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SIS has always brought its customers solutions to their specific needs, bringing to its clients a world of possibilities which have life altering implications for everyone. It redefines the way people and information interact making it easy to raise efficiency to new levels. SIS offers a combination of customized solutions to individual needs as well as for enterprises that both suit and help them to thrive. These convergent solutions have made them a source that brings customized change to its consumers. It is bridging the technological and logictical divide, from starting your own business to sustaining already founded ones, to small things like the way people meet, order their food and even look after their homes. Already the leaders in System Integration, SIS has now sharpened its skills in networking, acquiring specialized skill in telecommunication services liberating the system of its earlier limitations, which has prepared it to take advantage of the upcoming global revolution. To harness the full potential of this revolution, SIS has found its inspiration and challenges one and all to 'Re-imagine· life. Welcome change the way it was meant to be with SIS and their convergent Total ICT Solutions for a new future that is already here.

the founder and promoter of Sai InfoSystem India Ltd (SIS). Sunil Kakkad CHAIRMAN AND MANAGING DIRECTOR Mr. love for work and strive for excellence has helped him scale new heights at every stage. capabilities and able leadership Mr. made a humble beginning in the year 1992 with a team of 4 members. Today. With his vision. Mr. Kakkad. SIS is Gujarat·s largest IT Company and the Largest Total Solution Provider in India. Kakkad has made SIS a Rs. It very well reflects his strong belief in not just aiming higher but believing and doing things that he loves to do.y Chairman profile Mr. an Engineer with a degree in Electronics & Telecommunication & a first generation entrepreneur with 18 years of experience. Sunil Kakkad. SIS employs over 700+ people. spearheads the organization with a vision of providing Total ICT solutions across the world. Immense self belief.1000 crore company with 17 state offices and 85 support centers across India. SIS today has strong presence in IT & Telecom sector. This philosophy of his life has led him to rise higher each time a goal is accomplished.VFONE ² The video telephone for the first time in India . The enormous self-belief and affection for his work has led him to pioneer the launch of a revolutionary communication device .

Servers. In addition. popularly known as Voice and Video over Broadband (VVOBB). SIS has direct operations in 17 states with 85 support centers and employs more than 700 associates across India. resources and ambition to provide Smart. y Vision To be a globally recognised & respected total IT & Communication Technology solutions provider. . SIS delivers relentless execution that drives its clients' business. e-Procurement implementation and Video Telephony Solutions is now India·s Largest Total Solutions Provider category by Data Quest. Over the years SIS has offered its clients customised solutions to become the reigning leader in System Integration. Laptops. CRM. With revolutionary services like VOIP. knowledge. IP Centrex.Imagination Unleashed ² A Brief History SIS. corporate giants. SIS began its own IT products ranging from Personal Computers.y Introduction . SIS plans to expand the service across India. has now ventured into telecommunication services with the introduction of India·s first Video Telephony Service over broadband. Call Center solutions. Having established a stronghold in the IT industry with its efficient convergent solutions. environment and the committed to quality. SIS is an ISO: 9001:2008. SIS together with BSNL as its partner. currently the fastest growing Total ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions providing company of India and the leader in System Integration. Video Messaging and innovative applications like Tele-medicine and Tele-education etc. y Mission To fuel our growth and achieve our objectives by the synergies of our experience. with time it has expanded its horizons to serve the Telecom industry. creating a new resource in the world of telecommunications. Intelligent and Safe solutions to our customers. in the field of IP telephony and system integration by deploying world class infrastructure and resources. networking equipments etc. Government and semi Government sectors. ISO 14001:2004 and ISO: 27001:2005 quality company. Power products. Catering to Gujarat initially. Founded in 1992.

passionate and consistent team Transparency in operations y Our Work force .Material Essence .y Values Customer delight Trust and respect for individuals Results through teamwork Speed and agility Leadership by example Integrity and transparency Meaningful Innovations y Strengths Leading player in providing system integration solutions Experience of 18 years Total solution provider in all verticals Experience of handling hundreds of projects 24 x 7 service backup Confident & positive clients testimonials Professional in dealing but personal in approach Dedicated.

We are committed to create valued economical solutions that respect diversity and individuality.Our most important resource is our employees. . and establish goals with our associates. We recognize and reward associates who actively demonstrate and support the SIS Culture and Quest for Excellence. To best utilize and develop our employees· talents. We encourage Saieans to participate in setting these goals and judging their own performance. We have constructive and open lines of communication. we invest in their education and training.

y IT y y y A 360 Degree Portfolio of Product and Solutions offerings -A customized set of answers Systems Integration DGS&D Rate Contract Supplies Disaster Recovery Telecom y y y y IP based Telecom products R&D and Manufacturing BSS & OSS IP based Video Telephony o Tele-medicine o Tele-education o Rural entertainment ICT y Data Center Services y Infrastructure as a service y Platform as a service y Software as a service y Cloud computing y Call Center y End to End Technology Solutions y Managed IT Infrastructure y E-Procurement Solutions y Facility management service .

peripherals and to integrate with the application software and to establish the Network and IT setup / Infrastructure for various clients. Desktop peripherals.703). networking products (Routers. switches. Desktop. media convertors (Fiber/UTP/g. etc. both in State as well as Central Sector o Disaster Recovery Today's IT-dependent businesses have to keep pace with huge advances in technology. SIS has executed more than 100 networking projects o DGS&D Rate Contract Supplies SIS has been registered with DGS &D for Servers. They also have to deal with the risk of adverse impact from unforeseen events. natural or manmade disasters that could interrupt or disrupt the business. This is why it is so essential for companies to have a disaster recovery strategy in place. Our Technical. Service Software & Thin Clients and has been enjoying the benefits of being an approved supplier to qualify and participate in the programme. . This registration is widely taken as a benchmark by other procurement agencies in India. One of the high end networking projects executed by SIS comprised of more than 2500 nodes and 500+Wide Area links under a single network.y Annual Maintenance Contract ICT hardware design & manufacturing y Software Development y Product & Services with SIS advantages -Convergence as a way to new ideas IT o System Integration SIS has excellent exposure / experience in executing turnkey solutions for supply & installation of hardware. Blade Servers. Networking Devices. to minimize the impact of a disaster and to recover from a disaster quickly. which have escalated the costs of downtime. financial and supply capabilities are well relied upon due to this registration. Firewall. modems.

Chhattisgarh and Gujarat Circles have implemented it and rest of the states is in various stages of implementation. there can be add-ons like Signature Scanning. TELECOM o Telecom SIS is an end to end solution partner for ISPs and Telco·s to launch IP-based Video Telephony service. y IP based Video Telephony SIS also has considerable expertise in design. Provisioning and security management and Billing services.Order management Operation Support System (OSS) is for supporting processes such as maintaining network inventory. A disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan (DRP/BCP) or business process contingency plan (BPCP) describes how an organization needs to deal with potential disasters. o Business Support System (BSS) & Operation Support System (OSS) Business Support Systems (BSS) enable to comply with the most stringent industry requirements. development and manufacturing of wide array of customer premises equipment ² Video Phones. All the SSAs of the Andhra Pradesh. payment issues. billing.Revenue management . configuring network components. CRM integration. provisioning. Assam. The company has substantial expertise and experience in y IP based Telecom products delivering state of art Video Telephony y R&D and Manufacturing networks over existing broadband networks. HD phones and IP PBX. . the commercial activities. Software Integrating. Installation support. after sales service and DQ. Telecom Billing & Accounting. Karnataka. Meter Reading and so on. Punjab. hardware and systems essential for it to run on. provisioning services. and managing faults. Basically it deals with the taking of orders. but the software.It's not just mission-critical data that is affected.Product management . SIS offers complete suite of Hosted Video Telephony solutions which includes o Tele-medicine Hardware. The role of business support systems in a service provider is to cover four main areas: . revenues. It has been implemented in 171 SSA (Districts) across the country. FRS and Directory Enquiry are the key modules.Customer management . Tamilnadu.

o Data Centre Data Centre is a facility to provide the ideal environment required for hosting mission critical servers for customers who want to outsource their IT infrastructure. ideally in a planned and structured process. Himachal Pradesh and using the stateof-art technology SIS is manufacturing the entire range of ICT products such as Servers (Blade & Standalone Servers).ICT o ICT hardware design & manufacturing SIS has a manufacturing plant at Parwanoo. The Data Centre frees the customer from the hassles of maintaining IT infrastructure at his premises reduces IT Capex and Opex. Novell Certified. UL & RoHS certified & are Intel validated servers. stabilized and uninterrupted power supply to ensure that the servers are always up and running. or any other activities that result in software products. Laptop. software development may include research. re-engineering. Data Centres are designed to ensure that the servers are continuously in an environment where the temperature and humidity are maintained at optimum levels using redundant Precision Air Conditioners. FCC Class-B. reuse. o Software Development Software Development in SIS used to refer to the activity of computer programming. Data Centre also has facility for redundant. modification. Therefore. maintenance. SIS Phones (Video & Audio) and Thin Clients. Networking products. new development. SIS servers & Desktops are Microsoft. . o Infrastructure as a service Platform as a service o The Data Centre facility is backed by trained engineers who are always monitoring the server performance parameters to ensure uninterrupted services from the server to the customer. Desktop. We have received ¶The Server Samrat· award from Intel for two consecutive years. Moreover multiple levels of security and very advanced fire safety tools ensure that servers are safe from all kinds of danger. but in a broader sense of the term it includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired software through to the final output of the software. which is the process of writing and maintaining the source code. Red Hat.

o Call Centre SIS Call Centre is state of the art. Solutions SIS Call Centre staff are organized into a multi-tier support system for a more efficient handling of calls. E-procurement system. o Facility Management Services/Annual Maintenance Contracts: Facility management Service or Annual Maintenance Contract is an agreement primarily devoted to the maintenance and care of items as agreed and covered by the agreement with the Intuitions. and provides good service to our customers. there may be three or more tiers of support staff. typically the third tier of support is formed by product engineers/developers or highly-skilled technical support staff of the product. where most issues can be resolved. Work and Services through the Internet as well as other information·s and networking systems. Quality and integrity . Commercials. whereby service is given for a fixed duration at a fixed rate with/without any additional charges as agreed upon. etc. Hotels. In some cases. If a caller requires more assistance. The first tier in such a model consists of operators. . the caller is forwarded to the third tier of support. This can be accessed anywhere globally and has greatly improved the accessibility of tenders. who direct inquiries to the appropriate department and provide general directory information. If a caller requires more assistance. remote monitoring and random customer call-backs are just some of the means o End to End Technology we employ in providing excellent service. the call is forwarded to the second tier. manages tenders through URL webpage.SIS is setting up world class Tier III data centers at multiple locations in India for leading Telcos and Corporates. such as Electronic Data Interchange and Enterprise Resource Planning. Hospitals.Side-by-side monitoring. E-procurement is done with a software application that includes features for supplier management and complex auctions. o E-procurement Solutions E-procurement (electronic procurement sometimes also known as supplier exchange) is the business-to-business or business-to consumer or Business-togovernment purchase and sale of supplies.

y        Across Industry Verticals -Horizons of established change Government. Defense and Education Banking and Financial Services Telecom Retail Manufacturing Healthcare Utilities and Infrastructure .

D.I Bank. (PWD. I. of Rajasthan) Water Resources Investigation (Govt. Rajasthan Bank of Baroda (Various locations) Bank of India (Various locations) Jaipur Thar Gramin Bank. Mumbai Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co.. DRDO.(Govt.N. Mumbai India's Western Naval Command. Ltd. Rajasthan. Jaipur.G.B. New Delhi Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) Commercial Tax Dept. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Ajmer Oil & Natural Gas Commission (O. of Gujarat) Adani Group of companies Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd.y List of clients -Partners that joined us along the way o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd (Electricity Board) Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Limited Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited Gujarat Energy Training & Research Institute. New Delhi Space Application Centre (SAC / ISRO) Indian Air Force.C. Mumbai Port Trust. of Chhattisgarh) State Bank of India (Various locations) State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur . Gujarat Informatics Limited Ministry of Defense.) Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) Public Works Dept. Govt. Mumbai y Certificates / Awards -Confirmation of Excellence .

Raheja Chambers Nariman Point Mumbai Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Opp : Esic Hospital. Chaitanya Bus Stop. Satellite. 1 & 2.O. Plot No. B/h. Ahmedabad Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Dist-Solan. Stadium Petrol Pump. 2nd Floor. Tiswadi. Manguirish Building.173 220 Himachal Pradesh Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Super Plaza. Bodakdev. 22. Himachal Pradesh Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Sarkhej. Panaji. Ahmedabad 380 054. ´Sai Careµ. 18th June Road. Navrangpura. Orion Industrial Complex . Opp. 7 Floor. Indira Palace. Next to Gaurav Tower. Sarkhej Bavla Highway. Above eMalll. (Warehouse) 43. Opp: Bombay Bazar.44. 3. Parwanoo . Ahmedabad Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Goa . Manufacturing Unit Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Estate. Paresh Apartment. NH No.K. Ahmedabad Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Malviya Nagar Jaipur Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Parwanoo . th 717.y SIS Offices-(India & abroad) Corporate Head Sai InfoSystem Quarter (India) Ltd. Sector-1. Village Kamli. Sandesh Press Road. P. R. Hotel Ekta. Premchand Nagar Road.45. Nr. Goyal Plaza. Sector 6.

Alkapuri. Surya Kiran Building. C/O Triboun Logistics Service Ground Flr. Vakharia House. R. HO address. RVCE PO Bangalore Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. email.C. Nr: Kolkhe Village..2nd Floor. Vadodara Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Uma-Krishna Building. Opel Square. Mumbai Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. 51/53 . Dutt Road. website. Panvel Remaining addresses to be added Last page nd 2. Kusturba Gandhi Marg. 2 flr Globle village Technology park. B/H: Express Hotel. 1 Floor. 19. Next To Vaibhav Petrol Pump. Palaspa-Pune Rd. SEZ Tower 1. 304. Fort. New Delhi Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Opp: Hotel Moonlight.. . Bora-Bazar Street. contact number. Above Bharatiya Misthan.Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. Sez Myla Sandra Pantangere. st 112A.

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