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Facts & Figures for May 15, 2011

The Stillwater Christian

Nonprofit Organization
Attendance (132 and 146)...................................133

Sunday School………………....………..…...…143 Volume 2011 May 17

Permit No. 280

Stillwater, OK
General Fund Receipts……......................$6,541.00
Capital Fund Receipts...............................$1,203.00 In This Issue Meet Our New FCC Members!
Loose Offering/Sunday School…....…...….$631.44 1 Garrett Hines (age 9), son of Gary and Janet Hines, has participated in our musicals,
New Members
Non-Budget Funds Receipts…..….….......$6,500.10 regularly attends Sunday School, Children‟s Worship and Wonder, JYF, and will be
2011 Facts & Figures as of March 31, 2011 Care and Feeding of 2
a Candle going to Dry Gulch for the second year. Garrett is fun loving and full of energy.
YTD Budget Receipts……......…….....$133,035.09
YTD Budget Expenses…….....…….....$132,216.83 Children and Youth 3
Ruby Quinn (age 9), is the daughter of Jane Talkington and the granddaughter of Don
Net Receipts over Expenses……........……$818.26 and Pat Jackson. Ruby regularly attends WNF, has participated in our musicals and has
Volunteers Needed! 3
Presented by Kay Smith, Treasurer, gone to Dry Gulch. Ruby has a beautiful smile and a sweet spirit. Facts & Figures 4 Abby Traylor (age 9), is the daughter of Ed and April Traylor and the granddaughter
of Bill and Mary McFarlin. Abby has participated in our musicals since she was old enough to walk,
attends Sunday School and LOVES Dry Gulch. Abby generally has a smile on her face and loves being a
FCC sister to Olivia, Isaiah and baby Margaret.
Official Board Sydney Johnson (age 9), is the daughter of Mark and Brenda Johnson. She has participated in several of
Meeting our musicals. Sydney competes with the Youth Fitness Zone gymnastics team. Sydney is very sweet and
May 26th has amazing tumbling skills.
At 7:00pm Catherine Dermer (age 9), daughter of Rick and Susan Dermer, attends Sunday School and WNF. She
loves to hang out and laugh with her friends. Catherine also looks up to her older sister, Stephanie.
See you there!
Ethan Ley (age 10), son of Tyler and Jessica Ley, attends Sunday School, Worship and Wonder and
will attend Dry Gulch again this year. Ethan is a joy and always has something positive to say.
Do you have email? Switch to the email Stephanie Dermer (age 16), is a Sophomore at Stillwater High School. She regularly attends Sunday
version of the newsletter! School and Connect Bible. Stephanie is extremely athletic and is a member of the SHS Volleyball
More timely delivery (get it by team. She loves hanging out with her friends and invites them to church. She is often seen watching out
Wednesday!) for her little sister, Catherine.
In color Michael Schaecher (age 10), son of Ken and Michelle Schaecher, attends Sunday School, Children‟s
Saves the church money Worship and Wonder, JYF, and Dry Gulch. He has been the lead character in several children‟s musi-
cals. He loves music and singing. He also enjoys spending time with his family.
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Saves paper

Just let the office know you’d like to make Sarah Bales (age 16), daughter of Jeff and Sarah Bales, is a Sophomore at SHS. She attends Wednesday
the switch and we’ll take care of it! lunch, Sunday School and Connect Bible, and will attend Mission Camp. Sarah is a member of the SHS
Stillwater, OK 74075-7517

marching band. She is intelligent, and sweet, and is a welcome addition to our FCC youth group.
Of Stillwater, OK, Inc.
411 W. Mathews Ave.

The Stillwater Christian is a weekly publication of Lauren Mires (age 7), is the daughter of Josh and Diana Mires. She attends Worship and Wonder and
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). had perfect attendance in Pastors class. She is smart, inquisitive and typically wears a smile on her face.
The deadline for articles each week is 1pm Monday. Lauren fills the room with joy just by her presence.
Tracy Freeman, Editor Ashley Mires (age 9), is also the daughter of Josh and Diana Mires. She attends Worship and Wonder
Church Office Phone: 405.372.7722 and Pastor‟s classes. She seems quiet, but is quick with answers and participating. Ashley has a sweet
Fax: 405.372.7726 and gentle spirit and is a joy to be around.
Find The Stillwater Christian and more information Jeff and Patty Bales have been married for 21 years. Jeff grew up in the Stillwater and Patty grew up in
at Tulsa. They work together at Burk Oil Company.
Send prayer requests and general email to Join us this Sunday for Senior Sunday
Traditional 9:00am · Sunday School 10:10 · Contemporary 11:10
The Care and Feeding of A Candle CHILDREN & YOUTH MINISTRY NEWS
Owen Cayton, Senior Minister Sondra Ladd, Children/Youth Ministry Director

I had a wonderful experience (two actually) during the Prayer Vigil on Good Friday and Holy Senior Sunday is This Sunday!
Saturday this year. I signed up to pray with each of my sons for a half hour. Each half hour was Our FCC Stillwater High School graduating Seniors will be honored this Sunday
meaningful time spent praying, singing, observing, reading, responding in words and pictures, and during both worship services. 2011 graduating Seniors include: Josh Allen, Emma
each half hour was unique. Gade, Courtney Lawlor, Josh Snyder, Kellie Rong, and Austin Mitchell. Please plan
I have found, not only with my children, but with other children as well, that they are incredi- to attend a worship service in honor of these outstanding young people and join us in
bly insightful about matters of faith and prayer. They make observations and hear things in the sto- the celebration of their accomplishments.
ries that we adults overlook; I think partly because they are immersed in worlds of stories as a part
of their learning in a way that we adults are no longer, and at least partly because they have not yet Chi Rho and CYF Weekend Planned for June 10-11th!
been told in some way that there are „off limits‟ kinds of questions. Sometimes those questions and Guys will be camping, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. Girls will be bonding over a host
observations get at the crux of the scriptures, moments in worship, and even what is different about of fun/pampering activities. Cost is $10 per person. Parents are invited to attend, but attendance
the space around them. is not required. Money is due Sunday, June 5th. For more details contact Rick or Sondra.
I remember my mother sharing Prayer Vigil time with me when I was growing up. That was
the impetus for inviting Toviel to share in that time of prayer. I was concerned about Mattai being
a little too young for a half hour, but the impetus for sharing the time of prayer with him was that
he was going to do what his brother did – and I am glad he didn‟t let me get away with just praying
with Toviel! Not only did he make it through the half hour, but he was engaged with me in prayer.
It occurs to me that part of helping our children develop in faith is doing faith with them. Faith
is, at its core, a shared experience. It is something that is taught and learned – and I don‟t mean that Summer Mowing Schedule Is Available
We need volunteers to mow on Fridays or Saturdays VOLUNTEERS
we adults always do the teaching either. At the same time, children learn from us what is important
to us. They learn by mimicking and by practicing (we often talk about „practicing our faith‟). They this summer. The tools, equipment, and fuel, are all NEEDED!
learn by observing what we do. I find it interesting, sometimes terrifying, but most often rewarding provided at the church. We just need volunteers to do
to see my own parents in my words and actions – even the way I stand! The same, I am sure, will the labor. In the office is a sign up sheet along with detailed instructions on what to do. You
be said of my children. may come in and sign up, or call the office and we‟ll put your name down for you. If you have
People have asked me before how to help their children grow in faith. I must admit that I am any questions, please call Ron Beer or John Leonard. Thank you FCC family!
not an expert, and much of what I do is hit and miss. However, a good starting point is examining M3 Needs Cookies!
the answer to the question, “What do they see from you?” Do they see you reading the Bible? Do The Mission to Matamoros Mexico and Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries in Los Fresnos,
you read it with them? Do they see you praying? Do you pray with them? Do you listen to their TX will depart on May 28th for our week of working and serving. The team takes their lunches
observations? Do you ask them questions and allow them to ask you questions? In short, is faith a to the worksite daily. Each lunch can be finished off with homemade cookies from you. Please
shared experience between you and your children? bring your offering, I mean cookies, to the kitchen by May 26, prepackaged in zip lock bags
As you are sharing your faith with your children, (or other children in the church – we all have with two or three cookies. Note on your container “MMM.” Many thanks for your support of
this responsibility as a community of faith!) remember that you do not have all the answers, and an
our mission work; it is a mission of all of us at FCC. If you have questions, call Nancy Trench
appropriate response to a child‟s question can be “I don‟t know. What do you think about that?”
Then you can share your own observations and questions. at 405-269-3026 or Thanks, Nancy
They will undoubtedly grow to have a faith somewhat different from your own, but that is part Mission Camp Planning Meeting - June 26th
of the shared experience of faith. We all bring something to the table! Mission Camp (July 25-30th) will be here before we know it! 300 participants are currently regis-
Shalom, Pastor Owen tered to attend. ALL VOLUNTEERS are encouraged to attend a planning meeting, Sunday, June
26th immediately following the Contemporary Service. The meeting will be held in Williams
Thank you to everyone for your support, cards, meals, and care Hall. There is some way that every member of our church can be involved with this amazing
after my recent surgery. I appreciate all of it. Sincerely, Hugh Brown event. PLEASE plan to attend this brief information meeting to find out where YOU want to help.