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arc flash & shock hazards

herzig engineering is a nationally licensed
electrical engineering firm. by focusing on
the latest codes and regulations, we provide
our clients with engineering and
administrative solutions to protect workers
from the hazards of electrical energy.

our experienced professional engineers

provide accurate and efficient services to
clients. we aim to understand our client’s
needs and implement safety systems that are
clear and direct. our training and labeling
allow each worker to understand his/her
responsibility and risk when encountering
electrical equipment. “While OSHA and NFPA 70E
dictate the rules and
we offer leading experience in Arc Flash
Hazard Analysis and Training. This is our
regulations for what we do,
specialty and has been since our inception our company believes that
in 2000. Clients rely on our thorough and electrical safety is much
professional analyses to meet OSHA more than legislation and
regulations and to provide an electrically
safe workplace. rulebooks. Through education
and accountability, every
worker can and will be safe.”

Bob Herzig P.E.

founder and president
Herzig Engineering
Over 800 Analyses Completed.
Nationally Licensed.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

our team performs a detailed onsite assessment
of the electrical system, completes an engineering
analysis, and returns information needed by
clients to adhere to NFPA 70E and OSHA.

Electrical Safety Training

a specialist trains effected employees to
understand their risks and responsibilities.

Our process is customizable

to meet the needs of our clients

The Process
collection of data
-available one line diagrams
-conductor sizes and lengths
-distribution equipment ratings and types
-overcurrent protection devices
-transformer ratings and impedances
-incoming energy levels to plant

engineering analysis

-integration of collected data
-calculations by engineering analysis program
-diagramming of electrical distribution
-cross review of electrical system

labels & reports
-labels per ANSI Z535.4 specifications
(several material options offered)
-one line diagrams
-ppe requirements
-fault analysis and arc flash reports

Qualified Persons Only
Arc Flash and Shock Hazards

Appropriate PPE Required
46 Inch Arc Flash Protection Boundary

-NFPA 70E, NEC, and OSHA requirements

5.5 cal/cm^2 AF Incident Energy @ Working Distance: 18 Inch
Recommended (minimum) PPE:

FR (meet or exceed calculated Incident Energy) LS Shirt & Pants

for Electrical Safety (or coverall), Balaclava, Hardhat + Arc Rated Face Shield
w/ wraparound guard (or flash suit hood), Safety Glasses, Hearing
Protection, Voltage-Rated Electrical Gloves with leather protectors,

-personal protective equipment (ppe)

Heavy-duty Leather work shoes.

480 VAC Shock Hazard

-hazard risk categories (HRC)

00 Glove Class
42 Inch Limited Approach
12 Inch Restricted Approach Job# 2009-00-00-00-BHA
1 Inch Prohibited Approach Prepared 08/28/09

-safe approach boundaries Location: T-1 XFRM DISC

-electrically safe work condition (eswc)

-qualified vs. unqualified

with proper training,

every employee will understand
their risks and responsibilities
are you compliant
with osha’s codes
and regulations?

herzig engineering can answer your

questions. contact us today for a
free quote form or to speak with
a representative.

phone: (816) 734-8300

fax: (816) 734-8493

11108 n. oak trafficway, suite 104

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