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Ivy Tech Career Services Overview ......................................................4 The Job Search .............................................................................5 The Winning Job Search The Job Search Cycle Prospecting Letters Resume Development .....................................................................8 Resume 101 What Should I Include in my Resume? Resume Builder Information Form Providing Effective References Cover Letter Development .............................................................17 The Art of Writing a Cover Letter Sample Cover Letters Interviewing ..............................................................................20 Interviewing Like a Pro Telephone Interviews Dressing for Success Interview Questions Networking ...............................................................................26 Networking Your Networking Card From Mingling to Professional Dinners: How to Put Your Best Foot (or Fork) Forward What Employers Want

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Services include: . 4 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . Career Services empowers individuals to develop effective.Help with resumes and cover letters .Offer quality one-on-one career counseling. Hours: Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a. consistently emphasizing innovation. . . operational excellence and the highest quality in every aspect of career development. .Job Search Handbook .Interviewing skills . Some services will be limited to students and graduates.Job Postings from the area and around the state (JobZone) . Services Available: Career Services offers a variety of services to meet your career-related needs. To accomplish this we will: .Educate students and graduates about the career development and employment search process.Job fairs and Etiquette dinners Mission: The mission of Career Services is to provide assistance to students and graduates in career development and provide a full range of services for our students and employers.m.Online job search workshops and podcasts (www.Tools to help with choosing career and education goals .Provide learning opportunities that enhance the academic . graduates and alumni (anyone who has taken a credit or non-credit class). lifelong career skills. Who Qualifies for Services: Services are available to current students.Career Services Overview Location: The Career Services office is located at 8000 South Education Drive in Terre Haute.goivytech.m. Evening and extension site appointments are available by contacting career services staff.Develop and maintain effective partnerships both on and off campus. .Design and deliver quality career development programs and services. to 4:45 p. Anyone interested in services is encouraged to register with the Career Services office.

When you have multiple resumes out. and any follow-up you have done. copy of the individualized resume and cover letter you created. It will be important to keep everything in order. Some people are immediately successful in finding employment. There are also many other websites that employers use to post open jobs.The Winning Job Search! The Basics Looking for a job is like having a job. you will be able to post your resume. but for most people finding a job that relates to your chosen career field could take many months. and is time consuming. The Traditional Search Classified Ads Employment ads are a quick way to look at a variety of jobs. this system will be helpful when employers call to arrange an interview. the position description. a calendar. Begin by registering with Career Services and preparing your Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . and cover letter. To engage in a comprehensive job search is hard work. Accepting a temporary position can provide training and on-the-job experience in skills that are in demand in the workplace and could result in being hired as a permanent employee. The Internet Many companies use their home page to search for job candidates. You will then be ready to begin applying for employment and using your network of friends and for a list of sites to get you started. Use the strategy that works best for you: folders. Remember to keep your records updated. you should keep a record of where is was sent. and jobs from around the state and nationwide! www. Stick with it and be confident that there is a job out there that will be a good fit for you! Get Organized Developing your own job search strategy is very important. takes dedication. Log onto the Career Services website at www. or your computer could all be used to effectively keep track of where your resume has been submitted. Each time you submit a resume or application. your contact person. Sunday and Wednesday are generally the best days to check the classified ad section of a newspaper.goivytech. how you found out about the position.goivytech. a binder. search and apply for local jobs. It will allow you to know exactly what position they are calling about and you will know which resume to take with you when you interview. references. State and Private Employment Agencies State offices and personnel services can be helpful for full-time employment. 5 Job Zone is the place where jobs are looking for you! This Ivy Tech system is specially designed for students and graduates.Job Search Handbook . After you login the first time.

The Job Search Cycle Identify skills and companies. Job Offer? Accept/Reject Contact companies for application information Follow Up #2 Research Companies Send Thank You Apply for Job Openings Interview Follow Up #1 Adapted from The Job Search Handbook. Ivy Tech Community College Lafayette 6 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley .Job Search Handbook .

ask the employer how you can appropriately follow up (ie. These letters are similar to cover letters (see page 17) in their content and form and can be sent to all of the organizations that you are interested in pursuing. e-mail). it is time to apply. This will help you to write your cover letter and resume and will also be helpful in the interview. tional locations. Be patient with the process and continue to submit your applications to other positions until you accept the right position for you! Prospecting Letters Now that you have jobs and companies to apply to. Be sure to keep a copy of your resume and cover letter. in person. make sure that you have done your research. After your cover letter and resume are written for the position. Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . time. You will also need to identify companies you would like to work for and job openings within those companies. This can be done online. Begin by making a list of skills you have to offer and ways you have used them (see the Resume Builder Form on pages 10-12). and persistence. it may be appropriate to call to ensure they received your mate- rials. read magazine and newspaper articles about the company and have a good understanding of their organization. In addition. the position description and the way that you applied.Success with the Job Search Cycle A successful job search is a process that requires a plan. Consider writing a prospecting letter to determine if there are current or anticipated openings within an organization or to indicate an interest in the organization and inquire about positions for which you would qualify. If you have a contact within the organization. it might be helpful to mention them as well. At the end of your interview. national and interna- Many times there are companies that you would like to work for that are not advertising openings when you are looking for a job. you will need to design a general resume that can be revised to fit the positions for which you are applying. and through the network of people you have established (see page 26 for details). because many times available positions are never posted in the paper or online.Job Search Handbook 7 . their mission statement. Approximately one week after you have submitted your application. send the employer a thank you note within 24 hours of the interview thanking them for their time and the opportunity to meet with them. through the newspaper. check out their web sites or call to determine the application process. You may be applying online. The cycle begins with research and self evaluation. Then follow up as appropriate and await their response. When you have identified your skills. phone call. When you have identified companies that you would like to work for (and are not aware of jobs they may have available). The Job Search Cycle is a great way to picture the process you will be going through. or by mail. You will soon be receiving calls for interviews (check out the Interview section of this handbook for details). Know what service the company provides or what product they produce.

employers will copy your resume and keep the origninal in Human Resources. so you want to make their process as simple as possible.” Matching envelopes are also available at these stores.RESUME 101 resume is a promotional piece. It is a calling card to introduce you. or if your past work experience most qualifies you. When you are selecting your paper. Since the resume is a marketing device. we encourage you to take some time to complete the Resume Builder Form on pages 10-12. This form will help you put everything in one place before you begin to design your resume. A A poorly designed resume is as effective as sending a message in a bottle! 8 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . there is no “right way” to create a resume. During this planning. list those first. resume.” or “linen paper. make sure that it will be easy for an empoyer to photocopy and it will fax clearly . Many times. Sample resumes are included on pages 1-15 in this booklet for format and layout ideas. Consider the statistic that employers only spend about 0 seconds with your resume the first time they review it. with your unique combination of skills and experience. Suggestions that appear in this document are general guidelines. its purpose is to get an interview.this means it should not have a grain or pattern in the background or be a bright color. Before you begin writing your resume you will need to spend some time gathering your information and considering the skills you will need to get the job you want. Resume writing is not an exact science. Also keep in mind that you should not staple your cover letter.” “parchment paper. it should SELL YOU. You can find this paper at any office supply store. not a blueprint. It is called by many names including “resume paper. to a potential employer. Resumes should be printed on paper that is higher quality than regualar copy paper. Also keep in mind that an effective entry level resume should be one page and should highlight the skills that employers will find important for the job for which you are applying. and references together. if your education and internship most qualify you for the job. For example.Job Search Handbook . Accompanied by a cover letter. list it toward the top. This means that all of the most important information about your qualifications should be in the first half of the page to make sure you grab their attention.

Some programs have internships and clinicals built in. an ineffective objective might say. “Good paying full-time job with benefits. For example. use action words (see the list provided) and include the skills your future employer will find most interesting and useful. because employers will assume that you have earned your high school diploma or GED prior to entering college. that can come later in the process. when you anticipate your degree or when it was awarded. think of the things that you observed and the things you learned.0 and any academic awards (if you are not including a separate section for awards and honors). Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . program. dollar values where they enhance the description of your accomplishments. When you have entered college. your GPA if it is above a 3. but do not indicate that you are looking for a benefits eligible position. When listing these experiences. Instead. it is becoming more and more necessary to have experience related to your major. if your program does not. try. You should use this section to highlight job specific qualifications. List the ones in which you have been most involved. Indicating your desire for part time or full time work is appropriate. You can adjust your objective statement with each resume you send.Job Search Handbook  . Education For many jobs.” Instead. and leadership positions can be included as well. Career Services can help you decide how to put the information on your resume. In the education portion of your resume you can include your degree. This section will be especially important if your work history is not related to your program. school and its location. professional organization memberships.What should I include in my resume? Objective Your objective is a statement that is designed to tell the employer the type of position for which you are looking. but that you also have real world experience in applying what you learned in the classroom to on the job experiences.” Qualifications This section gives you the opportunity to highlight your technical and personal skills. Employment The past 10 years or your most recent jobs should be listed on your resume. “To use my proven sales and marketing skills to help a developing company gain a competitive edge in a global market. It may be one of the things that most qualifies you for the position. These statements should be brief and employer focused. Just make sure that your objective matches the job for which you are applying. In today’s job market. The sample resume indicates key elements to include. volunteer experience. it will not be as vital to include your high school information. however. amounts. Include your primary responsibilities and projects you worked on. focus on what you can offer to the employer. When describing what you did. it will be important to seek out that experience. This is a chance to let an employer know that you are not limited to just your classroom knowledge. It is also helpful to use quantities. Objective statements should be short and concise and specific to the type of job for which you are applying. Memberships Clubs. Clinicals/Internships This element allows you to highlight paid and unpaid employment experience related to your major. Your objective should be employer centered. If you have gaps in your employment history or have unusual circumstances. your education will be very important to include.

Personal Information Name: ___________________________________Social Security #: ________________ Address: ________________________________ Home Phone: ____________________ City: __________________________ State: ______________ Zip: _________________ E-mail: __________________________________________________________________ Skills Technical Skills ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Personal Skills _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Computer Skills _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ achieved acquired adapted addressed administered analyzed anticipated assembled assisted audited budgeted calculated centralized changed collaborated 10 composed condensed conducted constructed contracted converted coordinated created cultivated demonstrated designed developed devised discovered doubled Action Words drafted edited eliminated enforced established evaluated expanded explained forecasted formed founded generated guided hired implemented improved informed insured interpreted interviewed launched maintained managed marketed minimized motivated negotiated obtained operated organized originated oversaw performed planned prevented produced programmed promoted provided publicized published recruited reorganized reported researched resolved reviewed selected separated set up simplified solved surveyed staffed supervise taught tested trained used Ivy Tech Wabash Valley .Resume Builder Information Form Use this form as a way to gather information to build your resume.Job Search Handbook .

_______________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________ Employment (list most recent first) Use the Action Words list to help describe your responsibilities. Title of Position: _______________________ Company Name: ___________________ City: ___________________ State: ________ Start Date:________ End Date: ______ Responsibilities: 1. _______________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________ Title of Position: _______________________ Company Name: ___________________ City: ___________________ State: ________ Start Date:________ End Date: ______ Responsibilities: 1. _______________________________________________________ Title of Position: _______________________ Company Name: ___________________ City: ___________________ State: ________ Start Date:________ End Date: ______ Responsibilities: 1. _______________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________ 5. _______________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________ 3.Job Search Handbook 11 . Title of Position: _______________________ Company Name: ___________________ City: ___________________ State: ________ Start Date:________ End Date: ______ Responsibilities: 1. _______________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________ 3.Education College : ___________________________ College:_____________________________ City: ___________________State: ______ City: __________________State: ________ Graduation Date: ___________________ Graduation Date: ____________________ Major: _____________________________ Major: ______________________________ Internship Use the Action Words list to help describe your responsibilities. _______________________________________________________ Ivy Tech Wabash Valley ._______________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________ Title of Position: _______________________ Company Name: ___________________ City: ___________________ State: ________ Start Date:________ End Date: ______ Responsibilities: 1._______________________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________________ 2.

Job Search Handbook .Licensure and Certification Title: ________________________________________ Title: ________________________________________ Title: ________________________________________ Title: ________________________________________ Date: Date: Date: Date: ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Memberships and Leadership Positions Organization_________________________________ Dates Involved:_____________ Leadership Positions: ____________________________________________________ Organization_________________________________ Dates Involved:_____________ Leadership Positions: _____________________________________________________ Organization_________________________________ Dates Involved:_____________ Leadership Positions: _____________________________________________________ Awards and Honors __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ References Name: _________________________________________________________________ Company: __________________________________ Position: ___________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________ Name: _________________________________________________________________ Company: __________________________________ Position: ___________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________ Name: _________________________________________________________________ Company: __________________________________ Position: ___________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________ Name: _________________________________________________________________ Company: __________________________________ Position: ___________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________ 12 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . SUMMARY OF SKILLS & EXPERIENCE Font size for your name should be between 18 & 22 pt. and for the body text should be 11 or 12 Experience in financial services and bookkeeping Proficient in accounting software including Peachtree and Quickbooks Strong verbal and written communication skills Excellent attention to detail and proven accuracy Proficient in computer software applications including Microsoft Word. Indiana Processed account transactions. Indiana Processed payroll Responsible for accounts payable and receivable Maintained general ledger Compiled job costing Head Teller/Loan Processor – Dough on the Go Terre Haute.Job Search Handbook 1 . 2000 to Present Terre Haute.SAMPLE RESUME SUSAN O. PowerPoint and professional e-mail correspondence EDUCATION Associate of Applied Science in Accounting Ivy Tech Community College – Terre Haute. Excel. Indiana 47803 812-555-1212 sosmithson@email. Inc. Indiana Anticipated Graduation: 2007 EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE Bookkeeper – Tech Talk Trio. Indiana Assisted customers Accurately handled cash and credit transactions Trained new employees Maintained restaurant cleanliness 1993 to 1999 1991 to 1993 1989 to 1991 VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Pitstop Senior Citizen Center – Volunteer Tax Preparer (VITA) Helping Hands International – Event Team Leader Holiday House for Kidz – Shopping Helper 2003 to Present 1999 to Present 2001 to 2005 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . SMITHSON 110 Resume Avenue Terre Haute. Indiana Process payroll in excess of one million dollars annually Responsible for accounts receivable in excess of 3 million dollars annually Reconcile accounts payable Maintain general ledger Bookkeeper – Ivy Meadows Supply Company Terre Haute. reconciled and deposited daily funds Processed loans Responsible for the vault as a vault teller Provided outstanding customer service Server – Road Kill Café Pitstop.

Indiana Anticipated: August 2007 EDUCATION Awarded: January 2006 EXPERIENCE Certified Nursing Assistant Happy Sunset Retirement Home . Indiana Oversaw the daily activities of up to 12 cashiers Assisted customers at the service desk and resolved complaints Accurately handled cash and credit transactions Processed daily financial and shift paperwork Owner February 1995 to March 1998 Kris’ Kleaning Service – Terre Haute.Terre Haute. Indiana 90210 555-867-5309 Kristoferson2@jobs.Terre Haute. supervised.0 Anticipate Licensure in September 2007 Nursing Assistant Certification Happy Sunset Retirement Home – Terre Haute.SAMPLE RESUME KRIS KRISTOFERSON 707 JobSearch Boulevard Resume. experience.Job Search Handbook .Terre Haute. MEMBERSHIP REFERENCES Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Available upon request April 2006 to Present 14 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley .6/4. Indiana Assist residents with activities of daily living Record patient activities accurately in charts Transport patients to activities and meals Assisted in maintaining resident room cleanliness January 2006 to Present Lead Cashier March 2000 to March 2004 The Wholesale Connection . and trained two staff members Completed all bookkeeping and payroll tasks Developed marketing materials and fliers for the business Employment gap from March 1998 to March 2000 was due to caring for ill family member. and pediatric nursing Proven excellent customer service and patient care skills Proficient in Microsoft computer software applications and data entry Strong attention to detail and commitment to quality Ability to effectively work independently and as part of a team Technical Certificate in Practical Nursing Ivy Tech Community College . Indiana GPA: 3. and education to provide excellent patient care in a team oriented OBJECTIVE To obtain a Practical Nursing position in which I can use my skills. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Over 300 hours of clinical experience in medical surgical. geriatric. Indiana Cleaned homes for 35 clients Hired.

Member of the safety and emergency response teams.SAMPLE RESUME DARRELL FICKSET 7478 Fabrication Lane Industrial. Complete daily documentation on production levels. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Experience in a manufacturing environment with a focus on continuous quality improvement. Your summary of skills can be Proficient in reading and interpreting blueprints. and ARC welding. – Someplace. electrical. electrical. and HVAC systems Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . Experience in TIG. tailored to fit each type of Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills. Indiana Operate production press. Ensure quality of all parts manufactured.Terre Haute.Job Search Handbook 15 . Ability to troubleshoot and repair hydraulic. Perform machine setup for each new job to meet customer specifications. position you are applying for Reliable with a strong work ethic. electrical. supervise. Troubleshoot and repair mechanical. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Rural Volunteer Fire Department Firefighter and First Responder 2004 to Present Scouting Society Summer Camp 1999 to 2005 Performed general maintenance on campground buildings including: plumbing. Indiana WORK EXPERIENCE Machine Operator March 2002 to Present Manufacturing Mania. Indiana 47885 812-555-2020 maintenancetech2007@yahoo. Train. Prepare product for shipping. and mechanical systems. skills and personal skills. MIG. and mentor three line members. and hydraulic equipment. and can include both technical Ability to work independently and as part of a team. EDUCATION Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Maintenance Technology Ivy Tech Community College . Inc.

edu REFERENCES Bob Frapples Owner Frapples Orchard Terre Haute. instructors. Do not use close friends and family as references. or past customers/clients. Indiana 89604 812-555-1472 Providing Effective References Reference pages are often included with an application packet or during an interview. Indiana 47803 812-555-1212 fmsmithson@email. volunteer coordinators. Effective references include past employers or supervisors. SMITHSON 110 Resume Avenue Terre Haute. Indiana 812-555-5432 Violet Krayon Graphic Design Instructor Ivy Tech Community College Terre Haute.Job Search Handbook . References will be a separate page from your resume.SAMPLE REFERENCES FRED M. internship or clinical supervisors. You should generally be prepared to provide  or 4 references who can talk about the kind of employee you have been and will be. Martie Pantz Volunteer Supervisor Vigo County Tutoring Program Terre Haute. 16 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . Indiana 47805 812-555-6789 S.

Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . explain your qualifications. So if the ad is brief or if you do not have access to a posting. Some postings will be clear and very descriptive. In the middle of the letter (sometimes the second or second and third paragraphs). Step 3: Research the company. Make sure to have one or two other people proofread your cover letter. In your first paragraph. an online listing or a position that you hear about from someone in your network. Surf their website paying special attention to what they do. If you cannot find the company online.Job Search Handbook 17 . you will just write about your qualifications. With the internet. Step 2: Brainstorm the skills and abilities you have that are related to the position. It gives you a chance to let the employer know why you are applying for a position in their organization and lets you give them examples of how you have used your skills and experience. Step 1: Find a job opening. Take notes or print off pages to save for reference. that’s ok. Don’t repeat your resume. so yours should be action packed and professional.The Art of Writing A Cover Letter A cover letter. what are the few things you find most interesting about the company. Don’t explain every detail. introduces you and gives you the opportunity to expand the information you are providing to the employer. This may be a newspaper posting. check library resources or visit career services for assistance. but add some extras from your brainstorm list. their mission and recent news articles about the company. close by expressing your interest in an interview and let them know how they can contact you. or letter of application. If you do not know the company name because the job posting doesn’t give you that information. and when the letter is printed. Use the following steps to write your cover letter. Then type “Sincerely. how you found out about this position and express your interest in working for their organization. In your final paragraph. school. Keep in mind that you will use some of these examples later to help you write your cover letter and if you don’t use them in the cover letter. This is a good place to add your examples. look for similar position descriptions to determine the skills employers may be looking for. Look at both your brainstorm list (step 2) and your company research (step ) and determine which things are most important from each list. this is usually very simple to do.” leave a space to sign your name. which examples are most helpful in showing the employer what you can do for them? On your company research list. you will let them know what position you are applying for. Write these examples down in brief paragraph format. think of an example of a time you demonstrated that skill either in work. just the situation in which you used the skill. Step 4: Draft a cover letter. Remember that they read many letters for each position. some postings will be very brief. you may have an opportunity to use the examples in an interview. and sometimes you may not have access to the posting at all. For each skill. sign your name in the blank space. On your brainstorm list. volunteer settings or your internship. Again this will help you to write your cover letter and will be a great tool in the interview.

I thank you for your time and consideration. 2007 Human Resources ABC Marketing 101 Prettyasapicture Way Terre Haute. and the web.S A M P L E C O V E R L E TT E R C LIFFORD S ANCHEZ 10101 Binary Way Terre Haute. and communication make me an excellent candidate for the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications position. the team also represented Ivy Tech at local college fairs and presentations related to the Capital Campaign fundraising effort. radio. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing how my drive. hiring manager or search committee. My resume is enclosed and further details my qualifications. My experience and training in marketing. Sincerely. call the company and ask them to whom the letter should be addressed and be sure to get the correct spelling of his/her name. As a Desktop Publishing Specialist and Supervisor of Copies R Us. If you are responding to an advertisement with a phone number. As supervisor my objective was to ultimately increase revenues. media relations. My experience and solid interpersonal communication skills provide a versatile background with proven results. If the number is not available and you cannot get a name. Indiana 86753 Dear Search Committee: Cover letters should be addressed to the individual responsible for hiring or the human resources recruiter. Here are a few examples: As Project Manager for the Ivy Tech Community College Visual Communications Student Media Team I was responsible for facilitating and contributing to the design and implementation of a multimedia presentation used by the Terre Haute campus for student recruitment from 2000 to 2003. enthusiasm and positive attitude can contribute to the success of ABC May 22. This position required constant contact with multiple outside vendors responsible for providing a variety of outsourced products and services to our customers. up nearly 200% over the previous year. This initiative created a buzz in the community and renewed interest in the station’s activities. Indiana 47803 (812)555-5555 sanchez@cliffordsanchez. In addition to media development.Job Search Handbook . video. As Promotions Director and Graphic Designer of the Metro college radio station my responsibility was to ensure the station’s new identity and marketing plan were implemented across all media outlets utilized for promotional purposes including print. Terre Haute. Improved customer relations combined with staff training and marketing campaigns contributed to a significant gross sales increase in 2001. Indiana. you can address it to the Human Resources Director. Cliff Sanchez Cliff Sanchez 18 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . I gained invaluable experience in the pay-for-print industry allowing me to work on a variety of design projects.

Quitall Hope A. in which I was able to observe all aspects of the office. Lawrence Jobs Human Resources City of Terre Haute 1357 Sycamore Way Terre Haute. Indiana 47803 Dear Mr. Quitall Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . Please accept the enclosed resume as my formal application for the position of Victim’s Assistance Records Clerk listed on your website. and being mentored by excellent staff members. My accuracy and attention to detail have consistently been shown in both the classroom and the workplace. Confidentiality is a priority and I proven my ability to conduct myself professionally in a variety of situations. I am excited about the challenge of beginning my career in the criminal justice profession. 2006 Mr. After completing my internship with the Victim’s Assistance office. Quitall 411 Bar Boulevard Terre Haute. I have a background in office administration and record management. Interpersonal skills. creative problem solving and conflict resolution are all strengths I can bring to the department. As I look forward to completing my degree in December.S A M P L E C O V E R L E TT E R Hope A. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you and can be reached at the number listed above. Jobs. In addition to my internship. Hope A. I am confident that my enthusiasm and willingness to learn will make me an excellent candidate for this position. I am confident that I will be asset to this team. Indiana 47805 812-555-1259 hope_quitall@gmail. October 11.Job Search Handbook 1 .

Setting up an interview over the telephone may be one of the first times you speak directly with someone from the company for which you are applying. When sending resumes and preparing for interviews. and location of your interview. make sure your answering machine has a “normal” message that will make a good first impression for the employer. This will help you to remember all of the qualifications they are looking for.Interviewing Like A Pro You did it! Your resume was a success and now you have the opportunity to interview for the job! Spend time preparing for each interview. Be professional and polite when arranging an interview. This article will guide you though the basics. Review your qualifications. Have a pen and paper ready to take down information and repeat back to the person the time and approximate length of the interview (you may be asked to take employment tests). bring a copy of the job advertisement. research the company. date. but the specifics of the job and the kind of person they will be hiring.Job Search Handbook . You should also have a written list of questions for the person interviewing you to show that you are prepared and interested in finding out more about the job and the company. Note: These questions should not focus on salary and benefits. When an interview has been scheduled. prepare for questions. You will want to have a nice folder or portfolio with a couple of copies of your resume and references. If available. 20 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . and write down questions of your own. you will need to prepare all of the items you will take with you and select your interview clothing (see page 2 for details). Ask for directions if necessary and thank them for the opportunity. Your selection will say something about you to a potential employer. Also think about the song you have selected for your ringback tone.

and to save time in the interview process. have a pen and paper. again. thank them for their time. Sit like you would for a face-to-face interview and smile (a smile can be heard in your voice). Do not chew gum or have a mint in your mouth during an interview. you may send a thank you letter following your interview thanking them for their time and asking that they remove your name from the list of candidates for the position. One final note: So much time is spent on making sure you impress the employer with your skills and ability to communicate that job seekers sometimes forget that they are also interviewing the employer. it is important to consider every telephone contact (scheduled or unscheduled) with an employer part of the interview process. that is free of distractions. be sure to ask what the next steps in the process will be. For this reason. As the interview is coming to a close. have good eye contact. Be sure to know why you are qualified for the job so you can express that to an employer. for any reason. professionally shake their hand. The most common reasons employers choose a telephone interview are: to do an intial screening of aplicants. Unscheduled interviews let the employer know how well you can think on your feet. it will be time to answer questions. you do not feel comfortable. and be polite! Within 24 hours of leaving an interview you should send a handwritten or typed thank you note to the person/people interviewing you. Be sure to naturally make eye contact with each person in the room as you answer questions. This note should thank them for their time and the opportunity to interview. they may ask if you would like a glass of water or indicate that there is one in front of you. They will give you an idea of the time line for their decision and many times will indicate the appropriate way to follow up to determine if you have been selected. For more details on answering questions. and be polite! As the interviewer greets you. Smile. to be sure the applicant has a good understanding of the position before the face-to-face interview. After you have been introduced to the person interviewing you. When you arrive.On the day of the interview arrive early and allow yourself extra time for delays. stand and firmly shake their hand. smile. When the interview is completed. let the person in the reception area know who you are and that you have an appointment for an interview. have good eye contact. It is also important not to smoke immediately before an interview. These telephone interviews may be scheduled or unscheduled. Upon entering the room. This is especially important if you are unsure of the location of your interview. Smile. The bottom line: treat a telephone interview like any other interview and impress the employer! Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . Be sure to pay attention to the workplace atmosphere and ask yourself the following: Are future co-workers smiling and friendly? Does the organization seem to be a good fit for you? Does the workplace seem to be safe and clean? Does the company have the same values that you do? If. see pages 24-25. to inteview an applicant from another area. Be professional. and be polite! You may be interviewing with one individual or an entire committee.Job Search Handbook 21 . have good eye contact. Be sure to be positive and never “burn any bridges” with employers. Be sure to go to a quiet place in your home. It should also include why you are excited at the prospect of working for their company and it should restate a summary of why you are qualified for the position. You may meet them again someday! Telephone Interviews Somtimes interviews are conducted over the telephone instead of in person. and copies of your resume and the job posting to which you responded easily accesable. It is acceptable to accept this water for the interview (it may be helpful if your mouth gets dry when you are nervous).

business professional attire 22 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley .Job Search Handbook .

then wear a nice shirt and pants (business casual) to the interview. Not only will professional clothing be important for interviews. tattoos and unusual hair coloring will be to employers. If you would wear jeans and a t-shirt or uniform to your job. and you do not want to cause an allergic reaction for your interviewer. Ask friends or family members to go shopping with you and to serve as your “fashion advisors. Many people are allergic to scents. For some interviews it may be appropriate to cover piercings and tattoos. For example. but you will also want to dress up when you pick-up or drop-off applications to employers.” It is sometimes helpful to have another person’s opinion (especially when you would rather not dress up anyway!) Dressing for success does not end at the interview. Important Tips on business casual attire Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . make sure that it fits well and that you have tried on the clothing both standing up and sitting down. It doesn’t matter if your job requires a uniform or a suit and tie. Be aware of the industry you are going into and how acceptable piercings. cleaning your fingernails. You will almost always be seated during an interview and you want to make sure that your blouse or jacket is comfortable and still fits well when you are sitting down. If you are used to wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day. Pay close attention to details including: shining your shoes. Professional clothing doesn’t have to be expensiveshop during sales and at discount stores and select mixand-match pieces to stretch your clothing dollars. It is best to be fragrance free when going to an interview to avoid concerns. The way you smell is also very important. Not all interviews require a suit and tie.Dressing for Success The way you dress is the single most important nonverbal communication statement you make about yourself! Start choosing your professional attire early in your job search process. if you would wear nice pants and a shirt to work. No matter what outfit you choose. professional attire may be something that is out of your comfort zone. looking your best is important. you would wear a suit to the interview. The general rule is that you should wear “one step” above what you would wear if you were hired for the position. The way you present yourself during your first year of employment (and beyond) will be very important to your future success.Job Search Handbook 2 . Of course you should not have body odor! However it is also important to be aware of how strong your cologne or perfume may be. wearing socks to match your outfit and for the ladies -ensuring there are no runs in your nylons.

PLEASE understand that your interview goal is to demonstrate a results-oriented background. R . middle. tell the interviewer the specific actions you took to resolve the problem. Describe an internship or any volunteer work. What is it about this position that interests you? You must prove your interest in the position to reassure the interviewer that you will be satisfied in the position and company.A. acronym refers to actions. Provide examples from different settings. Get Acquainted Questions Tell me about yourself.R. model of interview preparation provides you with a systematic way to practice and become familiar with behavioral-based interviewing.A. After setting the stage by describing the circumstance.A.R. The interviewer is interested in what motivates you. acronym refers to results. hobbies. A . Source: ISU Behavioral Interviewing Brochure 24 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley .R. Describe any leadership positions you have held either in school.Results: The letter R in the C. how you will work with others.R. personalize your responses to fit your background and experience. and end) about how you achieved your goal. This list is just a sample of some of the questions you might be asked. C – Circumstance/Characteristic: The letter C in the C. school projects.When answering interview questions. Even if the results didn’t turn out as you planned.Actions: The letter A in the C. tell the interviewer what you learned from the experience and what you would do differently next time.R.A. acronym refers to circumstance. family life anything that would show examples of your past behavior. Use work experience. Describe a situation so that the employer can place himself/herself in your shoes and understand the importance of the event you are relating.A. Model The C. activities. and your enthusiasm. The C.Job Search Handbook . but don’t memorize the answers. drive. The Career Services office has books with interview questions and many lists can be found online.A. where you received notable recognition.R. at work. volunteer work. Connect your accomplishments to the position you are seeking. system allows you to tell the interviewer a “story” (with a beginning. Your past research will help with this question. Interview The C. competitiveness. and other job-related traits. or in the community. You are trying to paint a picture of yourself-your strengths and personal qualities. Tell me about an achievement that you are most proud? Try to think of something you did on the last job. Practice how you would respond to these questions.

while I have never worked in an office. I was able to use my newly developed skills immediately to re-design the filing system. Try to give a work-related example. Be positive. etc. Interest Questions What gets you excited about work? Be sure to pick a positive example such as a challenge or a new project where I really show my talents.technical/interpersonal communication. We had numerous office related projects in which we had a limited amount of time to finish. Weaknesses: Turn a weakness into a positive. and I had just graduated from City College. Salary Questions For what type of money are you looking? What is your salary range for someone with my education and experience? Human Relations Questions Discuss how you would handle working for two supervisors who had priorities at the same time? Discuss how you would ask each supervisor just how important the immediate job is at the moment. if you have little or no work experience. Try to give positive responses. I feel the intensive training I received at City College was the equivalent of actual on-the-job training. Education Questions What courses did you like best/least? Obviously. Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . What are your strengths/weaknesses? Strengths: Stress your skills. What were the circumstances concerning leaving your present job? Don’t ever say anything negative about a former employer. you might say. Give examples of times that you have used these skills effectively. Previous Work Experience Questions Do you have any experience? Have you done this type of work before? Refer to your resume however. and enthusiastic toward my work.Provide an example of any major problems you faced either on the job or in your personal life and how you dealt with it. confident. dependable. I realize that this will be a continual learning process that I am committed to make. outgoing. The job wasn’t challenging enough. Although I fully understand basic computer operations. you would definitely be out of the running for the position. hardworking. For example: I think that I am professional. and friendly when you answer. Example: Since the company had an outdated filing system. Personality Questions Describe yourself in one or two words. but have the educational credentials. if you have applied for a data entry position and answer that you liked entering data the least. and explain the situation.Job Search Handbook 25 Questions .

anyone who might help generate information and job leads. If you are attending a holiday gathering or any other type of party. Accept all the invitations you receive . My dad happened to be in the same field and ended up assisting the person in getting a new job. family. My father ended up in a conversation on an airplane with someone who was looking for an aeronautical engineering job. You can take a direct approach and ask for job leads or try a less formal approach and ask for information and advice. neighbors.Job Search Handbook . people in associations . it really does work. Keep your message brief and to the point and check your spelling. grammar.of all jobs are found by networking.Netwo rking Even though job search networking is one of the most successful ways to find a new job. It doesn’t have to be. Develop contacts .about. it can sound intimidating and sometimes seems a little bit scary. it is appropriate to mention in casual conversation that you are seeking employment.friends. that’s all it never know where or when you might meet someone who can provide job search assistance! My stepson was not only offered a co-op position by one of my friends that he met at a birthday party at our house. Make yourself pick up the phone and call. he was also remembered a year later when the company was hiring. You may be surprised by the people they know. Excerpt from “Successful Job Search Networking” by Alison Doyle on 26 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . Contact everyone you know. Try job search networking. and punctuation. It helps to assign yourself a quota of calls to be made each day. college alumni. Sometimes. The more phone calls you make the easier it will become. I’ve been offered jobs on more than one occasion simply because a friend or acquaintance knew my background and skills.some report even higher sta- tistics . At at least 60% . Email is a perfectly acceptable way to network as well.

including your Objective Accounting Major Ivy Tech Community College Anticipated Graduation : 2007 Front To obtain an accounting position in which I can use my skills and experience to benefit a Wabash Valley employer. which have the look and feel of a traditional business card.Job Search Handbook 27 . give you the opportunity to provide critical career and contact information with people you meet in social and professional situations. professional meetings. Be sure to include all your pertinent contact information. cell phone or fax numbers (if you have them). Over 15 years accounting experience Proficient in Peachtree. All of the people you meet can be a link to future employment. Word. You should keep copies of your resume handy as well. career and job fairs. Adapted from: http://www. but there are numerous times where a resume would simply be too awkward to handle. parties. You can purchase perforated business card paper from any office supply store and use a template to make them on your computer or any copy store will be able to print them on card stock paper. Networking business cards. your academic program and a brief objective stating the type of position for which you are looking.Your Networking Card Networking is a big part of your job Susan O. e-mail networking events. weddings. Smithson 110 Resume Avenue Terre Haute. and Web site address. Indiana 4780 812-555-1212 sosmithson@ivytech. social gatherings. Make sure if you are cutting them that they are cut evenly and are the same size as standard business cards.quintcareers. and Excel Accounts payable/receivable experience Tax preparation experience Summary of Skills Back Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . mailing address. phone number. Keep your networking cards clean and crisp and take them EVERYWHERE you go -. and anywhere else you may run into potential contacts… everywhere.

you should only have a drink or your food in your hand—never both. yet few people know how to do it. When dining with a prospective employer remember it may look like lunch/dinner but its still business. manners. but it is helpful to have some general ideas regarding dining and business etiquette. To move on you can politely say I know you need to talk with your other guests. When you enter the reception observe the layout of the room: is everyone standing or are there tables for seating. Most receptions or social hours are for the purpose of mingling and making contacts whether for job leads. If the nametag is one worn on a cord around the neck. in a profession. When meeting someone. but as always common sense should be your guide. or in official life. Do not clip nametags to the bottom edge of your jacket. particularly as you are shaking hands. When someone approaches. and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable or required in social relations. Introduce a younger person to an older person. Also do not assume that everyone wants to be called by his or her first name—wait until you are told to use a first name. It is important to know how to conduct oneself properly at the table. To start conversations ask the person something about themselves or their job. In many situations you will be wearing a nametag to identify yourself and your affiliation. Networking and/or mingling are an important aspect of attending a business function even if the event is described as a social time. This handout will provide some basic information for your day-to-day experiences.How to Put Your Best Foot (or Fork) Forward Etiquette is defined as “the forms. be sure to adjust the length so it can be easily seen without the other person having to look down. always be ready to stand and greet people. You will find most people enjoy talking about themselves and this is a good way to begin a conversation. and in business introduce the junior to the senior. The rules of dining etiquette are fairly straightforward and mostly require common sense. Do not interrupt people but wait until they include you or there is a break in the conversation and you can introduce yourself. introduce a non-official person to an official person. Nametags serve an important purpose and should be worn on the right hand side of your front shoulder area. smile. Wearing the nametag on the right hand side of your shoulder immediately enables a person to see your name. Connect with as many of the attendees as is possible. in the business world it is not necessary to wait for a female to initiate the handshake. Introducing people is one of the most important acts in business life. If eating hold your plate on the right hand and eat with the left hand. If no tables are available. If tables are available you may have your drink and food together.Job Search Handbook . If having a drink hold it in your left hand to keep your right hand dry and ready to shake hands. For experience and more information. extend your hand and repeat the other person’s name in your greeting.” Times change and this affects the guidelines of etiquette. However. Common sense will typically be your best guide. you are able to switch the plate to your left hand and your right hand is clean and ready to shake. Be sure to explain who people are and use their full names. rise if you are seated. A good handshake is important—it should be firm and held for three-four seconds. Females/males should both be ready to initiate the handshake. Today. Focus eye contact on that individual and after a time politely excuse yourself to move on to someone else. write in large clear letters that can be easily read by others. Spend a few minutes conversing with them on topics that relate to the event or to their business. There are many things to keep in mind when dining. From Mingling to Formal Dinners 28 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . as part of an interview or an employee entertaining clients. Seeing the room layout gives you a clue on how to proceed at the reception. If writing your own nametag. You should be prepared to greet and shake hands with individuals. Be sure to greet or introduce yourself to the host/hostess. The way you act during a meal will have impact on an interviewer’s hiring decision and your future. attend an Ivy Tech Career Services Etiquette Lunch or Dinner! Excerpt from the University of Tennessee Career Services Website.

motivation and initiative. and a strong work ethic as key attributes. but communication skills are at the top of their list in what they look for in potential employees.But the ideal candidate needs to be more than an articulate straight arrow. nearly three-quarters of employers responding to the Job Outlook 2007 survey indicated they prefer to hire new college graduates who have gained relevant work experience. “As a result. Employers responding to NACE’s Job Outlook 2007 survey named communication skills and honesty/integrity as a job seeker’s most important skills and qualities. This is one reason why employers look for new college graduates who have gained some kind of relevant work experience. but much of what employers prize can’t be taught in the classroom. where 1 is not important and 5 is extremely important. having the requisite skill set to perform the duties of the job is critical.” says Marilyn Mackes.5 or better on a 5-point scale. the ability to work well with others. and honesty and integrity have tied for the top spot for the last three years. Employers also cited strong interpersonal skills.” fact.Communication Skills Honesty & Integrity Interpersonal Skills Motivation & Initiative Strong Work Ethic Teamwork Skills What Employers Want What does it take to be the “ideal” job candidate? Employers have a tall order. (Each earned a rating of 4. they look for evidence beyond grades that the candidate has these ‘soft skills’ and attributes. typically performed through an internship or cooperative education program.” says Mackes. “Communication skills have topped the list for eight years. NACE executive director.Job Search Handbook 2 . according to a report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). March 2007 Ivy Tech Wabash Valley . according to the survey results. Excerpt from National Association of Colleges and Employers Press Reslease .)“Certainly. Career Services .Ivy Tech Community College 8000 South Education Drive Terre Haute. Indiana 47802 812-28-201 www.

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