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Analyze and interpret monthly variances and trends between budgets,

actual and prior results in developing projections and forecast

Track and review gross and net sales including gross margins in producing
forecasts and trend analysis on an on-going basis

Provide financial support and analysis to Operations and Marketing areas for
strategic business decisions and cost savings initiatives

Create NPV, IRR, discount cash flow, and ROI models for evaluating financial
implications of new products and investments, and provide
recommendations to senior management

Forecast and consolidated total expenses for all departments on a monthly


Prepared monthly executive presentation that highlighted the key drivers of

expense variances vs. the Budget, prior forecast and prior months.

Worked with the Department Heads to prepare their detailed annual Budget.

Provided the Department Heads with their monthly expense performance

vs. Budget so that they would be aware of how their department was
performing compared to the Budget.

Served as the primary point of contact and performed timely research to

answer questions from Department Heads.

Served as the resident expert on expenses within Finance.

Continued to look for ways to improve the accuracy of forecasting process.

Continued to look for ways to automate forecasting process.

Recommend budget adjustments, and other cost improvement measures.

Analyze financial data and extract and define relevant information; interpret
data for the purpose of determining past financial performance and to
project a financial probability.

Review costs and perform cost benefit analysis related to projects and

Develop financial reports for forecasting, trending, and results analysis.

Record, classify, and summarize financial transactions and events in
accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Interpret financial transactions and events for users who must make
economic or business decisions.

Prepared journal entries and reconciled general ledger and subsidiary

accounts; prepared monthly financial statements, including distributing
monthly revenue and expenditure reports to departments.

Analyzed and reconciled expenditure and revenue accounts, including

trustee accounts and investment reports.

Made wire transfers and journal funding transfers and reconciled monthly
bank statements.

Monitored grant revenues and expenditures, ensuring data was recorded in

the City's financial accounting system.

Calculated and prepared reimbursement billings and tracked receivables;

reconciled monthly accounts receivable.

Prepared audit schedules for external auditors and acted as a liaison

between the City and auditors.

Prepared and filed annual financial statements for the City, Redevelopment
Agency and Public Financing Authority.

Assisted with the preparation of the annual and mid-year budgets.

Assisted with the fiscal year-end and fixed asset accounting.

Provided training in the use of the City's computerized financial system and
assisted departmental personnel with budget questions, proper expenditure
coding, document processing and other accounting related activities.

Performed other duties as assigned.

Accountable for analyzing and preparing fund and income statements,

salary schedules, and balance sheets for S5 billion company and

Examine balance sheets, fund and income statement key ratios by making
use of trend reports and prepare gap details as well.

Yearly compile 15k Central Reserve, analyst reports, and organization.

•Review internal controls over specialized processing cycles.

•Evaluate accounting systems to determine their efficiency and


•Identify audit issues and develop recommendations

•Complete audit reports for dissemination to management and ensure

proper follow up of outstanding items and recommendations.

•Performed audit and consulting engagements individually and as part of a


•Documented existing processes through interviews, observation and


•Performed tests of internal controls.

• Preparation of consolidated financial statements for group statutory


• Drafting reports to company management identifying weaknesses in the

company’s systems and controls and making recommendations

for their improvement.

Planned and implemented an internal auditing program. Ensured that all the
financial facilities are compliant with regular requirement, federal and state
laws. Performed internal audits of all departments. Kept record of complete
files documenting audit procedures used.

Accounts, banking and currency, credit insurance guarantee, exchange

control, human resources,

Reporting and reviewing the correctness, relevance and timeliness of the

financial information that is provided for management.
I took lead of audit operations and took the task of reviews and investigating
documents and process in the organization with the help of 10 auditors in
my team.

I imparted training and audit process for my team to carry out audit
efficiently and effectively.

• Introduced cost-cutting strategies to curtail unnecessary expenses.

• Implemented internal audit procedures to avoid cancellation of


• Organized annual internal audit plans and controls to improve quality

performance of the audit committee.

• Facilitated trainings related to financial, IT and operational processes of

the company.

• Introduced new skills and techniques in conducting cash and other audit

Carry out special investigations into allegation of fraud, waste, and abuse,
also personal matters at the request of management.

Provide training to new auditors.

I wish to apply for the vacant Finance Director / Financial Controller position and
believe I am a suitable candidate for the post having amassed nearly fifteen years
significant and progressive experience within financial management. The position
seekms an ideal opportunity and a natural progression for. I believe the challenges it
offers would enable me to utilize my skills and experience, providing a platform for
further professional and personal growth.

My core expertise lie within Financial Auditing, Strategic Planning, and Regulatory
Compliance. As evidenced in my resume, I have a successful track record in project
management, streamlining financial processes and forging collaborative relations with
both managers and clients.
I am presently attached as Financial Manager at EFGH Holdings in Boston, a post
which I have held for over ten years. My core duties involve formulation and
implementation of financial strategy, overseeing cost reduction programs, managing
budgets; and advising management on financial processes, reports and performance
appraisals. I have also orchestrated significant increase in profitability by integrating
operations of regional offices and streamlining their operational procedures.

Having researched KLMNO Investments, I am convinced the vacant post would utilise
my substantial experience, knowledge, training and drive. These attributes will be
hugely valuable to KLMNO Investments in a number of critical areas. I hope therefore,
on consideration of my resume, you will be persuaded of my ability to perform well and
become a valuable asset to your organization. Meanwhile, I await your response.