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Literature Review Help # 1

How Can I Write a Literature Review That Should Have All

The Qualities a Good Literature Review Have?

Discover How To Write a Degree Winning

Literature Review Just ByFollowing 7 Simple

Select a Topic:Narrow down your area of research and work

out few possible aspects with fertile grounds for study.
Brainstorm with colleagues or professor and work out a
nice topic to write on.
Analyse The Literature:Browse different search engines
using different keywords and explore your area of
research. Recent articles, review and authentic theories
are certainly a catalyst to a worthy Paper and do not
forget to note down divergent researches in your subject.
Narrow down your area of research:List down your
interests and the interests of others and then short list the
common grounds as per the time span for the required
research. Divert the focus of your concentration to
subjects, due for a review.

Evaluate your collected/selected article:Make sure that

you evaluate each article or research by going through a
simple process stated below;
Assumption being made in most of the researches and confront
the methodology, including the material tested,
subjects and testing procedures.
Construct findings through the drawn conclusions
Note down the experts and personalities of the field, used in
the references and the theories and fallouts.
The variance in the authenticity of theories through the
passage of time.
Organize your research through observing patterns, frequently
used findings, trends being followed and most
significant theories.

Develop a Thesis Statement:Summarize the conclusion

regarding the major trends observed and the research
that has already been done on our subject.
Organize your paper:Put in all the findings so far into
categories and spread on to a large surface for an all-
embracing literature review. Develop headings and F-
NBlu14s and switch the categories accordingly to robust
under different headings or under new topic headings.
Start the writing process:Make sure that you follow the
developed plan and each section connects sensibly to
alternative ends. Distinguish each section by subtopics
and themes not on the basis of researchers and theorists.
Glance on what you have written so far and focus on
Analysis not on description. List down the topic sentences
of each paragraph and read them in row to understand
that the paper is presented in clear positions and is
logically structured from top to bottom.

The most common mistake made by any students is they

usually start each paragraph with the researcher’s or theorist’s
name which portraits that the paper only describes the findings
and research whereas it was supposed to evaluate and
compare the literature in a questioning exposure. To resolve
such miseries, summarize your statements in each paragraph
and then omit the details which are off the related topic, edit
the information relevant to the subject or re-structure the
complete paper.