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Pakistan is a Terrorist State: Kamran Khan

There can be no doubt now that the world regards Pakistan as a terrorist state.
Not a single terrorist killing 3,900 Pakistani Muslims in 225 terrorist attacks
in the last three years was either Indian or American or Israeli. They were all
Pakistanis who did not leave alone people in either mosques or shrines, during f
asting or otherwise, says a Pakistani broadcaster Kamran khan. How long we will
be given the lollypops of conspiracy theories blaming India, America or Israel f
or everything that is wrong with us, he asks.

shukar hai ke kisi ne awami tor par is haqiqat ko dakhile farma dia hai. mere tam
am watandar, ye inteha pasandi aur dehshat gardi hindustani propaganda nahi hai,
na ye amreeka ka koi qasoor hai.
I just hope that Pakistanis get over this stupid Nationalist anti-India thing.
rawalkhan93 5 days ago 7
Kamran Khan reminds us that progressive minded people still exist in Pakistan.
vijayninel 6 days ago 7
Bottom of Form
Sach kaha
TheMhammaad 1 day ago
Top thumbs up came from India. These suicide bombing and incidents occurred and
occurring is because of USA since corrupt politicians supporting so called war o
n terror; killing innocent tribal Pakistanis and they are resisting. This is war
of USA to control oil pipeline, encircle china and Russia. Pakistan got $8.5 bi
llion in term of aid since her involvement in war on terror but lost $40 billion
dollars. If osama killing wasn't a hoax why china, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela support
ed Pakistan?
pakyouthpassion 1 day ago
achhi taaleem se desh acha banta hai.......
aquaromeo1901 2 days ago
Pls don't come up now with another conspiracy theory.
Intention is to tell truth, nothing but only truth. Truth Alone Triumphs, Accept
vibhugarg 3 days ago
I did not expect this manipulation from the poster. Initially I thought that Kas
hif Khan is from Pakistan and concerned with situation there. However it is clea
r now that intention behind these videos is different
Whatever Kamran Khan said could be true but it still does not mean Pakistan is a
terrorist state. It is a victim of failed policies of 1980s.
geomush 4 days ago
fuck you Kamran Khan .... You guys the one who telliing every one who we are ...
guljatoi 4 days ago 4
Yes Pakistan A Terrorist Country No Doubt
JsqmMediaCell 4 days ago
@usmanhaider008 oye kitna pyara bakri ka bacha hai tu!!! :) najaney kis andhey i
k beychari bakri ko chod kar tujhe paida kia tha :)
teri Hindu sey itni sarrhti kyun hai? bad memories at the hands of Hindutva idiot
s? awwww....poor little goat :(
PakistaniAtheist 4 days ago
@PakistaniAtheist maderchood isi or army nay teri mama ko choda that kia ?? hahah
a barway anti pak hindoo kay pillay
usmanhaider008 4 days ago
Islam means peace. By that definition, Pakistan is not at all Islamic nation now
If more people start realising what Kamarn is saying and taking ownership rather
than blaming India/Israel/US/Zionist/Hindu conspiracy then it won't take much t
ime for Pakistan to become true Islamic nation.
Unfortunately it is not easy and will require to take some bitter pills.
One of bitter pill will be discarding extremist ideology and conspiracies of Zai
d Hamid and Hafis Saeed (Jud/let)..
2012rajkumar 5 days ago 2
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Bravo Kamran Khan. At last a sane voice from a Pakistani media.
Please keep it up.
NoKamWithRam 5 days ago
Full episode of this Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath episode aired earlier this week on
Geo News. Must watch!
PakistaniAtheist 5 days ago
shukar hai ke kisi ne awami tor par is haqiqat ko dakhile farma dia hai. mere ta
mam watandar, ye inteha pasandi aur dehshat gardi hindustani propaganda nahi hai
, na ye amreeka ka koi qasoor hai.
I just hope that Pakistanis get over this stupid Nationalist anti-India thing.
rawalkhan93 5 days ago 7
at same time, Kamran Khan does not squarely blame the main culprits: Pak Army an
d ISI!
Pak leaders should grow some balls and DEMAND the Pak Army and ISI be held accou
ntable for its blunders of last 3 decades in supporting Jihadi insanity, them fl
eecing money from our annual budgets and foreign aid, and their incompetent medd
ling in civilian affairs that has all led to the Osama-Abbottabad humiliation!
PakistaniAtheist 5 days ago 4
Very brave of him to admit this.
i never liked Kamran Khan but him shunning the show of the so-called 'ghairat br
igade' in Pak media talking about honour, dignity, sovereignty, and nationalism
through their right-wing denial stage and accepting the inner faults of Pak esta
blishment and army is very big of him.
i guess the Osama fiasco of Abbottabad must have really shaken him up as a resul
PakistaniAtheist 5 days ago
@9690nick How True!! Nevertheless, there are a few sensible ones out there who d
o tread the unused path of rationality and reason rather than the oft-used path o
f rancid rhetoric. Only thing is that the majority of them keep their traps shut
, lest their patriotism gets questioned. The rest of them, like Hasan Nisar, Naj
am Sethi and co., obviously care 2 hoots about public opinion. Hence, their fran
gaurangactuary 6 days ago
very true
zyeahh 6 days ago
kamran khan is right jihad has to be finished for world to accept Pakistan in wo
rld fold , blaming India us n Israel is not the answer , but change ur mindset n
say no to jihad , jihad will destroy u .
pakidreamer 6 days ago
Whatever, these Pakistanis won't accept the truth; they are blinded with anti-In
dian & anti-Hindu cover.
9690nick 6 days ago
Kamran Khan reminds us that progressive minded people still exist in Pakistan.
vijayninel 6 days ago 7
Pakistan needs 4-5 zaid hamid more so they will be help to finish Pakistan as so
on as possible, I request to Indian peoples that pray to made 4-5 zaid hamid mor
e, after that we will have not to do anything ,Pakistan will finish itself, aamin
milinddon3 6 days ago
rohitguptak 6 days ago
jis din hum apni galti maan lete hai, atleast us din se use dohrate to nahi hai
But it is fact - one need courage to say and admit truth... Be with truth coz...
texintex 6 days ago
Wow!! Wish more people had courage to speak and accept the truth in Pakistan
ravishingravi 6 days ago

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5/16/2011 12:43:04 PM Ghulam Mohiyuddin
Pakistanis are enraged at being rendered impotent over "losing" Bangladesh and o
ver Kashmir. The ISI is sponsoring terrorism in a desperate attempt to avenge th
eir wounded pride. The Army is stockpiling nuclear weapons far in excess of any
legitimate defence needs. Pakistan needs to be on a psychoanalyst's couch.

5/16/2011 8:26:53 AM DAWOOD ALI

Dear Nadim sb
you said right that Pakistan Army is very brave. I respect this point of view bu
t when people asked me about that where were Pakistan Army when American Helicop
ters entered in Pakistan and stage a totally false drama in abbotabd. Why Pakist
an Army support American Point of View about Terrorist Osama.
Public are not against Pak Army but public want answer form army that after enjo
ying huge budget than why army is not able to defend its country men.
In the last make it clear that A strong Army always a future of its public
Dawood Ali
Pakistan observer, Lahore

5/16/2011 8:14:51 AM Azhar Masood


5/16/2011 8:13:43 AM nadeem choudhry

Call to support Pak Army and ISI
Dear all,
Imperialists are after Pakistan for sometime.They know (and we also know) very w
ell that their agenda can not be achievedunless they weaken our Strong Brave Arm
ed forces and ISI. They have overcome our democraticset-up, they have weakened u
s economically, they have divided us in ethnicitiesand they have managed to tame
some elements in media in order to disillusions the minds ofpeople.
This time, and perhaps this is the finalchapter, they managed to give a final bl
ow to the very existence of ISI and Pakarmed forces. Failing to capture the terr
orist who was once freedom fighter in their good books,failing to detect intrusi
on, failing to protect Pakistan's sovereigntyharbouring terrorism are various qu
estions circulating and hence pointing towards either a rogue ISI or sleepingArm
ed Forces.
My dear journalist colleagues, please wake up,because this is what was required
for the total chaos and breaking the verybackbone of the nation, and I mean The
ISI and Pak Armed Forces.
No matter what happened everyone should besupport, entrust and be proud of Pakis
tan Armed Forces and ISI.