Postgraduate Diploma in Design, Society and Thought

1st programme: from October 2011 to March 2012 ECTS Credits: 30 Language: Spanish Qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Design, Society and Thought, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona.

Society dynamics in the information era raise the need to develop new mental structures and fundamentals of knowledge on which to base analysis and critical personal perspectives towards the objects and phenomena forming contemporary culture. Both the practice of and reflection on design and architecture in the present, which positively consolidate active and reformist bases for the immediate future, require the construction of new creative parameters and a new mental attitude, which, to a large extent, depend on the formation of sound, yet at the same time flexible criteria concerning the understanding of the state of reality. For professionals involved in creative and intellectual tasks, the actual exercise of reanalysing and reformulating existing definitions using the transformation process of the present as a basis has become an inextricable part of the work itself.

The purpose of the course is to study the current cultural meaning of design-related activities and how it is formulated, to explore its relevance and significance, and study its presence as the subject of the convergence of the synergies of the flows forming the present state of reality in order to provide students with the keys to defining and assessing modes of active and reactive cultural intervention. The following are the main objectives: – To enhance the creative and intellectual abilities of professionals trained in design with regard to the understanding and conceptual structure of their own work and any other contemporary cultural manifestation. – To encourage students to construct methods of dealing with and reacting to the synergies and events that define the immediate state of the present. – To develop creative resources in students so they can propose new concepts, methods and strategies for reflection and creation, which give their professional work more awareness of their intervention and action capacity in current social and cultural dynamics.



Entry Requirements
– Designer. – Architect. – Graduate in Fine Arts. – Graduate in History of Art. – Writers, philosophers, engineers, journalists and other professionals who have a flair for the analysis of forms and concepts, and who wish to express and issue opinions in public.

Programme Directors
FREDY MASSAD Architect and photographer. ALICIA GUERRERO YESTE Graduate in Art History. They founded ¿btbW/Architecture in 1996, joining forces to specialise in the research and analysis of contemporary architecture. They are guest tutors for several Master’s Degrees, and invited members of review supervisory teams and boards of examiners at ELISAVA. They are currently working as critics for the magazine EXIT Express, and the cultural supplements of ABC and La Vanguardia. They also collaborate with various international media specialised in architecture and design. They are the authors and editors of various books, and they have acted as organisers of various exhibition projects for Sònar and the Association of Architects of Catalonia, among others.

Results of September 11, 2001 in New York.



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