Highest Penetration in the Market Mobile Screening Solution
6 Color Imaging

Real-Time Diagnostics

The XIS-Minivan featuring tunnel dimensions of 1010 x 1010 mm (39.8” x 39.8”) is the newest model in the XISSeries Mobile Screening product line. With an even smaller vehicle profile than the XIS-Van, the XIS-Minivan is the mobile screening solution suited for areas where space is limited, but the need for security is absolute. The XIS-Minivan features unmatched standards, including a high-powered 180 kV generator, Air Conditioning, Exterior Lighting, and Automatic Image Archiving. The XIS-Minivan requires minimal setup time and features a more compact vehicle with a large tunnel for diverse object screening at any locale.

Astrophysics has the best lead times in the industry. We offer immediate screening solutions with unparalleled order flexibility and customization. All XIS Systems are equipped with RealTime Diagnostics, a unique Astrophysics feature which allows users to monitor their machine health, thus greatly increasing the system lifespan. An exclusive Astrophysics standard feature, 6 Color Imaging enables operators to view screened objects in 6 colors, with each color correlating to a specific range of Atomic Z-Numbers. 6 Color Imaging enables operators to achieve optimal material identification and improve throughput with more effective screening technology.

Backed by a team of experts with more than 60 years of combined industry experience, Astrophysics manufactures and designs to the highest standards of excellence. With a focus on X-Ray Systems, the XIS Series features top-of-the-line software and hardware technology establishing Astrophysics as the leader in innovation and quality. Astrophysics is headquartered in the United States, but maintains multiple field offices worldwide for localized support. For your convenience, we also retain a dedicated Sales and Service team committed to providing a personalized and timely response 24/7.

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P/N 05-00-PB08-00 Rev.C

1 mR/hr (Leakage less than 0. 35 mm Standard 24 Visible Levels. 1 2 3 • 21481 Ferrero Parkway • City of Industry • California 91789 USA • • PH: 909-598-5488 • FX: 909-598-5546 • sales@astrophysicsinc. Due to continued product research and development.6 mm Horizontal. 60 HZ. Weight of the System may vary depending on customization. 10 Amp Max Health and Safety • Compliant with USFDA.60°C \ -4°F .com • P/N 05-00-PB08-00 Rev. 3. 1.8” x 39. price.000 Images) • Baggage Counter • Color and Black / White Imaging • Continuous Scanning • Continuous Zoom 2x to 32x • Density Alert • Edge-Enhancement Imaging • Exterior Lighting • Geometric Image Distortion Correction • High Penetration Function • Image Annotation • Image Review (100 Images) • Manual Archive • Material Discrimination • Multi-Tier Accessibility • Network Ready • Organic/Inorganic Imaging • Operator Chair • Operator Training Program • Picture Perfect • Power Generator • Print Image Capable • Real-Time Diagnostics • Real-Time Image Manipulation • Reverse Monochrome • Vertical Zoom Panning Environmental • Operating Temperature: • Storage Temperature: • Humidity: 0°C .40°C \ 32°F .5 mR/hr permitted by the Federal Standard). • Advanced Auto Image Archiving (100. Hydraulic Disc Brakes Input: Powered Conveyor Output: Gravity Driven Roller Technical • Sensitivity: • Spatial Resolution: • Penetration1: • Contrast Sensitivity: 40 AWG Typical. 38 AWG Standard 1. reserves the right to amend all technical specifications without prior notice.23 m/s (44 ft/min) in either direction 200 kgs (440 lbs) Evenly Distributed Load Custom Ford Econoline Cargo Van Automatic Transmission Power Steering. Chinese.7” x 105” 5500 kgs (12. 15 Amp Max 220VAC: 183-253 VAC. 24 bit/pixel Color • 6 Color Imaging • 9 Quadrant Zoom • Air Conditioning/Climate Control • Atomic Z-Number Measurement • Auto Image Archiving (50.140°F Up to 95% Non-Condensing Optional Features3 Electrical • Power Requirements: 110VAC: 96-132 VAC.0 Ghz. No Warm-Up Procedure Required Vertically Downward 2304 Channels in an L-Shaped Array Standard Features Computer • Processor: • Memory: • Storage: • Video Card: • Platform: • Backup: Intel Core II Duo. 50 Hz. Astrophysics Inc. Test Piece.5 m increment • Footmat • Intercom System • Local Language Support (Arabic.6 mm Vertical 37 mm Steel Typical.000 Images) • ASTM 10 Stepwedge/ASTM F0792-01E2 Test Case • Custom Dodge/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter • Custom Paint • Entry / Exit Roller Tables. Spanish. 1333 MHz 2 GB RAM at 800 MHz 160 GB HDD 256 MB Video Card. 0.104°F -20°C . Center for Devices and Radiation Health Standards for Cabinet X-Ray Systems (21-CFR 1020. French.C . 4096 Gray Level X-Ray Generator • Voltage: • Tube Current: • Cooling: • Duty Cycle: • Beam Direction: • Detector: 180 kV.astrophysicsinc.100 lbs) 0.com • www. and weight of XIS-Minivan.XIS-Minivan General Specifications • Tunnel Size: (W x H) • Dimensions: (L x W x H) • Weight2: • Conveyor Speed: • Conveyor Capacity: • Model: 1010 mm x 1010 mm 39. Optional Accessories may affect lead time. Operating at 165 kV 1.40). Dual Digital Display Windows XP Pro Uninterruptible Power Supply (20 min) Video • Display Type: • Display Resolution: Dual 24” LCD Color Monitors 1600 x 1200.8” 5900 mm x 2000 mm x 2700 mm 232” x 79.2 mA Sealed Di-Electric Oil Bath with Forced Air 100%. Please contact your Astrophysics Sales Representative for more information. and more) • Radiation Meter • Remote Workstation Extension • Screener Assist Threat Detection Software • Supervisor Workstation • Suspect Search Station • Threat Image Projection Software • Tropical Kit (Up to 50°C / 122°F Operation) Distributor Stamp As tested on Astrophysics Inc. • Typical Radiation leakage is less than 0.

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