6 IDIOTS AND WISE MAN Forward: This is the story of Egyptians on the move within the western world

, the society of the much craved western way of life, and the values that follow such a life, of supposed prosperity, happiness and the freedom to pursue one s purpose unhindered in context. All they have been taught at home of the west s way of life is conveyed through the hopes and dreams of those hopefuls in search of a better life, only to crash against the harsh shores of a reality which is neither sweet, nor lined with gold, but hard, cold and unforgiving. The transformation in the characters is also prevalent through the situations life throws at them in a constant relentless series of misfortunes, and missed opportunities. This all takes place in Oslo, Norway. And as we see life on the outside we get a glimpse of what it has been for those whom have made it all the way inside.


All the queens will gather round Spreading love and unity so it can be found Well then all the riders say it's all to do with drugs Well inject me With your love Seal-Future love paradise.

Chapter 1 In the throes of death, some day in pain, whilst others die suddenly, but the wise oh the wise die quite differently, the wise get one day of perfection, and that is usually their last day on earth. The last day on earth is always their finest. It is the one day everything works, and whatever it is that has been ailing you, is suddenly lifted. No more clouds, as the sky stands clear blue, and the sun shines on this day, only for you. And you know, you know this is it, one more day, one more day, one more day, and by the end of it, the lights will go out, forever. Most of us miss this chance, these golden opportunities that lay hidden deep beneath mountains upon mountai s of desire. But the wise, n never miss a thing. This was my last day on earth. I got up unusually early, to see the night sky in its full glory one last time. The moons shone brighter than I had ever thought it could, the stars twinkled away into the night sky, and it was quiet. So quiet I could not hear the hum of the tram that came every fifteen minutes past my house. I could not hear the sounds of teenagers running away int the night, I could o not hear the mixed tongues of the drunks stumbling home, no one was out walking their dog, no one

And what is coming. I can see my assailant in the eyes. I reach my out my hand to him. I forgot the moments that matter. Weis. a moment of peaceful serenity descends upon me as I gaze at the night sky pierced by the morning light. now that I was going to never see them again. they all seemed vibrantly more interesting now. Those the world wants to get rid of silently and gracefully.was up to no good. For those reading those words now. confident in no rush. very afraid. for what is to come upon the world after my departure I am truly glad I will not have to bear witness to. majestically. and it is something of such magnitude. and blood gushes out in small steady droplets of red. AND smile as today my sight feels hawk like in strength. I never realized how fortunate I was to have been part of those changes. and in my stride I forgot. this man is killing me out of compassion I feel like he almost does not want to do the job. a long thin blade enters and ruptures several organs. rest well old man. I always strove for the best. all was quiet. and when they find out no one will even give a fuck. footsteps at ease. sudden. he don t care if you live or if you die. I hear footsteps. and I AM STILL SMILING. Looking at all the pretty shops I had never paid attention to. but I hear he s only reserved for the best. The night itself had decided it was going to be all mine. I do not need glasses I see the world much clearer. and who knows what the winds of tomorrow bring. but on reflection the entire world. The human race was now fully engaged in the extermination of its seniors and the idol worship of its useless. I look at my watch. I pray you go kill yourself now. and walking till he completely disappears out of my periphery. as the song goes Goddamn the Pusher man. yet somehow he must. the highest and most sought after positions of power. the only thought in my head. I lay there on the cold side of the pavement looking upwards towards the sky. believe me you will not want to be alive for its arrival. and just as sudden as his appearance. I have only heard of him. My . No nobody will notice. That s his name. it has been a pleasure. so is his disappearance. and continue walking it is about 5am and dawn is soon upon me. pathetic. no one will ever prepare you for. this is where the honies come to spend the hard earned monies of the fools whom took them as wives. than I ever have. the Pusher is the man for the job. one more time. who knows. egocentric. For him I however only offer thanks. These were changes that affected not only me. He says my name slowly Mr. On three occasions have I welcomed the winds of change into my life. We had arrived. He was old enough they will say. and I smile. whilst other parts of me are grateful even joyful to have taken part in those events. a symphony of nature had ensued and the Sun was the main attraction. and one more time it certainly was. closing in on me. Oslo s designer street. fuck the old and long live the young new world order. a knife. I kept walking down Bogstadveien. but since it is my last day I remember now. His eyes are peaceful. the sun had started to rise. you deserve it The Pusher. I take my glasses off. narcissistic youth. of such indescribable horror that It makes me pity those whom are to remain alive for the next couple of decades. These fools are too busy thinking the world is theirs to even notice anything outside their own selfish interests. His boot heels click quietly on the smooth pavement and then just as I am turning around. it is all coming back to me and part of me is afraid. to the Pusher. For today is my last day. I feel something cold against my sides. Would anybody notice? Would anybody really notice when I died tomorrow?I smile with a sarcasm that would make Voltaire laugh in his grave. he keeps walking. not in a hurry.

all alone dying. and those whom said that this was the integral part of the religion and promised rewards of an everlasting bounty and abodes in the highest levels of paradise where no different than the nazis. as nothing had ever happened and I AM LEFT ALL ALONE. He called it intellectual castration. I always thought I would go far. lifeless. it looks like an intrusion on a very harmonious scene. they too were cowards. and the lands of milk and honey. And as far beginnings go this one took place in a wolf s den. no matter what the religion decreed. And to those whom played advocate and apologist and to those whom even justified this. my friends called me the wise man . maybe a little mention in the papers. angry. and he called that spiritual escapism in his mind the idea of taking innocent lives that have nothing to do with a countries policies was akin to torture. the wise man saw that as nothing short of insanity. And then the light came. Kuking was a word the wise man had invented its a very derogatory name. but for the wise man it was hilarious and fun. Spiritual suicide.assailant walks slowly. out of place and cheap looking. and they had no qualms against wasting the lives of their own sons in order to achieve their lust. killed at dawn by unknown assailant. he hated with a passion the very idea. I can still see my body lying there. I rise out of my body. for they hid under robes of ideals and abused those lofty promises of freedom for much more sinister purposes. and began with something completely new. Ironically fascinating was that these thieves were the very same whom . He called Jihad cowardice. or maybe just maybe nothing at all. I had died the SAME way I was born. No religion none whatsoever have ever sanctioned the massacre of innocents. ignorant cowardice. en javlæ kuking for fæn this heated debate was taking place at tollbugata Oslo s infamous whore street right beside the first whore corner resides building number 13 on the fourth floor in apartment number 443 known in Egyptian circles as the wolfs den this conversation was taking place between six Egyptians and a wise man. Chapter 2 Beginnings All our lives are filled with varieties of beginnings some are great some horrible. and even worse they were thieves. My name is Mr Weis. I had shed my old skin a complete overhaul in what I had believed had just taken place. and smile. The reign of a thousand years was instead replaced by the reign of infinity. alone. there was no heroism involved. And to those whom led crusades in the name of democracy the wise man s understanding was crystal clear. nonetheless. suicide bombers for him were the highest form of cowardice. their twisted desire for supremacy. a police rapport. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would come as far as I did. someone will come by and notice it and then the usual will ensue. the wise man as his friends called him was never one given to political correctness. uninvited. Oh fuck off man you know you are a dickey. like a stage prop that should not be there. only brute. This was a beginning. and to me they were and will always remain the six idiots I grew to love. I look at the sky one more time. it was that holy new beginning where everything feels like the first time where this story commences. hovering.

They were worse than cowards. bought an apartment. and then he took a deep breath and mouthed the word. ready to set up castle. he is a Basha . Deep was the bastard of the bunch. just like every other foreigner who has come here without the sanctuary of asylum to protect him. beyond primitive. Kuking ?? replied ray puzzeled by the usage of the word. some were uneducated. For what he had to say could sometimes change the way you thought entirely. it is almost on the cusp of being deafening. rawer. Then you must you know that you are a Kuking. and under their delusion the whole world had come to suffer. . a quest seeker for what he searches I know not. paid for it in cash and the Norwegians could not work fast enough to get him his paper work done. more unabashed in your face say it as it is and no sugar coating kind of talk. loud. The man was a walking revolution. they seek the unattainable. was it you Wise?. Yes woman indeed though the wise man. unification. for here he was amongst his people. the wise man always felt home. rude and crude such was the mood t wise he man was in. Bedre answered ray. he elected to become part of the exclusive. you see unlike us. and had just come out of the shower after kicking out the remains of last night. he said That makes you a kuking too . and he did it with style . unlike you other Kukings the Basha arrived here like a true Basha. This fine spring morning he was in no need for intellectual conversation. yet their actions showed that they believed some men were more equal than others. You see unlike the rest of you other kukings. blue eyed foreign pussy to improve his life and escape the impoverished life of down under oh no. Ray was getting slightly angry. this Basha is one of a dying breed. and AT THE WOLFS DEN that is exactly what you got. I mean come on it is nothing to be ashamed of . circumsized. but when he did you listened and you listened deep. He jumped in on the sofa. Yes kuking. He had started this conversation by simply asking Ray about he had come to Norway. Moza handed over the morning s first joint to the wise man. and he looked down at the floor. I cannot possibly fathom the labyrinths of this man s mind humbly however I concede. he wanted something more guttural. instead of becoming part of the collective. eyes were silent with disappointment. and faster pussycat she was running for the door. a hunter of quality. That was Deep. it means you used your nasty. blonde. The six Egyptians came from different classes. a man with genuine interest for the best in life. he was just waking up from his slumber. He liked more terms such as evolution. and he seldom spoke. A Basha ya RAY. the wise man is something else. the wise man is a Basha. And trying to volley the joke back at the wise man. the heart of the street beats very strongly here. Expertly rolled and potent the morning joint or Istbeha as it is called in Arabic was a ritual the wise man and the six adhered to vehemently. as he did with the conversation. that this is what Basha s do. the woman s bastard. Amongst this throng.preached equality of man. is one whom plays not by the rules. some were very highly educated. How s your Norwegian coming along? . classy in his entrance and even classier in his exit. his eyes said he was furious but he took it in stride. the sound of the nation. Yes the wise man hand many fine terms for what was wrong in the world. if these eyes could cry they would have. No no no Ray. Woman . they were deluded. beyond vulgar. and this BASHA here had a burning desire to see the West serve him for a change. he did not need some. I could glimpse the naked body of a young woman hurryingly getting dressed. whilst others came from places where there were no tracks at all. progression. He oozed charm and he used that charm for all it was worth. some came from the wrong sides of the tracks. yes I believe it was. they were the lowest of the low. Everybody laughed at that moment. Straight forward. born and raised. and his favorite. you my dear Ray are a kuking admit it. sun colored pyramid looking cock to get this country. but makes the rules play for him.

and while I was surveying all the six. very differently. this man was getting to close. the first he did thing the minute he came out of the airport was make a deposit in the bank. First came the description. no Egyptian in the world gets stoned Haaff (i. But for us. After expert inhaling. the situation itself. We all got very hungry very quickly good pot will do that to you. getting high means exactly that. up til now I had only thought Depo to be another Kuking apparantely psychology is part of his repotoire. the conversation resumed its frantic loud pace. and the best thing to be with stoned Egytptians is hungry. that s pretty strong considering it was the first thing he put in his body. but first breakfast. if you were lucky you got the reindeer. it is like going to the night club without music. Whereas most cultures attribute allude masturbating to innenudoes with number five. And then he looked at the wise man eller hva Ya Basha? .. otherwise what is the use? There s an old saying in Egypt If your going to go swimming you might as well get wet or as is commonly said in the UK In for a penny in for pound . oh the details this was not just a quick body description. the reason being is that they need ten fingers (or rather both hands) to hit the point of the extasy. and if it was one thing Egyptians were very much used to and mastered it was the language of the eyes. Egyptians attribute it to the number ten. entire sonnets would be written about the exchanges a foreign pair of eyes would give each other infused with a fire that heighted desire. oh no with Egyptians it was everything. Someone got up to cook. If these guys eve r found out who I am.some even whisteling. El Basha arrived to Norway with a huge cash sum. and if you had no luck at all you got the ten finger hit. but the ten finger hit now that is an Egyptian original. you just stand there and stare at the lights. Everything must be just so.. day one. I tunred my head and smiled to Deep and this time I took on the conversation. so we cook. with extreme caution I also managed to keep a lazy grin plastered on my face. who I really am. I wanted to jump right into matter at hand so I handed over the joint to Deep and he inhaled a Dragon breath. the stakes are just too high at this point in the game. and once high. the eye exchange. as I have never heard of a ten finger shuffle. unlike other cultures pot and food go hand in hand in Egypt. I looked at Deep after that differently. Egyptians could tell you oddeyssys. the looks they gave each other. you do not want a simple desire like hunger to ruin it for you. Speaking of women always turned the conversation inot a friendly fire free zone. but I can never trust them. from point one. I know that. from the airport he declared over a million dollars. the blow back would be colossal. I could lose my life forever. one of Olympic proportions. the display that I hide behind. a true Gatsby . Oh yes this was the epicenter of the what the Egyptians aptly called The hunt . and exhaling of which all clapped and applauded loudly . I ask Deep and get right in the thick of it So how . the mood in the place. The morning had just started and tea was due tea and hashish were two all time favorites in egpytian culture. which might be fun for the estranged and seriously demented. the window.I was taken back by this in depth analysis of my self and my ambitions. very high. if you were semi lucky you got a fish. for sure. epic homages to the eye language. he must be amazing with the women. what she was wearing. Egyptians are meticulous when it concerns pleasure. An Egyptian original. They trust me. I could not believe I had been so careless as to have displayed myself so openly. Amongst Egyptians talking about women was a sport. or a pope and his four sisters in Egypt. How do ones enjoy being stoned a hungry stomach. unlike westerners whom take what they can when they can. now that s A Basha for you.e on a hungry stomach) and this is why the wise man only got stoned with eggyptians. in the description came all the details. so if you are planning to get stoned in the morning it also means you plan to eat. way too close for my comfort. But that was Deep a fan of the extreme. it was as if he had known me all along. there was ancient poetry about the subject.

last night I had a girl in my bed. No further need to elaborate here. and what does one do with such. and he continued. this morning there was a body in my bed that did not belong there. and here we all chanted it at once GET RID OF IT . could not help but notice the girl ran out of your den quicker than a bat out of hell. . an intrusion. It was a beautiful day and it had just started.was last night. Deep looked at me with those narrow sharp eyes of his and with an even bigger smile says What girl? .

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