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Louis Morin.

Louis was born on April 29, 1841 at St. Boniface, the son of Louis Comtois dit Morin (b. 1813)1 and Marie Ann Millet dite Beauchemin. Louis was a Turtle Mountain Band member. Louis was a Red River Mtis born on April 29, 1841 at Saint-Boniface. On February 24, 1862, he married Flora Catherine Houle (born 31 July 1842 at Saint-Boniface), daughter of Charles Houle and Catherine Falardeau. This marriage took place either at Assumption church in Pembina (North Dakota) or in the parish of Saint-Norbert (Manitoba). The couple had eight children. In the 1870 census of the Red River, Louis Morin and his family can be found in the parish of Sainte-Agathe (Manitoba). Children: Louis, b. 1861. Elise, b. April 3, 1864. Napoleon, b. 1865. Celina, b. 1866. Patrice, b. 1867. Jean Baptiste, b. 1867 (Lebret). Emelie, b. 1869. Alexandre, b. 1876 (Cypress Hills) He was elected as a captain of the troops raised at Sainte-Agathe on October 7, 1871 to repulse the Fenian invasion. Louis Morin applied for Metis Scrip on 18 August 1875 at Sainte-Agathe, where he was living as a farmer. In 1878, Louis Morin and the other Metis buffalo hunters of the Cypress Hills Metis Hunting Band wrote a petition asking for a special Metis reserve of land.2 He died in September 1925 at Medicine Lake Montana

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research


Louis Sr. was the son of Etienne Comtois dit Morin (b. 1878) and Marguerite (Sarcee). Etienne was employed by the NWC between 1811 and 1821. 2 Requesting a re-opening of the buffalo hunt between November 14th and February 15th each year and the granting of Metis reserve land (A strip of land 150 miles long along the American border beginning where the Pembina River crosses the border. This strip was to be fifty miles from south to north.

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