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Latest developments in Misurata, May 13 & 14, 2011

It is a challenging time in Misurata now due to the lack of electricity power and communication. Gaddafi Forces Fled West-ward, From Airport Area On Thursday (May 13) most of the freedom fighters headed to an area in Misurata, known as Abu Ruwaiyah. They were determined to liberate the area from Gaddafi forces and his mercenaries. The fighting began in the early morning and continued until the middle of the day. Gaddafi forces retreated after a large number of them were killed, and their weapons have been destroyed. Freedom fighters are in control of all of western Misurata, right up to the Zlitan border. Freedom fighters chased Gaddafi's forces in Zlitan, until the gasoline station of Niama. As a precaution, freedom fighters retreated and regrouped on the border of Misurata. Thirteen freedom fighters were martyred. Freedom fighters did gain large amount of weapons and ammunition from the Gaddafi forces. GRAD Attack on Al-Ruizat; Three Children Hit

Liberation of Families Held Hostage by Gaddafi Forces

After a fierce battle, freedom fighters gained control of a large area and killed a large number of Gaddafi forces. Freedom fighters rescued nine families held hostage by Gaddafi forces, and relocated to a safe area within Misurata. When asked about the fate of other families in the area, the rescued families said they had been taken by Gaddafi forces to Beni Walid. Freedom fighters swept and secured the area. They gained an infantry transporter and four-wheel drive vehicle. Two freedom fighters were martyred during the fighting.
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Kidnapped Families and Al-Karareem in East of Misurata

An eye-witness said that the families being held hostage are from Misurata and had been kepnapped by Gaddafi forces. At the time of reporting (May 15), there were no signs of NATO jets and no strikes were launched. Continued Shortages in Misurata Misurata is experiencing a severe shortage of electrify and there are no telecommunication services. There are also shortages of food and cooking gas, as well as medicine and medical equipment. The number of injured being received by the hospitals is increasing daily. Normal life, however, is returning to Misurata, with most families returning to their own homes.


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