Three Ways to Help Your Kids Get Ahead Of course you want to help your child do well.

What parent doesn¶t? So here are three ways you can help your child excel. 1. Participate in your child¶s education. Studies have shown that children perform significantly better on grades and standardized tests when parents are consistently involved in their education process. i The more parents take an active role in encouraging their child¶s education, the better the child will perform, regardless of economic status, type of school (public, parochial, private, or home), or other factors. Unfortunately, the courts don¶t seem to want parents involved in a child¶s education. In Fields v. Palmdale (2005), the Ninth Circuit held that a fundamental parental right ³does not extend beyond the threshold of the school door,´ and the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts in Parker v. Hurley (2007) held that parents have no right to opt their children out of controversial courses, including those on sex and sexual orientation. With these severe limitations in place, public school parents especially are at a great disadvantage to give their children the kind of support they need. 2. Monitor your child¶s healthcare. You know you cannot help your child advance without first keeping them healthy. That means you have to watch what they eat, how they exercise, and what they might be going through of a medical nature. You have to be especially involved when your child is facing illness or a necessary medical procedure. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult challenge as well. Many states and many health professionals have interpreted federal HIPAA regulations in such a way as to cut concerned parents out of their child¶s medical care, even for minors as young as 11 years. Many of you have experienced this firsthand when trying to call your doctor¶s office or insurance carrier about your teen¶s latest doctor visit. You may be the parent and want what¶s best for your child, but now you need your child¶s permission to even know what is going on! 3. Guard your child¶s freedoms ± and your own! Ultimately, you can¶t be any help to your child if the government continues to encroach on every aspect of your family life. And if our rights are eroding so quickly now, what will be left when our children are adults? The best way to defend their rights in the future is to protect your own rights now ± by passing the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This language, added to the U.S. Constitution, will help you empower your kids in the areas outlined above, and preserve your freedom to make extraordinary decisions for them in other areas as well.

Action Items If you haven¶t already signed the petition to support the Parental Rights Amendment, please visit us online and sign up now. Then, please pass this email along to concerned parents who want to provide the very best for their kids. Also, if you are able in these tough times, please donate here.

You want the best for your kids, and so do we. Please join us in the fight to protect our kids by empowering parents through passage of the Parental Rights Amendment! Sincerely, Michael Ramey Director of Communications & Research

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