nas.pdf how i build a webbased SMB NAS Server with nexentacore 2.

0 - my hardware - setup pools - setup datasets - setup cif shares - workgroup mode and domain mode

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3 my 8 channel controller supermicro aoc-sat2-mv8 (pci-x. it does not support all mainboards. at the moment i use mainboards with intel p5000 chipsets like supermicro x7dbe (my main storage boxes for our commercial supermicro x7dca-l (a nice and cheap micro atx about 250 euro) for my nexentacore installations. like opensolaris.1 my mainboards zfs need power and ram. use hds.supermicro. about 100 euro) http://www. write cache) hd: western digital raid edition 3 drives (1 tb about 150 euro) optional but recommended read cache: large mlc-ssd like intel x25-m write cache: small (16gb are enough) slc-ssd like intel x25-e my small servers are raid 1 with 1 hotfix spare drive (3 drives) my main servers are zfs2 with one or two hotfix spare drives (5 drives +) i always use ssd for read-cache and mostly ssd for write cache what i had to learn: zfs with its snapshot possibilities needs a lot of space. if you will need more space sas.) http://www.4 my 10 gbe ethernet adapters for our servers we use 10 gbe over cx4 cable i can recommend supermicro low profile aoc stg i2 (below 400 euro) and aoc-utg-i2 with same chipset (below 300 euro but only usable on uio systems) http://www. all you will need are simple discs.2 my storage controller first and important thing: do not use any hardware raid-controller or nexenta will lost control of your disks and you will lost a lot of the benefits of zfs.cfm use at least 4 gb ram and a quadcore cpu if you need performance 1. read cache .supermicro. (with ha failover. hds..5 . simply add a drive.supermicro. about 100 euro) http://www. san-plugin for vmware. hds and start with raidz2. you can use onboard sata (not in raid-mode) if nexena can work with it 1. my hardware 1.cfm 1. sata.cfm my harddrives (drives.cfm supermicro aoc-usas-l4i (pci-e. cdp mirrorring.supermicro.1.

Basic setup 2.zpool .pdf now you should have a working server with: .napp-it 2.create you will see a list of available hd´s create a new pool example vol2 from your drives default settings are optimized for use as a smb nas-box recommendation: use mirror with 2 drives + 1 hotspare or use raidz2 with at least 5 drives + 1 hotspare if you need performance: add ssd drives for read and write cache .pl go to menue: disks and pools .1 install nexentacore + napp-it see http://www.2 Build a zfs pool from your harddrives start napp-it http://serverip/cgi-bin/napp-it/admin.babelcon.working ssh server .de/napp-it/setup_nexentacore2.nexentacore .2.

3 create zfs datasets on this pool datasets are like folders on your pool you can set shares and attributes on datasets. go to menue zfs and shares .2.zfs .create select a pool where you want to create your zfs folder you can keep defaults if you want to setup a smb nas box defaults: smb share = on (folder is a share) case sensitivity is mac/windows like snapdir is visible on your share acl settings are set: everybody: modify root (administrator) full rights unix rights are set to: full access to everyone all rights handling is done in windows create zfs folder in napp-it Overview of your zfs folder with most important settings > Klick on a folder to see all details .

they will get default rights (those with @ at the end of the listing) . Details of a ZFS Folder default acl: if you create new files and folders.3.

SMB Server .4.

create them on your nexentabox Console (Putty) 2.. That' s it for a NAS Box at home (SMB in workgroup mode) You can login as root. ... what's missing snapdir and usermanagement in napp-it is coming soon..5. default settings of your shares are: user root: everybody: full access modify default acl settings (acl for new files and folders) are the same if you need more user: 1. bugfixes remember: napp-it is beta but already useable if you have actions for certain settings please share them. you must set a password for this user at Console (Putty) passwd user Snapshots You can create snapshots (at the moment via Console) example: zfs snapshot vol1@newset They are visible in windows if you set zfs property snapdir=visible Nexentacore in domain mode see small how to on next page..

6.. guenther . SMB Server in Domain Mode for Windows Active Directory more is coming.

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