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Elaine Akester

Soor Plums Press

First published in Great Britain in 2011

by Soor Plums Press

DN17 3TA

Copyright © Elaine Akester 2011

ISBN 150259

The right of The Author to be identified as the author of

this work has been asserted by Elaine Akester in
accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act of
All rights reserved
bruised blade,
footprints by the path
hand impression
smudging glass
indentation dents the cushion pad.
Space, where water droplets slid,
absent breath air-dust deflected.
Morning Post
Anticipation beats in stammers
stilting the notes from good news,
push beat clunk beat beat whoosh,
the letterbox shouts to The Owner Occupier,
Last chance! Get out! Get Out! Get out!
First, the bend looks straight ahead.
The rear view mirror reveals
your disappearance. Viewed from an opposite corner,
I lie. Horizontally, not deceptively.
Northern Lights
From the M62. Heaped
in a black leather glove
A handful of abandoned diamonds.
5 minutes
resting by
the mannequin
tea cup
ashtray in hand
laughing as a matter of fact
Picture of a lady
Upside down smile.
Skin to grave toned stone.
Possesses shame, perma-sealed.
Blackened eyes, abrasions from a worn Ink Rubber.
Brilliant Sentry
Headlights dangle from hydraulic threads, radii
strength of a spider’s web anchor The Moon’s
brazen dog star, Sirius
Apparently adored mythologically,
loved by women astrologically.
Consolation Specks
They chose the ring,
to wear the gold chain
with the crucifix,
from the opened wardrobe
you settle for a pause,
breathing the fragrance.
It started with a
Forced by p
A man lights his c
Greyish curls of s
Obscure his i
Forced by p
A soldier fires his g
Greyish curls of s
Obscure his i
Photo Journalism
Hunting black smoke stalks our child, skinned and boiled,
running crying, leaking.
Children chase dreams and fear dragons and choking clouds
and bigger nations.
Barn Owl
Who first spelt number 2 with a wo and said it like a woo?
Naturally this is part look, part sound, of an owl.
twowit twoo, visually, needs 2 consonants followed by a
vowel, followed by a vowel.
a confused vole in some sordid knee trembling back alley
intertextuality avec le tres sage couche–tard.
Sunday Picnic
They wait in the sun and watch the town,
toppled grave stones on a craggy hill.
In the distance yachts roam, bending
Family Gathering
The grave cut,
sadly out of proportion
to the cross and the backdrop.
Level Waters
Just beneath,
part immersed, part exposed, breaking stillness,
sun and rippling effect weights black uniform to leather.
Edges mushed, expose the man.
Like a slug on a mattress the hippo slept away his day.
The crowd gawped as you would expect,
if you found a slug in your house.
A day at the seaside
I felt icy breath,
You leaning against the mossy rock
Me losing strength in the spits of rain.
Icy breath
Losing strength

Mossy rock
Spits of strength
Icy breath
Through the Square Window
Bread unsliced, beside
the cup, disfigured reflection in the knife.
Cities of Culture
Nostalgia laughs to cover naked embarrassment, caught,
pants down, pissing in the wind.
The night sky stutters and dims, shuffling off centre stage to
occupy the rear seats.
Kidneys, Devilled
Pig, Stuck,
Pig, Suckling
Fillet of
Lamb Neck of, Best end of
Steak Diane
Guard of Honour
Irish stew
Wiener schnitzel.
Osso bucco
Trotters in Madeira
Trotters de chasseur
Sweetbreads, boiled, creamed, or fried
Tripe, tongue and scrambled brains
Pickled pigs head. See Meat, Pickling, page 9.
Late August
that picnic,
the cycle ride, saddlebag bulging
anticipation sandwiched between cheese and beetroot
my favourite snack, your stained shirt.
Bullet Points
 When I’m a wolf don’t tame me
 When I’m a rabbit don’t chase me
 When I’m a goldfish don’t eyeball me
 When I’m a statue don’t touch me