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Its time we change how research is done.

Mendeley is a cross-platform application (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone) that helps researchers manage and annotate their scientic paper collections. Researchers can also set up collaborative projects, work and discuss in groups, and share data on Mendeleys web platform. Mendeley users research paper collections are anonymously pooled on the web platform, creating a crowdsourced research database with a unique layer of social information each research paper is connected with socio-demographic information about its audience. This data is made available to the public via Mendeleys API, enabling research groups to build applications on top of it.

A wealth of knowledge
Mendeley is now being used by over 1.6 million researchers worldwide. Our research database currently contains more than 200 million documents, making Mendeley one of the world's largest crowd-sourced research databases.

Target Audience
Mendeley is designed to be used by: Researchers and scientists Ph.D., grad, and undergrad students Scholars and educators Information management professionals and librarians


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Plugg 2009 - Winner European Start-Up of the Year

TechCrunch Europe 2009 - Winner Best Social Innovation Which Benets Society

The Guardian Activate Summit - Winner Most likely to change the world for the better

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Key Features
Free to use, and interdisciplinary. Create your personal bibliographic database using Mendeleys automatic extraction of document details (author, title, journal, keywords, etc.) from PDFs, as well as automatic retrieval of additional information from CrossRef, PubMed, ArXiv, etc. Read, full-text search, annotate, and highlight your PDF research papers in Mendeley's integrated PDF viewer. Synchronize your bibliographic database across multiple machines, share it with colleagues, manage it online, or embed bibliographies on blogs and websites. Quickly cite your papers in Microsoft Word or OpenOfce Writer and create bibliographies with a single click. Capture citations from websites using Mendeley's cross-browser Web Importer or via synchronization with CiteULike and Zotero. Create groups to share and collaboratively tag and annotate research papers with colleagues, and share reading lists. Access your papers on the y via Mendeleys iPhone app and soon-to-come iPad app. Readership statistics about papers, authors, and publication outlets in every academic discipline, and statistics about your own article library and impact. Create a professional research prole on Mendeley Web to share your latest publications, awards, and upcoming conference travels.

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Use Mendeley as a free & exible reference management tool

Using the automatic metadata extraction, various import lters (BibTeX, RIS, EndNote XML), or the Web Importer, you can easily set up your own library of scholarly articles and other academic resources. You can full-text search, read, tag, and annotate your papers and create citations using different citation styles. Keep your lab computers, home computers, laptops and mobile devices in sync with your private Mendeley Web account. You can also access and manage your resources from everywhere through a web browser or via Mendeleys iPhone app. In addition, you can discover interesting statistics about your article collection and the most read articles, authors, and publication outlets in your discipline.

Collaborate with colleagues or create public reading lists

Mendeley lets you and your colleagues create and maintain a common literature and references database for your research projects. Simply set up a group in Mendeley Desktop and add relevant sources by drag & drop. Group members will now have synchronized access to the les and will be able to search, tag, edit, and annotate them in Mendeley Desktop, so you can collaborate more productively. Your personal Mendeley newsfeed will then show you relevant updates. You can also set up reading lists of references quickly and easily and let others subscribe to them, and you can even embed parts of your library in other websites (e.g. at your university).

Discover the relevant papers & research statistics in your eld.

With just a few clicks you can set up a professional research prole on Mendeley Web. In Mendeley Desktop, just drag & drop the publications you have authored into the collection My Publications and they will automatically show up on your Mendeley Web prole. Discover statistics about the hottest papers, authors, and research topics, and soon also: How often are your papers downloaded? How many readers, in which academic disciplines and geographic regions? Of course, your privacy always remains protected: You have complete control over which information and data you share, and with whom.