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Copyright 2010 by Stephanie Wells

All rights reserved.
Published in the United States by Potter Craft,
an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a
division of Random House, Inc., New York.
POTTER CRAFT and colophon is a registered
trademark of Random House, Inc.

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Wells, Stephanie A.
The earring style book : making designer
earrings, capturing celebrity style, and getting
the look for less / Stephanie A. Wells.
p. cm.
Includes index.
ISBN 978-0-307-46393-7
1. Jewelry making. 2. Earrings. I. Title.
TT212.W42 2010

Printed in China
Design by La Tricia Watford
Photography by Marcus Tullis
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Parry/CPi Syndication. Page 141: clockwise
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First Edition


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Singer Alicia Keys wears the Laurel earrings (page 68)..

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love to wear earrings. They are usually the first thing

I think about while getting dressed, even though they
are the last thing I put on. Earrings are my personal
billboard: They project to the world a message
about who I am and what Im feeling. If I wear my big, funky,
curvy Osiris earrings, I am saying, I am feeling fun, edgy,
and confidentso watch out! If I have to attend a business
meetingand am feeling classicI might wear my smaller,
more conservative Judy earrings. Translation: I am taking
this meeting seriously. Maybe I want some attention from my
husband, or I am just feeling prettyI will put on my dangly,
boho-chic Gisele earrings and strut through my day.
I wear my earrings everywhereto work, to yoga class, on
shopping trips, and during nights out on the town. All by themselves, earrings can create a look that speaks volumes. Jeans
and a simple white tank become a fabulous outfit when they are
topped off with a standout pair of earrings. A simple black dress
and classy chignon ooze excitement and sex appeal when worn
with dramatic, sparkly earrings. Why? Earrings make statements. They are worn close to your eyes, and they get noticed.
They usually have sparkle and move or swing when you walk.
For all these reasons (and many more), they call attention to
themselvesand to you.
With clothing and accessories, society dictates certain norms:
A business meeting means studs, while a night out means hoops.
Before you know it, your personal billboard is on default mode
and you are reaching for the same old accessories. Where is the
fun in that? And where is that extra burst of empowerment you
get from wearing something new and exciting that just makes
you feel great? While your classics will never go out of style, if
you wear them every day, you stop noticing them, and so does
everybody else.
Celebrities are good role models when it comes to keeping
their styles fresh and exciting. They have to befor them,
projecting a glamorous lifestyle is their job. Whether they are

walking the red carpet, on a shopping spree, or at the beach,

they are always using fashion to say something to the world.
Their of-the-moment looks seem to effortlessly project confidence and make them feel desired, strong, and sexy.
Yet, the truth is, celebrities dont look that fabulous on their
own. They have a slew of makeup artists, hairstylists, and clothing experts working together to create the looks we all love.
And the resources these celebrities have are unbelievable. I
recall meeting a well-known celebrity stylist to go over jewelry
she needed for a famous client. I marveled at the vast quantities of clothing and shoes around her office. There were racks of
designer clothing, bins of high-end shoes, and, of course, boxes
and boxes of earrings. Can you imagine having these options at
your fingertips? No wonder celebrities make a statement with
every look.
In the ten years since Double Happiness Jewelrys founding, I
have learned how celebrities and their stylists work. It has been
a crazy, interesting journey, from the companys humble beginning in my garage to todays worldwide distribution at more than
four hundred stores; monthly features in major magazines such
as Elle, In Style, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and
Lucky; and, of course, happy celebrity clients, such as Oprah
Winfrey, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, Tyra Banks, Britney
Spears, Rachael Ray, and Beyonc, to name a few.
The Earring Style Book teaches you how to create the same
earring designs that you have seen featured in fashion magazines and worn by your favorite celebrities, so that you can make
your own fashion statementno stylist required. Whether youre
drawn to Everyday Chic or Rock and Roll, feel like a Bohemian
Beauty or a Glamour Girl, youre sure to find the earrings to help
you shout your message to the world. I think every woman has
a bit of each style within her. I know I do. From the intricate
Lourdes earrings to the elegantly simple Marra, The Earring
Style Book offers you tons of DIY options that will revolutionize
and revive any outfit.


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The simplicity of this designa subtle

hint of movement, and a bit of chain held
together by some gorgeous stonesmakes
the Betty earrings perfect for all occasions.
The pendulum sway of the earrings brings
attention to the stones, to your eyes, and to
your bodys movements. You are guaranteed
to feel a swing in your step when wearing
these earrings.

TJ68-4-2010 IMUS 7/CRA0225 Earring Style Book W:8.625"XH:8.625" 175L EX 128 G/A Magenta (V)


the earring style book

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510 minutes per pair


To create a center bar support, begin a single

wrapped loop at 1 end of the 4" (10cm) piece of
22-gauge wire, but before closing the loop, insert
the end link of the chain onto the wire loop. Wrap
to close. With wire cutters, trim the excess wire. (a)

Slide 3 beads onto the open end of the center bar

support. (b)

To close the bar support, repeat the process used

in step 1: Begin a single wrapped loop on the open
end of the bar support, but before closing the loop,
insert the other end link of chain onto the loop.
Wrap to close. With wire cutters, trim the excess
wire. (c)

2" x 1" (5cm x 2.5cm)

With chain-nose pliers, attach an ear wire in the

center of the chain at link 18.

TO PREP (for 1 earring)

Repeat steps 14 to make the second earring.

round-nose pliers
2 pairs of chain-nose pliers
wire cutters

8" (20.5cm) of 22-gauge gold-filled wire
71 links (about 7" [18cm]) of gold-filled
dainty chain
six 10mm faceted blue chalcedony
1 pair of gold-filled ear wires

finished size

TJ68-4-2010 IMUS 7/CRA0225 Earring Style Book W:8.625"XH:8.625" 175L EX 128 G/A Magenta (V)


single wrapped loop (page 33)

Cut one 4" (10cm) piece of 22-gauge wire.

Cut one 35-link piece of chain.






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