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16 19 May / Mei 2011 Properties


Tel/ Faks: 013 235 2622 / Eleen Nel: 082 896 3908 THE best way to avoid frost damage to thrives in other local gardens. Often times a the loss of heat rising from the foliage and the
Dries: 082 462 7723 / Buhrmanstr 32, Lydenburg your plants is to grow plants that can plant will survive frost on the foliage, but the ground. Remove the covers in the morning,
BESOEK ONS KANTORE VIR DIE BESTE DIENS EN ADVIES. withstand the frost. The term 'frost hardy' same frost would kill any flower buds which once the frost has thawed, to let the light and
is often misleading because of the have emerged so in areas where late spring fresh air back in, and to prevent overheating
• Goeie kopie, trek net in: Baie netjiese frosts may occur, you should choose varieties
siersteen woning met 4 slk, 2 badk, degrees of frost (i.e. light frost vs. hard by the sun. You can collect heat during the day
k i l l i n g f r o s t ) . of plants that bloom later. Cold air, being by painting plastic milk jugs black and filling
ruim sit/eetk/komb, oopplan
- R1,150 milj.; It is a good idea to ask a qualified local denser than warm air sinks, so low lying areas them with water. Place them around your
• 3 Slk Dupleks woning met ruim nurseryman what is suitable to grow in your of your garden can be several degrees colder plants where they will collect heat during the
woonarea/komb oopplan, 2 badk, 2 area. Even better, look around your own than other, higher spots. Consequently frost day. Water loses heat more slowly than either
mot, omhein - R1,250 milj.; neighborhood, and see what survives and may occur in these areas when there is no soil or air. This collected heat will radiate out
• 3 Slk woning, goeie ligging, 2 badk, frost evident anywhere else in the garden. throughout the night. Potted plants are
ruim sit/eetk, 2 mot, wask, naby skole Plant your more tender plant species on particularly susceptible to frosts because their
- R1,3 milj.; higher ground or on slopes where the cold air roots are also unprotected. If you are unable
• 3 Slk meenthuise, 2 badk, 2 mot, will flow past the plants as it moves to the low to move your container plants indoors or
oopplan sit/eetk/komb, aparte point. Any sloping area is far less prone to under cover remember to also wrap them.
opwas/wask, braai frost, because the cold air can't settle there as
- R890 000 elk; easily. Precondition your plants to withstand If your efforts were too late, or too little to
• Baie netjiese 3 slk outydse woning met VIR ALLE EIENDOMSBEHOEFTES - cold temperatures by discontinuing fertilizing protect your plants from a frost, resist the urge
oregan vloere en deels staal plafonne. TE KOOP, VERKOOP OF VERHURINGS in early April, so that no new foliage is on the to cut off the damaged parts of the plants. To a
1 Nuut oorgedoende badk, komb met plant when the cold temperatures arrive. certain extent, these dead leaves and stems
nuwe kaste en stoof, wask, mot, Verkope: Werner: 082 776 9347 Older leaves are much tougher and more will provide limited insulation from further frost
palisade - R990 000 Minnaar: 082 775 6370 capable of surviving a frost.
• Verskeie plase, erwe en plotte d a m a g e l a t e r o n .
Verhurings - Ina: 082 775 6369 When the inevitable occurs and a frost is You will have to go back and re- prune your
beskikbaar expected, there are several things which you
013 235 4890 plants in spring anyway.
SOEK DRINGEND EIENDOM OM E-pos: should do to protect your plants. Water the
TE VERKOOP OF TE VERHUUR. garden thoroughly before nightfall. The soil Source:
will release moisture into the air around your
plants during the night, keeping the air
somewhat warmer. Cover up before dusk! By
the time it gets dark much of the stored heat in
the garden has already been lost. If you have
time, build a simple frame around the plant, or
row of plants. (Even a single stake can be
used in many cases.) Then drape a cover of
Lydenburg: 013 235 2653 newspaper, cardboard, plastic tarps, bed
sheeting or any other lightweight material over
h/v Viljoen- en Maasdorpstr’e, the frame to create a tent. If you don't have
time to create a frame, lay the protective cover
Versekeringsforum gebou, JUST MOVE IN... directly onto the plant. This will help to slow
Lydenburg. VERY NEAT AND


R1 130 000
180m² gebou
MANDAAT BEGINNER Jacques: Erf 1500m²
082 710 5603 Sonering - Besigheid 2
Prys: This lovely home consist of Lounge, Dining
R900 000 Room, Modern kitchen, 3 Bedrooms, 1 Genoeg plek vir woonstelle
Bathroom, Double garage, Well-established Mariëtta Esmé
Jacques: garden with irrigation system. Don’t miss
Heleen (VERHURINGS) Sentraal gelëe
out on this one! 082 492 8412 082 213 0380
013 235 1986
082 710 5603 Bemarking en verhuring van
Sitkamer, Eetkamer, Oop-plan eiendomme. Besoek ons webwerf Fanus - 083 454 1167
kombuis, 3 Slaapkamers, 2 STAND FOR SALE vir inligting
Gerhard - 082 895 8492
oor al ons eiendomme.
Badkamers, Dubbel motorhuis.
Kaggel Size: 1640 m²
Tel: (013) 235 2005
BOUPAKETTE Location: Town
• Erf grootte: 770m², Huis grootte: 336 m²
Prys: R1 500 000
Price: R360 000
• Erf grootte: 690m², Huis grootte: 228 m²
Prys: R1 400 000
Contact: This UPMARKET Bali Style home is
100% Lenings beskikbaar.
Erf ingesluit.
Geen hereregte betaalbaar.
Jacques 082 710 5603 situated in an eco friendly estate
which offers you everything you need
Ideaal vir beleggers. Goeie opbrengs op VERHURINGS: and much, much more. 4 Bedrooms,
belegging. Dringend opsoek na 4 Bathrooms, 4 Garages, Family room
etc. Price: R 4 500 000. Call Sonia
Kontak Jacques by 082 710 5603 vir meer
huurhuise. Ons het Jooste at 082 590 0905 for more info.
’n waglys van
083 922 0675

082 782 0570





HUUR- Kontak:
Agente / Stephanie - 083 922 0675
Agents Natasha - 082 782 0570 Ronel Sonia Jooste Wilma Viljoen
Breedt Verkoops Agent Verhurings Agent
083 262 2110 082 590 0905 082 921 9991

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