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* tm (toggle menu): This removes all the extras shown on the screen, such as

your crosshair, and the health/magicka/fatigue meters, your current weapon and
spell, etc.
o Note: the windows cursor can still show up in screenshots when the m
enu is toggled off, even though you can not see it on the screen. You can preven
t this from happening while you are in console mode. If you move your mouse at t
his point, you will see the windows cursor: move it to the far right or bottom o
f the screen so it is not visible. Proceed to enter tm, leave console mode, and
take your screenshot.
* tfc (toggle freeflying camera): This allows you full control over the posi
tion of the camera. Now the w/s/a/d keys will move the camera; your character do
es not move. If you want to take pictures of your character, you probably want t
o be in third-person view (otherwise all you will see of your character are your
o Note: When the freeflying camera is toggled on whilst loading a new
game, the game remembers the last camera position instead of centering it on you
r newly loaded character. This can be used to an advantage in scenes where timin
g is critical. First set up your camera position, and then load a savegame from
right before the scene you want to capture starts.
* tgm (toggle god mode): If you are taking screenshots of enemies, this give
s you much more time to take a shot without worrying about your character dying
while you're doing it. If you in addition add a powerful light spell (i.e., in O
blivion addspell A9829 to add the Daylight spell), you can then cast the spell n
o matter what your character's available magicka or skill mastery levels are.
* fw 38eee (force weather clear): If you are taking an outside screenshot, c
hange the weather to be a bright, sunny day, thus providing the best possible li
ghting conditions.
* tai (toggle AI): Completely freezes the selected character. Use this if yo
ur target is a very active character (i.e. it moves around a lot) and you want t
o position your camera in a right position (e.g. to get good lighting).
o Make sure you have the character selected in the console by clicking
on them. Toggling all AI does not give such good results.
o Note: When in position, quickly toggle AI on, close console, open an
d toggle AI off again. This will usually give the target character the time to l
ook you in the eyes (i.e. camera), providing opportunity for a better portrait.
* tdetect (toggle AI detection): This will prevent other characters from det
ecting you by sight or hearing. This is useful in cases where there are enemies
around and you don't want them to start chasing after you. Characters will still
detect you if you activate them.
* moveto 14 (move to player): Use this to teleport the selected character (o
r any other object) to your current position. This will allow you to easily plac
e objects where you want to. 14 is the player's FormID.
o Note: Characters who's AI has been disabled with tai will not telepo
rt until their AI has been toggled on again.
* disable: This will disable the selected object, technically removing it fr
om the game (but it can still be re-enabled with enable). This command is very u
seful to get rid of undesired objects (especially characters) in your camera vie