Leave Management System Web Demo Wed - Sept 26, 2007

Leave Entry y Web entry leave request form. Entry point is through ADW - absence entry y Sho rt term leave requests will create corresponding absence y Entitlement Checking once dates and times are entered

) y Required documents received by HR can be rec orded (though not stored) online.e required documents. . information re garding bereavement request etc.Leave Form Creation y Leave form customizable for each absence code/leave type y Leave form can disp lay and collect specific leave type data (i.

Leave Creation and Inquiry y Automatic leave record creation and interface with OPS and BAS y Status notifi cation for both employees and managers y Inquiry on leave at any stage of the pr ocess will display details of leave request and approval up to the current state .

Routing and Authorization y Routing and approval system for leave authorization. or may just be configured to receive email notification (or both) y Appr ovals accessed through new Application called Task Manager . y Approval route is custo mizable for each absence code/leave type y Authorizer may be required to approve leave.

y Leave applications can be redirected to other authorizers for one-time app rovals y If similar selections exist for the applicant and or more than one auth orizer.Routing and Authorization ± con¶t y All previous data and actions displayed at each stage ± building the complete fo rm. redirect. May be several approve buttons. if the leave configured to end with HR. deny. y Butt ons on Authorizer screen determine action to be taken ( approve. etc). the last one selected is final. This can allow HR to override certain in formation like GL selections etc. but only one should have final approval a ction .

Leave System Benefits Online submission and routing ensures faster. more accurate processing from subm ission to approval Enforces form completion through required field validation En titlement and budget checking / validation Customization of form by leave type .

Immediat e creation and update of leave records Simultaneous creation of leave and absenc e Proper matching of leave and absence record because they are linked at the poi nt of entry .Leave System Benefits ± con¶t Less duplication of effort Replaces hand-written forms with clear data.

Example 1 .

Example 2 .

Example 3 .

Task Manager .

Bereavement Application .

Bereavement Leave Schedule .

Bereavement Leave Application .

Bereavement Confirmation .

Bereavement ± PRM Confirmation .

Bereavement Leave ± Principal Section .

Bereavement Leave ± HR Section .

Bereavement Required Documents .

Bereavement ± View Change .

Bereavement Close Warning .

Bereavement Leave Cancellation .

Other Leaves Authorizer Comment prompt .

Other Leaves Invalid GL .

Other Leaves ± Valid GL .

Redirection .Professional Development .

Professional Development ± Customer Validation .

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