What s wrong with this computer? Aaron muttered frantically clicking the mouse. The computer didn t blink. Aaron sat staring at the black screen. He punched some keys on the keyboard. When the computer didn t react Aaron punched the computer screen to let out his frustrations. Steve, The computer is broken, Aaron said pulling Steve s sleeve. What? You broke it? Steve accused, slightly glaring at Aaron No it was broken already! Aaron protested, dragging Steve into the room. How could it be broken already? I was playing it an hour ago Steve asked seeing the blank monitor screen. He folded his arms across his chest and glared hard at Aaron. Aaron raised his hands. Promise I ll kill you if you are the one who broke it. Steve warned Aaron sat on his bed reading a story. He just couldn t believe that Steve would get so angry at him. They were best friends. They never left each other alone. They never got angry. Aaron could not put his mind on a single day they have been angry at each other, except for today. Aaron was horribly disappointed. Still he dare didn t tell Steve what had actually happened. Because Steve wouldn t believe, whatever he said. Aaron knew was that the computer had acted peculiarly before it blacked out. First a grinning skull came out of the blue. Just then he saw blood drops on the side of the text he was writing. He almost jumped out of his skin, but before that he examined the screen and knew that they were false. Still he couldn t help shivering at the thought. Hey! It works! Aaron heard Steve s excited shout. What? Aaron asked The computer Steve responded. How can that be? Aaron wondered. The computer had blacked out so unexpectedly. And now, it has started working just as bizarrely. What was going on...? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Aaron jumped out of the bed as he heard Steve s alarmed shriek. Aaron saw the slumped body lying in front of the CPU. Aaron gasped. He panicked. He hauled Steve s limp body on to the bed. Then he took a fine, elongated look at the computer. Unexpectedly the black monitor turned a vivid, eerie green. Aaron sheltered his eyes with both hands for the hasty shaft of light. Then what happened next was mind-boggling. Aaron felt something drawing him. Pulling him towards the computer. He tried hard but couldn t fix his feet firmly in position. In a few seconds he vanished into the computer without a trace Huh Aaron gasped. He looked around. Everything has changed. Everything was totally different. Everywhere he looked Aaron saw the shades of green. Vivid, bright, ghostly, pale, dark, fluorescent, light greens. Aaron stared at the moving colors in awe. He didn t blink, he didn t move. He just gaped.

a nose and mouth. I don t want a boy like you. Aaron jerked his head to look over his shoulder. Aaron. Aaron fell back in shock. You are bold. but a pair of eyes. you wouldn t believe it Aaron said then added I sure don t want to see green again . Oh yeah Aaron challenged then what am I thinking now? The virus pulled a disgusted face. because I can read your mind. He heard the words clearly.What startled him was a voice. The face warned then exploded into a wicked cackle. Steve exclaimed jumping from the couch Where ve you been? Steve. booming voice belonging to a man. Feeling jittery Aaron tried to walk on the swirling sea of green. He couldn t see a thing. I am the computer virus. still lying on his back struggled to sit up. Who are you? Aaron quizzed it again not hoping for an answer. I m the computer virus It boasted. He couldn t hear a reply. But it did answer. Don t mock me. Then he saw the face. Aaron made a face. You are no use to me. Hah! Who would believe it? The computer virus? Well. Actually not a face. Aaron. Who s there? Aaron stammered. and then waited. A deep. whatever you think. So you are free to go Aaron whooped with joy as he gently landed on the living room floor. Beware what you think. Steve was sitting on the couch.

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