Going from the Buddhism meditation to the Hindu chakra meditation. There is a difference between the Buddhism believe in the chakras and the Hindu believe. Main difference is that the Buddhism chakras have 10 points, starting from the third eye, then the crown chakra and then down to the root. The Hindu chakras are more simplistic and better known. Also keep in mind that in Buddhism the soul does not exists. Something Hindus do believe in. There are other subtle differences but I will not discuss them here. The goal here is not to stick to one religion or faith but use different ones to get my point across.

There are seven main chakra points. Then four secondary chakras, one etheric chakra, some minor chakras and a lot of smaller chakras. Chakras control your well being, your illnesses, your pains and your happiness. Other thing you need to know is that you have a front and back. Except for the root and crown chakra. All chakras turn clockwise both in front and your back. A closed chakra can cause physical and mental illness and if you feel something is wrong, focus on that chakra and heal your body and mind. The main way to check if a chakra is open or closed is by using a pendant. You will need somebody with a steady hand to check them. If the pendant starts to swing clockwise in an even motion, that chakra is functioning and open. If the pendant stays still, or worse: going anti-clockwise, it's closed. Wobbly movements in the pendant means you will need to work on that chakra. There are many sites that explain what a certain chakra's function is, what it does and how you can open them. I'm not going into full detail on them, but will provide you with a link to get a better understanding. Keep in mind that I'm using the Hindu explanation of chakras so here your chakras go only up. So red or root chakra is your main chakra, then your spleen or orange chakra, your solar plexus or yellow chakra,

you can start to focus on each point and fill that point with the designated colour. Once your whole body is covered in a white light. The easiest way to cleanse your chakras is imagine yourself standing under a shower. Before trying to open up any chakra keep in mind that the base chakras need to be fully open and functioning first. After your meditation you will need to close your chakras too.I am and the world welcomes me . the spleen and the solar plexus chakra. Don't attempt opening your third eye chakra when your root or solar chakra is off balance. This is all about you and who you are. You can find a qualified healer to do this for you and the healer can also inform you which chakras are open and which chakras need to be focused on. Another way is feeling a white light coming from the earth around you moving slowly through your body from the feet to the top of your head. Feeling the water clean the inside of your body.I honour my body . I'm not a qualified healer. Root chakra (red) Location: Pubic bone. but also inside you. a waterfall or laying in a pool. Imagine a cloak or towel in each colour going from the crown to the root wrapping you. An important thing is to cleanse your chakras first. Shutting you down. Close your eyes and focus on each section starting from the root. your third eye or indigo chakra and finally your crown or violet chakra. I just mention here what I've learned and what I practice.your heart or green chakra. Next what you do is: affirm the chakra. The other four are more advanced chakras. So not only think of your body glowing in a red colour but also affirm that chakra with these lines: . Like the water is not only flowing over your body. either the buddhist position with the knees crossed or laying down flat. The most simple way of opening your different chakras is by doing the following: Take an easy position. your throat or blue chakra. base of spine. You can hold a stone of a particular colour. or more easily think of a particular colour while focussing on that region. It may also help to guide that chakra by making a clockwise movement with your finger over that point. Your base chakras are the root.

It's also about accepting that you are God as well. in rocks in every living creature. Remember what I said above. next to the heart The heart chakra is about love.I am enough .. God manifest himself in the universe.I appreciate all of my unique qualities Heart chakra (green) Location: in the centre of your chest. Not having the first three chakras open will not prepare you for the things that are coming in the future.I own my own strength . This chakra is about self control and patience To affirm this chakra think yellow or gold and repeat these lines: . in trees. Or as Neale Donald Walsch put it in his wonderful and must read book: "When Everything Changes. Also notice that the heart chakra means that you are God as well. not only for your body but also for things that will come. needs and giving and receiving. Change Everything": . let your body fill with an orange colour and repeat these lines: . Everything is God. (for adults) This chakra is all about what you feel. They are important. Also keep in mind the colours that these chakras have. To affirm this chakra think green and repeat these lines: . Love for yourself and love for others. Your self confidence.I live with courage and consideration Spleen chakra (Orange) Location: about 5 cm below the navel. To affirm this chakra.I trust the Universe to supply my abundance and prosperity Solar plexus chakra (Yellow) Location: about 5 cm above the navel. This might come as a shock to some people but God is everywhere.I let go of what I do not need and welcome change .I accept myself fully I'm going to take a break here and focus on the heart chakra.I am truly loved . Make sure your three base chakras are open before continuing.

you are a part of God. visit this website and this one. therefore. Life is God. and all things are part of the One Thing That Is. spleen and solar plexus chakra as a start. As they are the most important ones. but try to keep your focus mainly on the first three. . Just try to open up your root. Colour meditation and Solara An Ra. There is only One Thing. To learn more about all the main chakras and the consequences of having them open or closed. You are a part of Life. This is important to further understand what changes are laying ahead. Such a thing is impossible. expressing Itself. watch these two videos to do meditations for your chakras: Chakra balancing. The only way this could not be true would be if Life and God were somehow separate. To start your chakra meditations you can use videos as a guide. Life is in everything and Life and God are exactly the same thing. These colours can have different meanings and I'll come back to the colour yellow and green especially in a next post. Not only here on earth. Next post I will discuss the other chakras and also explain how to test them with a pendant. but in the whole universe! Another important thing to point out are the colours. When you're ready. They focus on all points.You are an Individuation of Divinity.

part II Yesterday I discussed the first four chakra points. And explain a little on how I meditate them.Chakra meditation . Today I will go into the last three main chakra points. . And gave you a little introduction in how to meditate.

This chakra is about devotion. animals and a waterfall or creek nearby. I step out and feel beams of white light coming from the earth and trees surrounding me. being able to speak the truth with compassion and saying "I AM" without fear or hesitation. To affirm this chakra you use these lines: . Once I feel myself sinking and my mind clearing. I walk into the waterfall and feel it cleaning my body and soul.I now release early life and past life experiences which do not serve my highest good .I value and express my creativity .My intuitive connection with my Higher Self is expanding and becoming clearer Crown chakra (violet) There are different colours for this chakra. co-creator of love and light. . This chakra is about speaking clearly. enlightenment.I accept responsibility for creating my reality .I now say what needs to be said . beaming upwards This chakra is about connection with the world. going from my feet up through my body and out of the top of my head. I prefer to use violet.I act in alignment with my Higher Self As I meditate my chakras I close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths into my nose and out my mouth.I merge with the unity of all life . Slowly I place myself inside a green field and feel all living beings around me. spiritual knowledge and wisdom and connection with your higher self or soul To affirm your third eye chakra use these lines: . but you can also find it described as white or gold. Trees. forgiveness. To affirm your throat chakra speak these lines out loud or in your mind: . Location: Top of your head. creative thought.My purpose is to serve others with my unique gifts Third eye chakra (indigo. grass. dark blue) Location: Between your eye brows.Throat chakra (blue) Location: Throat. I rest for a while focussing on that state.

crown is beaming upwards and the rest beaming outwardly in front of me. a green scarf wrapping my chest. Up to the solar plexus and so on. Again I let my body fill with white light and move to the root chakra again. After the root chakra I move to the back of my body and.Affirming the lines for each chakra. I sit still and slowly move out of the field. I start focussing on my root chakra. As there are many different movements. a yellow scarf wrapping my solar plexus. Then I move to the spleen chakra and do the same. a blue scarf wrapping my throat. Root is beaming down. an orange scarf wrapping my hips and a red scarf wrapping my lower torso. I will mention them in a separate post. Until all points beam out a light in a clockwise motion. let the trees and creek disappear and let the scarfs fall off my body. not towards you. again in clockwise motions from within me. Next up is testing your chakras. I go all the way up to the crown. I imagine red ball of light going in a clockwise motion. Then an indigo scarf wraps my fore head.Now I've cleaned my body and let the light beam around me and through me. When I reach the crown chakra and all chakras are beaming outwardly behind me I imagine a purple scarf floating in the air wrapping the top of my head. This time a yellow ball of light. I move to the orange chakra. now beaming out of the back. . Remember this is ALWAYS clockwise from WITHIN you. the light slowly stops turning. Never going anti-clockwise but turning slower and the light becoming dimmer. Never go counter clockwise as it will close the chakra rather than open it! I affirm the lines for the red chakra and focus on it for a while.

There are a lot of possible movements and I will mention each one of them. You can't check your own chakras. you will need a crystal pendant and a second person. this indicates an active/receptive split. 1. When the pendant swings about 15 cm in a clockwise motion the chakra is open and balanced. Have the person lean their elbow on a steady underground and their hand fully still while holding the pendant about 2-3 cm above the chakra point. to the right. The goal in this case would be for this person to allow in more feminine energy (Yin) and more receptiveness.Checking your chakras To check your chakras. but overly active and masculine (Yang). When the pendant swings elliptically clockwise (oval). . about 7 cm in diameter. The chakra is open. No need for affirmations and you can move to the next. 2.

about 7 cm in diameter. the chakra is closed. Split. 7 cm in diameter. Why are they avoiding interacting with others? Try to help this person to confront their fears in this area. The chakra is open. passive aspect more developed than aggressive with projection of an aggressive biased reality. When the pendent swings elliptically clockwise (oval). The goal in this case would be for this person to allow in more masculine energy (Yang) and more activeness. . 6. with false projections of imagined reality. 5. 4. Split. 8. 15 cm in diameter. 7 cm in diameter. 7.3. 5 cm in diameter. When the pendant swings elliptically clockwise (oval). this also indicates an active/receptive split. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise. to the left. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise. they tend to hold back their energy to avoid energetic interaction with others (aloof). this chakra is closed an out of harmony. elliptically (oval) to the left. it is open with some upward displacement of energy toward spiritual to avoid interaction with people. elliptically (oval) to the right. When the pendant swings elliptically clockwise (oval). vertically. horizontally. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise. aggressive aspect more developed than passive with projection of a passive and biased sense of reality. this chakra is closed. but overly receptive and feminine (Yin). 15 cm in diameter (the opposite of #1).

10. This is typically referred to as a ³blown chakra´ and it will lead to pathology in the physical body. 14. this chakra isn't functioning at all. with a 15 cm swing. 11. In this case. 15. chemotherapy. Strong block indicated. 7 cm in diameter. but it definitely can be healed. this indicates a severe aggressive/passive split. This indicates an upward displacement of energy towards the spiritual to avoid interaction with people. elliptically (oval). When the pendant is STILL. passive much more developed than aggressive. the meditations are badly needed. When the pendant swings to the right with a 7 cm swing. with aggression much more developed than passive. elliptically (oval). horizontally. A blown chakra can be caused by radiation. vertically. Withholding and compacting energy to avoid interaction with people (aloof). When the pendant swings only vertically. 13. . they are holding energy flow and feelings down (repressing) to avoid personal interactions. 12.9. the chakra is open but they have a very strong pattern of moving feelings and energy toward the spiritual to avoid personal interaction. or severe trauma. this chakra is closed. the chakra is closed. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise. When the pendant swings to the left with a 12 cm swing. this indicates a severe passive/aggressive split. 13 cm in diameter. When the pendant swings only horizontally with a 10 cm swing.

That's it! I would suggest watching this series of videos as well. oval axis shift. ³Negative chaos´. this person is experiencing tremendous change taking place. where there is a further explanation done about dowsing and checking your chakras with a pendulum. This person is actively and deeply working on issues. This person is however avoiding those issues than are still taking place regardless. oval axis shift.16. this person is experiencing tremendous change taking place. 13 cm in diameter. 13 cm in diameter. . When your pendant moves in a counter-clockwise. 17. When your pendant moves in a clockwise. ³Sensitive chaos´.

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