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Given by: Chithra Viswanathan

Type: Puja

Thulasi Nithya Puja

The word “ thulasi” mean “ unparalleled”.

For this puja “ Krishna thulasi” or “ Karunthulasi “ plant is more

auspicious. If this is not available, the ordinary thulasi plant may be

This puja is done to the plant.

The plant should be kept in a place where there is good sunlight and

If you are doing puja to the plant, the leaves should not be plucked.

The traditional rule is, ladies should not pluck thulasi leaves. ( I do not
think, this is possible in the present day.) It is not advisable to pluck
leaves from the plant to which puja is done. You may have another one
separately for that.

Thulasi plant should not be touched on “ Dvadas(h)i “ day.

Thulasi leaves should not be plucked on Tuesday, Friday, Dvadas(h)I, first

day of every month ( known as masa pirappu ).

Face East or North and do the puja.

Take a sip of water after chanting each line.
Given by: Chithra Viswanathan
Type: Puja

Om achyuthaaya namah

Om ananthaaya namah

Om govindaaya namah

Vigneswara Dhyanam:

Visualise Lord Ganesha.

Lightly tap the temples 5 times with knuckles and chant

S(h)uklaa mbharadharam vishnum s(h)as(h)ivarnam chathurbhujam

Prasannavadanam dhyaayaeth sarvavigno(u)pa s(h)aanthayae

Clasp the right palm over the left palm holding a flower, place them on
the right thigh and chant

Mamopaaththa samastha durithakshayadvaaraa s(h)ree paramaes(h)vara

(narayana)preethyarththam mama dheerga soumangalya avaapthyartham

Sathsanthana sampath praapthyartham Thulasee Pojaam karishyae.

Wash your hands with water.

Drop akshathai on the plant & chant

Given by: Chithra Viswanathan
Type: Puja

Brindaam poojayaami

Think of the plant as Lakshmi in your mind & chant

Brindaavaneem poojayaami

Pour 1 tsp water in a cup, chanting

Vis(h)va poojithaayai namah paadhyam samarpayaami

Pour 1 tsp water in a cup, chanting

Vis(h)va Bhaavanyai namah Arghyam samarpayaami

Pour 1 tsp water in a cup, chanting

Pushpa saaraayai namh aachamaniyam samarpayaami

Do abhishekam with water at the lower part of the plant, chanting

Nandinyai namah snaanam samarpayaami

Drop akshathai chanting

Thulasyai namah vasthram samarpayaami

Apply chandanam & kumkum to the plant, chanting

Given by: Chithra Viswanathan
Type: Puja

Krishna jeevinyai namah haridra kumkumam samarpayaami

Brindaayai namah pushpam samarpayaami

Pushpaani poojayaami – offer flowers to the roots ( lowest part) chanting

Goloka vaasinyai namah

Krishna priyaayai namah

Sarva roga haraayai namah

Sandadi paraayai namah

Soumangalyai namah

Soubhaagya pradaayai namah

Pathivrathaayai namah

Athulaayai namah

Uthara Puja:


Show the incense ( agarbathi) clockwise 3 times, chanting

Brindaavanyai namah dhoopam samarpayaami

Given by: Chithra Viswanathan
Type: Puja


Show another small lamp in front of the deity, clockwise, three times,
simultaneously ringing bell with the left hand & chanting

Vis(h)va poojithaayai namah


Offer raisins or sugarcandy or a piece of jaggery as naivedyam.

Take a tsp of water around it, mix with flowers & offer to thulasi.

Vis(h)va bhaavanyai namah naivaedyam samarpayaami

Karpoora Neeranjanam:

Stand & show lighted camphor clockwise, ringing the bell with the left
hand, chanting

Pushpasaaraayai namah karpoora neeraanjanam samarpayaami


Offer flowers with both hands chanting

Nandinyai namah pushpaanjalim samarpayaami

Given by: Chithra Viswanathan
Type: Puja


Do 4 pradakshinams to the plant, chanting

Thulasyai namah pradakshinam samarpayaami


Do 4 namaskaaramas chanting

Krishna jeevinyai namah namaskaaraan samarpayaami


Yanmoolae sarvatheerthaani yanmadhyae sarva daevathaa

Yadagrae sarva vaedaah Cha thulaseem thaam namaamyaham

Omkara poorvikae daevi sarva vaeda svaroopini

Sarvadaevamayae daevisoumangalyam prayachchamae

Now pour a spoon of water in the cup chanting

Om thathsath ithi brahmaarpanamasthu

Om s(h)anthih s(h)anthih s(h)antih