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Tracy Myint

37 Wall St, Apt #19-F, New York, NY 10005

(646) 596-3991
Innovative and results driven Senior Developer with excellent technical, busines
s, and communications skills. Adept at building mission-critical, internet/intra
net solutions for a broad range of industries. Extensive qualifications in all p
hases of project life cycle from requirements analysis, concept design and imple
mentation to QA and user training. Specialist in Microsoft technologies, with ov
er 11 years of hands-on experience.
Languages / Object Models:
.NET Framework 3.5, .NET 2.0, .NET 1.1, C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), AJAX, AJAX.NET,
JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, VB.NET, VB 6.0, VBA, VBScript
Server Applications / Operating Systems / Utility Software:
Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server 2005 / 2000 / 7.0, SQL Server 2005 Reporting Ser
SSIS (Integration Services), DTS, RedGate, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF
), Web Services,
IIS, Active Directory, Exchange 2000, Indexing Service, Visual Studio 2005 / 200
3, Visio, Team Foundation Server, Visual SourceSafe, TortoiseSVN Subversion, Rat
ional ClearCase, Crystal Reports, ActiveReports, ComponentArt, Infragistics, Bey
ond Compare, XML Spy, XML Notepad
07/09 - Present Consultant Developer
New York City Department of Finance, New York, NY
The City of New York is currently upgrading its Financial Management System (FM
S) to version 3.0,
a web-based application. This new system requires that the daily input from all
agencies, be sent in XML format. Previously, all input was sent from the mainfra
mes in fixed-width text file format.
My role as the onsite Technical Lead, is to spearhead this new, mission-critical
initiative. From the ground up, I have designed and developed the core transfor
mation engine, including an online interface, for each agency to easily configur
e their file format. Through an EXE run at scheduled intervals, the mainframe te
xt files are automatically converted to XML, governed by various and specific bu
siness rules, and sent via secure FTP (SSL) to be processed by the new FMS versi
on 3.0.
Technologies used: .NET Framework 2.0., C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), ADO.NET, SQL Ser
ver 2005, XML, XPath, .NET FTP classes
08/08 - 05/09 Senior Developer
Jarden Corporation - Rye, NY
Designed, developed, and deployed a web-based, Corporate Real Estate Tracking s
intended for global usage. The main objective was to establish a central, enterp
rise source of record (for all of Jarden's corporate properties, leased or owned
, worldwide) and to replace the manual, paper based approach, in use for several
years. The easy-to-use online interface featured:
* an accurate, up-to-date inventory of all facilities, leases/sub-leases
* key contacts responsible for facility operations
* date-based milestones (i.e. lease expiration, renewal, etc.)
* rent expense and revenue per facility, or by aggregate
* operating expenses, insurance policies, and service providers
* calculation of carbon footprint emissions (manufacturing locations)
* original documentation in binary format (titles, deeds, signed agreements)
Technologies used: .NET Framework 2.0., C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), ADO.NET, SQL Ser
ver 2005
11/07 - 07/08 Consultant Developer
Lehman Brothers - New York, NY
Investment Management Division, IT Client Reporting Group
Participating in the build of a new enterprise-level reporting system. This new
web-based, service-oriented platform supports periodic and on-request portfolio
reports for high net worth clients of the firm. These reports consolidate and su
mmarize client investments in a manner consistent with the current Private Inves
tment Management business offering: fee based discretionary management of multi-
strategy portfolios, which include asset allocation and a selection of proprieta
ry and third party managers.
Technologies used: .NET Framework 3.5, C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), IBM DB2, XML, XSL
, XPath,
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Web Services, SOAP
8/07 - 10/07 Consultant Developer (Short-term contract)
Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Advisers, LLC - New York, NY
Daily Pricing Reporting System
Created an intranet reporting application, to provide current and historical rep
orting on
Mutual Funds and Index Funds, for internal departments and senior management. Ni
data feeds populate the database from various sources (Bloomberg, StateStreet)
with end of day funds pricing data. Previously, this data was manually entered i
nto Excel
reports, for both trend analysis and performance reporting, with each day's repo
rt stored separately. Upper management requested that a secured, centralized web
-based reporting platform be built, to eliminate the need for manual data entry,
show historical fund performance, and automate report distribution to both inte
rnal and external users.
Technologies used: .NET Framework 2.0, C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), AJAX, SQL Server
2005, XML,
11/06 - 6/07 Senior Developer (AVP)
Merrill Lynch - New York, NY
Sales Analytics Reporting System
The Fixed Income Sales group bids on pools of loans. The awarded bids are then s
and re-issued as mortgage-backed securities at market.
Provides current and historical reporting for the three desks of the Fixed Incom
e Sales group
and senior management regarding bid status, and bids won and lost.
Previously, management had received manually generated Excel bid reports. These
reports contain current information only and provide no historical or trend anal
ysis. The main goal is to track both sales force performance and bid trends over
a period of time. All users will be
provided with the analytical tools they need, to identify opportunities for impr
ovement and
areas of concern, both at the salesperson and pool characteristic level.
Just released to production, the new web-based version of 'SAR' provides an easy
to use reporting portal, with the following features:
* basic and advanced search filter criteria
* the ability to save and name custom reports, per-user
* the ability to export reports to various formats (PDF, Excel, etc)
Technologies used: .NET Framework 2.0, C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), SQL Server 2005 R
Services, SQL Server 2000, XML, XSL
5/05 - 10/06 Systems Developer
SMPL Technologies / Rafferty Capital Markets, LLC - New York, NY
Onsite technical lead, for brokerage client Rafferty Capital. Designed and devel
oped new
intranet systems, replacing outdated legacy applications and to provide new onli
ne functionality, for different profit centers and departments throughout the co
mpany. Initiatives included:
Bonds Order Management System
RCTM (Rafferty Capital Trades Manager) is a web based solution whose aim is twof
old: eliminating all limitations of the legacy desktop application, as well as p
roviding new, optimal functionality to broker and management end users. A contin
uing effort, with the end goal being the complete replacement of the desktop app
lication, through phased releases.
In-depth analysis of legacy application revealed key areas for improvement, name
ly: monolithic EXE logic, single-user support, lack of business rules enforcemen
t, lack of error handling and recovery, redundant data in database tier, slow pe
The benefits of redesign include: a clean separation of logic into structured, m
odular tiers, multi-user support, business rules enforcement at all tier levels,
normalization and performance optimization of the database tier, usage of web c
ache, fast application response time, intuitive user-interface, UI enhancements
for automatic data entry, real-time error alerts sent by separate application, w
hich polls for 'red-flag' items.
In addition to the above, major areas of functionality were also completed:
* Automatic Posting of Trades to Third-Party Clearinghouse
* Scheduled process sends new trades every five minutes to third-party firm, wh
o manages trade clearing with the DTC (Depository Trust Company) and the GSCC (G
overnment Securities Clearing Corporation).
* The above ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process submits files over secured T
-1 connection via FTP. Implemented as DTS package.
* Users are now freed from the manual double-entry of all new trades, as previo
usly required, into the separate clearinghouse terminal.
* Automated Trades Reconciliation
* Reconciliation engine compares published clearinghouse trade records with web
trade records.
* Nightly process first downloads close-of-business trade activity file from cl
earinghouse. Parser utility loads all relevant data into web database.
* Reconciliation engine then applies a series of business rules to find 'best-m
atches' for record pairs.
* Any discrepancies between records, are highlighted and clearly shown on web r
* Parallel Support for Legacy Application
* Current production usage is of both web and legacy systems, with the web fron
t-end used exclusively.
* Web SQL database updates all data in legacy SQL database, through real-time t
riggers - differences in table schemas fully supported.
* Legacy application currently used for reports.
Technologies used: .NET Framework 2.0, C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), SQL Server 2000,
Automated T & E Expense Reports
Created online T & E application to streamline the expense reporting process for
all end users. Replaced the time-consuming, error-prone process of handwritten
paper forms and manual entry of these into shared Excel spreadsheet by admin sta
ff. Features summary:
* Intuitive web interface enables users to submit reports anytime
* Upon status changes, real-time email notifications are sent to appropriate pa
* Managers can easily review, approve or decline reports
* Accounts payable staff reviews receipts and records payment on approved repor
* Roles-based logic governs page security, dynamic page content, and notificati
on routing
Benefits of new system are:
* Fast, accurate and personalized ease-of-use for all
* Comprehensive management reporting, cost tracking and trend analysis
* Quick turnaround time from report submission to reimbursement
* Straightforward, paperless audit trail for regulatory compliance
Technologies used: .NET Framework 2.0: C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), SQL Server 2000,
AJAX, JavaScript, Membership and Roles, User Controls
1/05 - 5/05 Consultant Developer (Short-term contract)
C2 Creative / Omnicom Group, Inc - New York, NY
Client site - Comcast Spotlight
Originally hired to troubleshoot and remedy many weaknesses and inconsistencies
in existing architecture, due to recent staff turnover. Added feature enhancemen
ts for public Comcast Spotlight site and backend Content Manager Administrative
application: Content Search and Integration of External News Feed.
Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000
Client site - The Hartford Financial Services Group
Hartford Financial's annual 'March Madness' site, hosted a Tournament Contest an
d Sweepstakes. Available to the firm's clients, it also contained promotional co
ntent for Hartford Financial's products and services. Contributed main deliverab
* Client-facing tournament bracket selection page; read-only reporting page
* Database table schema setup and storage of each user's hierarchical set
* Secured administrative page to record winning teams
* User-score calculation and database storage upon each game's completion
Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000, JavaScript
5/04 - 12/04 Consultant Developer
System Management Arts, Inc. (SMARTS) - White Plains, NY (firm acquired Dec 2004
Principal developer charged with the rebuild of the SMARTS corporate intranet. D
esigned and developed new web applications to eliminate administrative overhead
and to improve operational efficiency, for different departments throughout the
Automated "Paid Time Off" Tracking and Reporting Application
Flexible rules engine supports different accrual levels per accrual year, group
policy, and time served with company. Regional and floating holidays for US and
international employees also supported. Replaced the previous manual process of
tracking employee time through Excel.
Application included HR administrative section, and User-facing section.
Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), ADO.NET, Active Directory ADSI, SQL S
erver 2000,
SQL User Defined Functions, SQL Views, Office XP Web Components
Online Course Calendar and Registration
SMARTS offers technical training on its core product line. New application lever
ages existing applications - Outlook for data entry and Exchange as data store.
Lightweight SQL Server database keeps admin data, and records user registration
detail. Replaced the static, manually updated HTML course calendars. Enabled int
ernal users to register online using the intranet.
Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET (WebForms), ADO.NET, Exchange 2000, XML via WebDA
V protocol,
XSLT, XPath, SQL Server 2000
1/03 - 3/04 Senior Web Applications Developer
Byte Interactive - Norwalk, CT
Technical lead for client Nestle Waters North America consumer sites. Responsibl
e for the overall development and management of e-Service, composed of the six r
egionally branded Home and Office sites. Sites supported over 100,000 business a
nd individual users nationwide.
Technologies used: SQL FOR XML, XML DOM, XSLT, DTS Data Driven Query Tasks, VB S
5/01 - 11/02 Web Technologies Specialist
Graham Capital Management - Stamford, CT
Directly contributed to all areas of Technology, including n-tier architectural
design, new application development, performance optimization, and process autom
ation. Provided custom solutions,
utilizing current server-based technology to replace legacy desktop application
s. Handled all phases
of full project life-cycle for:
New Site -and- Site Manager/Content Management Application
Redesigned main corporate web site from static HTML into a dynamic data-driven s
ite. Built custom template-based application to manage its content, replacing in
adequate SiteStation content editor. Designed for non-technical staff users, hos
ted on secured intranet server. Separate SQL server stored published HTML conten
t, retrieved by ASP pages on public webserver.
Technologies used: XML, MSXML DOM Parser, XSLT, XPath, HTML, ASP, JavaScript and
Closest Actions Application
Developed real-time price quote alert advisory, comparing live quotes with pre-e
stablished price alert levels, to visually highlight pending buy/sell order acti
ons with alert color coding. Assessed legacy desktop application and identified
key areas for improvement, namely: Separating previous EXE logic into structured
, modular tiers, Replacing outdated platform (VB, DAO, Access 97) with current t
echnology (ASP, ADO, JavaScript, SQL Server), Revamping actions alert-state calc
ulation process (DTS and Transactional T-SQL), Normalizing database tier to elim
inate redundancy
Benefits of redesign: Significant boost in performance speed - at all tier level
s, Improved efficiency, scalability and code manageability, Greater ease-of-use
for Trading end users, 24-hour uptime - accessible locally and remotely through
10/00 - 5/01 Applications Developer
e-Media, LLC - Stamford, CT (company closed Jan 2002)
Principal developer for clients WWF, XFL, and House of Blues. Directly responsib
le for the technical design,
coding, testing and implementation of data-driven custom solutions for high traf
fic, e-commerce sites.
Projects included: Online Payment Methods implementation of Flooz and InternetCa
sh (WWF), and Web Content Editor management application (WWF, XFL).
Pace University, Pleasantville, NY
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, Minor: Accounting - Graduated: May, 2001
Available upon request