8 CHAPTER – 2 (Manual –2) Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

He will work under direct control of the Managing Director. have over all control of all the staff of the Federation. HIS DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES WILL BE AS FOLLOWS:1) To arrange for writing minutes of the Chairman’s meeting and take follow-up action on the proceedings of the Committee of Management. 2) To ensure keeping up to date by-laws, regulations, rules of the Federation. 3) Review the working of the staff working under his control and put up report to the Managing Director periodically. 4) Ensure proper distribution of inward tapals and post dispatched of onward tapals. 5) Ensure proper maintenance of personal files, service registers, etc., of all the staff. 6) Ensure prompt maintenance of society vehicles and keep up of the office building. 7) Arrange for purchase of stationeries, printing of books and forms as per the requirements and ensure keeping up of adequate stock of stationery books and forms etc. 8) Ensure prompt remittance of all rates and taxes of vehicles etc. 9) Arrange for insurance for all properties, vehicles, furniture, cash against fire, burglary and for finally renewal. 10) For ensuring safety and security of Office records and properties etc 11) For carrying out the instructions/ orders of the Managing Director. 12) For supervision and controlling work of all the staff under his control. 13) All the vouchers should be countersigned by him 14) He should also attend such other duties as and when assigned to him. 15) He should have over all control in the absence of the Managing Director. 16) He should maintain official secrecy as ordered by the Managing Director then and there. 17) He/ She is in-charge of all vehicles maintenance and also shall verify the log book. He shall

11) See that the personnel Register are maintained by the staff working under him up to date and submit arrear position. 10) Arrange for filing of statements / returns in respect of Income Tax in time. 2) To ensure that all the Accounts book as prescribed and necessary. 8) Ensure that all the required statements and prepare in the Accounts Section periodically and put up to the Managing Director through Administration Officer. Accounts Section and R&P Section will work under his control.9 II.O for perusal daily. His Duties and responsibilities will be as follows:1) To review the work of the staff working under him and put up a report to the Managing Director periodically through Administrative Officer. 16) He should physically verify the cash balance at the end of every day transactions with cash Chitta and coin war register and submit the same to the A. 17) The cash on hand of the Federation at the close of the every day transaction should be under joints custody of him and the cashier. 15) For supervision and controlling the work of the staff in the Accounts Section. All the staff attached to the Cash Section. 13) Arrange for the renewal of Fixed Deposit invested in various financial institutions / Banks in time. 5) To check and sign the day book and financial statements after ensuring its corrections. 7) Ensure prompt and timely payment to the primaries after checking the relevant records. Manager (Accounts) He will work under direct control of Administrative Officer and Managing Director. 3) To examine the financial position and suggest measures for better management of funds. a) Day Book b) Due to and Due register c) General Ledger d) Loan Ledger e) Stock registers (Furniture) f) Cheque issue register and Bank Balance register . 9) Check the accounts relating to the office vehicles and arrange to pass on the bills for fuel / repair etc. 4) To arrange for preparation of budget. 12) Arrange for the rectification of the defects pointed out by the Auditor and other inspecting authorities.. 18) He shall check and counter signed the following accounts and registers. 14) For carrying out the instructions / orders of the Administrative Officer / Managing Director. 6) Examine the genuiness and reasonableness of the expenditure and recommend for payment.

He shall also attend to any other work assigned by the undersigned to him then and there. He shall arrange and attend all consultancy services for other Cooperative institutions in time. He shall attend the matters pertaining to Sub. 21) He shall report the irregularities if any noticed. modern construction materials and methods. 4. 26) He is in charge of arrangements for conduct of Annual General Body and Board Meeting. 2. 10. He shall also attend to any other work assigned to him by the undersigned.O in his absence. He shall check technical section staff service matters. 5. 22) He shall also attend to the duties of the A. He is incharge of entire technical Section.O 20) He shall check the pay bills. 7. 2. 27) Ensure safe custody of minutes book and files relating to meetings. 12. 11. 9. He shall prepare the matter pertaining to introduction of Low Cost Technologies. 1. 24) He is responsible for internal checking of all accounts of the Federation and for pre checking of all transactions. He shall prepare and attend all subjects related to land requisition. To frame rules and regulations concerning the business of the Federation subject to the approval of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies. T. To Nominate its delegate of representative to other institutions from among the members of the committee. Power and Duties of the Committee:The Committee of Management of the Federation shall have the following Power/duties. 25) He shall arrange for conduct of Final Audit and Tax Audit in time. He shall check and submit all the loan files to Managing Director through Administrative Officer. to the undersigned by means of a report.Committee. He shall forward avail any kind of leave in the Technical Section to the Managing Director through Administrative Officer. He shall assist the Charted Accountant Auditor in conduct of Audit. 28) He is the incharge and maintenance of Minutes of Minutes Book 29) He should supervise the loan section TECHNICAL SECTION EXECUTIVE ENGINEER:1.10 19) He should check and countersigned the financial statements and submit the same to the undersigned through A. He shall prepare review of progress report from Technical wing . transfer and refund shares . 3. He shall attend the matters pertaining to High Level Committee. He shall arrange for rectification of minor defects noticed during checking of accounts then and there.A bills and the Registers relating to the payment of other allowance to staff. 23) He shall also attend any other work entrusted to him by the undersigned. 8. To admit members and to allot. 6. 3.

To Purchase hands either through private negotiation or under the Land Acquisition Act. They shall be entitled to such traveling allowances and sitting fess as may be fixed from time to time by the committee with the prior approval of the Registrar. To frame regulations relating to the strength and pattern of staff their qualification method of recruitment and other service conditions. 9. The services of the members of the committee and of the subcommittee shall be gratuitous. 19. To prepare annual budget for the Federation and to place it before the General Body. 10. 12. To take all necessary steps to fulfill the aims and objects of the Federation. develop the same and form co-operative housing Colonies/layouts construct flats and houses. To proceed against its members or the mortgaged property in case of default of payment of money due to the Federation. . To create funds for the benefit of employees or ex-employees and their dependents . To issue share certificates. 20. for its approval.11 4. with the recommendations of the General Body and the approval of the Registrar. 8. 14. To frame rules and regulations concerning the administration of the Federation with the approval of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies. 17. 15. irrecoverable either wholly or in part. Power and Duties of Chairman The Chairman shall have the powers: A) To preside over the meetings of the General body and the committee of the management and to sign the proceedings of such meetings. To appoint a sub-committee of five members from amongst the members of the committee including the chairman and the Managing Director for carrying out specified functions relating to the business of the Federation. or otherwise lost or any loan due to the Federations. either stolen. 5. To arrange for the maintenance of such accounts and registers as maybe specified by the registrar from time to time. 7. broken. 11. To incur such expenditure as may be necessary for the management of the Federation. To summon general body meeting at least once a year 18. with the approval of the registrar of Cooperative societies. 13. To raise share on behalf of Federation as per the provisions of the Byelaws 6. To grant loans and advances to members on such terms and conditions as may be determined from time to time.To place before the General Meeting of the Federation the audit report and rectification report for the audit defects if any. 16. To write off the value of any article belonging to the Federation. To allocate the net profit earned by the Federation and to place the same in the General Body.

c) To exercise such powers as are delegated to him under the provisions of the Act Rules bye-laws and the committee of Management.12 b)To sign documents. along with the Managing Director for creating a charge or obligation on the Federation and. .

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