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Instructions for Step 5 & 7 Checksheets:

The processes of planning (Step 5) and checking (Step 7)

are tightly connected. What your company plans to
accomplish will need to be checked later to make sure
everything is functioning properly. The "EMS Plan and
Check Template" below will guide your company as it gets
organised and begins taking action.

The "Legal Register Template" tab below will help you

take into consideration the legal implications of how your
company is currently operating. It is a valuable tool to
assess how your company's current business practices
may face legal consequences if they are not improved. If
you already have systems in place to bring your business
practices in line with legal obligations (i.e. local ordinances,
building consents, environmental laws, etc.), this template
will provide a place to account for such actions.
Step 5: EMS Plan Template
Responsible Manager(s):

Planning Checklist Item Planning Instructions Company Strategy/Action Plan

List reason(s) for choosing

What does your company want to achieve? e.g. better
to have this company
cost savings, improve reputation, better Building
function in a sustainable
Code compliance, reduce waste, win award, etc.

Check on applicable codes, laws, and local authority

Anticipate compliance requirements.
issues (use "Legal Register Template" tab)

What are some of the main consumables in terms of

cost or volume? Coffee cups? Soft drink cans?
Paper towels? Select consumables that you wish to
Brainstorm Consumables
target and focus on ways to reduce consumption,
reduce waste, increase efficiency, and save money.
(see also, Step 6 Checksheets)

What are some of the main resources you use?

Water? Electricity? Petrol? Paper? Select the
services that you wish to target and identify ways to
Brainstorm Resources reduce consumption, reduce consumption, increase
efficiency, and save money.
(see also, Step 6 Checksheets)

Impacts that can be predicted from cursory assessment

Anticipate main expected
taken during the "Step 3: Assess" stage of writing
environmental impacts
Environmental Policy. (see also, Step 8 Checksheets)

Use the expected consumables and services to predict

EMS Step 5: Plan

Anticipate types of waste the wastes the company will generate and list the
expected and how it will be actions you want to put in place.
dealt with (see also, Step 6 Checksheets)

Insert relevant policy points that apply to the issues

Utilise the business you have been listing so far, e.g. waste minimisation,
environmental policy pollution prevention, etc. (refer to your Environmental
Policy you wrote in Step 4)
Name what external In addition to whatever efforts the company may be
business environmental getting in place, indicate whether or not an external
management system framework such as Enviro-Mark™ NZ or ISO14001
(EMS) might be used, if will be used to help guide your processes. (see EMS
any section for further information on organisations)

If using a business environmental management system

such as Enviro-Mark™ NZ, recognise how your
Research the external EMS
company's efforts will fit in that framework. (i.e.
that might be used, if any
research the standard, levels of compliance,
guidelines, required certifications, etc.)

If your company would like to enter for recognitions

Indicate what awards or such as the Ministry for Environment's Green Ribbon
recognitions the company Award or other local competitions, list the criteria
hopes to achieve upfront so to help steer your processes. (see Website
Resources section for Awards)

What actions will be immediate? What actions will

take place over a long period of time? What actions
Indicate time frame for
will follow at a later date? Create a schedule,
calendar, or timeline for the processes you are
creating here.

As you move through the process, you will move

from from planning to doing, (Step 5 to Step 6). After
reading the section that explains step 6, download the
Begin Site/Office Related
Step 6 Checksheets. Click on the "On Site
checksheet items to
Checksheets" and "In Office Checksheets" tabs.
investigate your company's
These can be completed in any order, depending on
what areas your company is focusing on. Refer back
to the actions you selected for your company in Step
Reviewing your findings is
essential. Make sure that
After completing the appropriate items in Step 6
the process is running
Checksheets, return to this EMS Planning & Check
smoothly, that appropriate
Template. You will then be in Step 7. To check your
measurements are being
progress, scroll to the right and use the template to
taken, and that
make sure everything is going according to plan.---->
improvements are being

The most important thing to remember is

improvement over time. If this is your first time
As you continue to report
completing Sustainable Foundations, you will now
over the years, compare
have measurements that show your company's
data from previous reports
performance in many areas. Set reasonable targets for
and set benchmarks for
improvement. Next time you go through the process,
you can continue to reduce negative impacts and
increase your bottom line! Keep it going!

Adapted from: "Greening the Screen Environmental Toolkit"

MS Plan Template

(scroll right for EMS Step 7: Check Template ---->)

Additional Type (e.g. short term goal, long Individuals Estimated

Instructions/Comments term goal, etc.) Responsible Completion Date:

EMS Step 7: Check

Step 7: EMS Check Template
Responsible Manager(s):

Followup Date(s) Reviewer(s) Outcome/Updates/Results of Step 5: Plan and Step 6: Do

MS Check Template

(<----Scroll left for Step 5: Plan Template)

Comments Future Plans and Targets

Responsible Manager(s):
This page can be included in your final report.
Legal Register Template

How it applies to Controls in place (procedures,

Legislation Regulator
organisation/site monitoring, alarms,etc)

Adapted From: Epicentre-Acorn training programme – EU Life Project 2001-2003 coordinated by the Irish Productivity Centre

Authorisation, licenses, Training

consents, and related requirements,
site contacts
records if any