Forensic Psychology Publications and Study Aides

For individuals in the field of forensic psychology, there are many publications dedicated to helping professionals stay abreast of all the changes in their field of study.

Many publications are scholarly journals that publish and review case studies, papers and books in forensic psychology, while other publications have more of a magazine style feel meant to keep professionals informed about developments in forensic psychology.

The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology
This journal is a leading international publication in the field that offers up-to-date case studies and articles about topics related to the practice of forensic psychiatry, including law topics and psychiatry practice topics. This publication is meant for professionals in psychology and law who would like to join the global debates and stay informed about current discussions within the field.

The Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice
This academic journal focuses on the actual practice in the field, though it does publish peer-reviewed papers and studies on topics ranging from best practices to psychological disorders.
This would be a good journal for students of psychology at the university level to use for research.

Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling
Publishing peer-reviewed studies and papers as well as book reviews, this scholarly journal focuses on aspects of psychology used in law practice and law enforcement. Topics usually focus on the psychology of offenders. This journal would be an excellent resource for students of psychology, law or criminal justice.

Behavioral Sciences & The Law
This is a scholarly journal that publishes case studies and in-depth research in the behavioral sciences as it pertains to criminal law. Topics can be about behavior of witnesses and court rooms as well as offenders. Abstracts are available online and the full journal is available in print. This would be a good resource for students as well as professionals.

Forensic Science International
This publication is aimed at professionals and students of the forensic sciences, though it might also be valuable to those studying or practicing law. Forensic Science International publishes review articles, letters to the editors, original research papers, case studies and book reviews on topics in all the forensic sciences including biology, psychology, pathology and toxicology.

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