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Suggestions for hiring an LVN or PT for PT Scope of Practice for Home Care or STATE OF CALIFORNIA

Home Care or Private Duty: Private Duty: STATE AND CONSUMER SERVICES AGENCY Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor

Ø Follow Steps #1 through #4 (listed 4 Provide care for mentally disordered or

inside this brochure) developmentally disabled clients under the
Ø Ask the licensee for references (i.e., a
list of prior employers, dates of
supervision ofthe director of services. The
director may be a physician, psychologist,
Consumer Guide
employment, daytime telephone
numbers and email address).
rehabilitation therapist, social worker, for Hiring
registered nurse or other professional person.
Ø Call prior employers to determine the Licensed Vocational
licensee’s: 4 Utilize scientific and technical expertise in
• Professional attitude performing manual skills in the care and
• Ethical and honest behavior training of clients with mental disorders and
• Quality of care and developmental disabilities.
Psychiatric Technicians
• Timeliness in adhering to the 4 May perform the following with clients
established work schedule who have mental disorders or Informational Series #5
• Communication skills developmental disabilities:
• Respectful demeanor
§ Provide basic hygiene and nursing care;
6. Remember that the LVN or PT must § Measure vital signs;
receive client care orders from your § Perform prescribed medical
physician. treatments;
§ Administer prescribed
LVN Scope of Practice for Home Care or medications;
Private Duty: § Implement behavioral
management techniques;
4 Provide basic bedside nursing care to § Perform crisis intervention;
clients under the direction of a physician or § Assess sensory and perceptual
registered nurse. development;
§ Assist with social and vocational training;
4 Utilize scientific and technical expertise in § Facilitate individual and group Published by
performing manual skills. therapeutic activities;
Board of Vocational Nursing
§ Perform blood withdrawal, if certified by
4 LVNs may perform the following: Board
§ Provide basic hygiene and nursing Psychiatric Technicians
§ Measure vital signs; For further information, consumers and
§ Perform basic client physical assessment; licensees may contact:
§ Document patient care information;
§ Perform of prescribed medical Board of Vocational Nursing and “Consumer Protection…
treatments; Psychiatric Technicians
§ Administer prescribed medications; and 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 205 Our Primary Mission”
§ 3erform non-medicated intravenous Sacramento, CA 95833-2945
therapy and blood withdrawal, if certified Telephone (916) 263-7800
by Board. Fax (916) 263-7859
Reviewed 11/28/06
Board of Vocational LVN Sample License
Nursing and Psychiatric Before You
Technicians (BOARD) Hire an LVN CALIFORNIA
or PT: Licensed Vocational Nurse
1 VN 000000
2 Intravenous Therapy & Blood Withdrawal Certification
The BRDUG regulates the education, Expires:
3 Status: Active 5 Month/Date/Year
practice and discipline of licensed 1. Ask to see the vocational nurse or
vocational nurses (LVN) and psychiatric psychiatric technician license and LICENSEE’S NAME
technicians (PT). Consumer welfare is current photo identification. CITY, STATE ZIP

protected by ensuring that only qualified

and competent persons are licensed as 2. Check the actual license and write Legend
LVNs or PTs. down the licensee’s full name, (These numbers do not appear on the actual
license number and expiration date license.)
(see sample licenses at right.) 1. License Number
2. Certification for Intravenous Therapy
LVNs 3. Check on the validity of the license and/or Blood Withdrawal (these are
post-licensure certifications that are
and obtain any information on optional)
disciplinary action against the 3. Status of License
licenseH by: 4. Name/Address of Licensee
Licensed vocational nurses work under 5. License Expiration Date
the supervision of registered nurses (RN) Ø Calling the Board at (916) 263-
or licensed physicians. LVNs’ DUHskillHG PT Sample License
7800; or
in medical-surgical, maternity Ø Sending an email inquiry to
and pediatric nursing.; or CALIFORNIA
Ø Verifying the license and Licensed Psychiatric Technician
1 PT 00000
disciplinary information on the 2 Blood Withdrawal Certification
Board’s web site at
3 Status: Active 5 Month/Date/Year LICENSEE’S NAME
4. When contacting the Board, be
prepared to provide the licensee’s
Psychiatric Technicians work under the full name, license number and any
supervision of the director of Dfacility. other information that will help
PTs’ DUHskillHGLQcaring for clients Note: An LVN or a PT cannot work with
identify the licensee.
experiencing mentaldisorders or illness, an inactive or expired license.
or developmentaldisabilities.