God Has a Plan for You

Your Assignment in Building God’s Kingdom
Perry Jones

God Has a Plan for You Discovering Your Assignment in Building God’s Kingdom .

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God’s Plan for You Discovering Your Assignment in Building God’s Kingdom .


CONTENTS EXERCISES 101 Things What Did You Always Want to Be When You Grew Up? Eulogy Life Would Be Perfect If It Wasn’t/Weren’t For… The Opposite 10 Million Dollars in the Bank Feelings Group Your Feelings Pull Out Negative and Positive Explore Your Lists Assemble Your Feelings My Purpose Is… .


more knowledgeable. every mediocre or mundane thing. You have a mission to accomplish. you have a true calling. Out of over 6 billion souls. for love. There is only one person in the whole earth that can do this. your perfect work is waiting. to build strength. God has given you a dream that you and you alone are uniquely qualified to fulfill. Each and every thing you have experienced in your life was given to you by God to teach you. Everything that has ever occurred in your life is like a little signpost pointing you to where you should be going.to do. you already know this. And God knows what that is. That person is you. each and every thing was put there by God. but perhaps you have forgotten – or maybe – you never knew. . to make you wiser. to build understanding. to increase compassion.5 God has a reason for you to be here. There is something special He wants you to do and He gave it to a special person – You! . Everything that has happened to you throughout your life. to reach you. Deep down inside. every good thing. every everyday thing. That is why He brought you here. every bad thing. God has a purpose for you. There is a purpose for your life. only one person is qualified for this task. That is why you were born. God has arranged your life to prepare you for your mission. smarter.

To break the cycle and exit the Rat Race. Most people have never been told that they have been gifted with a talent or several talents. Living your Purpose puts you on track to living the most fulfilling and exciting life you could imagine. Most people are unaware that God has given them a very specific assignment in building God’s Kingdom. The more you obtain.6 Unfortunately. you Will Know Your Purpose. Not completing your assignment leads to an unsatisfying life in which you keep working to attain the material things of the world to fill up the spiritual hole in your heart. Not fulfilling your purpose is sin. It continues like this in a never ending cycle. At the end. Going with God fills you with a sense of Purpose and puts you on God’s side to face any troubles or obstacles that you may confront. Having the power of the universe behind you is certain when you discover Your Purpose. . most people do not know what God wants from them. 12 transformational exercises help you to reveal your Purpose. you must find and begin living your Purpose. Give yourself 2 uninterrupted hours to complete these exercises. A spiritual void can never be filled with a physical object. that will make it possible for them to fulfill their purpose and complete their assignment to God. the more you want.

music. wonderful. classes. vacations. all the things. . clothes. activities. people. cruises. spirituality.7 EXERCISES Allow 20 minutes for each exercise below. What Did You Always Want To Be When You Grew Up? . artwork – anything. just write down everything. health. hobbies. holidays. 101 Things – list 101 things you want in your life. intelligent person who has recently passed on (you). listing their accomplishments and how you feel they (you) would want to be remembered. people you would like to meet (or date). that one thing (if you only had one) that you wanted to do when you grew up. You must describe this person in detail.self-explanatory. Eulogy – Write a eulogy about this great. toys. cars. These could be goals.

. bother you. 10 Million Dollars In the Bank – You have a magical 10 million dollars in the bank. there will always be 10 million dollars in the bank. write down its opposite. You could spend it all in one moment. but then when you review your balance you will have – Voila! – 10 million dollars. anger you.8 Life Would Be Perfect If It Weren’t/Wasn’t For… List everything wrong in your life List everything that holds you back List all your fears List all your worries and concerns List all the people who disturb you. hold you back List all your health problems List everything that isn’t working in your life - The Opposite – For each thing you wrote down in the previous exercise. No matter how much you spend. If you had this magical 10 million dollars in your bank account. worry you.

God.9 - Describe your perfect day Describe your perfect life What would you do with 10 million dollars? How would you spend it? How would your life be different? What would you be doing for work. being that or having that would make you feel. This could be your mission. community. you will never fill that hole. . your true calling. family. your reason for living. If your feeling is a form of expansion or of selfexpression it represents your true self. charity. A feeling is either a need you must fill or a means of self-expression. career. If it is something you need to fill. yourself? Feelings Review your list of 101 Things. a hole somewhere within. To each assign a feeling or several feelings about how doing that. nation. the spiritual being within and it could be your purpose or part of your purpose in your life.

those that show up more than once. Write each one down on a separate line Put a number next to each feeling for the number of times it shows up on your lists Maybe a feeling just shows up once or twice. How many people have already discovered or figured out your purpose in life? Usually. close your eyes. get into the experience. there is always a few. consider how each thing will make you feel. your mind and your soul? Identify your feelings and write them down. What feelings come up for you? What emotions do you experience? What is happening in your body. write it down . Group Your Feelings – Go through your lists and identify common feelings.10 Review your list. Imagine that thing in your mind. but you feel it is very important. take your time.

you will find yourself seeking to express who you are. they are “stuck” energy and they represent a hurtful memory or a painful experience such as the loss of a loved one or the loss of a pet. They may be hurtful words. to expand yourself into other avenues. That may be true for some people and it may be true for you. you no longer need the “to feel” feelings. They could be a passed or current illness or accident. Other modalities suggest that you only need to get the energy unstuck and flowing again to heal. physical. Some healing modalities suggest that you must relive these experiences in order to heal from them. They represent an imbalance in your energy. not “to feel”. When you are healed. an addiction or a moment of anger. sexual or emotional abuse. “To feel” feelings indicate a hole you need to fill.” . judgment or ill-advised recrimination against someone else or even yourself. into other channels. but “To Be.11 Pull Out Negative and Positive Identify “to feel” feelings Identify “I am feeling” feelings These may be difficult to differentiate.

these hurtful memories are like anchors on a ship. This pain. Explore Your Lists – include the “I am feeling” list. bliss? Is there anything that you always wanted to be when you grew up that you now know you Have to do? . they are just hanging off your ship. For some people. you can’t move forward. passion. happiness. you must heal of the pain within. maybe these anchors aren’t embedded in the sea bottom.12 All research indicates that in order to achieve the results and success you deserve in life. faith. joy. you are stuck in a rut. When these anchors are dug deep into the sand. power. Is there anything on any list that doing it or being it would make you feel the happiest? Is there anything that would make your heart jump? Is there anything on any list that would make you Explode! in love. They impede your progress. but they sure slow you down.

Interests change. Each time you complete these exercises. You will define it and refine it. Lives change. There is a purpose for your life. That is why you were born. Your purpose may change over time. What you once could do you may not be able to do anymore. People are dynamic. your true purpose will become clearer and clearer. Abilities change.13 My Mission and Purpose in Life Is… Did you find it? Do you now know what it is you are here for? Have you now found the meaning and purpose of your life? Have you discovered your perfect work and your true calling? For many people. There is one more exercise. . That is why He brought you here. Your mission and purpose in life will clarify and modify over time. these exercises are all that is needed. But your job isn’t over yet. But wait! We aren’t done yet. And God knows what that is. that you find you now could do easily. Perhaps there is something you could never have done. Repeat these exercises every 6 months. God has a reason for you to be here. more distinct and more exact.

God . only one person is qualified for this task. every good thing. That person is you. more knowledgeable. Maybe what you got out of any one experience was the opposite of what was intended. God has given you a dream that you and you alone are uniquely qualified to fulfill. every mediocre or mundane thing. every bad thing. to reach you. you have a true calling. Maybe? That’s ok. to make you wiser. Deep down inside.to do. to increase compassion. to build understanding. Everything that has ever occurred in your life is like a little signpost pointing you to where you should be going. you already know this. Out of over 6 billion souls. for love. smarter. God has a purpose for you. Everything that has happened to you throughout your life. There is only one person in the whole earth that can do this. Each and every thing you have experienced in your life was given to you by God to teach you. to build strength.14 You have a mission to accomplish. God has arranged your life to prepare you for your mission. but perhaps you have forgotten – or maybe – you never knew. your perfect work is waiting. every everyday thing. There is something special He wants you to do and He gave it to a special person – You! . But maybe you learned the wrong lesson. each and every thing was put there by God.

Forget about whether or not the dog is out. head and chest. Relax. Uncross your arms and legs. You are going to go back into the recesses of your mind – and remember. but lotus position is ok. Your back should be straight. Slow your breathing. Feel the tension drift away from your face. If seated on a chair.15 uses everything for the good. Close your eyes. Do not cross your arms or legs. Let go any concerns or worries. Relax your arms. So you are going to assemble your experiences. Forget about all those things and just relax and focus on your breathing. what errands you need to run or groceries you need to buy. Relax your feet and your legs. Relax. Begin by meditating. . neck and shoulders. recall the experience and then seek the opposite meaning. feel it. relax your toes.that’s ok. Allow the worries and concerns of the day to drift away. find it. sit or lay in any way that is comfortable for you. Close your eyes. Forget all that. You are going to recall the events of your life. And if you can’t . Get comfortable. put your feet flat on the floor. Relax your mind. Allow them to go away and just relax. The original lesson is still in there somewhere. Relax your hands. If on the floor. All you have to do is locate it.

Switch. In. Inhale again through the same nostril. more and more relaxed. Hold. in. worries and concerns melt away. Repeat. as it becomes automatic. Feel comfortable. exhale. hold. tension. Then exhale through your mouth – or your nose if you prefer. exhale. allowing yourself to grow more and more comfortable. exhale. Empty your mind. Do this slowly. hold. Breathe in slowly. Things . out. In. Drowsy. Hold. Allow yourself to relax. hold. Switch nostrils. Breathe in. As you become accustomed to this process. Switch.16 Breathe slowly. comfortable and relaxed. Wait a moment and then exhale. hold. Continue this for a few minutes. Let all the stress. Focus on your breathing. Switch nostrils. In through your other nostril. Pull the air into your stomach so that your navel rises with each breath. allow your mind to review your life. Hold for just a moment. thinking of nothing else but your breath. In. Exhale. Fill your stomach with air. exhale. Let the air fill your stomach. Imagine you are breathing in using just one nostril. hold a moment. doubt. Feel sleepy. Repeat. Exhale. In through the same nostril. Keep focused on your breathing. Your life has a pattern and meaning to it. Feel warm.

your 40’s. Recall events from your teenage years. Allow your mind to drift across the events and experiences of your life. They are just memories playing on the screen. silly. They are there for a reason. They cannot hurt you or harm you anymore. Allow your mind to bring forth events and experiences and memories as it chooses. Keep your eyes closed. strange unexpected events are all there for a reason. ordinary. up to the present day. just allow your mind to recall events and experiences as it so chooses.17 that seemed totally out of place. Recall events from your childhood. These memories can be from any period of your life. mundane. your 30’s. They can be good or bad. You are not reliving these events. Imagine you are alone in a private movie theater and allow the events and experiences to play out on the screen before you. . They can be any event or experience. Now wander through your memories. they have their place and purpose. Make them in black and white. They can be funny. ironic. everyday. Allow your mind to bring forth any memory or experience it chooses. out of place. Recall experiences from your 20’s. Don’t try to force it. Continue up through your adult years.

Your purpose is hidden in the everyday events of your life. Do . just jot down a few words that describe the event. That’s ok. Do this slowly. slowly and gently to yourself write down a few words about those memories or experiences that seem to stand out somehow. 30 is better. a message to show you a direction. They may not seem significant in and of themselves but in the overall scheme of your life. to give you a reason. Do not try to ascertain the meaning of any event. It is buried away in the out of place things as well as those which are full of passion. It is hidden in the mundane as well as the extraordinary. power and emotion. reason or purpose of any one event or experience is not needed here. 50 would be ideal. You want the overall message that the sum of your experiences represent. to give you energy. The meaning. to give you hope. When you are ready. Allow your mind to pull all the events of your life and select those that will reveal to you your purpose. Your memories may come rushing all at once. that will help you to recall it easily at a later time. they have purpose and meaning. to give you power.18 Allow your mind to pick and choose those experiences and memories that will make it easy for you to assemble together and identify a meaning. Write down at least 20 experiences.

19 not try to harness them or control them. Allow them to be. Write down those that you can capture. Select those that you can. just as they are. Try to recall at least 20 experiences. trust it to be right and appropriate for the purpose of this exercise. When you do this exercise again at home you may wish to recall up to 100 memories. Let yourself get comfortable once more. Do not try to assign a specific meaning or message to any of them. Allow yourself to relax again. 50 is enough for now. just enough to recall the memory again later. Breathe in. Then relax. Hold. Try to find 30 experiences if possible. 50 is enough. Whatever your mind brings forth. but for now. Instead. Exhale. But stop at 50 or so. consider the events you wrote down. Go for 40 if you can. the message and meaning you are searching for is what do they all mean together. Jot down just a few words about each. Focus on your breathing. at least 20 events from your life. happenings and experiences related? What message are they trying to convey to you? . After a few moments. What common frame of reference do all these experiences suggest? What common purpose does every experience share? What meaning do they all have in common? How are all these events. Meditate.

touching them or holding them. mind or soul. It is only a natural human reaction to comfort someone who is going through pain. Or. Review your life.20 You may not get it this time. body. Allow them to experience their lives. Respect their journey. Let them relive their hurt. The reason and purpose of your life is there. Do not touch or interfere with those around you. maybe you will. often at the place where we touched them. to try to ease their pain we do the opposite. Your true . the meaning of their life will become clear. Why you are here is there. It is also often the wrong thing to do because sometimes when we hold another. It’s ok to feel it with your voice. Whatever we do or say may stop their energy from flowing and cause it to get stuck again somewhere else in their body. Do not divert them from their journey by speaking to them. Allow each of us the clarity we need. when we speak a word to try to comfort someone. But respect your neighbors. pain and anger. Allow them their experience. If you do. As they relive it it is being released. it’s ok to cry. The message is there. when we touch someone. As they review the events of their lives. It’s ok to feel whatever emotion comes up for you. The meaning of your life is there. when we hug someone. Allow them to experience their pain.

. For some people their purpose and mission may change over time. jump. when you recognize it. Begin the sentence with.” . When it is revealed to you. 2. At the top write: “What is my true purpose in life? What is my mission. think about what to write or attempt to force it. God is dynamic. “My true purpose is. Purposes change. You have discovered your purpose. Take out a sheet of paper or use your computer.21 calling is there. your purpose may change. as it is shown to you. Don’t censor it. As you have different experiences. 1. Be happy. Shout it out. my true calling”? 3. Your perfect work is there. obtain greater understanding. laugh. You are dynamic. acquire new skills and education. Just write down whatever immediately comes to mind. Then write it down. Alternate Exercise– My Purpose Is. express it. cry. Answer the question with the first thought that comes to mind. compassion and wisdom.

You may find some that seem to cause a surge of emotion within you but do not make you cry. Repeat step 3 until the answer makes you cry. breathing it. It may take you 10.20. That will be your purpose. Write each new answer on a separate line. It is why you are here. Now it is up to you to begin doing it. When you do. As a youth you may have had one purpose. living it. then keep going until you write the one that makes you cry. God set that purpose there for you. 50 or 100 answers to find your true purpose. then in your middle years yet another purpose began to manifest. Those are close and may be something that is related to something you must do. It is the mission you were meant to achieve. 200. it is the dream within your heart. 300 or even 500 or 1000 answers until you come across the one that makes you cry. Don’t get stuck on one purpose. .22 4. as a teenager maybe another. some may have two or three. Circle those. In your elder years still another purpose may come to pass. you will cry and that will be your purpose in life. Some people may have only one purpose or true calling their whole life. As you entered your adult years perhaps another purpose was revealed. But don’t stop until you find it. others may have several. It could take 100.

perhaps. God has given you a purpose and has arranged your life to prepare you for that purpose. And that life is bold. Your life has true meaning. You are love. That message is often misunderstood and obscured by our limited mental capacity and our errant programming. your perfect work and your true calling. Or. The only way to know for sure is to repeat this exercise every 6 to 12 months. joy and abundance. to live the life that God is challenging you to live. you have true value. God loves you and part of the reason behind every event and experience in your life – the good and the bad – was to reveal to you how much God loves you. to carry out your dream. Each and every experience of your life has been preparing you to live out your purpose. In the same manner. it has brought you just a step or two closer to discovering the purpose of your life. You have a dream to fulfill. beauty. old thoughts and old behaviors. It may have revealed your purpose. Or maybe it just brought up your own conditioning. to fulfill your destiny. . But God loves you and everything that has happened to you is showing that love to you although you may not perceive it as such. You have a reason for living. repeating old habits. every event has been a building block for your purpose. beautiful and blessed with love. you are spirit.23 This exercise is only the first exercise of its kind. happiness. prosperity.

Carry out that mission that God has given you to do. you are now aware of the greatness that lies buried within your heart and finally. you can let it out. That is why you are here. Go forth and from this day onward. Hopefully these exercises have revealed to you your purpose and shown you your mission and true calling. -Perry . Hopefully you are now able to step into the role that God is calling you to.24 You have a mission to fulfill. love and long life. live your purpose. Give it to the world and your whole life will change. Hopefully. That is your purpose. You have a true calling. a perfect work. God has given you a dream that you and you alone are qualified to present to the world. Peace. Dream that dream that only you can dream.