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Global Gover nance Edited by Roger Brownsword we Published in North America (US and Canada} by Hat Publishing Jo ternational Spocislized Book Services ‘SR NE Hassalo Steet Poriland, Oregon Sez 36H USA 2 Theiler and conisfoutors severally 2084 The editor and contributorshave aserted thei right under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 185) to be identi ‘othe authors of this werk, art Publishing iva nposialist egal publisher based in Oxford, Fy To onder further copies a this ook orto request a Ist other puibeations plese vite Hart Fuld ishing alters Rostyad, Folly Beige, Abingdon Rl (Oxford, OX ALB Telephone: 44 (OMS68 255533 Far #44 (0)1863 701882 emai railstharspulsco vk \WEDSITE: Map fw hactpub.couk British Library Cataloguing in Publication Dat ita availible ISBN 1-8A113-100.0 japeissch) ‘Typeset by Olympus Intech Put Lc Inia, in alot 10/22 pt Tinted and bound in Great Britain by Lightning Source UK Lad Contents Preface y List of Contributors xi 1. Introduction: Global Governance and Human Rights 1 Roger Brownstword Part Is Competing Priorities — Are Human Rights Destined to be Second-Best? 9 2. The Global ‘War on Terrorism’: Demoeratic Rights Under Attck 11 ‘Michad Head 3. Human Rights in Times of Economic Crisis: The Example of Argentina 2 Sabine Michalowski 4, Collateralism 53 Sheldon Leader 5, The (Lm)possibility of the European Union as a Global Human Rights Regime © Aridrewo Williams 6. The BU and Human Rights: Never Elspeth Gerry the Twain Shall Meet? 7. Environmental Rights and Human Rights: The Final Enclosure Movement 107 Laura Westra International Rhetoric and the Real Global Agendas Exploring, the Tension between Interdependence and Globalisation 1 Drain French The International Criminal Court: Friend or Foe of tnterrational Criminal Justice? a7 Charis Galtavin