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26 September 2005 09:00


•So far, twenty-three EAPC nations, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada,

Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands,
Norway, Poland, Romania. Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 1 , Turkey
and Ukraine have communicated their offered assistance to the EADRCC;
• Twelve EAPC nations (Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany,
Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia and United
Kingdom) have informed the EADRCC about their offers of assistance
throuqh the EU.
• The EADRCC has learnt from the U.S. authorities that the follOWing four
EAPC countries have also offered assistance: Albania, Armenia, Iceland and
• Altogether 39 EAPC nations have offered assistance to the US; offers from 11
EAPC nations (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece,
Luxembourg, Norway, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine)
were accepted by US authorities, including the donation of air-lift by Ukraine;
9 of the 11 nations made use of the NATO air-bridge, 1·nation (Luxembourg)
decided to have their donation transported commercially.
• On Saturday, 10 September 05,theUSDelegationat NATO informed-about a
decision of the US State Department to accept offers from 7 COlmtrjes The
items accepted include urgently needed blankets, camp beds, tents, first aid
kits alld liquid soap.
• SHAPE J4 has deployed a liaison officer to the EADRCC until 21 September
• NATO/EADRCC - EU coordination has been established through the
EADRCC liaison officer in Washington D.C. and through the tJK Delegation at
NATO on behalf of the L1K ELI Presidency.
• The first NATO cargo airplane has reached Little Rock, Arkansas on Monday,
12 September 2005, at 20:30 UTC with 12 tons of relief items from the Czech
R.eRul>lic,~_ _ -------- _ __ _
• On Monday, 12 September 2005, the US Delegation to NATO informed the
EADRCC about acceptance of offers from Austria and Finland.
• On Saturday, 17 September 2005, the US authorities informed the EADRCC
about acceptance of parts of the offers from Greece. Also the offer from
Ukraine of an AN-124 strategic transport airplane has been accepted.
• US authorities have informed the EADRCC that they wish to have relief items
that have been donated by Allied and Partner nations to be delivered through

I Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name

DATE/CASE In: 30 AUG 2006 200503991

the NATO air-bridge by 23 September 05 to Little Rock, Arkansas. As of

Wednesday, 21 September 05 this deadline is no longer being
interpreted as a cut-off date for NATOJEADRCC support to the U.S.
• Joint Command Lisbon, which is in charge of the coordinating NRF
transportation assets (maritime and tactical air), had dispatched a liaison
officer to the EADRCC from Monday, 12 September till Sunday, 18
September 2005.
• JC Lisbon has one RO-RO ship on 5 days notice (Capacity 1750 lane
meters). As of now, none of the relief items accepted by the US requires
sealift. .
• JC Lisbon has fifteen NRF tactical transport aircraft (6 French C.-130, 2 Italian
C-130, 2 German C-160. 4 UK C-130 and 1 Greek C-130).
• SHAPE has decided to concentrate US accepted donations in Ramstein AB,
Germany, which will serve as a strategic air hub for onward transportation.
Donating countries thatare closest to Ramstein have been requested to
move their donations by road to Ramstein with their own resources (Austria.
Finland and Slovak Republic). Other countries such as Czech Republic.
Denmark, Greece. Norway and Romania have been offered NRF tactical
airlift to move relief goods to Ramstein. All cargo consolidation from European
donating nations has been completed on 19 September 05. Turkey allocated
two C-130 aircraft to NATO in the context of strategic transportation to USA
• A second dedicated NATO cargo flight has departed Thursday, 15 September
05 with cargo (Austrian and Slovakian donations) from Ramstein to Little
Rock. Arkansas.
• The-third (B707) and fourth (Canadian-A310) dedicated NAT(}cargo-flights
have left Ramstein on Saturday, 17 September 05. to carry Finish.
Norwegian, Slovak and Siovenian donations to the US.
• The fifth cargo flight (8-707) took place 0,0 19 Septemberns-with 8 tons of
donations from Finland.
• The sixth cargo flight (Ukrainian AN-124) left Ramstein on 20 September 05
.. with 62 tons of donations from Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece and
• The seventh cargo flight took off' for Little Rock AFB on 21 September 05 with
18 tons of Czech Republic donations.

• Two (2) NATO cargo flights (26 tons) took place on 23 September 05.
EADRCC-SitRepNo-14 .has.been.waslasued.on Eriday,_23__Septemb_er_ _~ __
~~. . .

• SHAPE AMCC has informed that after Friday's missions a 20-pallet

backlog still exists with 35.6 tons of cargo. Further NATO flights (8 707)
are now scheduled to take place on 27, 29 and 30 SEP 05.
• US Authorities have requested to deploy again a NATOJEADRCC liaison
officer to Washington D.C. to coordinate, as necessary, movement of
donated goods from Ramstein to Little Rock. The Uaison officer will
assume his functions in Washington D.C. on 29 September 05.
• EADRCC is monitoring consequences of Hurricane RITA



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