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Training Course 9th – 21st October 2011

“Road Safety in Asian & Latin American Countries:

Principles & Approaches”

In October 2011, the Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) of Hasselt University will organize the fourth
edition of its road safety training programme. This edition is entitled “Road Safety in Asian & Latin American
Countries: Principles & Approaches”. It is co-funded by the VLIR-UOS (Flemish InterUniversity Board-
University Development Cooperation).

The programme is built up in different steps which are important for improving road safety.
1/ The analysis of situations for a better diagnosis of the situation:
ƒ general introduction and sketch of the situation
ƒ the role of behaviour
ƒ data registration: conflict observation technique, theory and practice, with visual materials
2/ Measures and strategies to improve road safety:
ƒ education and sensitization
ƒ infrastructure and design of public space
3/ Group assignment: how to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice?

The participants are taught how to measure and assess road (un)safety and road situations in their own
country. Moreover, they will be supplied with possible solutions, specifically adapted to the needs of their
country. This group of people will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and competences in their own job
straight away.

Getting acquainted with experiences from other countries and good examples from Europe is undoubtedly a
benefit of this course. This way, they can determine more efficiently what measures can be effective for their
own country.

Target group:
The course is aimed at participants who prepare, carry out and follow up road safety initiatives in Asia &
Latin America. The decisions they take or the tasks they carry out, have a direct influence on the
improvement of road safety.
For example: civil servants of (local) authorities, policy makers, professionals of local and international
NGO's and other international organisations, ...

Tuition fee:
ƒ 1,250 euro for participants from developing countries / 2,500 euro for participants from developed
countries (included: excursions, course material, welcome reception, goodbye dinner, ...)
ƒ Participants can also apply for a scholarship, funded by VLIR-UOS. Apart from the tuition fee, also
transport, board and lodging will be included. 15 participants from the VLIR-UOS country list can get
a scholarship! (The full country list can be found on our website:
Deadline for scholarship application is 1st July 2011 !

Language: English

Registration or more information?

The programme and an application form can be downloaded from our website:
(¾ Education, ¾ Training Road Safety) or contact: Nadine Smeyers ( .