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Women (Venus Stele of Hammurabi, from

The Ziggurat at Ur.

of Willendorf) Susa.(modern Shush, Iran
Modern Muqaivir, Iraq.

It imposed order on
The people at that time Wall painting found Babylon where chao
assumed the Cracers in a cave with bird, existed. It contains
The Ziggurat is one of the
Ideal would bring out headed man, byson, descions made durin
few restored and
the beauty of a woman. and rhino. the 40 years of reign
preserved Summerian

25,000-20, 000 BCE 15,000-13,000 BCE 2,100 BCE 1,760 BCE

2,750-1500 BCE 2,600 BCE 2,300-2,200 BCE

Stonehenge, Royal Standard Head of an Akkadian Man

Salisbury Plain, of Ur. from Nineveh.
Wiltsbire Front war and
England. back peace.
The sculpture
made out of
Copper Alloy,
The design is not bigger than a normal
an Iraqi Museu
Stonehenge sheet of paper. It's use is still a mystery to
Many believe it
connects the site historians, some say it was used as a pillow
to be the
being the or a headrest.
likeness of
movement of the Sargon I.
tele of Hammurabi, from
usa.(modern Shush, Iran)

A Woman Scorned from

the Epic of Gilgamesh.


It imposed order on
Babylon where chaos This statue maybe Young
existed. It contains Kroisos, from the Cemetery at
descions made during Anavyosos, near Athens. Made
the 40 years of reign. out of marble. It stands at 6' 4".

1,760 BCE 1,200 BCE 525 BCE

1,335-1,327 BCE 660 BCE

Akkadian Man Inner Coffin of King Memtuemhet, from

Nineveh. Tutankamun's Karnak, Thebes.

Made out
of Granite
in the
Made out
of Granite
in the

The sculpture is
made out of
Mentumehat was the
Copper Alloy, in
greatest official of the 25th
an Iraqi Museum. Made of Gold, inlaid with glass
Dynasty. He served as
Many believe it is and stones. The King's body
Governor of Thebes, 4th
to be the was inside a coffin. Gold worth
likeness of of 1.5 million.
Sargon I.
tess from a
Palace at
Figurine of a woman Knossos.
from Cyclades

This idol encompasses the art of ancient

civilization, which flourished the islands of This sculpture is made from a
the Aegean Sea. The best known forms of art earthware ceramic called
are the marble idols. Faience.

2,500 BCE 1,500 BCE

450-440 BCE 1,623 BCE 1,450-1,375 BCE

Doryphoro Miniture Ship Fresco Bull Leaping

s from room 5. (Toreador
The lost
have been The dark patches of
made the fresco are orginal
around and the lighter
this time. patches are modern
The Temple of Hera I
Snake Head of a Man
Goddess/Pries (Lucius Junius
tess from a Sarcophagus, from
Palace at Cerveteri, Italy.

Made out of Bronze. The

eyes look slightly up and
culpture is made from a One of the two best preserved Sarcophagus of a past the viewer and his
hware ceramic called Greek temples can be found married couple from brow shows his authority.
Faience. in Italy. Cerveteri.

1,500 BCE 560 BCE 520 BCE 300 BCE

1,450-1,375 BCE 1,300 BCE 500-430 BCE 315 BCE

Bull Leaping The Lion Gate She-Wolf Arch of

(Toreador Constantine,
Fresco) Rome.
Limestone relief. The lions are The two suckling
carved in traingle of stone charachters represent
that gives you the doorway Romulus and Remus.
lintel. There were orginally The style Bronze
heads but they were never became a symbol of
found. Rome.
The Good Shepherd.
Head of a Man Aerial view of the
Lucius Junius Coliseum in Rome,
Brutus) Italy.

ronze. The
htly up and The Opening The legs of the figure
er and his peformance at the have been rebuilt. Free
s authority. coliseum in 80 CE standing sculptures are
last 100 days. rare in christian period.

300 CE

315 BCE 320-327 CE

Arch of Ara Pacis Augustae, Reconstruction

Constantine, detail of Imperial drawing and plan
Rome. Procession. of old St. Peters.
Large seated Buddha
Ambulatory vault mosaic, Purse cover from
with standing
Church of Santa Costanza Sutton Hoo burial ship.

The figures at the top There was Gold with

are in the center of the Sometimes served Indian garments and
volute. Constantine's as retreats to cloisonne enamels,
daughter is up there. Buddhist Monks. which was on ivory.

350 CE 460-470 CE 625 CE

532-537 CE

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Bishop Eadfrit

carpet page
From the Gosp
se cover from Abbey Church of
Hoo burial ship. Sainte-Foy, Conques

Casket with
scenes of
courtley love.

There was Gold with

ndian garments and
cloisonne enamels, Was second church
which was on ivory. on the route.

625 CE 1,050-1,120 CE 1,180 CE

698 CE 1,150-1,200 CE

Bishop Eadfrith, Facsimille of

carpet page. Page with
From the Gospel. Hildegard's

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