have faith that you won’t get squashed by life for letting down your defenses. And that is exactly what it takes – letting down your defenses to allow life to more freely flow through you. And faith that, indeed, love is the strongest force in the Universe.” AFFIRMATION: I receive and give love unconditionally!

8. “Understanding and Overcoming Abandonment”
I never realized how many cases of feelings of abandonment existed until I became a spiritual counselor. Feelings of abandonment are pretty rampant in U.S. society. I find that most cases of feelings of abandonment are predominant with females in general, African-American females in particular. Abandonment is rampant with African-American females due to the condition of the Black community and the Black household in general with single African-American women being head of household due to no man in the house; and without a man in the house to lead by example and to execute certain duties and responsibilities, little Black girls grow up with a sense of void and a subtle or overt anger and/or distrust of Black males. Many of these young Black girls will even attract males that are replicas of the very same fathers that abandoned them. They will seek men who beat them and these females will interpret the beating as a form of missed out but necessary reprimand or punishment. A lot of these girls enjoy being spanked on the fanny, especially in the sex act (doggy style position). They are unconsciously playing out dramas of being disciplined for being naughty or bad and the spanking (discipline) is seen as a gesture of love and concern for we discipline and reprimand (correct) when we love and care about our children (though many Blacks have now bought into the new paradigm of not physically disciplining children which from my observations and studies correlates to the high incidences of black male and female incarceration/prison rates, gang membership and violence, teenage pregnancy, disrespect for elders,

disrespect for life, etc. – things you didn’t see a lot of in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s in Black communities across the country. However, because we have degenerated in many respects as a collective people, in many instances it is a good thing that many parents do not physically discipline their children as they are emotionally imbalanced and can do serious harm to the child in physically disciplining the child. However, when it comes to physical or corporeal punishment, I only have an opinion and I respect other people’s free will, but for me personally, I will use what works and what worked wonders for myself coming up as a little boy. People have to get in where they fit in. Basically, people must do what works best for them. If discipline works for you, good! Use it! If it doesn’t (due to personal beliefs), still good! Simply don’t do it! People must simply do what works best for them based upon their personal circumstances and belief systems. I counsel a lot of Black women and many have a subconscious proclivity for the need to be punished (abused). Many are attracting males that serve as replacement fathers or father figures. What they didn’t get in an actual daddy or father: love, attention, discipline, guidance, etc, they are seeking in boyfriends. Many will get out of line on purpose with their boyfriends so as to be put back in their place. Many derive sexual passion from these kinds of antics. Heated arguments and even physical fist fights leads to hot steamy “ghetto love” sex in many cases. As Julian and Nathan Hare elucidated in their works back in the 1970s, it’s a case of “kick and kiss,” something commonly used by ghetto pimps with their whores. “Kick and kiss” meant a man kicks a woman’s ass then turns around and kisses her and the battered and mentally twisted female interprets this as love and care. Basically, the woman receives pain then she receives affection. This was nothing but a psychological ploy to keep this woman confused and on the street as a loyal and faithful whore for the no-good pimp. You still have a lot of kickin’ and kissin’ going on today, and what do many Black male youth identify themselves as today? PIMPS! Many of them

simply desire to be a pimp. Of all the things you could be in the world from a public leader, religious leader, engineer, astronaut, healer, judge, attorney, doctor, etc. why would you want to be a pimp – a weak man who preys on weak and injured females? And the Black females (mostly the younger generation of Black females) are they not generally looked upon as and called “hoes?” I’m afraid they are! They are commonly referred to nowadays as bitches and hoes and Black females themselves glorify these terms in their ignorance. Personally, repetition of a word or saying constitutes mental programming and after you’ve been listening to degenerate gangster rap music all day, you’ve been seriously programmed. You’ve probably heard the terms “bitch” and “hoe” about 50 times. And yes, the young Black males too glorify these terms in their ignorance, especially the ignorant gangster rapper and wanna-be gangster rapper who’d even exploit his own sister for a $10 record label deal. Black females are experiencing abandonment at alarming rates due to the fact that Black relationships generally don’t last long and Black women are the least likely of all women in the U.S. to be desired for marriage and/or actually to be married. Many Black males (of the younger generation) have stated to me: “Why should we marry them hoes when they give up the pussy for free?” “Who buys the damn cow when you can get all the milk for free?” Defining Abandonment The word “abandonment” derives from the word “abandon.” Abandon. verb [ trans. ] 1 give up completely (a course of action, a practice, or a way of thinking) : he had clearly abandoned all pretense of trying to succeed. See note at relinquish. • discontinue (a scheduled event) before completion : against the background of perceived threats, the tour was abandoned. 2 cease to support or look after (someone); desert : her natural mother had abandoned her at an early age. • leave (a place, typically a building) empty or uninhabited, without intending to return : derelict houses were abandoned. • leave (something, typically a vehicle or a vessel) decisively, esp. as an act of survival : he abandoned his vehicle and tried to flee on foot.

The problem is – when we take on flesh or the dense body. . The roles are just simply switched or reversed in this lifetime so that you can experience what you dished out on another. If you have been abandoned. Boy have I learned that this feeling is so common in our society and nation. This may seem and sound strange to many people simply because metaphysics and occult philosophy are not taught in U. Most people who have a fear of abandonment or being abandoned have at some point in their life been abandoned and usually by someone they loved and depended on. The person who may have abandoned you in this lifetime may have been abandoned by you in a previous or past life. YOU chose this life lesson and you could also be learning a karmic lesson in that you may be paying off karmic debt due to abandoning someone in a previous or past life. we forget everything including contractual agreements made on the Other Side. Experience is the best teacher. the feeling is a legitimate one based upon a real action or act of abandonment.S. The act of being abandoned justifies the feeling of abandonment (despite the feeling being an unhealthy one). What better way to learn something than through personal experience? This is why I teach people to stop feeling sorry for themselves and to release all that anger. Why People Are Abandoned The people who have been abandoned by someone they love (or loved) have been abandoned in accordance pursuant to contractual agreement before incarnating.A feeling of abandonment simply means a person feels given up on due to another (parent or guardian) ceasing to support or look after him or her. hatred. People who experience abandonment in this lifetime chose this lesson. schools and thus are foreign concepts. Now while I say “feeling” (feeling of abandonment). and bitterness they may hold towards the person who satisfied a contractual agreement by playing out a certain role that gave a valuable life or soul lesson and/or perhaps helped you to clear your karmic slate all by simply abandoning you and allowing you to experience what you yourself did to another person and thus creating karma that must be resolved.

You are not powerless (until and unless you give your power away to another due to buying into some illusion sponsored by the Matrix or society). To learn! To experience! To grow and evolve! Earth is a big school and we are all students who signed up to learn valuable life (soul) lessons. This is why many of you keep on attracting the same kinds of people. It’s because you have something to learn. perhaps you need to learn these traits in your life. You attract certain signs in people for a reason. “Djehuty. . you (Soul) can move on to higher ground (higher realms). And there are no accidents. Every person that comes into your life is someone you contracted with in order to experience a lesson or lessons. You keep on attracting Taurus? What is it that Taurus teaches you? What are the traits of Taurus? Perhaps you need to learn the opposite traits that the Taurus person is displaying to you. perseverance. If Taurus deals with patience. so you might as well get rid of that self-sabotaging victim mentality and victim consciousness because it has not served you positively and constructively and nor will it.See. stability. Every person that comes into your life is someone you contracted with in order to experience a lesson or lessons. but Scorpio the Zodiac sign itself). I keep attracting Scorpios in my life!” Well. There are no victims on this ride called life. there are no accidents. loyalty. once you learn your lessons. Again. Every role a person plays in your life is critical. So why be mad at your biological father because he abandoned you? Your life went a certain course in response to his abandoning you and it was supposed to so you could experience other soul lessons you applied for while on the Other Side. Only participants! You play a role in everything that happens to you. that’s because Scorpio teaches you something you need to learn. That’s why you are here on Earth in the first place. and practicality. What are the traits of Scorpio? Learn the traits of this sign and you will come to learn what you need to learn from Scorpio (and not necessarily the person who may be born under the sign of Scorpio.

The problem with most people is that they know nothing about being alone and know too much about being lonely. You would realize all of this if you lived more on the intuitive side of life. but there’s also a corresponding spiritual level as well and we can’t judge what happens on the spiritual level in the same light as we do pertaining to the material or mundane level. etc. You always have guardian angels on the scene. Then it has a purity – it is so pure that it is formless. Consider the wise words of Osho in regards to loneliness: “Once you understand the beauty of your loneliness it becomes aloneness. Then it is no longer empty. you are never alone. Always remember the difference between aloneness and loneliness. Loneliness is like a wound.Okay. You always have a spirit guide (or two) on the scene. so your mother abandoned you! On a lower level or mundane level. or the invisible side of life. You applied for everything in this life! You applied for your birth date and thus your astrological sign. When you learn to be by yourself. You scripted your life so there’s no one to blame for anything that occurs in your life outside of yourself. your siblings. hurt. You applied for your parents. your enemies. Let us stop judging people for the roles we asked people to play in our personal dramas called life. You must learn to take responsibility for your self and learn to take responsibility for your role played in all of your life dramas with various characters. or learn to be alone. your lovers. and pain of abandonment will dissolve. What may appear bad or negative on the lower plane is seen as good or positive on the higher plane – the spiritual plane. the fear. The Lessons of Abandonment The lesson abandonment teaches us is clear: that when you establish your relationship with your Higher Self or the God within. Being alone and being lonely are two entirely different things. your children. it doesn’t look nice for a mother to abandon her child. you are hankering for . You are never alone. Loneliness means you are missing another person constantly. then it is no longer nothingness.

it’s because you have abandoned on the inner plane. Your happiness cannot be destroyed now. This love will not be possessive. Now you can share your wholeness. it doesn’t touch your purity any more. It doesn’t shadow your dreams any more. Now you can be in live. The man (boyfriend) who comes into your life and then leaves you like your father did is only giving you your worst fears. The outer circumstances always reflect the inner. but it is there and because it is not real you feel lonely. If you emit a vibration of being abandoned. in your dreams.another person constantly. Somebody will come into your life (that YOU attracted) and give you want you fear because according to higher law. If you feel abandoned externally. another can enjoy it and share it but cannot destroy it. Now for the first time you are in tune with your being and with your non-being. because you are ready to be alone anytime. now you can become partners in the eternal journey. Now you can allow anybody who is open to join your openness. you are ecstatic with yourself. not an escape. People give you what you desire via transmitting via vibration. If you don’t feel worthy of love and to be loved. and company with Self. Now you can go and share your being – and your non-being also. The other is not real. Whatever the case. So what are you broadcasting? When you are thinking you are . You are whole. But now love will be a sharing. you feel happy. the other drops from your mind completely. you have a lesson to learn so as to arrive at a certain state: contentment. You are happy with yourself. rest assure. Both are good. Now love can flow. You have abandoned the relationship with your Higher Self and this is because you are perhaps focusing too much on the external – the person who has abandoned you. it is imaginary. peace. If you have been abandoned. The other is in your fantasy. in your mind.” Abandonment inverted is a sense of being at home within Self. acceptance of. In fact you are happy being alone and you are happy being together – you don’t have to choose between the two. a man (or woman) will pick up on this energy and give you what you unconsciously want or more of what you unconsciously want – more confirmation that you are not worthy to be loved. what we fear will appear. When you start feeling your aloneness. People give you what you ask for via transmission of energy or what you broadcast out. you are enjoying yourself. you will be abandoned.

sorrow. Again. What we want from others must first take root in ourselves. They don’t trust that they deserve the best for themselves. They simply do not trust many things pertaining to their own selves. What you look for. Stop looking to be burned and dogged out. To protect themselves. then why are you thinking about being hurt so much? You were only hurt so much in the past because you were unconscious. They really do! However. what we have to offer. Most people who don’t trust other people want to trust other people deep down inside of themselves. frustration. When we truly learn to trust in God or the Universe. but the mind (logic) as well. If you don’t want to be or get hurt. You can never be alone because God is always with you. these people shut down – their hearts! These people decide or choose not to trust which can create real anger.broadcasting. This was the theme of the book and movie “Conversations With God. Not just from the heart (emotions). your intuition. Become judicious! You can program yourself by working with energy to only attract trustworthy people. You lived by default. . we will automatically learn to trust in ourselves – our abilities and gifts. You failed to learn the lessons. learn to trust from the heart and the mind. they allow the fear (of being hurt again) to block them so they shut down and this is where the misery and depression comes from because at the person’s essence is this desire for love – to give and be loved by the man or woman of one’s dreams. When you are feeling a certain way you are broadcasting. Trust your instincts. Overcoming Abandonment Abandonment is an illusion. People who have a hard time trusting don’t trust themselves. suspect. Even when you don’t know this. and depression when there’s a deep desire to trust or want to trust. They don’t trust that they are unique. They don’t trust that they are worthy of being loved.” Leave your comfort zone! Learn to trust but this time. or expect you will usually get. what are you broadcasting? Someone who has been hurt over and over again? A helpless victim who has no control over his or her destiny? Someone who is always abandoned or left? Being abandoned creates a defense mechanism in many people. God is still there. etc.

right? In pain is joy or pleasure. I can guarantee you that! The goal of pain is to process the pain without letting the heart close or shut down.“I just don’t want to be hurt. You are going through so much pain because of a deep desire for the opposite of pain (which is joy or pleasure). Djehuty!” This is what many clients tell me. They unwisely focus on what they don’t want more so than focusing on what they do want! Most hurt people miss the lesson of pain. because of unconsciousness. the objective should be to never shut the heart down in response to being hurt. they want love (true love) but because they think about being hurt and the pain associated with being hurt. And that’s what we all want at the end of the day. These people usually end up being hurt because they are unconscious of the language they are using. In fact. people are bringing hurt and pain their way due to ignorance. shutting the heart down to protect self. This leads to frustration and apathy. you damn sure won’t be receiving love with that same closed heart. Deal with the pain consciously! Deal with the pain while processing that pain because within that pain is information and knowledge that can help you learn a valuable lesson (or lessons) and arrive at the polarity of pain which is joy. There are many frustrated people in the world. it’s no way in the world you will be giving love with a closed heart. They just block . many women have told me that they just numb themselves. The Universe doesn’t process negative language so when we use the word “don’t” the Universe erases it and so our statement of “I don’t want to be hurt” becomes “I WANT (or desire) to be hurt!” And guess what? YOU GET IT! Hell. but you are missing the lessons. they create blocks to their own desires. You are focusing on the pain and not the lesson. This is unwise. we miss out on all the other gifts waiting for us and that come to us by way of an open heart. They want something but are afraid at the same time. because when we shut the heart down entirely. the words they are speaking. When we are hurt or pained. You see. Trust me. If you’re not giving love because of a closed heart.

things out! This is unwise! To block emotion and thought is to suppress them and whatever is suppressed is eventually expressed. Most young ladies I deal with have so much pain in their lives because that’s what they give the majority of their focus to. They focus way more on pain than they do joy and so pain is what they attract. Wherever thought goes, energy flows. If your attraction is pain then pain is what you will attract. Period! Whatever you think about the most is what you’ll attract the most. It’s that simple. In closing, I would like to focus on the analogy of an abandoned house and the person who feels abandoned. When we think of an abandoned house, we think of a house that is empty and void on the inside. It may even be neglected. It may be boarded up (guarded). Now apply the foregoing to the person who feels abandoned. Clearly these people who feel abandoned and/or who have a fear of abandonment are empty and void on the inside, in some respect. They feel neglected by someone whom they feel should have paid attention to them. They also are on guard. They have boarded up their hearts in an attempt to protect themselves, attempting to make sure they never get hurt again. No chances for these people! No risk either! They will play it safe. But there’s no adventure in safety! The excitement comes from reasonable risk. Risk is opportunity and for opportunities there must be chances. These people must learn to trust again, but with intuition, reason, and wisdom. They must learn to reprogram their minds. When negative and self-defeating thoughts arise, they must shut off that type of thinking and think the reverse – positive thoughts! “Nobody will want me!” becomes “I am desirous because of my energy, gifts (traits) and beauty!”

“He/she (my lover) will leave me for somebody else!” becomes “My lover is in my life permanently because of our energetic cord and connection that transcends the flesh.” “My mother/father abandoned me!” becomes “My mother/father fulfilled her/his role pursuant to contract so that I could experience valuable life lessons for my ultimate good and soul growth and thus I am grateful for the role this person played in my life and for my benefit.” “I am not worthy of love!” becomes “I am worthy of love because I am love and I emanate love!” “I can’t trust anyone because I’ll be hurt!” becomes “Because I trust myself I only attract trustworthy people into my life and trust is reciprocated and therefore I experience peace.” “He/she broke my heart!” becomes “He/she has helped to strengthen and purify my heart as I am processing the pain while my heart or 4th chakra remains wide open to receive and emit pure love.” “I’m afraid to get involved in a relationship with someone” becomes “I am eager and excited to get involved in a relationship with someone – my ultimate soul mate, because of all the joy and pleasure that awaits me in this blessed union or relationship.” Try these affirmations the next time you start thinking negative. In fact, affirm them daily and watch the miraculous results that transpire in your life and almost overnight. Changing your words will change your mind and when you change your mind – you change your life! This is how it works people! Your destiny is in your hands. You are the captain of your ship (life). Leave the dock and set sail upon the high seas of adventure and mystery. Open your heart and the true love you desire will come. Just as closed mouths don’t get fed, neither do closed hearts. As singer Madonna said in a song: OPEN YOUR HEART! Lastly, to all males out there with a female child(ren), just because your relationship with your daughter’s mother didn’t work out, you still have a

moral duty and obligation to help raise your daughter (and son too). Paying child support is not enough. Emotional bonding is important for a healthy father-daughter relationship. Little girls need guidance, protection, a sense of paternal security; love, and trust in their father. It helps them develop a healthy view of males and helps balance them. They’ll have better relationships with males in their future due to being attracted to males with similar qualities of their respected and endeared father. My good friend Harold Acey says that many black women have an unconscious and a conscious hatred of black males simply because they are mad at their black father for leaving them and not being in their lives. And not to alienate other races and nationalities by focusing so much on Black women (which is not my purpose and never is), but I’d be remiss if I didn’t state that many females in general have an unconscious or conscious hatred of males, period, because their father left them and wasn’t in their lives. I have also counseled numerous Caucasian women who suffer from abandonment issues. Many black girls have been raped, molested, and sexually assaulted and they are bitter, sad, and angry that they didn’t have a strong and protective father or father figure on the scene to protect them and thus they may resent all black males. They may learn to develop a general distrust of black males due to being violated by a black male. They may develop a feeling that black males generally are not reliable. Some may even make up their minds to only or exclusively date men outside of their race, seeing these men as real men – reliable, financially solvent, caring, considerate, trustworthy, provident, paternally inclined, marriageable, etc. The rampant disgust and mistrust of black males by many black females (who were abandoned and/or violated by black males) also plays a pivotal role in the high incidences of black female lesbianism. Many black female lesbians are not really lesbian at heart but are merely experimenting with this lifestyle and/or sexual orientation as a reaction to their disappointment and frustration with black males. Affirmation: I can never be abandoned because God is always with me!

Space clearing is very important in attracting and/or replacing. . or Mrs. Right come when Mr. You have to 86 (terminate) the relationship with the insalubrious or incompatible person. Oftentimes too many people talk of desiring their ultimate soul mate while in a relationship with a person that they know is not their soul mate. Clearing space for something new helps create the attracting energy to pull in the newly desired thing. Right to come or appear. Mr. Wrong his or her walking papers. that is. Right come as long as you are involved with Mrs. insalubrious. Right to come if Mrs.9. Well. or Mrs. You have to first remove to the old car so as to make space or room for the new car. Right will never come as long as you’re involved with Mr. You First Have To Get Rid of Mr. the same thing applies to relationships or a mate. you create an energy vortex that helps to bring in the new thing you desire. nor will Mrs. you must create the space for it – the physical arrival of it. or MRS. you have to first get rid of (LET GO) of Mr. or incompatible man? How can you expect a good woman to appear or come into your life while you’re with a bad. whom you’re with perhaps due to emotional and/or financial dependence and/or obligation. To attract a new thing. Wrong!” You can’t ask for a new car to park in your garage if you have a broken down car sitting in the garage. Wrong. or incompatible woman? Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time on the 3D level. The energy for a new car to take the place of the old car is blocked. Wrong is in his space in your life? How do you expect for Mrs. insalubrious. Wrong is in her space? For Mr. How can Mr. Wrong. When you make space for something. “To Make Room For Mr. or Mrs. How can you expect a good man to come into your life when you’re with a bad. You must give Mr. RIGHT. Wrong. or Mrs.

Only YOU can! The reality is – you’re already whole and complete if you would just realize this fact. It doesn’t shadow your dreams any more. You are whole. Now you can be in love. or Mrs. Wrong is injurious and therefore healing is necessary and required. Loneliness means you are thinking of another person constantly. Yes. a lot of damage is done when you’re involved with Mr.” Another person cannot make you whole or complete. it is imaginary.You have to create the space to draw in the person of your dreams as well as create the necessary space and time for personal healing. in your mind. Now for the first time you are in tune with your being and with your non-being. They don’t feel whole or complete by themselves. Many times. You are happy with yourself. In fact you are happy being alone and you are happy being together – you don’t have to choose between the two. Being with someone makes the person feel whole and complete and this is really not a good thing because if you don’t feel whole or complete by yourself. Wrong! The relationship is not healthy (and both parties really know it) but they cling together for subtle needs and obligations. Loneliness is like a wound. being with Mr. Loneliness means you are missing another person. Your happiness cannot be destroyed now. They are afraid of being by themselves. or Mrs. you are enjoying yourself. you feel happy. now you can become partners in the eternal journey. you are ecstatic with yourself. Whatever the case. Both are good. The other is in your fantasy. you’ll never truly be whole or complete. because you are ready to be alone anytime. Now you can go and share your wholeness. in your dreams. Now love can flow. Bit now love will be a sharing. people just can’t bear being by themselves or alone. When you start feeling your aloneness. Now you can allow anybody who is open to join your openness. not an escape. The other is not real. it doesn’t touch your purity any more. Usually. Please reflect on the words of the mystic Osho below: “Always remember the difference between aloneness and loneliness. usually or mostly emotional. This love will not be possessive. . another can enjoy it and share it but cannot destroy it. but it is there and because it is not real you feel lonely. the other drops from your mind completely.

Tell Mr. pain. and misery. Just as closed mouths don’t get fed. to receive love the 4th chakra must remain open. Remember. Stop blaming everything on love! Love is innocent. it just doesn't work out that way. Love can do no harm! Not in and of itself! . and don’t you come back no more! You can never have a happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey. the heart chakra or center must remain open. Jack. The way you're feeling. Love did absolutely nothing at all to you. nor do closed hearts. is the way you're continuing to pre-pave your journey. or Mrs. 10. Keep the heart center (4th chakra) open. JACK. by all means – keep the heart open. Refrain from blaming love as the source of all of your heartbreak. We must remember to give credit where credit is due and we must properly place blame where it belongs. Pain is a very valuable teacher. to emit that love. It can teach many valuable lessons. and likewise. Love didn’t hurt you! A person hurt you! Love didn’t cheat on you! A person cheated on you! Love didn’t leave you! A person left you! Love didn’t divorce you! A person divorced. and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more! Hit the road. and it's the way it's going to continue to turn out until you do something about the way you are feeling. You must keep your heart open and you cannot or should not give up on love – the love you desire and that you know belongs to you. – Esther Hicks Affirmation: I am the right person for the right man or woman that I share my life and love with unconditionally. Wrong to HIT THE ROAD. along the way. No matter how bad the pain from a heartbreak (breakup). “Learn to Process the Pain of the Heart Without Closing the Heart” Just because you may have been hurt doesn’t mean you can or should give up on love.

you’ll never have what you denounce or condemn! Also. why do you yearn to love. I help them to see their folly of their own use of words. If Prince Charming showed up they’d snatch him up quick. financial solvency. even in love. You must change your attitude as well as your aptitude pertaining to love and how you express love. When women tell me that they don’t have time for a man in their life right now. What they are meaning to say is that they don’t have time for the wrong man in their life. You know and I know it! What you may not want in your life right now is a complicated relationship and the drama that stems from it but you do want the ideal mate and relationship. An attitude that love isn’t for you is an attitude that will get you just that despite your deepest desires and dreams. If you tell yourself that you don’t want love. be loved. . When people tell me “Love don’t live here anymore” (the name of a song by my favorite female singer of all time Diana Ross).e. or don’t want a man in your life right now you’re only lying to yourself. But I know what the heart says and what it desires. love don’t live here anymore!” Referring to their hearts! I tell them: “If that was true. I retort: “ And you wonder why you don’t have your heart’s desire!” You see. etc. talking about: “I don’t have time for a woman in my life right now!” Yeah right! Let all the pieces to the puzzle fit. job security. nice home. luxury car. I don’t care what the mouth says because the mouth is the tool piece for the mind and the ego has a stage in the mind. Men would do the same thing if the princess showed up because too be talking that crazy talk as well. your mind is a block to what truly lies deep in your heart. Your attitude determines your altitude.I have heard women tell me: “Djehuty. i. or that you don’t want a man (altogether). and see if a man talks this jive talk! Men and women were made for each other and therefore we crave and desire for union with one another but life in the Matrix has made things so difficult and complicated and as such our unions and relationships with one another greatly suffer. Because of your attitude. and to be in love?” See. it’s easy to condemn what you feel you can never attain.

Life is about cycles. and inspiration. optimism. You’re more focused on being in a dark tunnel instead of focusing on the promise of and anticipation of light at the end of that dark tunnel. they become depressed. You have to persevere through the cycle. When you’re depressed. Depression is the polarity of hope. one’s focus on their prize. Depression.” Just because the sun may not be shinning on you right now doesn’t mean the sun no longer exists or that its light or radiance no longer exists. you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel simply due to seeing the tunnel. especially if you want your harvest. When people lose hope. motivation. You don’t go through things in life without a reason and without a higher spiritual cause. So don’t get caught up on a cycle (depressed state). typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. Watch the movie “Conversations With God. emotional pain). As singer Tyrese said in a song (“Why You Wanna Act Like That?”) “The sun is shinning somewhere even when it rains. If we don’t decode the message of pain (inner pain. Everything and everyone has their season for light to shine on them. To be depressed means to not be happy. you have to be grateful in the moment and start looking at and focusing on all that you do have and be . Darkness cannot last forever.” You have to always remember the saying: “ God does not bring you to a thing to not help you go through a thing. Pain is our friend and conveys a very important message to us if we would only listen. Depression is the result of losing one’s way. God is always with you.” Like another song says: “Trouble don’t last always!” So like another song says: “Hold on! Change is Coming!” You have to believe and have faith that change is coming! Instead of looking at or focusing on what you don’t have. Severe despondency and dejection. we may fall into a state of depression.It is high time that we learn to positively and constructively deal with pain.

How do we get to a state of positive or positivity when we are depressed? The answer is: By becoming inspired! By becoming motivated! By becoming optimistic! To depress a thing means to let the air (spirit) out of a thing. I internalized being positive. optimism. It can’t! Well. which is positive. things that make you feel good (without harming yourself and others). and you always have a choice to make and if you don’t make the choice then the choice will make you one way or another. CDs. and inspiration. Depression cannot survive in an atmosphere of positivity. and appreciative for all that you do have in the present moment. What impresses you? Who impresses you? Depression can be healed by being inspired and impressed! What inspires you? Who inspires you? What gives you hope? If you don’t know then you need to know or find out! It’s high time that you do some research and find out the answers to this important question. etc. Read and listen to positive material (books. It’s A Wonderful Life. hope. Send everyone on your e-mail list or Rolodex a positive filled e-mail and watch the responses you get back! When you do positive things and constantly and consistently. everything starts out with a decision predicated upon a choice. Music of the Heart. . Michael. Watch inspirational movies. Impress.e. The opposite of depress is impress.). but the first thing I did was make up my mind to be positive. What Dreams May Come. you will become positive. i. The Moses Code. etc. Slumdog Millionaire. Write positive things. here’s the solution to depression: Become positive! How do you become positive? Answer: By doing positive things. grateful. Even negative has its polarity. Face the Giants. You always have choice. To make (someone) feel admiration and respect . enthusiasm. Guaranteed! That’s how I became who I am. You see. Surround yourself with positive people.thankful. The Secret.

Whether consciously or by default. Read (or listen to) positive and inspiration material Be around lively people or people who inspire you Think of happy thoughts over your lifetime (your life can’t be all bad) Reflect on all the good statements and compliments people gave you that you can remember Wear lively colors – Red. happy. inspired. you chose to be depressed. You can also use Nature to help you heal. motivated. You made a decision to be depressed. and some of those herbs are nervine in effect and as such have a very tranquilizing effect on us. you made a decision. or Yellow (especially orange). you can also make the wise choice to become hopeful. Orange. and optimistic. jovial. If you are depressed. There are plenty of things you can do to heal yourself of depression. Nature has provided us with beneficial herbs. Just like you made the unwise choice to become depressed.Everything you do and experience begins with a decision you made either consciously or by default. These herbs include but are not limited to: Kava Kava Valerian Root Jatamansi Wild Lettuce Passionflower .

com utilizes the above herbs in its “Nerves Formula” (capsules) which is a very potent and effective formula that helps to calm you down.com “Nerves Tea” is also highly recommended as well as “Ethereal Bliss” which is a very potent. There are also essential oils that are nervine in effect and that can also help to naturally calm you down.Lavender (bud/flower) Catnip Skullcap Chamomile (effect is mild and minimal) St. alleviate stress. not their botanical names. to become tranquil. and exotic compound that contains monoatomic (etherium) gold which helps to open up one’s Sixth and Seventh chakras. effective. Dherbs. John’s Wort (effect is mild and minimal) NOTE: The above listed herbs are the common names give. Dherbs. which are the psychic and spiritual centers respectively. These essential oils include but are not limited to: Neroli Rose (Bulgarian or Otto) Lavender Linden Flower Davana Sandalwood . as well as to get a good night’s sleep and also to experience vivid and lucid dreams when the formula is taken before bedtime.

such as Pink Lepidolite and Purple Lepidolite.Valerian Chamomile (yellow or Roman) Mandarin Orange (peel) And there are also crystals that have a nervine and calming effect as well. An elixir can also be made using their properties. Pink colored stones are listed infra in another chapter. The best gemstones/crystals to help in cases of depression are the ones that naturally contain lithium. These stones can be applied directly on the 6th Chakra site (between the eyes/3rd eye location) or above the head at the site of the Crown Chakra. They include but are not limited to: All sky or light blue colored stones: Dolphin Stone (Lorimar) Blue Lace Agate Celestite Angelite Blue Calcite Kyanite Tanzanite Blue Chalcedony Pink stones (a/k/a Love stones) also can have a nervine and calming effect on you. Simply take polished versions of these stones and let them sit in distilled water overnight .

” Dherbs. Other Dherbs. If you’re suicidal. depression is only a sensor.com (that I created) that will prove helpful in your overcoming of depression include: “Mental Science Manual” e-book. “Elation Inspirant”. And please know that pharmaceutical drugs (antidepressant) are of no use and that the drugs ‘Prozac’ and ‘Valium’ have been reported to actually induce suicide by enhancing suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Look. It is conveying information to you. especially if you have already decided to end your life which would be a big mistake and a waste of time considering the fact that there’s no escaping life circumstances that you scripted for yourself (and merely forgot about because you got caught up in the Matrix) because you will most definitely come back and have to experience everything (life’s circumstances) all over again until you learn that lesson so that your soul can move on. Suicide results in stagnation and the only person that gets hurt is the person who commits suicide. that help is available. that something is wrong inside (of Self) and needs addressing. please watch the metaphysical movie classic “What Dreams May Come” starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. and “Spiritual Awareness Inspirant.com has many inspirational articles in its articles section on its website (look for “Articles” section). if you need help.(preferably exposed to moonlight). Drink 1 tablespoon daily or as needed. So give Nature and try over man who created a world whereby suicide is an attempt to escape from. my heart is open and will remain open to receive love! 11. How To Open and Close Your Heart Chakra At Will . After 24 hours have passed. as well as “Defending Your Life” starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep. and if you’re suicidal I highly and strongly suggest you read my article “Suicide”. Ask and it shall be given. seek and you shall find! Affirmation: As I process the pain I am experiencing at present. Mood Uplifter Inspirant”. Remember. and pour the water into a cobalt or amber glass jar and store it in a dark place (cabinet). remove the stones from the glass or container.

why do some clubs offer you aphrodisiacs in your beverages? Many clubs will offer you oysters (an alleged aphrodisiac) and herbs such as Damiana. and the male testicles as well as male ejaculation (called “busting a nut”). Clubs are places people go to meet people while dancing and allegedly having a good time. and subliminal messages that promote fast and lower nature sex. A nightclub is a serious grid of negative and imbalanced lower chakra energy. Break the words down and you have: 1. Learning how to open and close your Heart Chakra will prove invaluable for many reasons.e. why are clubs offering and serving you aphrodisiacs in your beverages (alcohol)? . Why? There’s a reason for everything. Yohimbe Bark. perhaps to exclusively get your groove on (to dance). and nuts are pejorative and slang terms for the male and female genitalia. 2. Muira Puama. Cock. wet cock) Tail = ass (“I’m tryin’ to come up on a piece of ass tonight”) and booty (i. and Horny Goat Weed. “booty call” when you call a person for exclusive purposes of coming over to get a piece of ass. balls (“lick my balls!” “stop swingin’ on my balls) and ejaculations (“I busted a few nuts last night!”) And think about it. you would want to close your heart chakra (as well as other chakras) so as to protect yourself from all the loose but damaged cords in the joint. These are herbal aphrodisiacs! Aphrodisiacs enhance libido. Cock = penis (suck my cock!) and vagina (she got a nice. But clubs promote lower nature sexual energy. tail. Clubs serve you cocktails and nuts. juicy. If you’re going to a club to dance. subtle messages. Nuts Cock. Tail.You have the ability to open and close all of your chakras at will and consciously. 3. which means to have sex) Nuts = testicles (“get off my nuts” or “lick my nuts!”). For example. if you’re at club. a piece of ass (usually that of the female). Clubs are filled with innuendos.

Instead. The actions all speak for themselves. she would issue out free condoms. California free condoms because she said Monday was the busiest day for clinics as hundreds upon hundreds of people would come into the clinic Monday morning with STDs or venereal diseases that they contracted over the weekend from someone they met at a club and had a one night stand with. Patricia knew what young people were doing over the weekends so as a concerned person. for a lot of males. warm. and soft. because that’s when most of the one-night stands are jumping off or occurring. because the woman (or male) is cheap. Clubs are no place for a lonely person or a person with low self-esteem (usually a female) and poor self-image to be. This person is like a sheep surrounded by wolves. a woman doesn’t have to be attractive for her vagina to feel good. I used to work with a woman named Patricia who used to work full time at the Los Angeles County of Department of Health and Patricia would give all the males who worked at General Cinema Theatres (South Bay Cinemas) in Redondo Beach. many males have the mindset that “Pussy don’t have no face!” Basically.Aphrodisiacs and alcohol is a very bad mix. Many females too are also out on the prowl for a nice stud to satisfy their lust and out-of-control hormones. but you can do so at a motel. You’ve already heard that “Gin will make you sin” and “Wine will make you lose your mind. Horny and lustful males will tell a woman anything to get in her pants. And by no means are there not females who act and think like these horny and lustful males described above. she’s taken to a cheap place. Motels will always exist because motels are for very short stays. Motels have their busiest hours during the weekends. especially in the wee hours of the night. Aphrodisiacs enhance libido or sexual energy and alcohol lowers inhibition. most guys are not about to spend a lot of money on a quick piece of meat (or ass) by getting a hotel room at some nice and luxurious hotel. You can’t rent a hotel room out for a few hours.” Aphrodisiacs and alcohol only facilitate one-night stands and that’s what clubs promote these days. And after all. . Remember. they just want to be in something that feels wet. Even if a female is not physically attractive.

Knowing that you have the ability to shut or close your chakras at will can help you from being in the above situation and category. We will concentrate on the seven major chakras system. and penalties). Okay. because they support the majors one. motel room fees. etc. In order to work in harmony. condom purchases. Chakras are known to have seven layers that spiral down into the body. and qi chong are good techniques to ensure proper functioning of the mini-chakras. clinic visits for STD infection. And nowadays. to work your chakras you must first know what the chakras are.Some people even agree to get it on in the back of a car! The lust is that powerful and the individuals are that unconscious and desperate. DUI arrests (bail. Yoga. So here’s a basic overview of your seven major chakras: The Seven Major Chakra System Chakras are spiraling energy centers. the body must have these mini-chakras perfectly working. fines.). This system also recognize many mini or minor chakras such as the palms of hands. police park a few blocks from nightclubs to make their DUI (driving under the influence) stops and arrests. Minor and mini-chakras The seven major centers are supported by several mini-chakras also called Nadis. foot. One of them is the palms of hands and can be used for drawing cosmic energy. alcoholic beverages. tai-chi. If you want to develop your chakras for more psychic power you need to work the mini-chakras first. cross-section of finger joints and the eyes. From club entrance fees. it all adds up to MISERY for the individual and PROFITS for the institutions (and corporations) of the Matrix. The Root chakra (Muldhara) . and possible abortions (due to getting pregnant by a stranger from a one-night stand situation). Most of the mini-chakras are in joint areas (finger. They are seven major chakras though some authors talk about ten major chakras.

The bija mantra to resonate with this chakra is RAM. the heart chakra is the chalice of both joy and sorrow. This chakra has the potential of . it is also man’s connection to the earth. The root chakra is known to govern the process of elimination. The third or solar plexus chakra (Manipura) Manipura meaning “city of jewels. This chakra is located in the lower abdomen. The second chakra (Svadhisthana) Svad means. The second chakra is associated with sexual energy. when the energy in this chakra is balanced we have a sense of connectedness. The root chakra forms the foundation for the raising of Kundalini energy. For the Hindu. centered between the navel and the genitals. The root chakra is located between the anus and genitals (perineum) and is symbolized by 4 petals. The Bija Mantra (sacred vowel) for this chakra is YAM. “to sweeten what belongs to itself” and dhisthana implies “its actual place. You can also use this chakra to connect with others at a higher level than with the solar plexus. You can balance this chakra with the sacred vowel UH (as in cup) and focus your attention on the chakra at the same time.Mula means “root” and “adhara” means support. the third chakra located at the solar plexus level is used productively when someone uses personal power to empower others because the solar plexus is also an important telepathic center to transmit emotions and feelings. The heart chakra (Anahata) Anahata meaning “unstuck note” Represented by 12 petals. Energy clairvoyant may not see this chakra as having or being red. The color association with chakras is something recent in man’s history. six represents the union of Yoni (female) and Linga (male) sexual organs. Associated with power.” Symbolized by 6 petals.” This chakra is symbolized by 10 petals arranged from right to left and is sometimes referred as the chakra of attainment. For some reason the color red is associated with this chakra.

the throat chakra is known to be the chakra of expression. The eyes. present and future but many of us do it in a counter-productive way. The crown chakra (Sahasara) Sahasara meaning “thousand fold” Located at the top of the head this chakra is represented by one thousand petals and is associated with fulfillment and spiritual energy. hypothalamus are in the area of this chakra. The bija mantra for this chakra is SHAM. It is good to use this chakra to explore lines of probabilities.unconditional love and can help you to make stronger connection with your soul. . The bija mantra of this chakra is HAM. The bija mantra for this chakra is OM. If you want to be in touch with the energy of this chakra. The brow chakra "third eye" (Ajna) Ajna meaning to “perceive” or “to command” This chakra is known for intuition and mental perception. This constant awareness is something called the Christ consciousness or cosmic consciousness. The throat chakra (Vissudha) Vissudha meaning “purification” Represented by a lotus of 16 petals. The constant awareness of the creative force in the Universe is the reward for the one who opens this chakra. we already use this chakra to explore the past. Professional public speakers and singers have a well-developed throat chakra because they have polished it by their practice. If you have this chakra blocked you may experience the problem of not being able to speak up or shut up. ears. ask a reiki healer for help. You can do that by calling your soul into your heart center and then chanting OM. but it always better to develop all the chakras in the same time to avoid unbalance. If you think you are suffering from a problem associated with the throat chakra. meditate on your oneness with the humanity and everything in the Creation. Remote viewing for your best probable future is a wise use of this chakra. pituitary gland. Psychic students often work to develop this chakra. Some illnesses associated with this chakra are laryngitis and tonsillitis. The brow chakra is located very close to the center of the brain.

Whenever you are in a peaceful. It is best to go one chakra at a time (opening them up) and you must see the color of that chakra Chakra First Second Third Fourth Name Root Sacral Plexus Solar Plexus Hermetic Plexus Color Red Orange Yellow Green Number of Petals 4 6 10 12 NOTE: The 4th Chakra has a lower and higher part and two colors. loving. You can open your chakras by simply envisioning your chakras as lotus flowers (with a certain amount of petals and all have certain colors or different colors).You should now have a basic sense and understanding of the seven major chakras or energy centers. See the chakras (as lotus flowers) slowly opening up (like when flowers blossom). working yourself up to the Crown or 7th Chakra. all of them. Fifth Sixth Seventh Throat Plexus Brow or 3rd Eye Crown Light Blue Indigo Violet 16 96 1000 . you want to consciously open your chakras. and positively energetic environment. especially the Heart Chakra. The lower part’s color is green and the higher part’s color is pink. It is important that you start from the Root or First Chakra up.

You love from this center. You may know the person is no good for you but you are connected to this person. Their intuition speaks to them but they ignore it. leeches. You also now know how to connect to cords (the ones that you want to connect to) and how to prevent connection of cords.) you are in a grid that is comprised of everyone’s aura or energy field that makes for a collective energy field or grid that can taint or pollute your individual aura and this is why it is helpful to know how to open and close your chakras. one by one – in your mind. classroom. and parasites. “The Power of the Fourth Chakra” The Fourth Chakra is the seat of unconditional love. impaired. When all of the chakras are open. To close the chakras. you are open to consciously receive. When the damaged cord connects to theirs (which may also be injured). or damaged. You have free will to do as you please and to do what best works for you. a connection happens and now you are involved with this person though you really may not know why. You console people from this center. You . building.” Unconscious people always seem to connect with insalubrious people. You nurture people from this center. use the same process. so start at the Crown or 7th chakra and work your way down. It’s an energetic case of “misery loves company. 12. arena. football stadium.Open up the chakra (see the color and the number of petals). When people are hurt. Anytime you’re in a public place or a building (club. their cords reach out to other people’s cords for stability or even to have someone to share their negative feelings. It’s your heart center. Now you know how to close your chakras before you enter a room. This is why you have to be careful and cautious every time you’re in public. but going from top to bottom. or facility so as to protect yourself from energetic vampires. You care about people from this center. You can also start from the bottom as well if you like. etc.

personal and non-personal. Experiencing love – both expressing and receiving – is a core drive within all of us.” It is such a wise decision to work on this chakra and keep it balanced. The Fourth Chakra is the epicenter of our personal magnetism! . and then sharing the resultant joy with others shows true heart. As the Fourth Chakra balances the upper and lower chakras. it also balances the material and spiritual worlds or dimensions leading to balance. The quest for love goes right to the heart of humanity. Finding out what you love to do and doing it. you are able to relate to both your personal life and your spiritual life. With an awakened heart. It is through this Fourth Chakra that you begin to merge with collective levels of reality.show compassion from this center. separate and distinct from all others. increasing the connection with universal energy. For a balanced view or perspective of life. When you love others in such a way that their happiness becomes a high priority in your life. as well as the bliss and creativity of the upper chakras. physical chakras. The upper three chakras are the collective aspects of the self. at least a harmonious connection that transcends differences between you and others must be felt to satisfy the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is where these two aspects of self meet and merge. An integrated Heart Chakra is balanced horizontally and vertically. You are integrated. one must look at life from this center. Like a mother’s love for her child. This is your true center. The heart is the mediator between ego and spirit. without getting drawn into their dramas. this is the stirring of the Heart Chakra. And if not love. Love is the natural outpouring of the heart. as well as being able to receive graciously from others. Being able to give without thought of what you will receive in return. Reflect upon the words of David Pond: “The aim of this chakra is to experience love. is a conclusive sigh of an awakened heart. You are able to accept those you meet and genuinely care for them. You give and share from this center. We need to start looking at life from this center. The lower three chakras deal with individual energy. You are able to experience the vitality of the lower. this is the love that is absolutely selfless – there is no ulterior motive other than love itself. Your true charity comes from this center. the seat of your soul.

However. Yes. and fantasized her and my relationship and life with her into existence. these pretty Betty Boop kind of eyes that were deep and mysterious. I actually became frustrated for a while. Back in early 2005. She had these big beautiful eyes. My relationships have all developed via mental intimacy and mental stimulation. California. this is a common theme with myself and all the women I have ever been in a relationship with. by mere use of mental science. The relationships never started off with me really being into them or physically attracted to them and actually vice versa. I noticed how she was looking at me while I was at the podium delivering my words. To handle the situation I just simply took my mind off of women. you run to. I couldn’t deny it. my personal astrology books were telling me almost every single day.” I had met Andrea in person (for the first time) while delivering a health lecture at a church in Hayward. I was not attracted to Andrea in an intimate and erotic sense upon meeting her. but then again. it’s really that easy and simple and I’m living proof of it. It didn’t help that I was very confused during this time pertaining to my female situation and every psychic called this out too. Mental attraction always preceded physical attraction. visualized. I kept denying the statements. what really stands out in my mind about that first meeting is that during my lecture. In all due honesty I didn’t pay that much attention to her (Andrea) during my visit in Hayward. “Attracting Your Soul Mate” You can attract your soul mate by mere use of the mind and applying mental science. But like the saying goes: “what you run from. “You are ready for love” but I didn’t believe the statements. with the exception of LaDauna Sanders and Meisha Atkinson (Sherman). Andrea had arranged the lecture through her church. imagined. . I attracted my beautiful soul mate and best friend – my wife. I knew and was very close to many women during this time in my life and they all had so many beautiful qualities that I admired.13. Your mind is your magic wand. so start using it to create all the magic you desire in your life. I thought.

something bigger than herself. But I knew this young lady was in search for life’s answers to life’s big questions. I saw deep into Andrea’s soul and knew so much about her. So the Church has you focusing more on Jesus than yourself and you have never met Jesus and you have known and been with yourself all of your life and you are still clueless and can’t get a grip on your life like Jesus did. open-mindedness. emotional balance. seeds were clearly planted (subconsciously) with Andrea. well. a woman had to have an intellectual mind that complimented other attributes and traits I looked for in a woman: maternal instincts. Jesus clearly stated that the Kingdom of God and the Mysteries of Heaven are found within – within Self! You have to go within. if you are in fact one) are not doing? For one. which is what I felt personally. I saw in her eyes that she was looking for truth. but it’s dark within. inhibition. This look was very fascinating to me. on a deeper and energetic level. She sat and watched me in a trance-like state and I do admit that while in this state she appeared very attractive to me. The mind of a woman always did turn me on. Now how about you? Are you doing what you came to Earth to do? Why you won’t and don’t even know if you are confused as to your true life’s purpose. etc. I saw right in her to her soul. that’s why many people go without because they are afraid of the dark where the real truth and answers are and have always been. Many people (especially women) will run to the church seeking answers to life’s questions and mysteries but they are not found in a facility or building made by the hands of man. very attractive to me. California in June 2005. . compassion. But in this lecture I gave in Hayward. sweetness. One thing’s for sure you know your purpose ain’t to be working some 9 to 5 job for the rest of your life so as to make ends meet or to pay bills as well as to finance corrupt government with your hard-earned tax dollars. Our connection began there whether we both knew it or not. She had a deep look on her face that showed interest in what I was saying. he lived his purpose – he did what he came to Earth to do. softness. Always! After physical beauty. She was in church to help pass her time while being single (as many women do).but sensually seductive too. dominating feminine nature. What did Jesus do that you (as a Christian. spiritual inclination.

she was somewhat high pitched as she was clearly into business mode. feminine. But when I spoke with Andrea the few times that I did before we met in person. It sounded good but not like it would in future months when we were not talking business. I was totally mesmerized. Gennifer had the most seductively. I never thought I would meet a woman with a voice that would top my friend Gennifer Anderson’s voice. innocent. What I remembered from that first conversation was her voice. we communicated mostly via e-mail. I called her to assure that my business was not a sham and that she would get her order as I would resend it out to her myself and take the loss of the first order. She carried so much in her that she never let out of the bag. sweet. . I always had the knack of making all of my female friends feel open and secure with me in conversation to share anything that may have been on their hearts and minds to talk about.com order she paid for but never received. It was strange how it all happened. Out of the blue she opened up to me and started revealing very personal things about herself to me. crisp. Before Hayward. but her voice was still sexy – very professional. and nice. our emails took a turn in a different direction.Andrea and I had been in communication since Late 2004 when I called her one Saturday morning in regards to a Dherbs. the woman had me with her voice. So while I wasn’t physically attracted to Gennifer. I was mesmerized by it. But after Hayward. We may have spoken by phone two or three times over a few months. Her voice really turned me on. I remember her telling me how good and assured she felt from our conversation before we ended the call. We spoke for a good 30 minutes and actually. passive voice I had ever heard and I was a sucker for her voice. Just her voice! I was never physically attracted to her though I admired her for being such a sweet soul. The softness of her tone! She was softspoken and articulate. the connection was initially made during this conversation and then enhanced during the lecture that followed months later. During that first conversation.

and up until this time in my life I lived and made decisions mostly by default.” Me wanting the love based on my conscious decision was the stipulation.com was off the ground though not making a penny in profit. a deliberate decision. The love was there and the time was right but I had to make a decision. awesome friends – females and .There were never any walls between my female friends and myself. However. I later learned it was mostly due to my Venus influence in my natal chart. They always felt free to tell me whatever they wanted to share with me. Clearly there was a trust and security established. It didn’t matter if I just met the woman either. This was a very fun and exciting period of my life. Around July 2005 I finally decided to heed the word of my daily astrology book that kept stating “the time is right for love (if you want it). One of the best times and years of my life! I really enjoyed it. This period of my life would be the first time that I would consciously make decisions pertaining to love and romance. an emotional sign (and showed me the side of a woman I had never seen before or could have known existed – sheer emotional imbalance with a sharp penchant for vengeance. but it didn’t help that she was a Pisces. and my spirit guides (I later learned via Kirlian photography that I in fact had 2 of them) and received all that I asked for.). it was the same effect. including money and material possession. etc. hatred. at least half of the time. destruction. “If you want it. Women always opened up to me on contact. All of my legal ordeals were over with or coming to an end. I was meeting new. I was starting to make more money from offering my healing services in addition to my consultations. It was so magical! Everything was going my way after a few dark periods (2002 and 2003). the legion of other angels. I had my two children back (from my first marriage) after a long ordeal whereby my ex-wife prevented me from seeing my children due to being emotionally upset and perturbed for various reasons. I had learned mental science and magic and had worked them to a T in addition to really getting familiar with my Guardian angels.” I’ll never forget how the book told me that the time was right but it almost always said. Dherbs.

My life was turning around for the better and the occult. but mostly females. It’s a shame that most people are afraid of these subjects above. Our union was one of “competition” as pointed out by astrological relationship analysis. I never realized my poor ex-wife was so insecure. but she was. and negative. I had realized that I didn’t consult with (study) astrology despite knowing the basics of it back in 1997 when hooking up with my ex-wife and realized that our union was a challenging one from the start because the need for attention was too paramount in the union and my ex-wife was the most attention-needing woman I had ever met and/or known in my life (a Piscean trait). the paranormal. who never wanted any attention. evil. especially religious people. People are conditioned to go outside of self to solve their problems and doing this only robs them of money as well as their personal power. etc. but it was my work. I despise emotional neediness (in any woman or even a man). a conflict erupted. Because she needed and wanted attention and I. mental science. and with Moon in Sagittarius in my natal chart. got under my skin. sinister. had all played a pivotal role in my life turning around for the better. My ex-wife became lost in emotion with jealousy at all the attention I was receiving from people. She greatly resented this. quantum physics. crystal-ology. astrology. I consciously put out to the Universe that I was in deed ready for love again after a nearly four year hiatus (celibacy). She began to despise any woman that I was good friends with and who would come by for consultations and friendly visits.males. It’s really sad that most people have been made to fear where the true answers to life’s ordeals and problems are hidden. She was greatly imbalanced in the area of emotions and her neediness. got all the attention from everyone around us. especially for attention. divination. Christians in particular. who believe they are dark. metaphysics. I decided to work my magic and mental science in the area that would be the last frontier for me as far as my life was concerned and that area was love. Conscious Minds). So. . especially with family and friends (and especially with the members of our group. a love that would lead to marriage and life lived happily ever after.

In unwavering fashion. The song was actually part of the soundtrack to a movie I also liked which also starred Olivia Newton John as well as Michael Beck.” . Asheme Patricia Bankins. beauty. I had always enjoyed the song “Magic” as it reminded me of one of the best years of my life – 1980. Virgo was my number one choice followed by Libra. and in more ways than one. but this particular song had always stayed with me even though as a 10-year old I really didn’t understand the deeper and magical statement being sang about in that song. Scorpio may be my astrological opposite. The relationship with Meisha was truly orgasmic. I offered up to the Universe my two choices – Virgo #1 and Libra #2. My home was inundated with crystals. but in 2005 I did and I really did believe in magic and that nothing could stand in my way. Never had I witnessed and experienced so much intense passion. I had spent thousands of dollars buying every single crystal that I desired and that resonated with me. the year was 2005 and I was about to embark on the greatest love rendezvous of my life and I was not about to make the same mistake twice. I internalized this song! It was (and still is) my life mantra. and that relationship greatly impacted me due to the double Venus influence of Taurus and Libra. I did my research on astrological compatibility and realized Virgo was my ideal mate for a long lasting. and sexual gratification and satisfaction. who had befriended me and who would just open up and voluntarily share so much information with me. I had discovered “The Crystal Matrix” Learning Center by serendipitous activity (which I now know was ‘synchronicity’ as there are no accidents) and it became my new hangout. but I consciously chose Virgo over Scorpio (Scorpio is a water sign and water signs are too emotional for me). and successful marriage full of compatibility. eroticism. sensual pleasure. or at least one of them as I do have a few of them. 1980s “Xanadu. romance. Around August 2005 I started playing Olivia Newton John’s song “Magic” as my new theme for my life at that time. I was learning so much from the owner. loving. which was still a part of my childhood years and my childhood years greatly impacted me (in a good way). Rev. I offered up Libra as a second choice only because the best relationship of my life up until that time was with a Libra – Meisha. I offered up to the Universe that I desired my next wife to be a Virgo. and intimacy.Well.

It actually worked better than my nervine herbs I used to take. Again. I was content with the Virgo choice because I became conscious of the fact that every single woman that I had met who was a Virgo. Almost daily! Love baths are awesome! Even though I was saying no to love for much of the year (2005). So. because in January of 2005. it was actually better than my Nerves Formula. But deep down. and Taurean sensual sex. During this time in my life I was big on what I dubbed “love therapy. to have no challenges with her. periodically looking at it.” I used to drink glasses of “love water’ daily. a beautiful woman who would be my wife. we instantly clicked. working my mental science – just thinking of how beautiful it was going to look worn around the neck of some beautiful woman. I like peace and ease in my relationships so it was important that I have myself a Virgo wife. so compassionate. my Venus was in Taurus . In fact. I was on automatic pilot. romance. It was the most beautiful Rose Quartz necklace I had ever seen or ever bought. my subconscious mind was already there and my conscious mind just had to catch up to it because I was creating blocks with my conscious mind instead of the other way around. Usually our blocks are created by and with the subconscious mind.So. I always longed for true and genuine intimacy. Always! There was instant and automatic attraction to Virgo females and when I became conscious of this. the choice for love for a wife and major soul mate was Virgo but I would settle for a Libra. but clearly. I knew I had to have me a Virgo wife because I needed authentic friendship. I started taking “love baths” too. It served as a nervine and sedative to me. my first choice was a Virgo female. I needed to be able to click with my wife. my last and final wife in the flesh on earth in this present life incarnation. We just clicked. Yes. There was harmony and this feeling like I had always known them. I cherished it! I bought it and stored it away. so calm. It made me feel so full of love. I overdosed on it. and peaceful. I purposely and specifically bought a beautiful Rose Quartz necklace that I would keep for my future wife.

so in effect. one Sunday evening I was at home watching Xanadu. and she was a Virgo-Libra cusp too! My request was Virgo #1 and Libra #2. She didn’t know it then but she was already mine as far as I was concerned. A nice. I was like “damn!” “The Universe is real!” I asked and I received! I was blown away! Then. but I really didn’t know her mind. About a week later after we dialogued on the phone again about astrology and numerology. I really began to focus on her as that possible woman for me. in one conversation one late night. Oh. sweet voice fascinates and captures me. Then. By this time in our friendship she had me with her voice. I was prepared to work magic to attract her. As I was watching Xanadu. The piece of paper actually read: “Djehuty Ma’at-Ra desires Andrea Camille for a lover and wife. Andrea called and it was this night that it was pretty much a wrap that she was the woman for me. soft.when I was born and these things are all attributes of Venus being in the sign that it rules. she told me her sign was Virgo. I wrote her name and birth date down on a piece of white paper. the Universe had given me precisely what I asked for. Things were getting somewhat intense between Andrea and I in our e-mails.” . as Rick James and Teena Marie sang about in a song they collaborated on. out of nowhere. especially being that Virgo I had requested from the Universe. We had been e-mailing one another consistently for a few months now. which was really an inspirational movie about love and believing that you can attract and have love. Andrea really opened up to me on this particular night and the question dealt with my views on women and what I was looking for in a woman. but an intellectual and feminine mind makes me a sucker for your love. At this particular time in the relationship I had no idea she was a Virgo. things got very personal. After that conversation.

I will now take this time to answer some common question pertaining to attracting one’s soul mate. become . I received an email from Andrea stating “I Love You. Djehuty!” I knew it was a wrap after that. Remember this thought and stay positive about it. what you seek to attract in a soul mate and you will attract it . Within about 10 days. develop a positive mental attitude yourself. How Do I Find My Perfect Partner. just concentrate on yourself. Simply be the best man or woman that you can be (in addition to being the best person that you can be). Soul Mate.I folded the piece of and placed it in a small wicker basket and covered it with a bunch of pink colored crystals and doused a few drops of Dragon’s blood oil on the crystals and placed the basket in my love corner. NOTE: The Love Corner is the nearest left-hand corner from the front or entrance door of your home or a room. my energy still reached her. If you want a spiritually inclined soul mate. Like attracts like! Become. you are attracting your soul mate via magnetism. How Do I Prepare For My Soul Mate? You prepare for your soul mate by working on yourself. Distant was insignificant as energy goes everywhere and within seconds too. become health conscious yourself! If you want a soul mate that has a positive mental attitude. Though she was in the Bay Area of Northern California some 300+ miles away from me in Southern California. quality-wise. There is no effort or struggle because everything is divinely timed. My magic worked just as I planned and the rest was history. Everything always happens in the proper time-space sequence. See. Simply remember that what you desire in a mate is out there.GUARANTEED! So simply put. or Ideal Husband/Wife? You don't find your soul mate (or ideal husband/wife or perfect partner)! You allow them to come into your life. Work on yourself! If you want a health conscious soul mate. The key is to remember to stay open and go with the flow. I successfully used the Law of Attraction and got what I desired.

Don't be general or generalize! The Universe gives you want you specifically asks for or what you don't specifically ask for. you might desire qualities such as: Physically beautiful Sex appeal Sensual nature Culinary arts skill (great cook) Maternally inclined (wants children) Financially secure Naturally femininely passive (yin-oriented) Spiritually inclined Religiously inclined Health conscious Politically astute . This is why you must specify because a person simply being just "good" won't be enough to keep the relationship going. Become what you seek to attract! This is how you prepare for your soul mate. It is the person's qualities that will keep you attracted after the initial physical attraction that captivates you. that's exactly what you'll get. For example. Therefore. If you're desiring a woman (wife). always specify the attributes or qualities you desire in a soul mate. however. they may come with numerous things that irk or annoy you. if you simply just want a good man or woman. etc. What Should I be Looking For or Desiring In A Soul Mate? You should be looking for certain qualities that you desire in a soul mate. this good man or woman may have certain or many defects and flaws that may prove fatal to the relationship in the end. but have many un-worked out issues from their past. He or she may be a good person. It is important to specify all that you desire in a mate.spiritually inclined yourself.

Intelligent (book smarts) Witty Supportive Compassionate Loving Caring Principled (morals. you might desire qualities such as: Handsome Intelligent (book smarts) Wise (possessing wisdom) Knowledgeable Health conscious Financially secure Economically viable Paternally inclined (desires children and to be a father to them) .) Understanding Patience (patient) Willing to learn new things Honest/honesty Emotional stability If you're desiring a man (husband). etc. integrity. ethics.

your blood is pure (body has been detoxified). It is really easy to know when you've met your soul mate when you are clear: your mind is clear. you'll get a general answer from the Universe. integrity. especially spiritually). How Will I Know When I Have Met My Soul Mate? You will simply "Just know it. Lust won't be involved. you'll get a specific answer. However. and conscious or aware (on all levels. you're balanced. These feelings will become clearer and stronger over the months and things will go and stay smooth. You may feel that you've met before (past life connection).) These are just a few examples of traits that you may be desiring in a soul mate. How you feel is your sensor. If you ask a specific question from the Universe. ethics. it is up to you as an individual to make up your own list of desired qualities and attributes. The Universe deals with specificity. Many people feel many of the above things with numerous individuals only to discover within a few months or years that the person is not for them (as a .Understanding Loving Supportive Patient Caring Mental stability Honest Principled (morals." You will feel it. feel an instant attraction. If you ask a general question to the Universe. etc. You will trust your feeling (instinct) and intuition (inner knowing). You will both connect. in tune with yourself. so SPECIFY what you desire.

clear-minded. however. They fail to realize that all that they don't like within their partner is merely a reflection of things that they don't like within themselves or possess within self and need to address. this is really because of the individuals . mannerisms. but can't see it or fail to acknowledge it. Most people. When you change your own frequency. This is how I met Meisha.my thinking. Whether a relationship succeeds or fail boils down to a choice made by the partners. in tune with themselves. a little flame. dress code. all couples can make it if they decide to. I simply made changes to myself . It starts off good. you change the type of people you attract into your life. You attract based upon the frequency you emit. you could say that most of my girlfriends were sort of hood-ratish (Easty) type of females because this was the frequency I operated on myself. .soul mate). back in 1992. challenges. and tribulations. etc. but then dies. and thus attracted a different caliber of woman into my life. voluntarily put the flame or fire out. Before Meisha. etc. setbacks.. We must remember that." Regardless of zodiac signs. difficulties. We actually violate the law of free will when we attempt to change another person. So what did I do to attract this young lady? Did I attempt to change another person and get them to be the way I wanted them to be or would have liked them to be? No! I simply made changes on myself and within myself that made matters very easy for me. due to being unconscious (unaware). All relationships start with a fire.not being aware (conscious). I later refined my tastes and attracted a woman into my life that reflected my newfound refinement. trials. odds. so it is very important to be conscious of the frequency you currently operate on or exist on and also send out. and it's up to the individuals of the relationship to decide to heighten the flame or fire or put the flame or fire out. This is very common. so they keep attracting mates/partners with the same qualities that keep giving them the same problems (drama) over and over again and then begin to expect that something is wrong with all women or all men. "Our liberty ends where the next person's liberty begins. for it's far easier to change self than it is to change another person. my first qualitative girlfriend. not in tune with their higher self. etc.

they are getting what they ask for.e. they have been programmed to extinguish fires rather than to feed them or magnify them. Being on the grind to "make a living" is usually time and energy draining whereas "living one's making" is not. but here within the Matrix or Net (world). What's the Most Important Thing That I Can Do Right Now To Be Open For My Soul Mate and Also to Ensure a Happy and Healthy Union When My Soul Mate Arrives? Great question! When I perform angel card readings for people. I would say to get off into your life's purpose. life purpose always comes up. there is an imbalance. Deep in their subconscious. material and spiritual. they destroy it (usually due to subtle and subconscious programming and fear of a successful relationship). you'd seek the spiritual truths and values of life (predicated upon higher or cosmic law) and realize that the Universe is your All-Provider and all that you need is easily provided for without selling out your soul for some energy-draining corporate job that you really dislike working at but do so because you operate on "survival" mode as a slave believing that YOU have to do things (i. . These individuals are unconscious and are harming themselves via their unconsciousness and ignorance. what you came to the planet to do in this particular and present lifetime. They put the fire out and then wonder how come they don't have or can't enjoy love and relationships. Therefore. Life is twofold. Unfortunately for these people. You are purposely blinded to the spiritual truths and values of life of which if you were conscious of this. We tend to be very open and receptive to things when we are in the flow of our lives or simply going with the flow. Many relationships end unnecessarily because folks get so sidetracked with "making a living" for purposes of covering the daily and basic necessities of life and its really not that serious as all of our needs are provided for by the Universe if we would just believe and practice utilizing the Universe.Many people have unknowingly become fire extinguishers or fire fighters rather than arsonists pertaining to love and relationships. making ends meet). it never seems to fail that when people ask questions about love and/or relationships. Discover your true life's purpose. They desire love and relationship but every time an opportunity manifests.

patience. everybody (especially religious folks. and personal drive. Triplicity denotes the category a sign belongs to that corresponds with the elements Earth. thorough. If you greatly desire loyalty. if you greatly desire a person (soul mate) that loves to serve and help out. earthy. It's great to learn about the individual attributes or qualities of each sign in the Zodiac as well as the collective triplicities and quadruplicities.e. then Aquarius is your best bet. The Earth signs are associated with sensation.e.January 19). Many zodiac signs are naturally inclined towards certain attributes and qualities that will help to make the relationship go smoother than it normally would. then Taurus is your choice. someone with perseverance. If you greatly desire someone with strong will. who loves to help people. Air. and quiet.So I say discover your life's purpose and get off into it fast and in a hurry. Balance is the key and astrology helps us to find balance in our selves. stability and commitment. Remember. i. then Aries is your choice or best bet. In . over exertive. practical. loves social change. and material.September 23). Virgo (August 24 . and people with a lot of earth in their make up are solid. intelligence.May 20). Water. “Earth represents one's material resources. i. and relationships. Virgo is your best bet. Myself personally. Jews. Earth signs are "practical" and include Taurus (April 20 . Christians. is somewhat fringe. dependable. For example. mates. The people born under these signs are pretty much the same. I would (and did). If you greatly desire someone who loves knowledge. stability and practicality. Muslims) may not embrace astrology due to his or her beliefs (which are usually linear) on the art and science. overprotective. and Capricorn (December 23 . and somewhat rebellious and iconoclastic. and Fire. environment and possessions. cautious. grounded. Great blessings await you if you follow your heart! Should I Consider Astrology In Desiring My Soul Mate? The choice is totally up to you. responsible.

water will douse it. It is the element of agility and beauty. “Fire represents one's desires and creative energies. perspective. People with air in their astrological compositions are intellectual. human feelings and one's ability to love and sustain.” Horoscopes FAQ Water signs are "emotional" and include Cancer. exciting.e. earth will suffocate it. and moody. emotional.June 22). Scorpio (October 24 .e. It is the .October 23). fiery. air feels that water will obscure it. The Air signs are associated with thought. The Water signs are associated with growth processes. imagination. In combination with the other elements. secretive. fun loving. and Sagittarius (November 23 . “Air represents the intellect and one's ability to reason and communicate. intuitive.February 19). and somewhat self-centered (but not in a bad way). “Water represents imagination. air will evaporate it.” Ibid Fire signs are "inspirational" and include Aries (March 21 . imaginative.” . and easily take the initiative.December 22). energy.combination with the other elements. communicative (talkative). passion. seductive. and deep feeling.November 22). and communication. and people with a lot of fire in their make up are confident. The people born under these signs are pretty much the same. objective.July 23). but earth will shape and channel it. The people born under these signs are pretty much the same. bright. and heat. lively. intuitive. i. insightful. and very friendly. but fire will inspire and uplift it. and Aquarius (January 20 .Ibid Air signs are "mental" and include Gemini (May 22 . but air will fan and enliven it. hastiness.August 23). mental. earth feels that air will suffocate it. identification and emotion. but water will refresh and nourish it. and people with a lot of water in their make up are sensitive. learned.e. Leo (July 24 . loving. i. In combination with the other elements.March 20). idealistic and articulate. fire feels that earth will smother it. It is the element of strength and growth. fire will burn it. It is the element of healing and spirit. i. (June 23 . water feels that fire will make it boil. warm. Libra (September 24 .April 20). The Fire signs are associated with action. and Pisces (February 20 . inspirational. The people born under these signs are pretty much the same. In combination with the other elements.

observation. My newest son. [males]. Ruthie Grant (friend). I had a second choice as well. . et al. Danyelle Harris (spiritual sister). Brother Heru. and experience) that Virgo was the best sign for me as a Taurus in a relationship (marriage). Rae Stevens (friend). planet of love and beauty. et al.). to Amen Aua (Eric Fletcher). I simply got along and liked every woman (and male) that was a Virgo and so I was able to deduce (from personal studies. Aida Rodriguez (friend). there was an immediate fondness. or just got along without effort. we INSTANTLY clicked and hit it off from the start. When I was ready to come out of my four year shell (time I took for myself after the divorce) and receive my wife. Rain (Keke) – spiritual cousin. Aundrea Rogers (Meisha's mother). Paris Chatman (dear friend). Earnest Cooper. I made sure to specify to the Universe that I desired a woman born under Virgo. little brother and sister (fraternal twins) Michael and Michelle Cooper. Libras are swell people to me and some of the best people and dear friends in my life are Libra including my father.' I was able to substantiate this choice by thinking on and realizing that every single female that I ever met and who was a Virgo. Ajani Ma'at-Ra is also a Libra. Nettera. had an attraction from the start (be it platonic or intimate). And as you now know.I. Belinda Chambers (dear friend). her daughter.P. Libra and Taurus are both signs ruled by Venus. and Keith Cooper (cousin). [females]. so this was a powerful union (with Meisha) in every way.element of focus and prosperity. From Andrea (my wife) to Nadia (niece).Ibid After I divorced my first wife. one that greatly positively impacted me. a Pisces. which was Libra as I also got along great with Libra and one of my best relationships was with a Libra (Meisha A. Sr. Michelle Woods (friend).” . Sherman). I consciously began to study the attributes of all zodiac signs (of the Western zodiac) and realized that my best choice or catch in a wife was a woman born under the constellation 'Virgo. Akua Aset (Nick Roques). (R. when I wrote my list of desired things in a soul mate. Crystal Grant (friend).

There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something. by piece it begins to unfold. and a Libra secondarily. get hold of the feeling of it even before it's manifestation. so they make for some of the biggest so-called 'victims' (unconscious participants) and sheep on the planet because they do not understand and live in accordance with cosmic law. That's the feeling of your hands in the clay. including things of a paranormal nature. – Esther Hicks Folks. . I got both! I got both signs in one person because my wife is a Virgo-Libra cusp. there is nothing wicked or evil in the Universe. yoga. as piece by piece. But a physically attractive person to go along with your desired inner qualities makes a big difference and greatly helps out. not with an OPEN mind. therefore. Muslim). Yes. astrology. it all comes from the same source. i. define what they want. Jew. and then joyously watch the unfolding. born on September 23rd! I thought this was powerful and fascinating.e. usually going by some alleged holy book that they themselves didn't write and/or some religious leader who does most of the thinking for the flock who also didn’t write the book. because I expressed to the Universe that I primarily desired a Virgo. but it is because they are ignorant to such arts and sciences and really have not studied these art and sciences on their own and for themselves and if so. Energy is energy and there is polarity. inner handsomeness and inner beauty manifest externally. How Important is the Outer Shell or Physical Makeup of the Person (Soul Mate)? It is important. But we should never forget that. believe that a lot of Eastern practices and so-called New Age arts and sciences are in fact wicked and evil. like the Temptations sang in a song: "Beauty is only skin deep. most of whom are linear-minded due to their limitedness in knowledge. meditation." There are a lot of pretty women and handsome men in the Matrix who will do you in and turn your life upside down if you let them. They are primarily BELIEVERS and not KNOWERS. etc. Usually. the Universe does listen and respond.Funny thing is (as I mentioned this above). good and bad are both the same things only differing at degrees. crystals. but not that important when the qualities you desire are manifested. All is energy! So whether good or bad. Many of our Western religious brethren (Christian.

and intimacy. and how we interact with the environment as well as other human beings. as far as personality is concerned. But astrology can help us here because our whole lives. Astrology can reveal to use pertinent factors about our personality. Signs of the same element usually see life the same way. we set ourselves up for failure by simply choosing our mates based upon external looks or physical attractiveness and/or status and finances. your sign’s polarity sign is the sign that really gives your sign balance. Seldom do we look for compatibility in our traits and especially our personality. how we perceive life or reality. marriage. Below is a list of astrological opposites for your astrological edification: Aries (Fire) and Libra (Air) Taurus (Earth) and Scorpio (Water) Gemini (Air) and Sagittarius (Fire) Cancer (Water) and Capricorn (Earth) Leo (Fire) and Aquarius (Air) Virgo (Earth) and Pisces (Water) . therefore this gives signs of the same element an advantage in relationships because similarities usually leads to more harmony and harmony is what is needed to keep relationships and partnerships together. Often times.Affirmation: I am ready for my soul mate because I am open for my soul mate to come into my life at this very moment! 14. However. romance. However. are mapped out in our natal or birth charts. It is harmonization of personality and interactions with others that keep our relationships and partnerships together. many challenges are experienced before the union can arrive at balance. “Astrological Match-Making and Romance” Astrology is a very important science in choosing a mate. Understanding and tolerance of others’ differences (due to unique personalities) also help us out.

Cancer. Leo: Aquarius. Pisces. Leo. Virgo: Pisces. Sagittarius. Scorpio. Aquarius. and Gemini. Pisces: Virgo. and Leo. and Libra. Cancer. Aquarius. Aquarius. Pisces. Capricorn: Cancer. Scorpio: Taurus. Pisces). and Aquarius. Capricorn. Libra. Scorpio. Sagittarius. Leo. Gemini. Leo. Leo. Capricorn. Scorpio. Libra. Air signs (Gemini. and Pisces. Sagittarius) Best signs for: Aries: Libra. Sagittarius: Gemini. and Sagittarius. Gemini. Aries. Taurus: Scorpio. and Scorpio. Virgo. Aquarius. Virgo. Aries. and Aries. Gemini. Libra. Taurus. and Aquarius) do well with Fire signs (Aries.Libra (Air) and Aries (Fire) Scorpio (Water) and Taurus (Earth) Sagittarius (Fire) and Gemini (Air) Capricorn (Earth) and Cancer (Water) Aquarius (Air) and Leo (Fire) Pisces (Water) and Virgo (Earth) Earth signs (Taurus. Libra. Cancer: Capricorn. Aquarius: Leo. Taurus. Gemini: Sagittarius. and Taurus. Pisces. Aries. Pisces. Libra: Aries. and Cancer. and Capricorn. Sagittarius. Capricorn. Sagittarius. Scorpio. Leo. Capricorn. Scorpio. and Virgo. Aries. Taurus. . Capricorn) do well with Water signs (Cancer. Virgo. Taurus. Virgo. Libra. Gemini. Cancer. Cancer. Virgo.

Venus in Taurus falls quickly in lust. attributes. Following is a brief list of Venus’ influence through the 12 various Zodiac signs: Venus in ARIES: Desires attention and flattery. flirtatious. The planet Venus deals with our desires – what we desire in a mate and what we desire in a marriage or relationship. moody and emotionally possessive. hedonistic. sensuous. charming. love. Venus in Aries falls in love quickly and is attracted to dominant partners. A great aspect of astrology that helps in matters of marriage.e. faithful. passive. romance. including their sexual traits. and intimacy is to discover what sign was in the planet Venus during the time of birth. though it sounds strange. fickle and emotionally detached. After your astrological polar or opposite sign. idealistic. possessive and jealous. . As just explained above. Pisces with Virgo. Venus in GEMINI: Desires mental stimulation. i. impulsive and demanding. inconstant Venus in Gemini falls in and out of love fast and is attracted to lively. It is unification of poles or polarity that gives balance and harmony. and qualities. like Yin and Yang. passionate. Venus in TAURUS: Desires sensual satisfaction. affectionate. intellectual partners. Below is a list of the signs by elements they belong to and their personal traits. you may have realized that each sign starts off with the Sun sign’s opposite or polarity sign. Venus in Cancer falls cautiously in love and is attracted to maternal types with money in the bank. clinging. but your astrological opposite is actually your best match and catch because the opposite sign (to your Sun sign) helps to balance you. cautiously in love and is attracted to voluptuous partners.If you are astrologically astute. the signs of the same element your sign shares is your best match or catch. and finds deep satisfaction in marriage. erotic. Venus in CANCER: Desires emotional satisfaction and constancy.

passionate. To determine where Venus is in your natal chart. accommodating. erotic. Venus in Scorpio falls permanently in lust or love and is attracted to temptresses or darkly handsome types. and faithful. dispassionate and magnetic. generous. sociable. companionable. rapidly in lust and is looking for a status symbol. controlled and critical of his or her partner. Venus in Sagittarius falls rapidly in and out o love and seeks a ‘courtesan’. seductive and elusive. unrealistic and self-indulgent. Venus in SAGITTARIUS: Desires companionship. cool until sexually aroused. Venus in Pisces confuses lust with love. dramatic. Venus in VIRGO: Desires perfection. falls quickly into both and is attracted to a fantasy. Venus in Leo falls instantly in lust. lusty. intellectual types. romantic. flirtatious. Venus in PISCES: Desires emotional melding. demanding. Venus in Libra falls easily in love and is attracted to a charmer. warm-hearted. rapacious. Venus in SCORPIO: Desires intensity and drama. Venus in CAPRICORN: Desires respectability.com Natal Chart performed. independent and promiscuous. erotic. reserved. an entertaining companion. charming. generous and vain. accommodating. Venus in LIBRA: Desires a ‘significant’ other.Venus in LEO: Desires adoration. Romantic. Definitions above given by Judy Hall. amorous. falls cautiously in love and is attracted to the ‘perfect’ partner. slowly in love and is attracted to strong personalities. Venus in AQUARIUS: Desires emotional freedom. Visit our “Services” section in our “Online Store. sensuous.” . manipulative and faithful. consider having a Dherbs. Venus in Virgo over-analyzes feelings. jealous. Venus in Capricorn falls cautiously in love. Venus in Aquarius falls reluctantly in love and is attracted to unconventional. undemonstrative.

gentle lover. traits. affectionate. always follows experience.e. likes rigidity. Air. and attributes that you are looking for in a mate/spouse? What attributes and qualities can you live with and put up with because you understand why they are present in the person (mate/spouse)? It is very important to know the positive and negative attributes. Below is a basic listing of common attributes and qualities and positive and negative traits of each sign according to element (i. slow but sure. and Fire). and patient. You must know what you want in order to get what you want. can be very hostile to change. The Universe responds to specificity. a faithful and generous friend. carnal. can be very romantic. practical. straight. Water. great stamina and physical endurance. NEGATIVE TRAITS: Can be melancholic. strong-willed. good-looking.Astrological-based qualities and attributes are very important in the selection process. sharing the rest of your present life incarnation with as husband and wife. What are some qualities. Earth. gentle and even-tempered. modest. intense libido. stable. loyal. can also be jealous to the point of possessiveness Virgo . traits. will do anything to maintain security. a straightforward lover not given to experimentation. POSITIVE TRAITS: Solid. EARTH SIGNS: Taurus: COMMON TRAITS: The purest Taurean tends be “earthy’. strong in body and personality. has difficulty in forgiving and forgetting SEXUAL TRAITS: Very lustful. loves comfort and luxuries of every kind. insatiable appetite for sex. sensuous. and qualities of a person you are considering living with and more importantly. slow to anger but when provoked very violent and furious just like a bull.

unsophisticated. fair. rocklike and cautiously confident. strong lover. self-critical. sometimes hypochondriacs. and judicious. cleanliness and order. very passive and receptive (will offer entire body to lover). well-spoken. and depressive. fastidious. affectionate but not passionate. witty. conscientious and thorough. economical. patient. can be loyal and reliable partner. hardworking. stable. NEGATIVE TRAITS: Shrewd. NEGATIVE: Slow. prone to suppress emotions. WATER SIGNS Cancer . ingenious. indecisive. collected. very shy when it comes to intimacy – trust is a must to open up and express self. lust for power. and a perfectionists approach. hidden mercurial temperament. loves authority. witty. critically inclined. clear-headed. sensible. strong-willed. logical. can be very mechanical and routine with sex. charming. eye for detail. changeable. independent. worries excessively. Known as whore of the Zodiac (along with Libra). practical intelligence. hardworking. sets high standards. frequently melancholic. tough. unstable. acute mind. Capricorn COMMON TRAITS: Pure Capricorns are predictable. an outward lack of feeling might conceal too much inner emotions. unyielding. fickle-minded. plodding along on a steady course. POSITIVE TRAITS: Observant.COMMON TRAITS: The pure Virgo insists on common sense. practical lover. stubborn. emotionally sensitive to the put they shut down SEXUAL TRAITS: Keeps tight control over own emotions. discreet. with the right partner very loyal and affectionate. loves refinement. melancholy. serious. can be very shy. SEXUAL TRAITS: Demanding of respect and admiration. rational. POSITIVE TRAITS: Honest. subtle. studious.

sensitive and conservative. can be intense. have very limited will-power and ambition. obstinate. tenacious. quick to detect insult. inspired. deep occult interest. loves with intensity. can be constructive and loyal friends. SEXUAL TRAITS: Often highly sexed. reserved in conversation. kikes a time to be solitary. wise. attached to home environment. Pisces COMMON TRAITS: The pure Piscean has a malleable nature. inventive and trusting. intuitive. powerful. phlegmatic. romantic. apparently unemotional. can be extremely obsessive and jealous. a time to be social. Scorpio COMMON TRAITS: Traditionally pure Scorpions are said to have characters of a violent and irrational nature. withdrawing. home-loving. and gives more than takes. rational and honest. sensual and energetic. moody. loves deep. believes in long term relationships. and lethargic. POSITIVE TRAITS: Energetic. POSITIVE TRAITS: Self-discipline. intuitive and analytical. possesses magnetic attraction. weak concentration and are easily diverted. SEXUAL TRAITS: Strong sex drive! Passionate and physical.swinging between extremes. easily hurt. and are easily moved by emotions. deep interest in the occult. can be overly sensitive. is sensitive to feelings and often popular because of easy-going. very emotional. . sympathetic. cold towards ‘outsiders’. dislikes discipline. can be badly wounded when experiencing disloyalty.COMMON TRAITS: The nature of the pure Cancerian is akin to the nature of the crab: the hard outer shell conceals a soft and vulnerable interior. affectionate. imaginative. they are more emotional than rational. passionate. dynamic. sentimental. accepting of circumstances whatever they may be. NEGATIVE TRAITS: Very easily hurt. a loyal and devoted friend or parent. dignified. and submissive nature. sensitive.

enthusiastic. optimistic. anxious to please partner. affectionate. amiable. they are ambivalent. Libra COMMON TRAITS: The Libra is a person of balance and harmony. patient. great eye appeal for fashion. often a chronic inability to make decisions. pessimistic. kind. romantic. and specious. are very intelligent and humane. well-disposed. sensitive. NEGATIVE TRAITS: Unreliable. and irritable. clever. NEGATIVE TRAITS: Egocentric. gentle. sullen. self-interested. adaptable. artistic. and sociable. good taste. lively. impractical. dishonest. and logical. naïve.POSITIVE TRAITS: Sympathetic. superficial. flirtatious. good perception. even-tempered. happy. loyal. idle. POSITIVE TRAITS: Versatile. never egotistical. never dull. imaginative. AIR SIGNS Gemini COMMON TRAITS: A certain duality is apparent in the pure Geminian. unscrupulous. deceptive. can be intellectually dishonest. affectionate. shifting outlook to the point of being elusive. sexually delicate. great endurance. uninhibited with the right partner. unromantic. submissive. ingenious. and idealistic. thoughtful. good-natured. gentle. easily influenced with a tendency for extremes if psychologically unbalanced. . careless. liable to fall in and out of love. shrewd. very judicious. fickle. unconscientious. attractive. impartial judgment. insatiably curious. sensitive to the needs of others. friendly. charming. POSITIVE TRAITS: Even-tempered. elegant. given to experimentation. peevish. generous. courteous. shy. good critical faculty. SEXUAL TRAITS: Fickle. restless. often contradictory. optimistic. SEXUAL TRAITS: Loving. principled. complex personality. ineffective.

they tend to hide their character. strong convictions. . refined. faithful. manipulating. concise. shallow. unforgiving. moderate. they love freedom and welcomes challenges. feels unity with Nature. ambitious. however. fanatical eccentricity. extremist. practical. impulsive. frank. frivolous. impatient. provides personal freedom and is not restricted. as leaders – strong. and intuitive. rough and rude. excessive detachment. objective. kind and humane. NEGATIVE TRAITS: Choleric. rigid. balanced relationships. changeable. do not make friends easily. and can be promiscuous (known as whore of the Zodiac along with Virgo). unoriginal. positive. Aquarius COMMON TRAITS: often both idealistic and unconventional. tenacious lovers. open-minded. logical. FIRE SIGNS Aries COMMON TRAITS: This personality has all the virtues of vices traditionally associated with masculinity. shrewd. Ariens are adventurous. can be gloomy. they are truth seeking. SEXUAL TRAITS: Gentle and romantic. intellectual in a practical way. indecisive. POSITIVE TRAITS: Frank. POSITIVE TRAITS: Unprejudiced. natural charm arouses feeling of affection. enthusiastic. as followers – troublesome. outgoing. bad tempered. fearless. loves liberty and personal freedom. SEXUAL TRAITS: Happy to live alone. and initiative driven. NEGATIVE TRAITS: Sometimes perceived as cold. greed for approval.NEGATIVE TRAITS: Intolerant. rash. genial. reasonable. ethereal. and deceptive. energetic. passionate lover. very good disposition. wary of permanent relationships. open to new ideas. bold. are impatient. impulsive. idealistic. too withdrawn. quick. direct. when undeveloped liable to be violent. active. tolerant. imaginative.

cunning. and irritating. very generous. self-centered. a fun lover – full of excitement and thrills. just. strong sex drive. a strong idealistic nature. frivolous. can be promiscuous. ill-tempered. they have a happy-go-lucky attitude to life and a careless indifference to the consequences of actions. uncomplicated. urge to explore. and moral. emotional. strong-willed. honest. finds it difficult to relinquish the dominant position.SEXUAL TRAITS: Dominated by emotional life. courageous. SEXUAL TRAITS: Unlimited sexual lust. can be sexually uninhibited. self-confident. NEGATIVE TRAITS: Quick to anger. open and generous attitude to life. bombastic. Sagittarius COMMON TRAITS: This sign possesses great potential often not realized. humane. positive. loyal. personal magnetism. . trustworthy. can bore of monotony. generous. independent. truthful. sexual egotism can be tempered by romantic side of personality. modest. outspoken. jealous. POSITIVE TRAITS: Ambitious. intrepid. impatient. POSITIVE TRAITS: Honorable. rigid. energy. active. Leo COMMON TRAITS: The pure Leo has a commanding personality and stands out from the crowd. boastful. domineering. social and not afraid to bully. can be promiscuous. religious. hasty. autocratic. SEXUAL TRAITS: Sincere and straightforward in sex. can be dominated at times by lower sexual nature. courteous. given to experiment. outgoing. suspicious. unloving. an extrovert. need to feel free. a leader always seeking a position of command. versatility. indulgent but usually tempered by discipline. sexually adventurous. insatiable sex drive. NEGATIVE TRAITS: Arrogant. intolerant. sexually adventurous. enterprising. independent. bold. not a jealous and possessive lover. sincere. ritualistic and routine-oriented.

The color pink emits the frequency we ascribe to love. and astral. Healing the Heart. “Using Crystals and Gemstones For Purposes of Love. all pink colored stones/crystals can be used to repair the heart from emotional damage. Therefore. emotional. It aligns the heart chakra to the higher chakras. . and Attracting Your Soul Mate” Crystals and gemstones are great tools for healing on all levels: physical. especially the Crown chakra. We can use crystals and gemstones to heal the heart. Pink colored stones/crystals include: Rose Quartz Pink Opal Pink Tourmaline Pink Aventurine Rhodochrosite Rhodonite Pink Calcite (Mangano) Pink Chalcedony Pink Mica Morganite Pink Beryl Pink Kunzite Sugilite Danburite Pink Stillbite Pink Smithsonite Pink Lepidolite Pink Dolemite Pink Petalite Danburite is a highly spiritual stone carrying a very pure vibration and working on the heart energy. mental.15. spiritual.

creating space to enjoy life and living. Assisted in feeling loved and supported by the Universe. especially for people who feel unloved. bringing in unconditional love. It reawakens love in those who are married but jaded. Pink Smithsonite Has a very loving vibration. Pink Tourmaline is an aphrodisiac that attracts love in the material and spiritual world. producing loving thoughts and communication. and although this is not always pleasant. rebuilding trust and security.Pink Beryl (Morganite) Attracts love and maintains it. It disperses emotional pain and old destructive feelings through the heart chakra. Rhodochrosite attracts a soul mate but this may not be the blissful experience you’re hoping for. As a pink stone it activates and cleanses the heart chakra. Pink Stillbite is a highly creative stone that opens the intuition and carries a loving and supportive vibration in any endeavor. and confirms that it is necessary to love yourself before you can hope to be loved by others. and experiences of abandonment and abuse. It is an excellent stone for the heart and relationships. Kunzite can be used to clear emotional debris and to free up emotions. Pink Calcite (Mangano) is a heart crystal in contact with the angelic realm. Pink Petalite Clears the heart meridian and emotional baggage. clearing the victim mentality and opening the heart to receive unconditional love and healing. It heals the heart. especially that carried forward from other lives. Soul mates are the people who help us to learn our lessons in life. healing heartache. Rhodochrosite represents selfless love and compassion. Pink Kunzite awakens the heart center and unconditional love. A stone of forgiveness. it inspires trust in love. and synthesizes love with spirituality. which it cleanses. it is helpful in convalescence and soothes pain. Rhodochrosite . Providing assurance that it is safe to love. It encourages loving thoughts and actions. it releases fear and grief that keep the heart trapped in the past. It is the stone par excellence for healing sexual abuse. It is a powerful stone for dissolving conscious or unconscious resistance to healing and transformation. it is for our higher good. It radiates peace and connects you to universal love.

and abuse. I programmed a piece of this stone and sent it to my soon-to-be wife when we resided in separate cities (Andrea in Northern California and myself in Southern California). Judy Hall Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is extremely beneficial in cases of emotional self-destruction. In existing relationships. Rose Quartz opens your heart so that you become receptive. it will restore trust and harmony. and encourage unconditional love. Rhodonite clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past – whenever that might be – and brings up for transmutation painful emotions such as festering resentment or anger. it helps in taking back projections that blame the partner for what is really inside the self. it is so effective in drawing love and relationship toward you that it often needs amethyst to calm things down. You cannot accept love from others nor love them unless you love yourself. look no further than romantic rose quartz. Releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache and transmuting emotional conditioning that no longer serves. If you want to attract love. codependency. It can be used in past-life healing to deal with betrayal and abandonment. clears. and activates the heart and the heart chakra. balances yin-yang. Judy Hall Rhodonite is an emotional balancer that nurtures love and encourages the brotherhood of humanity. and brings deep inner healing and self-love. It grounds energy. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels. Emotionally. Rose Quartz teaches you how to love yourself.” Sardonyx This is one of my favorite stones. and aids in achieving one’s highest potential. Placed by your bed or in the relationship (or Love corner) corner of your home. This stone stimulates. If you have loved and lost. Sardonyx “brings lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships. If you have never received love. and removes denial. Rose Quartz is the finest healer. This stone has a strong resonance with forgiveness and assists in reconciliation after long-term pain and abuse.teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down. it comforts your grief. vital if you have thought yourself unlovable. With its ability to promote unselfish self-love and forgiveness. Rose quart gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes. and invokes self-trust and self-worth. This stone encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance. teaching the true essence of love. it soothes internalized pain and heals deprivation.” . It is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra.

1 drop of Bulgarian Rose (or Rose Otto). especially people you love (family members. Good carriers oils include olive oil. It represents spiritual love and wisdom and opens all the chakras to the flow of that love and wisdom and opens all the chakras to the flow of that love. rub on some carrier oil on your chest. Definitions supra provided by Judy Hall These stones should be placed in one’s Love Corner of their home or a room within the home. or Hermetic Plexus. First. coconut oil. it can be given to someone.Sugilite is one of the major “love stones”. bringing them into alignment. sweet almond oil. jojoba oil. . Heart Chakra or Center. can be placed under the pillows to facilitate dreams of love. especially the Heart Chakra. 16. Focus your intention into the stone or crystal. can be placed in water overnight so as to make an elixir. and avocado oil. Males need to perform this therapy just as much as females do. rub on 2 drops of essential oil of Geranium Rose. This is your 4th Chakra. After the stone or crystal is programmed. and 1 drop of Lavender (preferably French Lavender). “Aromatherapy For Healing the Heart” The following is a therapy you can perform yourself that will help to open and heal your heart of all past and present day injuries. can be meditated with. grape seed oil. but simply in between your breasts – the center of your chest. worn on the body (jewelry). bringing the purple ray energy to Earth. friends) or someone whom you desire to attract as a mate (husband or wife). and can be used to balance the chakras. can be carried on one’s person. Ladies: not your breasts. The stones/crystals can be programmed by holding a stone (one at a time) in the palm of your right hand and the message conveyed (verbally or nonverbally) into the stone or crystal. keep on the dresser near one’s bed. Next.

Next. Lie down and close your eyes. You can perform this ritual anytime you feel like it and as much as you desire. After doing the above. i. It is true in that you are what you consume. only positive and beneficial. When your mind is quieted or somewhat quieted. Or. Take 3 deep breaths and exhale – slowly. “I imbue this solution with unconditional love” or whatever else comes to . to make matters easy for yourself. Next. and clamed me.com “Love Therapy Oil.e. It is never detrimental. take a nice size piece of Rose Quartz crystal and lay it on the center of your chest where you just massaged the oils. simply purchase Dherbs. This motion (clockwise) helps to stimulate the opening of the Heart Chakra.NOTE: the Rose oil is optional as the price may be too diabolically expensive for some. begin to breathe slowly. add your intention to the water. sedated. but slowly opening its petals – very slowly! Now affirm: I am open for love unconditionally. Inhaling and exhaling! Calm your mind (which may take some time depending on your personal life circumstances). preferably right to left.” Massage the essential oils into the carrier oil in a circular motion. I receive love unconditionally and I give love unconditionally. imagine a 12-petaled lotus flower closed. 17. It made me so nonchalant and gave me a feeling pure love. “Preparing Love Water” This was the water I referred to earlier and that I drank heavily which greatly tranquilized. To make: Simply add POLISHED pink stones and crystals (of your choice) to your glass of water (8 ounces or more).

Remove the stones and crystals. let the stones and crystals sit in the water overnight. make sure you expose the glass with the crystals in it to moon light. 24 hours will suffice the elixir (love water). etc. pictures of happy couples. Drink/take an ounce per day or as needed. I usually put my hand (right hand) over the glass of water and transmit my intent via the energy while stating the intention (verbally or in my mind). The original designation for the discipline is Kan Yu (traditional Chinese: 堪輿. pinyin: fēng shu" . in this corner. Next. pictures of a person you desire to be with. literally: Tao of heaven and earth). The words feng shui literally translate as "wind-water" in English. Pour the water (elixir) in an amber or cobalt glass bottle and store in a dark place. pink candles. you can simply write on a white or pink sheet of paper the word “Love!” and/or “Romance” or any other positive word(s) you desire.mind. Additional Feng Shui pointers to help you in the area of love and romance: . pink crystals. 18. You can tape the paper to the side of the glass (with Scotch or clear tape) or simply sit the glass on top of the piece of paper with your words written on it. pinyin: kānyú. red roses. simplified Chinese: 堪舆. “Feng Shui For Love” Feng shui (traditional Chinese: 風水. pronounced /ˈf# ˌʃueɪ/ foong-soy in Chinese Mandarin is an ancient $ Chinese system of aesthetics believed to utilize the Laws of both heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive Chi. So basically. After this step. You can put books about love. simplified Chinese: 风水. The nearest left-hand corner from the front entrance door of the home or a room is the Love Corner.

Don’t keep the ashes of a loved one in your bedroom. . Do use red as an accent color to increase passion in your bedroom. Don’t fill your bed with pillows or animals (stuffed or live). Do be sure that there’s a headboard on your bed to provide support for your aspirations. pawnshop. Do remove all exercise equipment from your bedroom. Do change the position of the bed when your romance has ended. Don’t keep or use the mattress or bed from a previous or failed marriage – buy a new one to symbolize a new beginning. They may have retained negative.Don’t set up an altar for a deceased spouse or sweetheart in your romance area. Don’t fill your bed with stuffed animals – this leaves no room for a new love. Do replace the linens and pillows on your bed after the breakup of a relationship. or people you don’t know. or unlucky energy from their former owners. Don’t wear antique wedding rings from an estate sale. Don’t use your bedroom as an office. Don’t put symbols of love or romance in a bathroom. Leave room for someone to share it! Do put a loveseat in the SW area of your bedroom for snuggling. which has the killing energy of human waste. Do properly bury the ashes of a loved one. unhappy.

Don’t put electronic equipment such as computers and fax machines in your bedroom. Do decorate with peach in your bedroom if you’re a single woman. including their thoughts and dreams. The fire element will give your romance and relationship area a boost. Do use pink or peach colored candles in the SW area of your bedroom if you’re a single woman. gifts. textures. Do create a “female-friendly” bedroom if you’re a man. Do add pink to your bedroom. especially if you’re a single woman.Do preserve the intimacy of your bedroom – allow others in by invitation only. Don’t hang on to belongings. for this is the color that attracts a good man. Do add images of men and/or couples to your wall if you’re a single woman. and colors. and mementos from an unsuccessful relationship. furnishings. . Don’t keep photographs of a deceased spouse or parent in your bedroom. Do add more red to your home to stimulate loving feelings. Do create a sensual mood in your bedroom with lighting. Do be mindful that the bedroom is the most intimate place for couples. Don’t buy wedding rings or gowns from a divorced person. Do use lots of lavender and violet if you love feeling and being more spiritual. Don’t design your bedroom so that it’s overly feminine if you want to attract a man into your life.

Do an aggressive cleaning of your new home. . your energy changes the existing environment of the dwelling. add female images to attract females into your life. Do use images of apples in your home if you want to attract a beautiful woman into your life. and marriage in the center of your home. but rather. Do use images of two red roses in the SW to represent the love between you and your partner. Do change the position of bedroom furniture following illness. as they represent beautiful women. as their effectiveness will be “flushed out” along with the wastewater. family. Don’t bring antique jewelry into your home until after you’ve cleansed its energy.Do wear rose quartz jewelry on your left arm to attract love. Don’t put any fertility symbols in the bathroom. Do place a pair of carved rose quartz hearts under each pillow of your bed. especially if a divorced couple previously owned it. or the death of your partner. Do place a rose quartz heart near the picture of your intended love one to activate affection and intention. Do decorate with framed posters about love. Do decorate with magnolias as they symbolize a happy marriage. Do be aware that when you move in with someone else. Do decorate with images of apricots. Don’t let masculine interests and art dominate your home if you’re a man. You can do this by passing the item through the smoke of your favorite incense. divorce. (This process is known as smudging).

rather. NOTE: “SW” means “Southwest” (of bedroom). as it represents the female presence. as this upsets the harmony of a romantic relationship. 19.Do add the fragrance of jasmine to your life. and scents that make you feel sensual. Do use perfumed soaps. Do move pictures of a dead spouse o partner into the family or living room to allow a new relationship into your life. Don’t use a grouping of three candles. powders. Do put things only in multiples of two in the SW to create the powerful pairing energy of couples. Don’t over decorate with too many masculine or feminine symbols and images. keep a balance of both. “Cutting Cords” Cutting cords is something you want to consciously do when a negative person is involved and there has been a relationship with this negative person. Do hide your television inside a closed cabinet or wardrobe if it’s in the bedroom. especially at bedtime. . intimate or otherwise. Do pain your SW bedroom wall peach if you’re a bachelorette who wants to attract a good relationship. Do use the aromas of geranium and orange to enhance love and romance in your home.

or felt a “connection” with someone. We connect via cords and we even ascend in love via cords. or an incompatible mate. a cheating or disloyal and unfaithful mate. resembling a diamond with little sparkles. When two people in love are exercising sexual intercourse. the excitement creates a mixture of different colors and sparks of light going through it. you keep their memory alive and you also stay connected to them. This person may have become a psychic vampire to you. or how they “vibed” with someone. the time has come and you have finally decided to let this person go. This person may have inflicted so much emotional and mental hurt and pain upon you (perhaps even with your permission). Some relationships were doomed from the beginning but the signs or writing on the wall were ignored. This light umbilical cord connects to the other body through the navel area when we are in love. an insalubrious mate. perhaps due to lust and/or loneliness. Some people call them “light umbilical cords. They resemble very long umbilical cords when seen by psychics and clairvoyants. So you may end up with an abusive mate. They are not physical. many relationships that start out peaches and cream will turn sour simply because people change and time reveals all things. “Once people connect to one another.” – Briceida Ryan However. You hear people say all the time how they “connected” with someone. This is how we connect with people on an energetic level. but removing the person energetically is another! Never keep items or memoirs or memorabilia from an ex who was insalubrious to you. By doing so. These cords are invisible to the naked eye.” These cords reach out like hands and they clasp together with other cords. This is how people connect and feel one another’s vibrations. The person’s energy remains in pictures of them that . it seems as though the light going through the umbilical cord sparkles with tiny different colored lights. a deceptive mate.All chakras have cords. an energetic leech – someone who constantly drains your energy and this sucks your very life essence from you and gives absolutely nothing in return. Getting the person out of your life physically is on thing. Well.

but negativity can! After your letter is complete which means you have expressed everything on your heart and mind that you can think of. However. “I hereby transmute all negative energy into positive energy so as to be available throughout the Universe!” . etc. pillows their head rested upon. and spiritual catharsis. which is really an automatic thing. you will next go outside and burn the letter. emotional. you want to transmute the energy of a letter containing negativity. the hurt and pain. your personal feelings – EVERYTHING! You will not send this letter to the person (though you can if you want to).you may have hanging up. Write a letter to the person expressing EVERY sentiment on your heart and mind to express – how you feel about the person. the relationship. The heart is programmed to hold on to or keep all good. You are doing it to RELEASE! You are releasing the poison of negative emotion from your heart. You are performing a mental. The person must be exorcised completely! This is how you can release a person wholistically (just remember it may take time to complete the full release). You are doing it for yourself primarily. With intention as you release all negativity from this person along with this person. even beyond the death of the flesh body. Good cannot be removed from the heart. clothes they have worn. to permanently release. you are not writing the letter for purposes of sending it to the person. offering the release out into the Universe to permanently obliterate. However. Any good from the person and union/relationship you will keep. the situation. you will use your mind and transmute the negative energy into positive energy so that you will not be sending out negative energy for anyone else to pick up on. Remember the scene in the movie “Ghost” before Sam enters into the Light? This is the nature of the heart: to hold on to all things good.

Failure to cut the cords may keep you attached to this person and you may find yourself longing for this person as well as picking up the transmissions (thoughts) of this person. All of the major chakras emits cords. energetically cut. and success Yerba Santa: to enhance mental. happiness. protection. especially for purposes of control.Now that this step is finished. This could lead to the person returning into your life and right back in your bed despite knowing he or she is no good for you. the person’s (ex-mate) cords may still be attached or connected to your cords which allows the person to still be connected to you. Below is helpful information about the incense that can be used: Sage: to spiritually cleanse and bless the body Dragon’s Blood: to promote good luck. This is especially important for females. The most important aspect of this releasing of an ex-mate is severing or cutting cords. start the process of smudging your temple (body) daily – with incense of Sage. and protection Frankincense: to enhance spiritual awareness Pine: to facilitate new friendship Make sure to smudge your genitalia. and as such. emotional. Many times the more conscious and/or determined mate may intentionally cast cords. attraction. and spiritual clarity Myrrh: to cleanse and open the higher chakras. Incense will play a role in your releasing and renewing process. therefore these cords must be cut. . new love. making sure the smoke rises up into this region (hold incense from a distance so as not to burn yourself). to purify the aura Sandalwood: to facilitate meditation and spiritual thought White Copal: to enhance inspiration.

(especially younger females who are naïve and unsuspecting) and especially Black or African-American males who are into energy. drive in life. knowledge. but the man has a cord connected to the chakra. and zeal may be usurped and her passion. She may become sexually addicted to sex with him. This man can have this woman sexually anytime he pleases. her whole self-image and self-worth may be based on how this man view and feels about her. She may have no willpower at all or her willpower is subordinate to his. and zeal may be for the goals and intentions of this man. The chakra may be shut. However. consciousness. she will only be concerned about speaking in terms of defending this man. If he cast cords into her Second Chakra. If a man casts cords into a woman’s Fourth Chakra. etc. drive in life. She may base her entire life around him regardless of how he treats her. She may also feel as if she can’t make it (survive) on her own without him. You hear about this when women protect or stand up . I’ve met many of them and could see right through them which is why they didn’t like me. she will love this man in a sick way. Some men will consciously cast cords into a woman’s First Chakra which will make the woman feel grounded with the particular man (mate/lover) in her life. She may also be on security mode. feeling this man provides her with security. Many of these characters are very corrupt and they use spirituality. her passion. mysticism. spirituality. this woman will not be able to speak her truth. the woman will undoubtedly be emotionally attached to the man.Many older males consciously or unconsciously do this to females. mysticism. the woman may stay constantly sick due to a weakened immune (defense) system as the Fourth Chakra corresponds to the thymus gland located beneath the Fourth Chakra. Many pimps have strong cords into the Third Chakras of their prostitutes and their will is the will of their pimp. If a man cast cords into a woman’s Third Chakra. and cultural knowledge to shield their corruption. She will feel this way despite her Heart Chakra being impaired and shut. If a man casts cords into a woman’s Fifth Chakra. so the chakra may be closed but the man has a connection her due to the cord he cast. she will love him despite his bad treatment of her.

she will turn off her intuition. then this man may be her deity. mental science. California is the best place to find this kind of service. etc. disconnected! You can even severe cords by mimicking the action of cutting a thick piece of rope with a knife. She will pick up on his thoughts and respond. However. prostitute for him. divination. He can get money out of her at will. numerology. While you can have a qualified trans-crystal therapist to cut your cords. but she will speak up for this no good man. Check the Dherbs. Mimic this action at the site of every major chakra. do this motion over every chakra for a few seconds. Many religious leaders purposely cast cords into the chakras of their congregants. you can just concentrate on balancing.for a man who abuses her. So how do you severe or cut these cuts? Take a quartz crystal wand (pointed at the tip). you have the choice pursuant to free will. it’s best that you learn the process yourself as you better know the person whom you are severing the cords from. and then you wonder why the religious heads and leaders command the flock to stay away from the occult sciences like astrology. Following is a list of the chakras and their anatomical location on the body: . Kirlian photography offers the necessary technology whereby you can view the state of your chakras. opening. If cords are cast into her Sixth Chakra. she may worship him. The process only needs to be done one time and after the initial cutting/ severing process. If cords are cast into the Seventh Chakra. Visualize in your mind seeing the cords severed or cut. and healing your chakras. Just imagine in your mind your cutting a thick piece of rope. and in a gesture like you’re cutting large weeds or stalks (constantly wielding a knife or blade back and forth in your hand). She will be susceptible to the thoughts of the man.com “Alternative Directory” for locations near you. aligning. She can’t speak her own truth. Many religious leaders study in secret the arcane and occult sciences and use these science on the ignorant and unsuspecting members.

grey/silver) or red stones on the First Chakra. Next. Use orange colored stones on the Second Chakra. visualize in your mind seeing this person with disconnected cords protruding out from him or her. To heal your cords. the person has entirely vanished. slightly above them Top of the head After this action. You have successfully cut or severed cords. Use indigo. Use yellow colored stones on the Third Chakra. Use dark colored (black. Use light or sky blue stones on the Fifth Chakra. or dark blue stones on the Sixth Chakra . perform chakra balancing. brown. Use green and pink colored stones on the Fourth Chakra.Chakra First Chakra Second Chakra Third Chakra Fourth Chakra Fifth Chakra Sixth Chakra Seventh Chakra Location Genitalia (penis/vagina) Belly area (navel) Abdomen Chest Throat area Between the eyes. purple. When you see all black. like seven cut ropes. Lay stones of your choice on your chakras. see the person floating away into space – getting smaller and smaller as they travel farther and farter out into space.

not love songs that are sad in nature – talking about how love has ended. And then fantasize about certain scenes in the movie that resonate with you. etc. Listen to positive love songs.Use clear. You must make the determination of what love songs are positive for yourself. Both stores have nice collections. Fill in yourself and your desired lover and recreate the scene in your mind. It’s your secret fantasy. “Exercises to Open You Up For Romance and Love and to Attract Your Soul Mate/Lover” Listen to Healthy Love Songs Listen to healthy love songs that promote the promise of love. I am good friends with both owners Rena Joy (Soothe Your Soul) and Rev. the mind makes all things real. white.sootheyoursoul.com Soothe Your Soul: www. how love hurts. Patricia Bankins (Crystal Matrix). It’s a magnet! Watching romance and love-themed movies really helped open me up for romance and love with my soul mate. or violet stones on the Seventh Chakra Crystals can be purchased on-line or in-person at: The Crystal Matrix: www. I’m just giving the advice. This can be fun and it’s totally private because it takes place all in your mind so no one knows about it. 20.thecrystalmatrix.com I personally highly recommend these two stores to purchase various crystals. Of all the movies I’d have to credit the movies “Michael” starring John Travolta and Andie McDowell and . songs that are inspirational and optimistic about love. Watch Romance Movies Watch romance-themed films. Remember.

Talk about things that you would talk about if the person were actually there sitting next to you. When you go out shopping. these are for you!” Before going to bed. Have a candlelight dinner and visualize/pretend that your new lover/soul mate is there. “The Best Man”. Have your bathroom dark with only a pink candle burning. Trust me! It works! Visualize in your mind as much as possible! In your mind.“Xanadu” starring Olivia Newton John and Michael Beck with helping to consciously open me up to love again. You can also have romantic music playing if you like. be at the beach with this person. always buy things (gifts) for this new lover. What would you say to the person? Whatever it is – SAY IT! Remember. at the opera or symphony. Play romantic music! While in the tub. “Green Card”. imagine that the new lover is in the tub with you. “The Brothers”. visualize/pretend that your mate/lover/ soul-mate is riding with you (in the passenger seat). at the movies. verbally say: ‘Honey. practice makes perfect! When you first enter into your home. out camping or hiking. Other romance/love themed movies I enjoyed were “When Harry Met Sally”. Say: “Baby. turn to the spot in the bed where this person will be and say: “Goodnight Baby/Honey! I Love You! Sweet dreams!” Then pucker a goodnight kiss! At dinner. relaxing. set two plates (one with food and the other empty). “Love and Basketball”. I’m home!” Bring flowers (red roses) or a bouquet of flowers home to your wife/ husband. This helps you to draw the actual person into existence into your life. “Defending Your Life”. Act Like You Have and Are Involved In What You Desire While driving or traveling in the car. be at church with the person (if church is your thing). be at dinner .

do you know your 12 moon centers (erogenous zones) that all women have in a general sense? Are you aware of your sexual profile pursuant to your zodiac sign as well as that of your mate? Do you know what you desire. “How Do I Make Sex More Spiritual?” Sex in and of it self is spiritual when the two involved are conscious. be on a yacht with the person. and express your creativity via the sex act.with the person. Sex is very creative. As a woman. Spiritual sex is predicated upon your spiritual and sexual consciousness. feel your divinity. a prayer. or an affirmation. like and want from the sex act? Is your mind at peace in the sex act? Are you able to . Instead. be seated next to the person on an airplane! Don’t focus on feeling silly or stupid in doing all the above. Be consciously aware that God is always involved in the sex act. Think spiritual thoughts. Do you subconsciously see sex (without marriage) as a sinful act? Do you have any subtle or subconscious sexual inhibitions? Do you have sexual guilt from past relationships or events? Is there any shame (from doing a sexual act)? Are there any fears about sex? Do you make love or lust? Do you have sex from the lower 3 chakras or the higher 3 chakras? Sex should be a conscious act: a meditation. focus on having what you desire and feeling good It’s time to start using your mind for yourself! 21. The goal/objective is on you and your mate. a mantra (a physical mantra). so much so that new life comes from this act! What is the goal of sex for yourself? Do you want to just feel good physically? Satisfy a craving? Procreate a new human life? Open up all your energy centers (chakras)? Physical orgasm? What is the goal of sex for yourself? You must define it! Is sex meditative for you? Is it a form of divine communion? Is it therapeutic for you? Ask yourself and answer these questions.

If someone is a Sagittarius. Sage. Invite the love and romance angels on the scene. and massage the stomach/belly area. traveling beyond the ethers? Do you see your partner as your soul mate? Do you see the divinity within him or her? Does he or she see the divinity within you? All of the above is for you to ponder on! Now. Ylang Ylang.) laced with spiritual essential oils (Frankincense. Cedar. Lavender. Sandalwood. Davana. This is a powerful aphrodisiac stone (especially if you have serious open energy). Pink is the frequency of the highest love vibration. Cancer or Virgo? Kiss. also massage these key astrologically influenced areas. Say a prayer before sexual intimacy. Meditate for a few minutes before sexual intimacy. rub on some oil (olive. jojoba. Oakmoss. make sure to kiss.). Bay. sex is an art and science and requires a certain amount of knowledge in order to lose oneself to the point where no knowledge is needed or necessary. Hey. lick. etc. make sure to kiss. Depending on you guys' zodiac signs. as far as for tools to help enhance sex more on the spiritual level. Davana. YES. etc. Have a spiritual dialogue before sexual intimacy. lick. Don't forget to add a few pieces of Rose Quartz crystals to the water as well. Bathe in sea salt and aphrodisiac essential oils (Rose. Do this (if you believe in them)! They bring a very angelic and pure presence on the scene. Bathe before certain sessions (as sometimes sex is very spontaneous and you need to go with the flow). almond. etc. . but sometimes. After bathing together.). Briefly massage each other (making sure you both massage each other's erogenous zones from head to toe). Sandalwood. Have both of these colors on the scene. and massage the neck and throat area. traveling to different dimensions. there are aids that can enhance spiritual sex. Red is the sex vibration and pink is the love vibration. suck on. Burn your PINK candles. Pisces? Get busy on the feet and toes (which is why that spiritual soak/bath is important) and reflexology is a must for Pisces (feet and toes) and Aquarius (legs and ankles). Neroli.lose yourself in the sex act. plan your sexual sessions. lick and massage the hips and thighs. Rose Quartz emits the highest love frequency outside of the human body. If someone is a Taurus. Add a few pieces (6-12) of Red Garnet crystals to the bath water. Jasmine.

Love: PINK. smile. tranquil and serene music is the best but it's your choice and play what you like. the need to be tamed. Man and the world gave you a conscience. go with the flow! Moan. Do it and don't care! Lose yourself . subdued! Not in a negative way. serious. MOONSTONE (the ultimate yin and yang balancing stone). routine. You died via your conscience. for males).Burn some aphrodisiac or spiritual enhancing essential oils in a diffuser. Reclaim your consciousness! Conscience limits you whereas consciousness frees you! 22. TRUST (which is why you require the right partner). Make a spray elixir (essential oils of Cinnamon. breathe deeply. For passion: RED. esp. Religion and life (social) can make sex robotical. mechanical. GIVE. Are there sexual enhancing crystals? Of course there are! There’s RED GARNET (look out now). Let loose. laugh. Have fun with sex. methodical.e.do whatever comes naturally. sexual and seductive way. and monotonous. but in a fun. Steven Halpern. Green). Black Pepper.your conscience! When you lose your conscience. groan. BLACK is earthy and therefore grounding. Sexual healing: GREEN. etc. open up. A woman's lingerie or underwear should reflect spiritual colors: VIOLET/ PURPLE or WHITE (purity). Kitaro. For fun and games: ORANGE. i. Make either an aphrodisiac elixir or a spiritual-enhancing one. But you were born with consciousness. Incense will work as well. scream. beautiful. etc. And Music? Of course! Sweet. . consciousness is what's left. Leopard skin underwear/lingerie is for wildness. GREEN AVENTURINE (esp. Don't be serious. and JADE (all colors. Orange. “When Your Sexual Advances Are Not Reciprocated or Accepted” . TIGER'S EYE. My personal choice is Eastern/New Age (with no lyrics. Your conscience blocks your consciousness! You were not born with a conscience. RECEIVE!!!! Lose yourself.).) and spray your bed sheets and pillows.

frigidity. etc. TALK to the person. Ask the person to be truthful and explain to you why he/she is rejecting your advances. mental. monotonous.e. You can learn to perform foreplay or get better at foreplay (which is very important). etc. Massage the person! Oil their body down with an edible botanical oil. First of all.). there’s an answer or solution.This denotes that something is wrong. however. In fact. i. or psychological. emotional (feeling disconnected. coconut oil. Be open to oral sex. Many times it simply wants to come out and play and sex allows it to come out and play and be satisfied until the next play date. If the person doesn’t want to perform oral sex then ask if they mind if you perform it on them. foreplay should be mandatory. I suggest to people during consultations that they should do everything folks go outside of their marriage and relationships to do. sweet almond oil. impotence. But you can change this should this be the actual case! You can learn new sexual positions as well as techniques.). The situation may be physical (vaginal dryness. etc. Send your mate/lover/spouse sensual text messages. The person may need help in being sexually aroused. especially for males because it is a fact that it takes a woman longer to warm up her sexual engine than it does for a man. There’s a problem. . especially while they’re at work or away. problems are simply opportunities. mechanical. Always get consent before trying something new on a person. Send a text and tell them in frank and direct language what you desire to do to them. Sex with you may have become boring. This turns many a person on! It targets that hidden sexual freak we all have tied up and hidden away in us. grape seed oil. how you feel. Whatever it may be. Truthfully express yourself. how the denial or rejection of your advances make you feel. Simply do these acts within the relationship. and routine. hurt.

Rose. adultery. mostly due to society and religious belief systems) and being naughty is not bad or good being technical. If you suppress the freak in you. what is suppressed and repressed will ultimately be expressed and many people go outside of a union. he’s probably ‘getting’ it’ somewhere else. and marriages for this and there’s really no need to if there is understanding. with habitual sex offenders. don’t judge! Never judge! This is . you have to remember that closed mouths don’t get fed. you determine what naughty is to your self. Davana. And the reverse is also true because of polarity. And sex is forever for sale on the streets despite the health risks involved. “When it’s good at home there ain’t no need to roam!” Look.e. If anything. There are a lot of people desiring to be naughty and to release that freak in them. sexual assault and battery. Also. excess Inter-net pornography sites. A lot of people desire to be naughty deep down inside (due to having to be so reserved. Jasmine. And if and when they do reveal their fantasies. Combava. There’s always somebody else waiting to give the person what they desire sexually. etc. In every good girl is a naughty girl and in every good boy there’s a naughty boy. disciplined. And like I tell women in consultations. Ylang Ylang. Cananga. The same is true of females. Ask your partner/mate/spouse/lover to reveal their fantasies to you. marriage or relationship and let that freak out and end up getting turned out and understandably so. Both polarities exist and should be balanced and if not. etc. Cardamom. and inhibited all the time. The naughty boy or girl is also good. and repressed. most people have sexual fantasies and fantasies should be acted out (if there is consent and there is no harm done or involved). then you get the kind of society we have here in the U. relationships. trust.S. Neroli. fornication. rape. Patchouli. they aren’t really thinking about the risk. But when folks are sexually frustrated. child molestation. horny. if he isn’t ‘getting it’ at home. i. communication. A lot of people are going outside of their unions. Sandalwood. restricted. and genuine love.Burn exotic and erotic essential oils.

perhaps a concubine type person brought into the picture. And who gave you your religious belief system? You need to think about this.” “There Is No Healing Absent Love” Did you know that love is a requirement or prerequisite for healing? It most certainly is! Love ranks right up there with forgiveness in healing. However. etc. They are ashamed at how they may be viewed. Sex is a natural act. especially people who have been reared religiously. Be truthful with any mate/spouse/lover who is denying you sexual intimacy. you need to reassess and reanalyze your sexual belief system which in most cases is predicated upon your religious belief system. many people do have hang-ups surrounding this act. so you contracted genital herpes. Tell them your needs and be truthful in that if the needs are not met within the relationship or union. A lot of these people (especially females) suppress their sexuality or their sexuality has been repressed. Either you were out there in the Matrix wilding’ out or an unfaithful mate/spouse/lover burned you. Don’t the judge person’s fantasies. you contracted this insidious disease because evidently you need to learn something about yourself and usually it’s something of a sexual nature. A woman may feel like a slut or tramp and a man may feel like a pervert or something. Most people get and remain sick because they refuse to forgive (other people) and to give love (to self and others). Remember. Just be truthful and put all the cards on the table. Chances are. ending the union/relationship/marriage (unless consent is given to allow the union to be an open one like Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee had and Will Smith and Jada Smith have) so adultery will not be committed and freedom will exist to explore other options. The person’s fantasies are information for you. honesty is always the best policy! However. . In either case. information that can be acted on when the time is right. Sex is a natural part of any healthy and balanced union/relationship/marriage. I will delve more into sexual issues in my upcoming “Sex Manual.the reason why many people don’t open up in the first place. Okay. something has to be done. it should never have to come down to this.

Love raises the body’s pH. You have been conditioned to believe that genital herpes is incurable and this is only true in the world of Western medicine.You may be upset with the woman or man who burned you with genital herpes because of your conditioning. It is not just genital herpes that can be healed. Just because you may have genital herpes or some other insidious reproductive disease doesn’t mean you are dirty and not worthy of love. Hatred and all other negative emotion lower the body’s pH and make the body acidic. and to heal! So what do you want? What do you really want? Healing.com and that’s why some people are doing the impossible – being healed from a so-called incurable disease such as genital herpes. . and salubrious environment. but all disease. makes the body alkaline. now you know what you must do – FORGIVE (all who may have harmed you as well as yourself) and LOVE (yourself). if you don’t have love for yourself (or don’t love yourself). salubrious diet. love. righteous and salubrious lifestyle. and why is this? Well. right? Alright then! Since you desire healing. You will not heal from genital herpes or any other disease you may have if you don’t forgive people (especially the person who burned you) and if you don’t have love for people and most importantly. but this is not the case in the field of natural healing (naturopathy). Genital herpes should not have more power than your power to forgive. positive attitude. Genital herpes is 100% curable when you understand and apply the necessary planks of wholistic healing which include: positive thinking. simply because – with God all things are possible! God has provided a solution (answer) to every problem (question). We teach people this at Dherbs. You simply have a health challenge and a lesson to learn.

they focus on the incorrect thing(s) – they focus on what they “don’t” want rather than focus on what they “do” want. etc. they have failed to release all negative energy from them. especially fear of not being able to heal (still believing the disease is incurable because that’s all they may have ever heard about the disease in their life). and lastly. so in essence. they still have fear. Coming Soon: The Sex Manual Additional books by Djehuty: The Mental Science Manual The Money. Wealth. they simply want to not have genital herpes anymore but the word “not” is negative and therefore not processed by the Universe. blisters. The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS at work in your life! Always! Whether you know it or not and whether you believe in it or not! But it is always at work! You can heal from ANY disease is you are willing to forgive and love! Thank you for reading the Love Manual and I trust that you extracted beneficial information from it. and number two. number one. lesions. inflammation. the Universe only hears “I want to have genital herpes” and it gives the person more of what they really don’t want: outbreaks. They have failed to learn the lesson the disease has brought and is conveying. Instead of wanting healing or optimal health and wellbeing.Many people have difficulty in healing from genital herpes even with the use of herbs and natural modalities and the reasons are because they are blocked in the mind and the heart. third. sores. and Prosperity Manual The Full Body Detox Companion The Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual The Parking Ticket Manual .

This elixir will help with imbalanced characteristics listed above. MOONSTONE. RHODOCHROSITE. open the Fourth (Heart) chakra. MORGANITE. energetically promotes fertility and conception in females. MORGANITE. KUNZITE. RHODONITE.95 Physical Benefits: Our Love Spray is made with pure essential oils and crystal frequencies (and the bottle even contains real crystals of Rose Quartz. (4) Fourth Chakra Elixir #2 (Love) $15. and remove blocks (unconsciously programmed by yourself) that prevent you from feeling worthy of love and receiving the love you desire and deserve. PINK GERISOL. MANGANO. . PINK OPAL. RHODONITE. DOLEMITE. CRYSTAL FREQUENCIES OF ROSE QUARTZ. PINK TOURMALINE. PINK AVENTURINE. the ability to express and receive love.00 Physical Benefits: Vibrationally affects the thymus gland and immune system. DANBURITE. feeling safe to love. trusting in love. PINK CHALCEDONY. PINK LEPIDOLITE. and Quartz crystal) that can be used to magnify the vibration of Love as well as Romance. ESSENTIAL OILS OF ROSE GERANIUM. AND PINK TOURMALINE. ROSE HIRASOL. RHODOCHROSITE. Contains: WATER. PINK CALCITE.Love Spray $19. CRYSTAL PIECES OF ROSE QUARTZ. balance the Yin-Yang dynamic creating greater harmony within self and ultimately with others. UNAKITE. Moonstone. SUGILITE. AND RHODONITE. vibrationally promotes unconditional love. Rhodonite. PINK OPAL. HYDROSOL OF ROSE WATER. and removing barriers that prevent from loving truthfully. AND OPAL AURA QUARTZ IN A BASE OF ALKALINE WATER. Contains: GEMSTONE AND CRYSTAL VIBRATIONS OF ROSE QUARTZ. MANGANO.

OBSIDIAN. Take 1-2 dropperfuls. up there with its mate. 4. Take 10 deep breaths (in and out). and that hatred causes blocks in our lives and prevents good from manifesting. Hate consumes us just as anger does. Hatred caused hundreds of thousands of Africans to be burned. Close your eyes and visualize a pink ray of light emanating from and surrounding your entire body. Our Anti-Hate elixir reminds you on a subtle level that hate is a poisoned and imbalanced state and that love is our center. HEMATITE. we are simply experiencing the flip side of the polarity of a certain vibration. Osho. Affirm: I love as I am love! Contains: GEMSTONE AND CRYSTAL VIBRATIONS OF ROSE QUARTZ. taught. This is why we fall in love. hanged. AND RUBY IN A BASE OF ALKALINE WATER. anger. and hung as witches by Christian males. lynched. Hate causes us to not only harm others. 3. FLUORITE. It’s all one energy with different polarities. drowned. When we hate a former lover. but ourselves as well. raped. fall out of love. Smile! 5. Aphrodisiac Bath Drops $34. ignorance that all humanity is one and harm to one single human is harm to all humanity. Directions: 1. There’s a thin line between love and hate because they are actually the same thing. Hatred is the opposite or polarity of love. 2. BLACK TOURMALINE. Hatred caused hundreds of thousands of White women to be burned. HERKIMER QUARTZ. differing only in degrees as the late great mystic.2oz Anti-Hate Elixir $14. Hatred caused hundreds of thousands of Jews to be gassed (murdered) by Nazi Germans. Actually. and murdered by White men during (and after) the American slave trade.95 Activity: Helps to stimulate or induce a feeling or state of sexual . Hatred is the result of grand ignorance.NET WET .95 Physical Benefits: Hatred has to be the worst emotion of all. any negative emotion can consume us if we allow it to. and then fall back in love or become good friends with the former lover we just hated.

JASMINE (EGYPTIAN). NEROLI. . DAVANA. CINNAMON LEAF. CHAMPACA. BITTER ORANGE. CLOVES. AND ROSE (BULGARIAN).arousal and excitement. CANANGA. Recommended for a lover’s bath or soak together before sexual intimacy! Ingredients: YLANG YLANG (1ST). PATCHOULI. SANDALWOOD (INDIAN).

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