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"Libraries will get you through times of no

money better than money will get you

through times of no libraries." Sabine Parish
Anne Herbert

Ways to Contribute
Any donation you make to the Foundation
provides a tax benefit to you while offering
exciting possibilities for the growth of the
Sabine Parish Library system. Below are a
few ways you can help:
 Become a member of the Foundation
 Become a member of the Friends of the
Our Mission Library and help raise funds.
The Sabine Library Foundation, a nonprofit  Make a cash contribution in one lump sum
organization founded in 2005, exists to receive or send a donation in installments through
private funds to provide monies for buildings, the Foundation’s pledge payment plan.
materials, and services not otherwise available  Donate securities, properties, or other
for the Sabine Parish Library system. assets.
 Include the Foundation in your will
In years past, public funds built, operated, and
 Consider making the Foundation a
maintained good public libraries. Today, it

Making a
requires additional funding from the private beneficiary on an insurance policy.
sector to make those existing good libraries If you need more information, about the
great ones. The Sabine Library Foundation is Foundation membership, donations, and

the vehicle to attract and receive private endowments, please call the Sabine Parish
contributions that can make the difference for Librarian at 256-4150.
public libraries in Sabine Parish.

"The three most important documents a

free society gives are a birth certificate, a
passport, and a library card."
E. L. Doctorow.
Sabine Library Foundation
Library Square Footage PER CAPITA

Member/Donor Name _________________________________

Address ____________________________________________
City/State___________________Zip _____________________
Phone ______________________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________
City/State___________________Zip _____________________
State average .31

Mail this form with check to: Sabine Parish Library, 705 Main St., Many, 71449
Sabine Parish .18

Foundation/Friends of the Library Membership and Donation Form

Make membership check payable to: Friends of the Sabine Parish Library

--or bring to the main library in Many to receive a free gift!

The Facts

Make donation check payable to: The Sabine Library Foundation

The Sabine Parish Library receives public
funding from a dedicated local property tax;
however, the amount generated from this tax is
insufficient to build and maintain adequate

Please send notification of donation to:

library facilities. Louisiana libraries rank below
the national average square footage per
capital, and Sabine’s libraries rank below the
Louisiana state average. Help Make a Difference
A great way to honor the special people in
Our Initial Goal your life is to donate to the Library Building
The Foundation’s initial thrust will be the Fund or to establish a Named Endowment in
establishment of a Building Fund with the goal your honoree’s special area of interest.
of financially assisting the Sabine Parish
Library in its building projects. Donations made A donation to the Library Building Fund may be
to the Building Fund provide for the Library’s any amount you wish.
space needs while keeping local taxes at a An endowment may be established:
minimum.  For the full amount of $1,000 or more in

 I wish to donate $______ in honor of/in memory

of ____________________________________
If you prefer to donate to a Named one donation

 New Named Endowment ($1,000 or more)

Endowment within the Foundation, the donated  By family groups, friends, or members of

 Enclosed are my annual membership dues:

an organization who have accumulated a

 Add to previously established Named

funds are held in trust with only the earned

interest spent annually. These funds are spent total of $1,000 over a period of time.

Donations are tax deductible!

only on materials and services established at  By remembering the Library Foundation in

the time the endowment is created. your will, with a gift of $1,000 or more.

$ 5.00
When you join the foundation or make a

 Library Building Fund

Please choose type of gift:
donation, we give you a receipt for your tax-
deductible contribution. As a member, you are
also eligible to join the Friends of the Sabine


Parish Library, the fundraising committee of the
Foundation. A public record is kept of your
Building Fund donation or your Named
Endowment, and your honoree or a family
member is notified of the gift.