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Thanks to Tim Ferris, a true Superhuman and a constant source of inspiration. My brother Majesty Ford, one of the only people who comprehends my mission. Grant McCracken, who’s question sparked the idea to write down my manifesto. Oliver Medvedik, Ph. D. another inspiration to me. And lastly A.J Jacobs whose experiments have inspired me to become the Frankenstein of Fitness. You all are greatly appreciated. Can’t forget my support system The Superhuman club members & Blog readers: Kaseem Kushnie Ninjawerwolf Loc Jack David Nathanael Donovan Hernaldo Miranda Mark Headley Nathan Lacey Patrick Robinson, Jr. Candice Jacobs Miles Hollyhood S.e. Ygi Fabian Lacey Shea Robbins D M i l l z

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A Race Of Superhumans The Pursuit of Contentment The Reality of Freedom A Superhuman Religion Science, Technology and Evolution How to Utilize an Educational System Superhumans Obligation to Fitness

A Race Of Superhumans I am convinced that the majority of the human race is not, and because of advances in technology, refuse1 to operate at our maximum potential. However, I believe that technology is not a burden but an assistant to our evolutionary process. Therefore, I believe that the 20% of humanity who choose to pursue Optimal Operational Levels (OOL)2 of being fall into the SUPERHUMAN category.

Unlike the twisted visions of past humans like Adolf Hitler, who also believed in the Übermensch3, I tend to look beyond the “racial” characteristics of these beings and more into mental capabilities. Therefore, I believe the average human being can be taught to reach superhuman levels. I believe that labeling people based on color is not only ignorant, it is also a hindrance in our evolutionary process. Therefore, I refuse to categorize myself under any census concerning color and rather be labeled as a member of the SUPERHUMAN race only. To be considered Superhuman, one must pursue the mastery of Mind & Body. The soul is the by-product of the two and so it is not added to the equation. I believe if a person can achieve a healthy mind & body, they will automatically achieve a healthy soul. I tend to stray away from “faith” based questions as I think it has little to do with my vision of a superhuman. I will discuss this later on in my manifesto. According to the Science of Genetics and proven by the study of DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, no two humans are the same. I hold this truth to be evident and with that being said, I do not expect my theory on life to be the absolute answer to our existence. I welcome non- belief and alternate theories. Rebuttal to my theory means other minds are working as well. The beauty of humanity is our differences. Our uniqueness must be respected and preserved. The day Earth is under one order will be a sad day in our existence. As in comic books, every hero has his own special powers.

1 The human has free will and the choice to defy natural settings. This can either advance or hinder our existence. I believe all animals have free will. My cat, Princess, will refuse dry food and opt for starvation. 2 OOL means Optimum Operational Levels or the highest attainable degree of operation possible. 3 The Übermensch is a concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche posited the Übermensch as a goal for humanity to set for itself in his 1883 book Thus Spoke Zarathustra

The Pursuit of Contentment Unlike the Pursuit of happiness, which I find as an unrealistic goal, I believe the superhu-

man can find contentment in all situations. Wanting more is the true state of poverty. Being content with what is provided is the true state of richness. I often refer to Materialism metaphorically as the Salt Water. A drink of salt water will lead the body to become more thirsty. Indeed there is more salt water on earth that fresh water, thus most of its inhabitants will be thirsty. The superhuman, which are very few in number, will seek out a fresh water source and drink from it, thus satisfying the body’s thirst. This is to say a Superhuman does not need much to be satisfied and is always thankful for what he/ she has. Addictions of any kind will stop the human from achieving contentment. An addict will never have enough of the substance that is feeding the addiction. Therefore I avoid the use of drugs which will cause addiction, even if prescribed by a physician (who may have the Drug companies agenda in a higher light that yours). Addiction is not limited to substances like drugs but can include all things that have a holding effect on the user. Television, music, sex, workouts, books, love all these things can become addictions. To need nothing is to want nothing. I believe that those who have are obligated to share with the have-nots of our human community. However the give to get rule can be perverted where as people give only to receive and expect to be repaid in the near future. The state of current Philanthropic endeavors is proof of this. Many people give to charities as a trick to receive breaks on taxation. Others do it for publicity, to be labeled a “good” person. This defeats the purpose of charity. I believe we must give as a offering to the universal force that keeps things in motion (you may call it GOD, which is fine by me). I avoid having too many choices as it can hinder a person from choosing1. I avoid stressful situations by using intellection and being realistic2. I am content with my current state of being knowing that I am in full control of my own existence. If I want more, I will have to do more in order to exchange energy with the universe. This is law. A superhuman must except this truth in order to function within the realms of OOL.
1 For instance, in my first week of using Netflix, I could not finish watching a movie because I kept thinking about the other numerous movies I could be watching. Too many options is as bad as no options. 2 As I write this, my friend is asking me to film an event that starts at 10am but it is 8:40am and I will have to rush. The pay is great but I am content with not making any money just so I can avoid the stress of running around to meet an unrealistic deadline.

The Reality of Freedom The reality of freedom is that complete freedom can not exist. Humans like all living creatures must live in an order, which is natural. Complete freedom will leave the human race open to extinction. This is not freedom but instead lawlessness. In America, which is thought to be a free country by the majority of its inhabitants, there are set rules that limit your freedoms. Though America still clings to its Constitution which allows the “Right To Bare Arms” it has tough Gun Control laws which are needed in order to protect the freedoms of its citizens. According to USA Gun Crime Statistics1, in the time spanning from 1993 -2001, victims were confronted by offenders armed with guns in about 27% of robberies 8% of assaults and 3% of all rapes / sexual assault. Notice how one freedom can encroach on another. Therefore Superhumans will never be Freedom Fighters, but will be Equal Rights Activist. I believe what is good for one is good for all. Equality and freedom from social class systems (such as that of the Caste system2) is the right of all human beings. Systems3 are needed to preserve order. However, all systems become obsolete under the laws of evolution. Because they are subject to innovation and corruption, systems which start with an agenda often stray from the original purpose. There will always be a point where a system must be overthrown. This is a truth held by the superhuman. Superhumans inform against the existence of a “Third World”. This is classist terminology. There is only one world in which we are all inhabitants. It is the role of a superhuman to save the less fortunate, thus the theme in many comic books. This does not mean to wear a cape and costume and swoop down on villains. Don’t miss the message here. This means a superhumans duty is to use his/her special powers (talents) in a way that can benefit people in less fortunate conditions. This can be as simple as offering free tutoring to someone in need of supplemental education or as complex as building a school for a village in need of education. Do what you can, avoid stressing about what you can not. The freedom to be an essential part of the human system of evolution is the right of all humanity. Slavery is not necessary and therefore is not tolerated by the superhuman.
1 Statistics obtained from 2 Caste is an elaborate and complex social system that combines elements of endogamy, occupation, culture, social class, tribal affiliation and political power. 3 System here means a set of rules that govern the populace

A Superhuman Religion I am often asked what is my religion, so allow me to explain. I don’t believe many of the

prophets themselves followed a certain religion but instead followed a system of ethics with the purpose of creating an evolution within humanity. Whenever humanity strays from the course of this set agenda, a prophet is produced. Prophets are like the antimicrobial peptides1 of human ethics, if you will. The earth produces its own immune response to the ills of the world2. When followers of these prophets practice to live the lifestyle of that said prophet, it becomes religion. So I see religion as a system to seek enlightenment. Therefore, I respect any religion that is in the way of the betterment (or positive advancement) of a person. I subscribe to none but draw inspiration from all. Religion is a belief system or a faith. I currently subscribe to a system I have created myself called Fitism. Fitism is a Superhuman religion. In Fitism, you are the God and the body is the universe that you rule over. You are in full control of your fitness. This is not limited to the physical but also the mental health of self. I see physicians and scientist as assistants in this process,3 but you are the caretaker of self. I see deficiencies in physical health as the result of an unhealthy mind. I believe that disease starts in the mind and until the mind is cured the body will continually suffer4. This theory is also found in Ayurveda5. A superhuman is intolerant of religious persecutions or war that is authorized by a religion or its leadership. A superhuman respects a persons uniqueness whether they be cultural or religious. A superhuman is aware that there are no definite answers to topics such as religion. Therefore, we avoid such discussions and focus on the commonalities that link all religion to one goal, the positive advancement of human life.
1 Antimicrobial peptides are an evolutionarily conserved component of the innate immune response and are found among all classes of life. 2 According to the Mayan Long Count Calendar, December 21, 2012 is the end of this human civilization. I believe it is the end of the world “as we know it”. On that day, we may see no change, but I believe that a new prophet will arrive on that day. The changes may be seen later in Human life. 3 Keep notes of your body’s activities so you can provide your doctor with information which aids them in making proper diagnoses. 4 I studied an HIV positive patient who was labeled developmentally disable, or mentally retarded. Because she did not understand what HIV was, she was able to live a full life with the disease. I believe the ailments she suffered from are a result of the drugs prescribed by her caretaker not the virus itself. Without the presence of stress, she avoided most of the symptoms associated with the virus. This is my belief not a medical diagnoses. 5 Ayurveda (“the complete knowledge for long life”) is a system of medicine native to India.

Science, Technology and Evolution These 3 elements usually get negative attention from traditionalist, who long to keep hu-

manity in the stone age, but are embraced with much fondness by Superhumans. Had it not been for these elements, we would still be dying from common colds and using inferior tools to hunt, farm and build. Indeed there is a bad side to this, as in everything. However, I don’t denounce the whole idea because of the negative side effects. A Superhuman believes that Science is the language of nature. A Superhuman believes that Technology is the manifestation of science in motion. A Superhuman believes that Evolution is the natural process of advancement in all things. In all things there is a good and bad side1. A Superhuman strives to live in a balance between the two, knowing that an extreme on either side is unhealthy. As I like to put it, too much light is as blinding as complete darkness. While I may find a celluar phone useless, I may find a computer helpful, so do I condemn technology as a whole? I do not refer to evolution as the theory where man came from his Ape predecessor. I refer to evolution as the mental and physical advancements that we undergo as we obtain more comprehension of our purpose of existence. For anyone to tell you that they have figured out the answer to such a question, he/she has given up rationality. At this moment I see the human race as cells in the universal body, with the ignorant amongst us being cancerous. However, in Superhuman logic, cancer can be cured.

1 In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin yang is used to describe how polar or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. Many natural dualities—e.g. dark and light, female and male, low and high, cold and hot— are thought of as manifestations of yin and yang (respectively).

How to Utilize an Educational System Education is not the sole responsibility of a school system. Superhumans are aware of this.
Placing blame on teachers and school systems shows weakness in the psyche of the parent. There are no bad schools. There are countless cases of students who have excelled in the worst school systems. If education has value, then a student will have a purpose to study. It is a parents duty to make sure that their child comprehends this. A student must understand that by becoming educated, he/she will be exposed to more freedoms and better choices. Once leaving a classroom, students must take it upon themselves to apply, research and gain a better comprehension of the knowledge that was attained in the classroom. Parents must work along with the school system in order to make it work for the student. Education starts at birth. One should never talk to a baby in “baby talk”. This is the most detrimental stage of learning. Everything this child is exposed to becomes gospel until they are able to add reasoning to their decisions. When a child displays a behavior, it is usually a reenactment. A Superhuman comprehends this and watches his/her speech and actions in the presence of a child. One should never talk about a child, in front of them, without including that child in the conversation1. Parents should also pay attention to a child’s strengths and weaknesses. Not every student learns in the same way or at the same pace, which is a disadvantage of the educational system2. Home schooling must be used to supplement day school education. Home schooling is a great option but subtracts from the social aspect of the child’s development. A Superhuman parent will assemble a balanced curriculum including a day educational program & supplemental programs such as sports training, instrument lessons, language lessons and tutoring in weak subject areas.

1 According to James Redfield novel “The Celestine Prophecy”, the 8th Insight states: Children should be included in conversations and not spoken of as if they are not present or in the third person. You should also never take responsibility for more children than you can devote your full attention to. This cancels out the need on the child’s part to compete with other children for the attention of the adult. Questions from a child should be answered with the utmost seriousness, avoiding fanciful answers which can confuse the child or build mistrust. Find a way to tell the child the truth in terms they can understand. 2 Robert T. Kiyosaki said in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad for teens: “When I was growing up, my dad always told me that everyone is born smart—that every child has a special kind of genius. I loved that idea. Even though I didn’t always do well in school, I kind of knew the reason didn’t have to do with me. I wasn’t stupid. I just learned in a different way than the way teachers in school expected me to.

Superhumans Obligation to Fitness The Superhuman must strive to achieve fitness. This includes both mental and physical fitness. Mental fitness: • A Superhuman must never stop learning. • A Superhuman must study languages, learning at least the 20% used in conversation • A Superhuman must be a generalist, a jack of all trades... think Davinci! • A Superhuman is as good a listener as he/she is a conversationalist • A Superhuman must comprehend to the most basic level, the functions of the human anatomy • A Superhuman must understand finances and train the mind to need less in order to achieve mental freedom. • A Superhuman must be able to see several steps ahead. Life is a chessboard! • A Superhumans must excel in reading and reading comprehension more so than any other subject. • A Superhuman must avoid negativity and counteract negative thoughts with positive ones immediately • A Superhuman must think before answering questions. • A Superhuman must never give advice he/she doesn’t adhere too • A Superhuman should say “No” rather than take on another persons stress. • A Superhuman reads and researches self help topics Physical fitness: • A Superhuman must master their own body weight • A Superhuman must learn how to swim for survival purposes (80% of the world is water, why wouldn’t know how to swim) • A Superhuman must study some form of Self Defense/ Martial Arts • A Superhuman must understand Nutrition and adhere to a strict, healthy regimen • A Superhuman must pay attention to proper hygiene • A Superhuman must train using full body workouts • A Superhuman doesn’t rely on fancy gyms or equipment to achieve a good workout. • A Superhuman can compete in more than one area of sports • A Superhuman encourages others in gym settings and is obligated to help others who are doing workouts wrong. • A Superhuman never laughs at an out of shape person but rather offers advice.

progress. The next 6 months of my life will be known as the Upgrade ( I will hack my body into CG2.0 mode). This is a life long mission and by no means a fad or hobby. This is a serious lifestyle. I only hope that my works may inspire and spark a thought greater than my own. I am not a graduate from a prestigious university, but rather an Alumni from the School of Independent Thought. I learn and teach independent of accolades and awards. I am a student for life and a Superhuman by faith! w w w . F i t i s m . c o m

In conclusion, I am nowhere near the perfect model of a Superhuman, but rather a work in

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