Now Now You You You

I know you lied to me I know you lied lied lied to me were so wrong about the afterlife

You tried to tell me how light it was How bright How joyous But all I find where I roam is pain and suffering With demons constantly forthcoming To whip us unto our submission into Hell There is no God here There are no angels to be seen I am by myself Yet I am not alone Cries of agony swarm me like thousands of flies Yet I have never felt so alone The darkness is so thick and putrid I sometimes think I am buried alive But then I remember As the curse goes on How you lied How you lied to me So, how were you to know? You never died and went to Hell But that says little to me as well For where you have never been Do not pretend to understand then Sometimes I have seen the hideous demons devouring the sinners Perpetually And the body is constantly eaten and constantly rehealing How could this be? How could this be true? I have seen others, the pagans, who mistakenly understood their souls To lie dead in their bodies upon the death of the body Yet they are here Here with me and all the other sinners Who lost their way And do you know how they are now? Their bodies are trapped inside coffins of red-hot iron I never denied God in my life I never failed to accept Jesus in my life So why am I here? What am I doing here? I think it was my wrath that put me in this miserable place Either that or my jealousy Now I hope you live in fear I overheard the demons speaking so near And a trio of Black Angels have been sent after you To gather you up And bring you down below

Do you know how low we are? We are lower than the center of the earth Nothing can go further down from here This is the absolute bottom And it is so far from the Lord In the center revolves the devil Yes, Satan With 3 faces A red, a white, and a brown As if he is not hideous (enough) Although he once was beauteous There is ice surrounding us And we truly are so freezing cold But how our sins plague us so The tears freeze on our faces as they fall And some of us, what terror withal I have seen some being eaten as dinner Still, do you know what peril you are in? Do you know how deep the weight of sin falls on your soul? How hard? These Black Angels sent after you They will retrieve you As you die, and linger slowly, painfully into the night So take precautions now To save yourself later Take back the lie you told me Ask the Lord for your forgiveness It is too late for me down here Ask Him how to come full-circle back to Him Before you let the Black Angels in The walls in your home, I know Are oozing blood So red and thick down to the floor And I know that a low, dark smoke has gathered at your door You have lit some black candles to keep out the Black Angels But little did you know The wind from outside will blow In and extinguish the flame atop each of the black candles And then it will be too late for you

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