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Campbell Rotary
An Occasional Newsletter May 17, 2011

Coming Events Saturday, Sunday, May Monday, June 13 Monday, June 20

21 & 22
May 21-25 Feeding the Next Week’s
“Boogie on the Homeless @ Final Board of
Bayou” Directors’ Meeting Speaker
Rotary International Convention in Emergency Tuesday, May 24:
New Orleans “Fresh, Hot Roasted
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Corn!!” and other
Consortium’s By tradition, Mike Anderson
delicious treats will President Chari will introduce
be served up by our will treat this John Hogan of
club at this year’s Sign up with Jerry year’s Board of TeenForce.
annual Spring street Cummings and Directors to a
fair in downtown join a most sumptuous dinner Bring a Friend!
Campbell. Sign up worthwhile (hint, hint!) and a
for a shift with Bill community service final meeting of
Ellington. The 2 day activity. It’s an his Presidential
event will require a hour you won’t Term.
host of volunteers. soon forget.
Join in--it’s fun!

Rotarians Share Careers with Students

! On Monday, May 16, Rotarians Ed Von Nordeck and Jerry Ross joined approximately two
dozen other local professionals at “Career Day” at John Muir Middle School in San Jose. Ed
showed the process of painting with water colors from the blank paper to a finished work of art, all
in forty minutes! Jerry shared two of the great motivations for many who enter the Insurance
business as well as stressing the importance of students getting their high school diplomas and
university degrees. The men each spoke to three different classes throughout the morning following
this year’s keynote speaker, Stanford Women's’ Basketball Coach, Tara VanDerveer. 1
Upcoming Speakers

5/17/11 Eric Andrew, Superintendent of Campbell Union School District Janine Payton
5/24/11 John Hogan, TeenForce Mike Anderson
5/31/11 Harry Mavrogenes, Exec. Director, San Jose Redevelopment Agency Bill Highley
6/7/11 Marilyn Priel, Producer/Director/Host, Weekly Cable TV, “The Better Part” Bill Highley
6/14/11 TBD, National Hispanic University
6/21/11 Amy Sigbia, Graduate of SCU New Entrepreneurial Program Jerry Cummings
6/28/11 Ted Ko, Renewable Energy & Economics Stimulus Act Neil Reid
7/5/11 Kathleen Costa, Starlight Community Services, “Momentum for Mental Health Bill Highley
7/19/11 Oskar Thurnher, SC Valley Emergency Services History Dave Crowley
7/26/11 Robert Pence, President, International WWII War Brides Association TBD
8/2/11 Tiago Moules, Silicon Valley/SJ Business Journal Sharon D’Amico
8/16/11 DR. SUE’S CHOICE
8/23/11 Teen Challenge Kit Whitney
8/30/11 Ted Atlas, Author, “The History of Candlestick Park
9/13/11 Gary Marshall, Guide Dog Training Mary Beth Seratt
9/20/11 Lynnea Hagen, Leadership Coach
9/27/11 DR. SUE’S CHOICE

Thoughts from Maxine

Club Roster

Business #
Home/cell #
Mike Anderson (Nancy)! Safeguard Bus. Syst.! 408-938-4204! 408-972-1184!
Paul Bacosa (Mary Lou)! Retired! 408-773-8233! 408-480-6235!
Jason Baker (Mairead)! Audet & Partners, LLP! 415-568-2555! 408-839-6669!
Marv Bamburg (Bonnie)! MBA Architects! 408-297-0288 ! 408-375-8103!
Adam Beck! Beckʼs Shoes! 408-559-1601! 408-464-0286!
Marj Bonsall (Gary)! Foot Solutions! 408-376-0495! 408-218-5210!
Barbara Brann (Mitchell)! Bank of the West! 408-998-6549! !
James Burgard (Helen)! Environetics! 408-727-4274! 408-313-9696!
Patrick Calhoun! Attorney-General Law! 408-279-2288! 408-729-8260!!
Ravi Chari (Meera)! Oracle! 408-341-6618! 408-375-4293!
Kay Chleboun! BBB! 408-278-7420! 408-396-7420!!
Frank Cliff! ! 415-494-2826
Dave Crowley (Carolyn)! Pacific News Bureau! 408-997-0819! !
Jerry Cummings (Patty)! Robinson Oil Corp.! 408-517-4333! 408-639-3172!
Sharon DʼAmico! BBB! 408-278-7440! 408-255-8741!!
Debbie Davis! Property Management! ! 408-691-6903!
Rick Davis (Doris)! ! 408-209-4091! !
Bill Ellington (Pat)! Devco Inc.! 408-288-6928! 408-629-6794!
James Evertts! Trust Admin Atty.! 408-292-1692! 408-578-2576!
Derek Fujikawa (Mari)! CPA! 408-260-7977! 408-832-4519!
Dick Garland (Pat)! Casualty Insurance! 408-268-7874! 408-307-2762!!
Warren Gilbert (Terttu)! Architecture! 831-722-6770! 831-722-2668!
Ann Height! Banking! 408-248-8824! 408-345-1553!
Bill Highley (Emilie)! ! 408-892-0205! 408-892-0205!
Del Hocker! Business Retired! ! 408-921-0069!
David Keller (Karen)! ! 408-373-7702! !
Sue Klear (Robert)! Klear Your Mind! 408-249-3270! 408-307-9033 !
Ruth Kohan! SJ Public Library! 408-996-1536! 408-768-4226!
Bettina Kohlbrenner (Carmelo)EMQFamiliesFirst! 408-364-4051! 408-623-4886!
William Mahan (Sherri)! Attorney! 408-371-4211! !
Fred Meyer (Alice)! ! 408-268-4712! !
Carl Middione (Helen)! The Property Network! 408-374-9500! 408-377-1040!
Jim Morelan (Milly)! Architect! 408-247-3322! 408-464-4436!
Jim Neal! Real Estate! 408-370-1020! 408-313-7973!!
Phil Nielsen (Linda)! Attorney! 408-294-9700! 408-252-8284!
Rex Osborn (Gerri)! ! 408-268-2246! !
Janine Payton (Don)! Moreland Ed. Found.! 408-378-3493! !
Neil Reid! Wells Fargo Mort.! 408-335-2533! 408-391-6244!
Perry Ropp ! Farmers Insurance! 408-377-8686! 408-693-5775!!
Jerry Ross (Judy)! WG Insurance Comp.! 408-369-9090! 408-408-687-5542!!
Steve Salmon! Real Estate Investor! 415-601-0797! !
Jerry Scott (Jo-Ann)! Probate Referee! 408-295-5468! 408-266-7909!
Mary Beth Seratt! Business Consultant! ! 408-368-1938!!
John Shannon (Pamela)! ! 408-204-2604! 408-294-8050!
Alan Tanenbaum (Georgette)! 408-358-3160! !
David Tripp ! Jeweler! 408-296-0808! 408-655-4350!!
Ed Von Nordeck! Artist! ! 408-267-0780!!
Marc Wagner (Cindy)! CPA! 408-283-9631! 408-666-1719!
Kit Whitney (Robb)! ! 408-515-3441! !
Kathy Williamson! C.L. Lott & Assoc.! 408-264-5680! 408-832-3307!
Bob Yager (Marion)! Financial Advisor! 408-978-2214! 408-867-9747!
Chris Young! Petrinovich Pugh & Co.! ! 408-287-7911!!
Club Board Members 2010-2011
President: Ravi Chari Secretary: Steve Salmon Treasurer: Marc Wagner
President-elect: Susan Klear Membership: Carl Middione TRF: Bill Highley Public Relations: Dave Crowley
Club Service: Kit Whitney International Service:Bill Mahan Community Service: John Shannon
Fundraising: Bill Ellington New Generations: Janine Payton Past President: Rick Davis
Vocational Service: Sue Klear Programs: Jerry Cummings Socials: Marj Bonsall Future Vision: Bill Mahan

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